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  1. You make a couple of good points but I still think it would be easier and make more sense for the Laconians to have discouraged visitors by coming up with some scheme whereby the rest of humanity believed the protomolecule was on some rampage in that system, corrupting and replacing humans.
  2. Hackenbergs and Paxton Lynches linger until they play. Best play them and be done.
  3. Finished. I had a hard time accepting that nobody confronted Laconia during the gap. Humans pick at scabs. We just aren't good at letting things go. If no probes come back, then we send more. I did not find the 'recovering from the events of previous books prevented humanity from investigating' explanation at all persuasive. Mysteries beg a solution. I'd have more readily accepted the idea if the probes that went through sent back telemetry of a huge pile of spaceship debris and a functioning alien defense system that then destroys said probes, showing EVIDENCE Laconia had a relic that wiped out Duarte and his whole fleet. Also, the strategy employed by the EMC/Union forces was dopey. There is a time to fight and a time to scurry like rats. This was the latter. I'm thinking of the Dornish strategy against Aegon and his progeny. Actual Laconians are rare. The other humans can trade 1000 to 1 and win. If you can't destroy their ships, you destroy their loyal troops.
  4. And I was TOTALLY fine with it.
  5. I'm going to stick with the strategy of picking New England every week and putting 16 on them every week (except if a week 17 rest-them-all scenario happens). This could be my downfall if and only if the Patriots lose. I will happily trade this pick-em for that world.
  6. I didn't want to get too optimistic but I did remember the game a few years ago where the Dolphins played like superstars at home against NE. I actually thought that I'd lost it when the final Pittsburgh TD came by the ground rather than by Ben. I had a bye in my money league but that league has a $20 payout every week to the high scorer and I was sitting on the top score, but could be caught by Drake getting 27 or Burkhead getting 20. That made for a bit of a conflict because I didn't really want Miami on the field (Stills or Drake) or Brady throwing OR Burkhead running.
  7. Thunderdome DunkNEgg (1) - Jaxom (4) Mya Stone (2) - Boiled Leather (6) Dynasty Bronn Stone (2) - Jace (6) Manhole (1) - Groz (4) Keeper JJ Lannister (1) - Pyro (5) Fuentez (2) - Boiled Leather (6) Survivor Lord Lyman Manhole Mudguard
  8. Miss that 4th and 15 and the game is over. Kick it and survive. 4th and over 10 is such a long shot, I think they made the right call. It may actually be harder to score from the 15 than from farther back. You are far enough away to eliminate the possibility of just powering through but close enough to where the space to defend gets compacted.
  9. The Headley deal has to be about the Padres wanting Mitchell but taking Chase and his salary was part of the cost. They clearly have no need for an old warhorse on his last legs, as much as the fans in SD love the guy.
  10. Fuentez is our 4th place finisher. Sadly, Keenum is no longer on the Case. Evans has dropped the Mike. Robert is out of the Woods. This totally wrecks Burkhead. And Jimmy Graham gets zipped. Three teams remain.
  11. At halftime I would still take your side. But it is very close
  12. Fallout is $94 from the only seller with stock on Amazon right now. Seems like it's impacted over here as well. I guess I'll wait for early next year and see then if the price is better. Don't have anyone to play it with this month anyway.
  13. I post every time the Padres do something awesome. How about that 1998 NL run!!!!
  14. Things are still WIDE OPEN in Dynasty. Jace and Race are projected to end up with in 0.17 of each other. Jace has 99.84 + Jay Cutler and Rex Burkhead Race has 75.92+ Tom Brady, Brandin Cooks and Kenyon Drake This definitely sounds 50-50 to me. Groz and Jaxom are also coming down to the wire. They are projected to end up within 1.14 of each other Groz is 110.08 + Jarvis Landry and Dion Lewis Jaxom has 120.26 + Kenny Stills Manhole and I wait for the winners. Both he and I scored well over 150 this week. We'll be solid favorites next week, one thinks. But one never knows for sure.
  15. And of course, Daily (and other) Fantasy Football players.