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  1. Maybe, they wanted to get away from Valyria as far as possible, because they were afraid of doom of Valyria's effects to Essos and didn't have time or power for any invasion after conquering Westeros since they had much more important problems like succession crisis, excitation of dragons and Dornish wars.
  2. Arya is a foil to her sister Sansa, they mirror each other and both of them carry some aspects of their aunt Lyanna. They also foil another set of sisters, Catelyn and Lysa, considering how they were both compared to each other. Lysa being jealous of Catelyn's appearance just like Arya wishes to have Sansa's grace and beauty and Sansa was jealous of Aryas freedom and how she could be friends with everyone. Sansa felt close to Margery, because she is what Sansa wishes to have as a sister, funny thing Margery is what Arya would become if events in the books didn't happened. Honestly, I don't see her as a Queen, she is more suited to be a King or a spy, in my opinion she and Sansa will become Wardens of the North and prove, you don't have be feminine or a tomboy to be powerful.
  3. I wonder if that's how First-men gained skinchanging and greensight abilities.
  4. Your arguments are very convincing, it's just that I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart and always look at underneath the underneath.
  5. Ser Harwing being their father is also a theory although it doesn't change the fact that Rhaenyra had 3 children who had brown hair and eyes, and a pug nose. Did anyone else had more than 1 nV looking kid? If there was one thing common between Citadel and Hightowers, they were both too ambitious and powerful at that time, one of the facts that convinced me about this theory was, Citadel's headquarters is located in Oldtown and Hightowers played a big role in founding and financing Citadel. Because of that Hightowers and Citadel had an alliance similar to Starks had with Nights Watch. Hightowers may not even have an idea about Citadels plan. Maesters also have power over their lords even without becoming hand, they are supposed to be politically natural but Maester Pycelle was Tywins trusted man. Lady Barbey Dustin even calls them "gray rats". They have access to poisons, moon teas and all informations about health. They could do anything and no one might notice. Aemon Targaryen was the oldest and wisest maester in Westeros. He should have been titled Archmaester long time ago and in Samwells POV in AFFC we have this interesting conversation; You're absolutely right, about Maesters being aware of destruction made by dragons so getting rid of them would work on their favor. Also according to some people last hatchings were poisoned. Last hatclings were small and weak so even if they were poisoned healthy Dragons before them were strong, ancient and large so even if Citadel wanted to poison them Maesters would need significant amount of poison to kill them, which would be quite suspicious in my opinion. Although this is just a theory, there is one fact intrigues me about this theory, all we know about Dance of the Dragons was written by a Maester and history is written by the winners. According to this they might have change some facts about themselves to seem more neutral. After Rhaenyra's death Gyldayn's books imply how she bleed on the throne (she always wore armor) and how Ser Harwin was her Velaryon kids father. If this theory turns out to be true, in my opinion Hightowers had no idea about how they were used. They were so blinded by their greed to see forest from the trees.
  6. House Bolton had their eyes on Winterfell since forever, it's not their first time betraying House Stark.
  7. This one is obvious but; Brienne defeated Harry Sawyer and Robin Potter for participating in a bet for her maidenhead. Robin even received a scar on his forehead. Cersei Lannister's prophecy "younger and more beautiful queen" is reference to another "younger and more beautiful princess" Snow White.
  8. Yes you're right about that, thank you for correcting me. I just watched a theory on YouTube about, how Dance of the Dragons was Citadel's grand plan to kill all dragons, and how they arranged Alicent Hightower's marriage to create a succession war. Sounded plausible to me considering how much they hate magic.
  9. Oberyn vs. The Mountain Sansa's escape from KL Olenna poisoning Jeoffrey
  10. Hated Sansa before her character development, I was nothing like her as a teen. Unpopular opinion; I found Cersei very entertaining, her delusions of grandeur amuses me. Dorne POV's bored me to death. I'd rather read Oberyn's POV instead of Quentyn, Arianne and Orys.
  11. It simple, I'm a Blacks supporter who strongly believes that, Greens told various lies about Rhaenyra, to tarnish her reputation. History is written by winners and Dance of the Dragons was written by Grand Maester Munkun, who supported the Greens. I mentioned that Ser Harwin Strong might be their father but I believe it was made up by Greens. If that's true and indeed Harwin is their father, then we have, not only one but three V+ nV = nV looking boys. Because they were very famous about how they were looking nothing like a Targaryen.
  12. I believe, "Targaryen Madness" is result of inbreeding. Low fertility, reduced sperm count, higher infant mortality, increased genetic disorders are well known results of inbreeding. House Targaryen contains lots of miscarriages, still-born and genetically deformed babies, specially in Rhaella's case, who had 3 miscarriages, 2 stillbirths, and 4 babies who died shortly after their birth. Daenerys and Rhaenyra gave birth to still-born deformed babies and a milder case was, Rhaenyra's half-brother who had 12 toes and 11 fingers. In middle ages nobody knew about mental disorders like, schizophrenia, ADHD, autism, bipolar disorders, BPD and depression and simply labeled them as madness. Genetic factors also play important role in mental disorders as they have real life examples. Royal intermarriage was common thing in real history and there are so many royals who were known as mad. They simply didn't label types of mental disorders like ancient civilizations did. There's even a wikipedia page about "mad" royals, and what type of mental disorders they had. Even J. K. Rowling, included examples of insanity in Harry Potter series, for example Black and Gaunt families, who were known for purest blood wizards, practiced incest to keep their bloodlines pure thus, suffered similar results as Targaryens due to it. Maybe it's mundane, like I explained above or it's magical due to Dragons extinction, but "madness" as a result of inbreeding is a very common trope and genetic disorders due to inbreeding, includes some mental disorders too.
  13. 70 known others doesn't have non-Targaryen parents, since they are all product of incest they all look like each other. Targaryens started to marry outside of their house more commonly after extinction of dragons, since they lost their major power source.
  14. There is indeed a pattern about firstborns not having Targaryen looks, I believe rumor about Ser Harwin Strong was a propaganda made by Greens. And how could we forget about founder of House Baratheon, Orys Baratheon, famous for black hair and eyes, he is the first Targeryen Bastard after all.
  15. I'd like to add Rhaenyra Targaryen's sons, Jacaerys, Lucerys and Joffrey Velaryon too. They are said to be look like their grandma, Aemma Arryn. But it's speculated, their actual father is Ser Harwing Strong. About fAegon he doesn't annoy me very much, but afraid that remaining two books won't be able to cover all plot points and we will have a rushed ending.