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  1. Westeros Experts League 2016

    That may not be your biggest fear...
  2. Fantasy Football 2016

    Bridgewater's gruesome injury sounds quite serious. Fantasy Defense streamers are going to have a field day this year with whoever faces the Vikings. Poor AP is going to face 12 man fronts - yes, it will seem like guys who aren't even playing are just waiting for him at the line of scrimmage.
  3. Westeros Football League B

    There are no non-Westeros names in Westeros C, Thunderdome, Experts, or Dynasty. Westeros A has one, but hasn't drafted yet and Jace will almost certainly change hers. Up to you - as long as you stay off my lawn, I care not. Iron Bank Cash Homies would be a fine name, and at least close enough.
  4. Westeros Football League B

    Pouring over draft strategy guides just makes for messy draft strategy guides. Next time, I suggest poring over them. And also, while unrelated, WTF kinda name is Straight Cash Homies for a Westeros league, btw? Westeros league teams get Westeros-based place names. *resumes seat on folding chair to best keep strays from traipsing on his lawn*
  5. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Drop Dorial Green-Beckham and Jaelen Strong. You show Maelys/Analu/PTBNL with David Carr. I assume it is Derek.
  6. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    while the date is not perfect, both Makaha and I can make Friday work.
  7. Westeros Fantasy Football Thunderdome 2014-15

    Week is the new owner.
  8. Fantasy Football 2016

    I would say Tevin Coleman is a higher priority than CM, if he is there. If not, Michael is your key. You want a possible home run, not another singles hitter.
  9. Westeros Experts League 2016

    QB: Newton, Prescott (Cutler, Tannehill, Fitzpatrick) RB: CJ Anderson, Hyde, Jennings (Gore, Jones) WR: Jeffery, Edelman, Coleman, Sanders (Shepard, Hurns, J.Gordon, Crabtree) TE: Bennett, Barnidge K: Hauschka DT: Denver, Rams (Cincinnati) The team is about depth. Most of my bench should either be starting or very close to starting in a league this size. TE is a weakness, K and DT are strengths and one can never have too many QB2s. As is my custom, I was big moneybags for the end of the draft (for me at least). All about not getting anyone between picks 26 and 74. Let a LOT of guys go, but was more about value.
  10. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Alas, Makaha/Maelys has a root canal on the 5th at 4PM. I would call that an out. I recall being able to drop Gordon. So if Race wants to drop Odell Beckham, he can. Oh wait, he probably meant Bryant. Then NO!! Okay, I guess so. N/M.
  11. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I will do so. Labor Day works for me. Nobody should need it, but if you get a hankering to look at last season's thread...
  12. Westeros Dynasty Football 2015

    The best for me would be after 6:30 PM. My only remaining draft (after tonight) is Tuesday. Tuesdays are the worst day for me.
  13. Westeros Fantasy Football Thunderdome 2014-15

    I will try to find a co-manager to run it on your behalf. Totally understand.
  14. Fantasy Football 2016

    Agree with them (WJ & ME). I am down on Evans, but you got him for pocket lint.
  15. Westeros Football League C

    Post Trade; QB: Stafford, Dalton (Ryan, Gabbert, Goff) RB: Freeman, Latavius Murray, R Jennings (Coleman, Powell, Ware) WR: A. Robinson, AJ Green, A Cooper, C. Coleman (Aiken, Torrey Smith, Wright, LaFell) TE: Gates K: Folk DT: Denver