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  1. Nicasio was already on my roster in my money league. They use Wins minus Losses, which pretty much makes Wins a ratio category. With his SP eligibility, he is a good source of strikeouts and WHIP/ERA anyway. That league has weekly changes, small rosters and waiver wire only one week out of the month. I'm using two actual SP, (Grienke and Arrieta) and Nicasio, Iglesias in the other two SP slots with three closers in the RP slots. Working out so far. If only my hitting would warm up. At this point, I'm at best playing for middle of the pack. Not been my year.
  2. 20 minutes too late on Nicasio. Congrats WJ.
  3. Thank you for sharing that nice obit.
  4. The television rights generate value beyond ad sales. They are considered valuable in driving audiences to other network programming. That is one of the reasons that NFL games are full of plugs for whatever show is the network darling. To put it in Fox terms, you pay for NFL to hope to create 24.
  5. In what is surely an unrelated fact, it is now first and ten for CBS sports deep in FOX territory...
  6. I'd be livid had you not bid. Can't believe I didn't triple-check it.
  7. Something went wrong with my editing my bid for Kluber on my tablet. My bid was only $85, so it would have lost. Just want Week to know he was right to go all in.
  8. Jacoby Brissett's letter to Obama is pretty awesome. Full of Hope AND trash talk about Barack's b-ball game.
  9. Got me by 11 on O'Day. Touche!
  10. The SF Giants broadcast crew encourages all fans to bring gloves and praises those of any age who make a catch using one. I am of the opinion that unless one is is in the screaming foul-ball danger portions of the park, a glove is for kids. And reaching into the field of play is always a no-no in fair territory and wrong also in foul if the ball is in the air and there is a defensive player anywhere close. But if you are wearing the wrong uniforms and try to reach into the stands for a catch, I promise I WILL time my interference just right. Once the player breaks the plane, he's got no more right to the ball than I do.
  11. Any mention of cursed NFL franchises without stopping by the Chargers is probably missing out. 50+ years without a title AND we lost the damned team to our least favorite city.
  12. My boss already approved me leaving at 3:45 to make it on time. I'll just have to rush less this way.
  13. Not sure what the question is. A fourth spot in which one can use an RP just makes four closers mandatory. I vote against that.
  14. I am not free Tuesdays. Any other day is fine.