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  1. Nope. You can assign any remaining values to the remaining games. You could in theory exclude a higher value, but the only one that makes sense is skipping 1.
  2. Last night's game was a classic. It was good to see the refs throwing flags at the end of the game. Far too often "Let them play" becomes "Let them cheat". Not one of their decisions was wrong IMO, including the overturn of Cook's TD. I had a seat at a local watering hole next to a huge Raiders fan AND NFL gambler. This time he'd bet against his heart ($1K) and lost it at the end of the roller coaster ride.
  3. A few teams failed to get a pick in last night. That seems to have worked to their advantage.
  4. Playing both QB in last night's circus game was bad enough. But also starting Tyreek Hill - that's just showing off, Race.... Thanks.
  5. wrong keeper league
  6. The most objectionable part of that trade is that I had to spend five seconds of my life thinking about it.
  7. Power rankings ONLY matter for Jaxoming. They are not the tie-breaker in the league and do not decide the regular season winner. The only time they come in to play is comparing the four teams that do not make the playoffs. The one with the highest power ranking is not Jaxomed. The other three are at risk.
  8. My record for picking winners is right up there with the pack. Sadly, my confidence values are not so great. It appears I do not know what I do not know.
  9. It was Fuentez. Correcting.
  10. Nobody who would have scored about 121 can say they deserved a win in Experts. Dreadful week, had to evacuate apartment and stay with a family member who considers his internet being down for five weeks 'no big deal'. Ran through all the data on my phone in five days. Couldn't get sites to load to easily monitor news or edit lineups. And it showed. 1-5 overall, nearly eliminated in Survivor.
  11. Extra kudos to JJ Fuentez. He benched Aaron Rodgers for a rookie and thus survived. Sadly, said rookie is on bye this week and there will be scrambling. Five squanky backup QB to choose from - and he has chosen. Let's see if a QB named Brett can do anything these days in Green Bay. Edited to properly identify owner.
  12. Seattle's bye week and Ryan Succop's exposure to Super Soldier Serum has ended Mya's miracle run. Covering during your QB backup week is always a challenge in this format. It appears that Brian Hoyer was NOT the answer (which is true for almost every known question, come to think of it). The Mavericks do not survive the Danger Zone. Farewell Russ Wilson. Adios Jordan Howard. Fitz no longer fits. TY says By(e). FYI, I had misinterpreted the phone client, confusing projected totals and actual totals. For a good couple of hours, I thought I was the one out. I had believed Succop only needed 12 to catch me rather than the 22 he almost made. Hilton's high projection had Mya totally off my radar.
  13. I'm on limited internet this week. I think it's me if a kicker (presumably Tywin's) has an above average day.
  14. This is correct.
  15. What looked like a fine roster picked the wrong week to all poop on the bed at once. Goodbye Horn Hill. Randyll Tarly's van has crashed. Good bye to Brady, Blount, Carlos Hyde, Lamar Miller, Sam Bradford, Jared Goff, Joe Mixon and Dez Bryant. My internet access will be dodgy for the next ten days or so. The sewer line to my apartment was destroyed during a repair and I have to live like a nomad until at least the 20th.