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  1. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    "doing it"
  2. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    With nine teams winning SB over the past 10 years, it is hard to justify declaring any team the dominant one. The one team that double-dipped is clearly not - the Giants - have been good but not great. I don't think you could frame another ten year period and find nine different winners from the SB era. Maybe, I haven't tried, but I doubt it.
  3. Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I will be in. I am okay with the early end or the full season.
  4. The memes coming out of San Diego add "ST" to the "LA" part of the new logo. The Chargers organization has seldom been well-run. Their drafts are atrocious. Not Cleveland bad, but bad. During the Fouts heyday, they spent numerous first-round picks on defensive busts. Being a sports fan from San Diego is a curse. The Padres are even worse. They are the team that fired Bruce Bochy because he can't win the big one...
  5. The meme that nailed it today suggested the Texans are so bad the Patriots aren't even going to bother to cheat.
  6. Songs You Never Realized Were Covers

    The one that always comes to mind for me is Pat Benatar's "I Need a Lover". Of course, Mellencamp wrote it. When the gender of the singer changes, it seems to go in my mind from empowerment to abuse. Perhaps this is symptomatic of a gender bias, but a woman who wants a lover who will thrill her and then go away to me seems very different from a man who wants the same.
  7. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    I am curious as to how HHH beat me in the tie-breaker (okay, not really all that curious, I was just bored). Tiebreakers: Pick score of PIT-MIA (actual 30-12) Bronn: 28-10, HHH: 33-13 Pick score of GB-NYG (actual 38-13) Bronn: 34-19, HHH: 27-23 Highest scoring team of week: Bronn: GB (38), HHH: PItt (30) (correct was GB) Lowest scoring team of week: Bronn and HHH: OAK (correct DET) I was closer on each score for each team and correct on the high scoring team and we both had the same low score choice. I also don't care. But I think it is funny. EDITED: Okay, I see I made one error. He was closer on the MIA score. Still not sure how -2, -2 is worse than +3 +1, but at least it was not what I'd thought the first time, that I'd been better on every measure. SECOND EDIT: I think I may have figured it out. If being closer to the total score is more important than being closer to the individual scores, then we tie in round one and he wins round 2. Unfortunately, for me, clicking the How Are Ties Broken link results in an error page.
  8. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    I can tell you this - anyone who picks Houston is going to make up about 20 points plus on the field, IF they are right. But anyone who sees that should be mortgaging their house to bet on the Texans to win outright. Editor's Note: Do NOT mortgage your house to bet on the Texans to win outright.
  9. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    IIRC, it was 1-2 (first), 3-4,(2nd), 5-9 (2 earlier), 10-{14?} (3 earlier) 15+ (4 earlier). IIRC. FA were round 6. I remember picking a Defense or a Kicker in round 8 because I knew I'd want to keep a FA with my 6th. I am totally in.
  10. Westeros Experts League 2016

    If it matters, Pyro was a runner up in Westeros-D.
  11. Westeros Experts League 2016

    It all depends on your priority. If your priority is to make sure everyone has the same chance of making experts, then the more open the league the better. If your priority is to make sure players who have demonstrated that they will attend drafts, respond to trade offers, participate in threads and stay with their lineups all season, then you need to look at the REASON people were invited to 'invite-only' leagues. I can assure you that if I blew off a season in West-A and phoned it in, I'd not be invited back. Winning Westeros A is a real accomplishment. It is an auction league (so you pretty much cannot autodraft and compete, unlike any snake draft league). There are no teams that become 'bye weeks'. The owners stay active to the bitter end, even when eliminated. And there is turnover in WA some years. Invites go out to those people who do the things that I listed above. Nobody gets in these invite leagues any way other than sticking it out year in and year out. Players are known quantities. We've had some first-timers win leagues and become awesome new players. We've also had 3-4 who've become real anchors, mostly because they won their way in by catching lightning, but didn't actually turn out to be serious players. If someone wants to play in 8 leagues, and sticks with every single one of them all season long, that person seems to me to be the BEST candidate for Experts, if they manage to win 2 or 3. That is the kind of person on whom one can rely. A player who plays in multiple leagues but gets a reputation for folding their tent when things get tough is not the kind who generally has gotten an invitation in the past. If nothing else, I believe it is essential that qualification for Experts be something still subject to Commish veto, as it always was in the past.
  12. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    Totally forgot. Had to rush through picks, on the phone app at 9:45 AM. You East Coasters have it easy.
  13. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Thanks. I had fun. I am looking forward to the draft next year. Great job keeping it all together. This is by far the most complicated league to run.
  14. Westeros Experts League 2016

    If we want to discuss adding a fourth Jaxoming, this might be the year for it, since it is moot (Mudguard won Westeros B). I like the Power Ranking system because it is one check against really bad luck H-T-H. The "automatic" getting back of a spot DOES rely on winning a league. I am not of the opinion that the value of a win should be downgraded because the winner was previously in Experts. My initial advocacy of the point system was its scalability. Also, I was in four feeder leagues this year. The reason I was able to join four feeder leagues was pretty simple - while I was not on the boards much during the summer, come the first winds of autumn, I checked almost every day in order to be there when the leagues were announced. These things don't happen by accident.
  15. Fantasy Football 2016

    Dynasty was me. Don't know on Outlaw and Defense.