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  1. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    That was the year we started the No Jaxoms League. WJ changed the name after my initial proposal.
  2. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I am of the opinion that the steal of the draft will manifest himself starting this week. $1 Jordan Howard will be a mainstay on the island of Harlaw for three more seasons.
  3. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    The drop weeks will most likely come later in the season, when there are four or six teams on bye.
  4. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I watched a lot of Marvin Jones at Cal and I remain convinced he is absolutely ordinary. I think this week may be the story he bores his grandkids with for decades. The real talents that have come through Berkeley (Aaron Rodgers, DeSean Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, Tony Gonzalez, and even Jahvid Best) really stood out. Marvin, not so much. I think once he gets a bit of extra attention, he'll come back to earth hard. Last year at this point, Rishard Matthews had 258 yards and 3 TD. Jones is better than that (408 and 2 TD). But I think it is a bit too early to start carving the bust for Canton.
  5. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Dear Matt Ryan. Tamme Good, Sanu Bad. Tamme Good, Sanu Bad. Tamme Good, Sanu Bad. Tamme Good, Sanu Bad. Thank you.
  6. Fantasy Football 2016

    I think you got the better part of both halves.
  7. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Belichick is just better at cheating than anyone else. GOAT.
  8. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Never count out the Browns. Gotta up your game. If you draft a WR who might be good enough to win a few games for you, bust his hand in practice. "Do you have a problem with that?" "No, sensei".
  9. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    It was also hard for me to believe in Carson Wentz. Getting easier.
  10. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    I really went back and forth on CHI-PHI. Wish I'd pulled the trigger to make the change Monday.
  11. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    My method will lose the formatting. I might try doing it again first.
  12. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    Might work better if you cut it and pasted it into Notepad. Then copy the Notepad and paste it to the board. Sometimes I use that method to clear oddball formatting.
  13. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Hardly surprising the Commish would monkey with the lineup of the TraderApes....
  14. Westeros Experts League 2016

    That is too cool. Great to see you SerP. Gotta agree. After expanded roster, playing 10-team standard seems like wading in a kiddie pool.
  15. Fantasy Football 2016

    I would try to sell. I would ask a lot. Can you get LeVeon Bell?