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  1. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    Tricked or misled into what? Nobody knew where Lyanna was at the time, just that Rhaegar had "abducted" her. Going to King's Landing to find them was a fairly rational thing to do, actually. Maybe he was reckless charging there by himself, but not foolish.
  2. Why there is not Baratheon POV chapter in asoiaf

    Oh god no. Joffrey is a one-dimensional idiot, seeing the world through his eyes would be like a bad comic book villain. No no no. The Baratheons, much like the Arryns, are a doomed House. There's only a handful of them. Neither Robert nor Renly would have made good POVs because they simply didn't drive the plot too much (although I'll admit, a couple Robert chapters in the first book would have been amazing). As for Stannis, he's a character that's more interesting to observe than to know, like Tywin or Varys. Then agaaaain, Arys Oakheart got a chapter for no freakin' reason, soo whatever!
  3. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    I don't think Littlefinger is behind this one. Mainly because we know Brandon hated Baelish, and wouldn't have listened to his counsel anyway. Baelish was also banished from Riverrun at this time after the whole Lysa incident, so no chance of them being in close proximity. Brandon is described as brash and impulsive by almost everyone in our story, so it was most likely his own idea to go to King's Landing. NOW.. as to what Varys may have whispered in Aerys' ear, however, is another matter entirely.
  4. Most intriguing place to you outside of Westeros

    Slaver's Bay. I'm one of the 8 people worldwide who actually like the slaver cities and their weird culture. I love stuff that deals with slavery and slaver societies. Pyramids and harpies and tokars -- they have great aesthetic. I'd never LIVE there, but I like 'em. Asshai is also super interesting. But if I had to pick a place to live, I'd probably say Lys.
  5. Guys.. Stop calling poor Lyn Corbray a pedophile just cause Littlefinger said he prefers boys. The term "boy" (along with preferring girls) is used numerous times in the story -- not to mention actual life -- without it specifically implying children. Let the guy get his rocks off in peace.
  6. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    They're just not compatible. Robert is a man who values a laugh and a good time more than being a good strategist or whatever. That's why he prefers hanging out with someone like Thoros over his brother. And while Ned can be cold and subdued, he grew up with Robert since they were kids; we don't know what young Ned was like aside from shy. Stannis, on the other hand, is incapable of getting along with anyone, and seems to only begrudgingly get along with his ONLY "friend" Davos.. who he threatens to kill on multiple occasions. Robert likes whores. Stannis wanted to ban brothels. 'nuff said.
  7. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    Because Stannis is an uptight, petty weirdo with zero social skills or charisma. It's really not that hard. Nobody liked Stannis, it's not just Robert. At least Renly was charismatic and fun to be around -- which is what Robert admired most. Their personalities were just too different.
  8. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    I really don't buy into this theory, simply because we've had characters who are lost or in hiding or going through an existential crisis both past and present and they still had their names. Arya was essentially running for her life all throughout the second book under the guise of a hundred different identities, yet her name never changed. Tyrion is super lost for about half of ADWD, yet his name never changes from Tyrion. You could also argue that Brienne's journey is one of self-actualization and finding her place in the world. Certainly much more than Selmy. Exactly WHY Martin started this weird trend in Feast, however, I have no idea. Maybe that really was his official explanation for it, I dunno, but it's still super flawed and inconsistent if it is. Settle down, Preston.
  9. How many years have passed in the story?

    I wish GRRM would highlight the passage of time more often. It's nearly impossible to riddle out how much time has passed, and from what I've seen (and I've seen a lot of intricate charts and stuff online), it all seems to be mostly guess work. Impressive stuff, but still guesstimates. I think the only solid time marker we are ever given in the story is Joffrey's wedding day.
  10. Westeros is, geographically, a mixture of Europe and the Americas. There are swamps and bogs in Westeros (complete with alligators/crocodiles) which obviously are not found in Europe. There's also Dorne, which is similar to the Southwestern U.S. and parts of North Africa. There's no reason to assume potatoes and corn and other non-European foods don't exist there. Mormont is always feeding his crow corn, so.
  11. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    I still have absolutely no idea why Areo was made a POV, when the role of Doran's "POV" as it were, could have easily been filled by Arienne. There was no need for that single Oakheart chapter either, that too could have been an Arienne chapter. It would have eliminated these two pointless, one-dimensional nobodies and given her more presence, since she appears to be becoming more prominent in the narrative. These are probably my biggest overall gripes with Feast for Crows. So far all of Areo's things could have been seen through Arienne's eyes. But hey, if GRRM-Daddeh thought it was a good idea to make Hotah the POV, I guess we'll have to trust that he does something important..... Eventually.
  12. @Aetta I think you're definitely reading and projecting a lot onto this relationship. Why wouldn't Renly feel the same way? If Loras felt THIS strongly about him, it couldn't have been one-sided. We'll never know the full details, but we can only assume from what little we know, and what little we know points towards them having a pretty strong bond. Renly always had him at his side; why else would this Tyrell kid be so far away from home and basically living in King's Landing by himself? Renly also immediately made him Lord Commander of his gay Power Ranger squad. Obviously Renly had to play up the airs of being a single bachelor and totally devoted to his new wife, but the people who knew him all knew better -- like Stannis.
  13. Alright so this boring dude did absolutely nothing in the last book, BUT... he's off on a super secret quest now! To do.. what, exactly? How does his mission of hunting down Darkstar affect the narrative in any way? Whenever I think about all our POVs, I can come up with a bunch of theories and speculations about what they'll do or where they'll go, but Areo Hotah is probably the only one that stumps me completely. His plot line is such a dead end that I can't think of anything for him to do. The way I see it, he'll either A: Get sidetracked somewhere along the way and have to go to a completely different location. B: Get unceremoniously killed only one chapter in, a la Oakheart. C: He just randomly stops being a POV. Which is something that has never happened before (except for Catelyn/Stoneheart), but I wouldn't exactly mind it either. None of these three scenarios bring me any closer to understanding what the purpose of this awful, awful character is. I don't exactly see him being the one to get to the bottom of the perpetual Ashara Dayne/Jon Snow/Daenerys tinfoil mysteries. So.. any thoughts on what he'll do next?
  14. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    I would almost prefer landing in the Stormlands and taking my chances there than Dorne. Hell, even Oldtown is preferable. Landing your whole force in Dorne is idiotic. You'd be split off from the rest of the kingdom and very far away from any significant stronghold. What's he gonna do? Take over Sunspear? Good luck defending that place. Then he'd have to cross the entire desert. With elephants. By the time he makes it to the Prince's Pass (after the Dornish are done thoroughly bleeding him along the way), he'll be in a choke hold and have everybody else on him already. Landing in the Vale would perhaps be slightly better, but even if he took some strongholds there and started marching, he'd have to funnel everyone through the Mountain Pass. He's screwed every which way he tries. Just go home, JonCon. It's ogre.
  15. Varys - unusual name for characters from East

    A neat idea, but how did Varys know he was gonna have to take Aegon out of King's Landing years before any of that happened?