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  1. Yes. Their ownership is cultivating the British market as a possible future permanent home.
  2. The 30 Rock episode with the partial cast reunion is must see for any Night Court fan. RIP Harry.
  3. Some interesting new rules. 1. A team can get a touchback on any kickoff even if it is caught on the field of play. No sky-high kicks to the 5 yard line to pin a team down. A fair catch there puts the ball on the 25. Safety. 2. a 10-second runoff will occur when instant replay overturns a call on the field inside of the final minute of a half on a play in which the clock would not have been stopped. No free timeout when the booth intervenes.
  4. Lovely as always. Thanks.
  5. Apparently the CBA requires testing for suck. Four Game Butt Fumble
  6. Cowboys did the necessary and Let Dez go. The gap between Dez's value and Dez's belief as to his value is too great. He's in for a humbling experience, I think. Or someone making a serious error. Then again, this is pretty close to where Moss was when NE took a shot on him.
  7. Had you said that, I'd have stayed silent. But telling someone who'd specified the Metropolitan area that it wasn't..... Well, we have low expectations for Angelenos. Which they seldom exceed.
  8. If there is any doubt in anyone's mind about which QB's are going to bust, knowing that Cleveland is choosing between Darnold and Allen bodes well for Rosen, Mayfield and Jackson.
  9. He is however, being a snob when he says that Anaheim is not part of Metropolitan LA. The term is defined whether he likes it or not. Calling San Francisco "San Fran" is a far worse sin than calling Oakland part of the San Francisco Bay Area. The latter is undeniably true. The City of San Francisco and San Francisco Bay are two different things. San Francisco Bay Area is really "San Francisco Bay" "Area" and not "San Francisco" "Bay Area".
  10. The wiki article is correct by US government standards and every statistical measure I've been able to find. Snobbery suits you poorly. Snobbery in disdain for facts suits everyone poorly, even the POTUS.
  11. Named after an old teammate of his father's. Interesting, his middle name is Reagan after the President. That James Baker was White House Chief of Staff under Reagan appears to be a coincidence.
  12. I'm just glad nobody is offering me Mickey Mantle. He'd be hard to refuse.
  13. Week and I have a trade. Polanco and Maeda for Fulmer and Manaea. Manaea was on my want to draft list from the outset. Maeda I kinda stumbled into without any real attachment to him.
  14. Because the KGB has so many agents who've worked their way into the bedrooms of FBI counterterrrorism agents (past and possibly future) that they can throw one away???? Even if she's determined he's out of counterterrorism for now, he knows a lot of valuable stuff and important people. Patience is the bread and butter of spycraft.
  15. Hey Bronn Stone, You have just been sent the following note from Bitterbridge Peaches in the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football league named Westeros Football Thunderdome (370390)... Hey Bronn, Manhole here. I've been banned from the board but would like to continue playing in this league. Please send me an invite next season if you're cool with me staying on. Anyways, Happy Honda Days and all that good stuff. Hope you are well.