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  1. I'll hold off on deciding which of you gets WJ's slot until I hear if we have another drop. One of the things that makes this league different is that each team gets assigned a 'traditional rival' whom they play every season during "rivalry week". So really, my choice is about who gets the pleasure of replacing Whiskeyjack as MY rival. We have done the Westeros Survivor League in the past wherein the low scorer each week is out, regardless of their previous success. I like that format a lot but it's a pain to recruit because it really needs 16 people.
  2. Sixteen Will Enter. One will stand triumphant. Hopefully, NOT Mya (again) Let me know dates for that are good for you. I will edit this once other leagues are locked down. Saturday August 19 Sunday August 20 Monday August 21 Tuesday August 22 Wednesday August 23 Thursday August 24 Friday August 25 Saturday August 26 Sunday August 27 Monday August 28 Tuesday August 29 Wednesday August 30 Thursday August 31 Friday Sept 1 Saturday Sept 2 Sunday Sept 3 Monday Sept 4 (Labor Day) - tentatively held for Experts Tuesday Sept 5 Wednesday Sept 6
  3. Best option, Faceless Man training in Braavos and killing and assuming the identity of another owner.
  4. I couldn't be happier with this draft time if I were Jaxom and Hank Baskett were planning to come visit me during the draft with a slab of ribs and a six pack of Mickey's.
  5. Tuesday nights are very tough for me. Any other I can make happen. (note true for all my leagues, WJ)
  6. And so it ends. I've not had an uglier season in a long time. I truly liked my team out of the draft.
  7. Back for all.
  8. It is a league where SB is mish-mashed into a category that also includes TB, so SB are far less important. But I am leaning that way right now. I could probably acquire both if I gave up hope of surging in the final months of this season. First is probably out of reach, second is a long shot, but 3rd and 4th pay and could happen.
  9. My worst team in quite a while. On an unrelated note, who would you want as a two-year keeper? DeJong or Pham?
  10. Nicasio was already on my roster in my money league. They use Wins minus Losses, which pretty much makes Wins a ratio category. With his SP eligibility, he is a good source of strikeouts and WHIP/ERA anyway. That league has weekly changes, small rosters and waiver wire only one week out of the month. I'm using two actual SP, (Grienke and Arrieta) and Nicasio, Iglesias in the other two SP slots with three closers in the RP slots. Working out so far. If only my hitting would warm up. At this point, I'm at best playing for middle of the pack. Not been my year.
  11. 20 minutes too late on Nicasio. Congrats WJ.
  12. Thank you for sharing that nice obit.
  13. The television rights generate value beyond ad sales. They are considered valuable in driving audiences to other network programming. That is one of the reasons that NFL games are full of plugs for whatever show is the network darling. To put it in Fox terms, you pay for NFL to hope to create 24.
  14. In what is surely an unrelated fact, it is now first and ten for CBS sports deep in FOX territory...
  15. I'd be livid had you not bid. Can't believe I didn't triple-check it.