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  1. Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2017

    My boss already approved me leaving at 3:45 to make it on time. I'll just have to rush less this way.
  2. Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Not sure what the question is. A fourth spot in which one can use an RP just makes four closers mandatory. I vote against that.
  3. Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I am not free Tuesdays. Any other day is fine.
  4. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Rotoworld is reporting Trent Richardson has been arrested for domestic violence. He only peripherally qualifies for an NFL thread, but I think someone at Rotoworld needs to work on sensitivity in headlines..
  5. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Five extra years of molesting livestock is not an achievement most people would go out of their way to bring up.
  6. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    I would factor in the Belichick factor with Jimmy G. Bill does a great job of hiding flaws. But those flaws become apparent after time or without Bill. I wouldn't give Garappolo any more money than I'd give a young Matt Cassel.
  7. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    It only takes one sucker, but, wow, I'd think that Jimmy G looks like the next Osweiler in the eyes of anyone paying attention.
  8. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    I live in the same area and when I find Pats gear I find it almost invariably associated with refugees from New England states. California attracts a lot of snow-haters, but they maintain that link.
  9. RIP Richard Hatch - Galactica

    Multiple reports indicate that Richard Hatch has succumbed to pancreatic cancer. A fixture at ComicCon, he was incredibly passionate and a terribly underrated actor. He will be missed. So say we all.
  10. Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Not hip to holds. It is a stat that rewards quantity over quality.
  11. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    The rest of the league is definitely catching up to the Patriots. The Falcons managed to keep them from hacking their coaches headsets for three quarters.
  12. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Attended the double-overtime game last night, Cal hosting Utah. Utah has been a scoring machine and Cal mostly shut them down (55 in regulation). But Cal doesn't really have a go to inside scorer and their 3 point game is clumsy. Note: seeing Golden State play on a regular basis may have ruined my eye for college offenses. The Warriors play such a pretty passing game that everything else looks high-school after watching them.
  13. NFL: The Politics of Superb Owls or Trumping the Fail-Cons

    When I went to look at the spread, I expected to see NE -9. It is only -3. Some money may be going on that.
  14. Year in Movies: 2016 edition

    I'd rather live in a world where people express their deepest feelings through spontaneous bits of improvised song and dance than one in which wahoos drive cars fastly and furiously with limited consequences and via improbable leaps and explosions that seldom harm bystanders.
  15. Year in Movies: 2016 edition

    Thanks for informing me that La La Land wasn't out in the UK until just now. That makes sense. I do not get the whole "people don't spontaneously break out in song" bit though. Movies are all about the impossible and the unlikely. Giant monsters don't really stomp Tokyo. Jedi Knights do not. Do is not really an option for them, since they don't exist. Drew Barrymore isn't going to give Adam Sandler a first date once, let alone fifty times. And yes, as I have demonstrated several times over the year, people look at you funny when you start to sing "Oklahoma" for no apparent reason.