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  1. Regardless of who won, Aerys would not have remained the king for long. Rhaegar had been planning for a while to usurp the throne from his father by way of a council. Robert would most likely be executed (or go out fighting till his last breath as he'd prefer), but there's a strong chance Rhaegar could have pardoned Ned, Jon Arryn and Hoster for their "crimes." In fact, if Robert had died of some wound prematurely, that scenario would be even more likely. Together they would form the council that overthrows Aerys. Tywin would also undoubtedly back this up. Any lingering doubts that Ned may have would vanish once he meets with Lyanna.
  2. I don't think it's as complex as some would think. Pycelle is a man of the Citadel first and foremost, and that means he carries and represents all of the Citadel's goals in court (that is, the secret extinction of magic, dragons and presumably the Targaryens.) In Tywin he saw the perfect man fit to do this: A man of reason and cold logic who was leagues better than Aerys and his dipshit prophecy-obsessed son. That's why he was a Lannister man who defended them. And also a very good motive for Varys to kill him before Aegon picked up steam.
  3. Dany is shown many different visions that don't exactly have much to do with her. She also sees the Red Wedding, for example, which is completely unrelated to her. So a vision of Stannis as someone she has to "slay" could go either way. I don't care for Stannis, but I do hope he outlives his battle against the Boltons/Freys. Just anything to make it different than the slop the show gave us.
  4. Tywin would still side with the rebels and would fight to be Hand immediately after Aerys dies. Ned might dispute this, but not badly enough to cause trouble, like in canon. King most likely becomes Viserys, actually. Robert was the glue holding that union, if he dies, none of the big parties would settle on one heir. Stannis would have very little rights or claims, since Robert never actually sat the throne, and -- again, like in canon -- nobody would want Stannis as king. I don't think even Stannis would want this (Storm's End would be his now). Both Tywin and Jon Arryn would want a young and pliable new Targaryen, and Tywin would marry his daughter to him, with Jon (and possibly Stannis) taking some role in the council. Ned goes back north, Viserys and Daenerys return to the capital, Dorne remains pissed. Same as it ever was.
  5. Are you telling me not every person that has blue eyes and black hair is a Baratheon?
  6. The problem with all of those is that they would not be seen through any of our POVs. But if I had to pick, probably the Cersei/Robert stuff. Which could have been done as a flashback/memory passage in the latter books. There were a lot of good original scenes in those first couple seasons.. Back during better days.
  7. I like this, actually. It's a pretty solid point to bring up, and one that was most likely true. Robert appreciates strength and skill above all else, and Jaime undeniably had both. That's the thing, though -- Robert didn't really care what Cersei wanted or did. Only when she argues with Ned do we see some semblance of neutrality from him. Otherwise, no. It also makes no sense for Tywin to want this for his son. Maybe it's jibe, maybe he's jivin', guess we'll see.
  8. I dunno, I never understood this whole plan of Robert's. It seems incredibly stupid, even by Robert standards. Not only would it be an unprecedented and ridiculous promotion, but the Vale lords would NEVER have gone along with it. Sure he's their king and what he says goes, but why even risk it? Why piss off this huge and formidable kingdom right next to you for absolutely no reason? I doubt this was Tywin's notion, so it was probably Cersei's idea. Which makes even less sense. I dunno; I want to trust GRRM, but there are a few things in the first book that just don't jive with the rest of the established world and narrative.
  9. Meh, I actually think Rhaegar's death had very little impact on Cersei overall. Yes she had a girl crush on him growing up, but there's nothing to indicate this profoundly affected her or scarred her. In fact she even tells us herself she was over the moon when Tywin betrothed her to Robert, so her "mourning" seems to have been pretty short-lived. She loved the title of Queen more than she loved Rhaegar. I don't think Cersei suffers from any sort of mental illness, tbh. Maybe a touch of sociopathy, but so do half the characters. Like others have said, she's just a very narcissistic and shallow person who's not very smart and becomes paranoid over time.
  10. A few nitpicks. The entirety of the North is officially under Bolton rule. So while we know Manderly (and a few others) hate him, they are all under his allegiance. Doran has also not joined Aegon, so Dorne needs to be under Lannister "influence." I would also say King's Landing is far more green than Sparrow or red.
  11. Which is not the same as matching the strength of House Tyrell. When you look at Highgarden's power, you have to factor in all of their bannermen too.
  12. What are you basing this on? They have money, but they still have nowhere near the numbers to take on the Tyrells. There's very little in the books to indicate that the Hightowers are a huge force to be reckoned with, in fact without the Redwynes and the Tyrells they wouldn't really be able to do much other than close port and huddle. Like the Valeryons, they're not what they once were. A marriage to Stannis would not be impossible, I agree, but still. Marrying a sixth daughter to the lord of Riverrun or the Eyrie would not be acceptable. I also highly doubt that, had Stannis married Lynesse, Leyton Hightower would have betrayed his liege lord like the Florents did.
  13. Well you have to take into consideration that Lynesse is the youngest of his six children. Not his heir or even his eldest daughter. So no, she would not be a suitable match for Stannis or Edmure. She would be a suitable match for a lord of Jorah's status: not the heir to some paramount House, but not too poor either. However.. I will grant you that marrying her to Jorah specifically was kind of a weird decision. Like you said, the Mormonts are not exactly rich or influential or even that important. And a rich southern House like the Hightowers should have no interest in a distant northern House like the Mormonts. What I think most likely happened was that Leyton was just trying to get rid of her as fast as he could. It's possible that her greedy and shallow personality was known to everybody around her and he didn't care for her too much. And a minor daughter is dispensable. It would have also given him eyes in the far north. I dunno, that's just a complete guess, though; we know nothing about Leyton's personality.
  14. The Dothraki are not exactly diplomats or politicians. And there's no reason they'd want to end slavery. The Dorthraki survive BECAUSE of slavery. The majority of their horde is made up of slaves. As to the OP's point, I'd say it's obvious they're going to follow her/join her in some capacity. The narrative calls for it, otherwise there's no logical reason for her to have ended up out there. I just really hope she doesn't get dragged all the way back to the fuckin' Dosh Khaleen. God, please, no more backtracking. I don't care about prophecies or whatever; if she went back, she'd be getting back to Meereen at around half way through the book or even later than that. We don't have time, GRRM!!!!!!!!!
  15. Because that's the first time that design started showing up, with the popularity of the show. Before season 1, the Targaryen symbol was mostly some variation of this one. That Targaryen symbol is one of the best things to come out of that show. Also you have no idea how hard it was to find that old symbol, cause literally everywhere you look is the circle/show one.