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  1. Meh, I actually think Rhaegar's death had very little impact on Cersei overall. Yes she had a girl crush on him growing up, but there's nothing to indicate this profoundly affected her or scarred her. In fact she even tells us herself she was over the moon when Tywin betrothed her to Robert, so her "mourning" seems to have been pretty short-lived. She loved the title of Queen more than she loved Rhaegar. I don't think Cersei suffers from any sort of mental illness, tbh. Maybe a touch of sociopathy, but so do half the characters. Like others have said, she's just a very narcissistic and shallow person who's not very smart and becomes paranoid over time.
  2. A few nitpicks. The entirety of the North is officially under Bolton rule. So while we know Manderly (and a few others) hate him, they are all under his allegiance. Doran has also not joined Aegon, so Dorne needs to be under Lannister "influence." I would also say King's Landing is far more green than Sparrow or red.
  3. Which is not the same as matching the strength of House Tyrell. When you look at Highgarden's power, you have to factor in all of their bannermen too.
  4. What are you basing this on? They have money, but they still have nowhere near the numbers to take on the Tyrells. There's very little in the books to indicate that the Hightowers are a huge force to be reckoned with, in fact without the Redwynes and the Tyrells they wouldn't really be able to do much other than close port and huddle. Like the Valeryons, they're not what they once were. A marriage to Stannis would not be impossible, I agree, but still. Marrying a sixth daughter to the lord of Riverrun or the Eyrie would not be acceptable. I also highly doubt that, had Stannis married Lynesse, Leyton Hightower would have betrayed his liege lord like the Florents did.
  5. Well you have to take into consideration that Lynesse is the youngest of his six children. Not his heir or even his eldest daughter. So no, she would not be a suitable match for Stannis or Edmure. She would be a suitable match for a lord of Jorah's status: not the heir to some paramount House, but not too poor either. However.. I will grant you that marrying her to Jorah specifically was kind of a weird decision. Like you said, the Mormonts are not exactly rich or influential or even that important. And a rich southern House like the Hightowers should have no interest in a distant northern House like the Mormonts. What I think most likely happened was that Leyton was just trying to get rid of her as fast as he could. It's possible that her greedy and shallow personality was known to everybody around her and he didn't care for her too much. And a minor daughter is dispensable. It would have also given him eyes in the far north. I dunno, that's just a complete guess, though; we know nothing about Leyton's personality.
  6. The Dothraki are not exactly diplomats or politicians. And there's no reason they'd want to end slavery. The Dorthraki survive BECAUSE of slavery. The majority of their horde is made up of slaves. As to the OP's point, I'd say it's obvious they're going to follow her/join her in some capacity. The narrative calls for it, otherwise there's no logical reason for her to have ended up out there. I just really hope she doesn't get dragged all the way back to the fuckin' Dosh Khaleen. God, please, no more backtracking. I don't care about prophecies or whatever; if she went back, she'd be getting back to Meereen at around half way through the book or even later than that. We don't have time, GRRM!!!!!!!!!
  7. Because that's the first time that design started showing up, with the popularity of the show. Before season 1, the Targaryen symbol was mostly some variation of this one. That Targaryen symbol is one of the best things to come out of that show. Also you have no idea how hard it was to find that old symbol, cause literally everywhere you look is the circle/show one.
  8. @BricksAndSparrows That's a good catch. Yeah there are a lot of little hints like that about Aegon's identity.
  9. Actually, if they thought he was only a Targaryen, their reaction would be a lot less welcoming. Most likely they wouldn't help him at all. Historically, their company has only served Blackfyres and FOUGHT Targaryens. That's why they were founded. The fact they already knew all about him before Connington arrived tells you that Illyrio has already spoken to them at length about something. They even entered into "a blood pact" -- whatever that means. The only one that seems to be out of the loop is Connington.
  10. Because the transition of power had to be as "peaceful" as possible. Rhaegar had been dropping some not-so-subtle hints that he meant to forcibly replace his father with a council. So let's say in an alternate reality Rhaegar had killed Robert on the Trident. Tywin would have flipped to the side of the Royalists and helped Rhaegar. The best way of doing that was securing the throne for him. Killing his father would be a bit messy and brand him a kingslayer. Rhaegar would not be able to have him as Hand or anywhere near power purely out of shame and respect. Aerys would have been imprisoned or confined somewhere while Rhaegar was crowned. It's actually kinda hard to guess at what Tywin's ideal scenario would have been. I think he may have been hoping for Rhaegar to win and become king, so he could worm his way back into court. But the whole Lyanna kidnapping/still married to Elia thing would have been a huge problem for him. Mainly cause he wanted Cersei to be queen. Robert was too unpredictable and basically an unknown to him. Buuut I guess it all worked out for him in the end.
  11. I'm not sure we're ever gonna really see a parallel to Nymeria's story -- or if we're even meant to get one -- but I can definitely see some similarities between her and Dany. If/when she finally sails for Westeros, she'll be bringing dozens, if not hundreds of ships with her. And if she finds an alliance in Dorne, she'll be "marrying" the Martells.
  12. True, but the risks are reduced if only the upper echelons of the Company knew about it. That is, Strickland, Lysono Maar, etc. As for the Blackfyre connection, it could go either way, Serra or Illyrio himself.
  13. I'm pretty sure that sigil is originally from the show. So.. whoever designed all the House sigils for the tv show. Same person who came up with this one
  14. Before Rhaegar's death, Tywin would have most likely wanted Aerys imprisoned. After Rhaegar's death, Aerys had to die. Tywin tells us himself he didn't want her dead. That "slight" was done by Aerys, not Elia; Tywin is not that irrational.
  15. He never did. Like I said earlier, Viserys was named heir-apparent only after Rhaegar was dead and everyone was marching to KL. Aegon was skipped over and kept in KL with Aerys almost as a last petty vengeance, while Viserys was taken away. But by decree, neither Rhaegar nor Aegon were formally disinherited. And Viserys became "king" ONLY after Aerys and Aegon were both dead.