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  1. Mirri Maz Duur and Bronze Yohn Royce

    She's most likely just using a very old relic to conduit her magic. I don't know if the runes are anything special, though. The word "rune" in and of itself is a bit vague in-text, and can mean many things. For example, Yezzan's golden slave collars are covered in Valyrian "runes" according to Tyrion. But there's nothing special or magical about these runes, they just name the slave owner.
  2. Let's speculate about the future roles of Willas and Garlan

    ^ Agreed. Garlan is toast. He'll most likely be one of the first big causalities against Euron. Willas is a wildcard. I can see him allying with Aegon or Dany if/when Cersei inevitably does something to Margaery. For all we know, he could already be in touch with Doran and open to working with the Dornish too. I do like your theory about Garlan and Loras swapping armor and identities, though. Only because I like callbacks and I don't want Loras to have been burnt.
  3. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    I may be wrong, but I seem to remember a passing line in ADWD where he thinks to himself that Ramsay (by cutting his fingers) has taken away his skill with a bow. So I don't know how bright his archery future is lookin'. That being said, the Night's Watch could always use more crappy archers <=)
  4. Anyone else dislike Valyrians/Targaryens?

    I mean.. not.. every Valyrian is the same, though. There aren't any Valeryons or Celtigars in our story that are pompous or narcissistic. And not every Targaryen was either. That's the issue with blanket statements like that over an entire race of people. Right? .. That being said, in a war between the Valyrians and the Ghiscari, I'll root for the Ghiscari. Because I'm weird and I like them.
  5. What do we know about septa Mordane?

    If a headless Septa Mordane shows up in the next book I think it's time to run.
  6. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    These Tysha / "Tywin did nothing wrong" threads are always a hoot. Every time they crop up there's always like 2 or 3 people who will inevitably jump up to blame Tyrion for not being grateful enough of his father's abuse. It actually says a lot about the person(s).
  7. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    There's actually very little in the books about Tyrion frequenting whorehouses. At least since the first book. Unlike show Tyrion, who we're introduced to in a Winterfell whorehouse, book Tyrion appears to be much more discreet. He says he hasn't been with anyone for over a year when he meets Shae. It's incredibly common for lords to have whores or paramours on the side. Especially young, unmarried lords. But Tywin's obsession with Tyrion goes beyond his "honor." He seems to genuinely get some amusement out of squashing his son's happiness, and we see this with other things beside whores. A Lannister discreetly keeping a bed warmer on the side is not a scandalous subject, and we know it isn't because Tywin does the same.
  8. Sansa and the Tyrells

    Send Olenna into a panic? Are you talking about.. her acting shocked and distraught over Joffrey choking? I imagine putting on an act is not too tough for her. I've never really gotten this theory that it was the pie that was poisoned and it was meant for Tyrion, because it's ridiculous how much it over-complicates everything. If you're aiming to kill a specific person, why would you poison the most obvious and central food at the wedding? That's like going, "I want to kill Bob the janitor at this event, do I'm gonna poison the wedding cake that everyone's gonna eat." What if someone else had tried the cake first? What if Tyrion didn't want to eat it? What if EVERYONE had eaten the cake except him? What kind of bumbling assassination is that? The reason Joffrey was murdered at his own wedding is because they (mainly Olenna) meant for the whole realm to see this happen with their own eyes. The drunk king would have choked on his food in front of everyone and it'd be a natural death, no questions asked. Poison isn't even brought up until Cersei accuses Tyrion. Had she not done that, no one would have been arrested for his death. So why would they try to poison Tyrion at Joffrey's wedding? Why not just poison his wine when he's alone somewhere and be done with it? As for Olenna not being able to drop the poison without being seen, GRRM goes out of his way to describe the scene as being chaotic. It's a party, and a very long and tedious one. Everyone is constantly moving, there are jesters and performers and even dogs running around. It would be entirely believable that she can discretely drop this little stone into the chalice.
  9. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    @shardofNarsil Tyrion was a 13-year-old boy who had spent all of his short life living mostly by himself and being neglected and humiliated by his father. No he did not force Tysha to marry him, I literally have no idea where you're getting this from. No he did not "get off" to her being raped. No Tywin is not merciful by letting her live, nor is it standard ANYWHERE to treat your child like that. I could write more, but we've actually had this conversation before. And I don't feel like rehashing all the same points. Tyrion is spoiled and he does have a lot of pompous insecurities about himself, but Tywin is a narcissistic, hypocrite monster who wouldn't have been killed if he had showed a modicum of care for his children.
  10. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    If Tywin hated whores so much then why was he sleeping with the one his son had? #StopBeingaTywinApologist2017 #StopBlamingTyrion for the atrocities his father did to him 2000forever
  11. The Winds of Winter - Small Council

    I don't see it. Absolutely no one would follow Cersei if she tried to ally Casterly Rock to the Ironborn. Her servants would poison her food within the week. The bad blood between these two groups is historical, and not even with Tommen's influence (who won't even be in KL) will she be able to cement this alliance. I also highly doubt the Ironborn captains who are drunk on plunder and victories would ever consider forming an alliance with her. They have no need to, they want all that glory for themselves. That's not to say she can't help Euron in some way, but a marriage? I dunno.
  12. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    You dare call my love and loyalty satire? You forget yourself, ser!
  13. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    Guys how is this still open for debate? Renly was the Prince that was Promised. Rhaegar died for him. All the maidens tore their hair out in grief when he died. Even his vengeful and righteous ghost came back from the grave to beat his disgusting evil traitor brother one last time. This is why the Others are coming back, cause Renly has been stolen from us. Way to go, Stannis!
  14. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    In certain instances, yes. In the story, I'd say there are four different modes of clairvoyance/prophetic visions/"time portals"/whatever you want to call it. These are dreams, fire, weirwoods and blood. The last being the least known, since only Maggy the Frog seemed to gaze at the future by tasting a drop of blood. Mirri Maz Duur may have been able to do the same, but it's debatable. Only with three of them (dreams, fire and blood), can these visions of the future affect the present. Jojen's green dreams, Maggy's prophecy and Melisandre's visions have all obviously influenced the people around them in some way. On this, I do agree with you. Incidentally, if Patchface DOES have some prophetic power, I'd lump him into the dream category; his broken psyche may just make it hard for him to interpret what he's seeing. Which is interesting to note, because the dream category seems to be the one linked with bloodlines the most (Targaryens, Jojen's and the GOHH's supposed link to the Children). Weirwoods are a special case all on their own, however. Here, I don't think you are able to influence the past, present or future. At least in no meaningful way. No matter how hard Bran tries, he's unable to communicate with anyone. And it's not just because he's a novice, Bloodraven claims to not be able to communicate either. No one can. Yes Theon and Ned seem to react to something, a whisper, a noise.. but it's very hard to categorize that as having a solid impact or ripple in time. It's sort of nebulous enough to be open for debate.
  15. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    Well it makes a difference to the origin of this power. Bloodraven was the one sending visions to Bran through his dreams. Not so much past or future, but that was simply the origin of that. Quaithe talks to Daenerys about the future, Dany does not ever see it herself through any natural abilities. Except for when she drank Shade of the Evening and it showed her visions of the past and the future and even alternate realities. I guess what I'm getting at is not so much how these powers work, but how they seem to be triggered. None of our POVs receive these future-seeing abilities naturally (like Daenys, Daeron, Daemon, Jojen, etc.), it's always some external person or substance causing it to happen to them. And that's what I was talking about when I differentiate between external and internal. Not so much anything against your point, just.. pointing stuff out, I guess.