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  1. Fantasy Football 2016

    Westeros A and whichever of B or C is auction, if possible.
  2. Fantasy Football 2015

    One of the things that leans me toward the point system is its scalability and flexibility. As many leagues as get filled can easily count toward Experts. That way anyone who feels excluded can just start their own league and if it fills and if it gains respect by attracting known good players, it can go up in value. A first year league won't (and shouldn't) count as much as an established one, but both should count something. And even an oddball stepchild like Survivor can at least break a tie or be a last-ditch before not having a winner at all. Frankly, if anyone pays hyper-attention to Bronn (why?) they might have noticed I use my "main" team name (Harlaw Krakens) not for Experts but for the league I think is the toughest and best - Westeros A. Everyone in that league has shown over time that they are forces to be reckoned with. I would hate to see it become just another WJ league. I can't say for 100% sure, but I am pretty sure that if an opening were to occur in that one it would be filled by WJ by someone who has shown that they are both active AND successful. But it is such a good one that changes seldom happen.
  3. Fantasy Football 2015

    We never had consensus. We had a ruling from the Commish - JJ. A point system IS being used this year. The exact details of it escape me now and I didn't record it. But points WILL be awarded for first place, second place and third place finishes. The points for 2nd and 3rd are small enough to where it would take at least two and probably 3-4 runner up finishes to overcome a league with a ten point gap in the award for 1st. And never forget, there is always commissioner discretion on the invitations - nobody gets in automatically (think of this as the OsRavan rule). The whole point of the point system was that there not be magic leagues. The travesty we were avoiding, and I do think it was a travesty, was a few years ago when I won four of the top seven feeder leagues and only got in because someone turned down an invitation. Anyone who wins two leagues belongs in Experts. I do recall that the top two leagues for points were W2 and W3. Open might be 3rd. I am quite sure that Survivor (won by Boiled Leather) is low on the totem pole. In the leagues I ran, Thunderdome was won by WJ, with Mya 2nd and myself 3rd. Survivor was won by Boiled Leather, 2nd for Jaxom and third for myself. I don't believe either of these will have Experts implications. Lastly, any whingeing about "people in multiple leagues blah blah blah" can talk to my hand as far as I am concerned. The person who only has time for one league is NOT the one I want in Experts. That person is FAR FAR more likely to miss drafts, fail to set lineups and fail to respond to trade offers in a timely fashion. Give me the active player every time. And if you join multiple leagues then flake on the ones you aren't doing well in, well that is where commish discretion comes into play and an invite should not be extended. Unless everyone plans on agreeing with me (not bloody likely), complete consensus is impossible. I've thought about this a LOT and my convictions are VERY strongly held.
  4. Westeros Experts League 2015

    In a year where the board was something of a trial, Experts delivered. Though this week TOTALLY sucked, and last week was even worse, I am still glad to hang with you folks. Next year, Harlaw is unstoppable.
  5. Fantasy Football 2015

    Marvin Jones was awesome when he was at Cal. But that was a long, long time ago in a stadium far, far away.
  6. Fantasy Football 2015

    It is a point system rather than a progression. West B and C are worth the most. Survivor is worth the least. West A is something in the middle. JJ had it all laid out in the Experts thread before the Great Regression. Second and Third place lace finishes have value, but not enough to make a difference in anything other than a tie-breaker, most likely. I think there is also a league called Outlaw that is in the point system.
  7. Westeros Dynasty Football 2015

    It was a close one. If you call ten touchdowns "close". Good luck to both finalists.
  8. Fantasy Football 2015

    Survivor is down to Jaxom and Boiled Leather. Sad thing, I'll have to bump up the points for the loser to have the site show the proper standings. It is very unlikely that the loser will overcome my overall lead. I am 156+ points ahead of BL and 174+ ahead of Jaxom. But that means bupkus in Survivor.
  9. Fantasy Football 2015

    The Week of Bronze is over. Six Westeros Leagues. Four of them I was in the semi-finals, one playing to avoid sixth place and the in the special category - Survivor. Four losses, one win (in that ONLY 5th place/non-final four game - woo hoo) and eliminated in Survivor. OH, the humanity.
  10. Westeros Football League C

    Cheers. And farewell.
  11. Fantasy Football - Westeros Survivor League

    Three remain. Bronn, Boiled Leather and Jaxom.
  12. Fantasy Football - Westeros Survivor League

    Guess this is the topic. Down to 4 teams. Bye Race. Maybe you were distracted this past weekend.
  13. Westeros Experts League 2015

    I managed to hit the 2000 number in Westeros A - without the second tight end slot or the second defense. And finished 4th But one of my best Westeros regular seasons ever. In the final four in Survivor, three byes and two playoffs. No team failed to advance. Now to see if I can even come close to 4 wins - my best post-season. By the way, I am having computer problems these days. Laptop crapped out a few weeks after desktop dropped a power supply. My access will be intermittent at best. To contact me, best to use the email a league feature, as I can read emails on my tablet, if not this forum.
  14. Westeros Experts League 2015

    Survivor is even better for that, IMO.  Almost always MNF decides if someone has been eliminated.    Speaking of which, we can still do it if we get a few more players.  Send me a PM.  We'll do a Tuesday night draft live.
  15. Fantasy Football 2015

    Other than that, I had a great week.  5-1.  Stole a win in Thunderdome by sh**ing the bed slightly less than Kal did.  But 150+ across the board elsewhere, including my autodrafted standard ESPN roster team (13 team league, ugh bye weeks in the future).  Half my slots there came off waivers, including Dalton, Benny, Jordan Reed and the Carolina D.