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  1. Last night was glorious. In my six H-T-H leagues, 5 on Westeros, the ONLY player who played TNF last night against me was Ju-Ju and he underperformed. I had Roethlisberger once, Boswell once, the Steelers D once and Brown in my off-board money league. In Survivor, I was the one with JuJu but I balanced that with the Steelers D. Lots of green numbers on Yahoo for my projected totals this week.
  2. Oooh! I'm so scared-ed. Maybe an ewok with a stick will disarm you and save the day.
  3. Sometimes Anonymous Stormtrooper #7 doesn't know she's actually Anonymous Stormtrooper #7.
  4. Sixteen Will Enter. One will stand triumphant. Hopefully, NOT Mya (again) Let me know dates for that are good for you. I will edit this once other leagues are locked down. Saturday August 19 Sunday August 20 Monday August 21 Tuesday August 22 Wednesday August 23 Thursday August 24 Friday August 25 Saturday August 26 Sunday August 27 Monday August 28 Tuesday August 29 Wednesday August 30 Thursday August 31 Friday Sept 1 Saturday Sept 2 Sunday Sept 3 Monday Sept 4 (Labor Day) - tentatively held for Experts Tuesday Sept 5 Wednesday Sept 6
  5. Continue. Reposting my last post in the previous thread, slightly modified: If nothing else, the end of the game probably saved Brandon Morrow's psyche. Sure, LA still lost, but he becomes one of a crowd of pitchers on both teams that just couldn't hold a lead in this game. That having been said, Roberts should have known better than to use him in the first place.
  6. No surprises in the Cy Young voting. Two deserving winners.
  7. I think being able to micro-fix the broken team is worse than a clean slate. You should either take over, or start over. Half measures is too much of an advantage.
  8. I stand corrected.
  9. A was brutal. I had a 37 point lead against you facing Newton and Funchess. I understand how Wile E. Coyote felt when the steamroller turned him in to a two-dimensional version of himself. Ow!
  10. You should be in recruiting. "Want to join this league that we have a hard time filling and to which we want to attract committed players? Spend the first year cleaning up a mess someone else made. You're already competing against well-run teams that have awesome contracts, but we won't even give you the option of a clean slate."
  11. I definitely read items during that week after the bye and before the Redskins games speculating that the Vikings were contemplating starting Teddy Bridgewater as soon as he was ready.
  12. I believe that the statement, ambiguously made, was that Keenum looked like a candidate for benching BEFORE the kickoff of the game against Washington.
  13. It is like the benevolent spirit that occupied Joe and brought him good fortune moved out and occupied Alex Smith. Who wouldn't?
  14. The utter collapse of Joe Flacco is nearly as mysterious as the previous success of Joe Flacco.
  15. Some days you get the bear and some days you get Cammed in the Funchess.
  16. There. Not their.
  17. And zero titles to show for it. That too amazes.
  18. I could not disagree more. The very nature of a Dynasty/Keeper league is that money is worth less and prices are higher for the available players precisely because so many good players are locked up at prices far below market. The amount of "Dead Money" does not nearly make up for this, unless you've been a complete idiot. IMO the smart path for an expansion franchise would be to spend on three superstars, and give them 1-year contracts then trade them for other teams' good contracts when you inevitably suffer the fate of expansion teams everywhere.
  19. From the NFL thread in Entertainment.... 3 hours ago, Tywin et al. said: My Dynasty team is a mess. Why did I get handed this garbage? I feel like going forward, if an owner relinquishes their team then their players’ contracts should be null and void and they should go back into the draft. The person who owned this team before me had no idea what they were doing. And of course, my one good contract, again Watson, had his knee explode. Great… I think the idea of giving a replacement owner the option of taking over an existing franchise or being granted a new one has merit. All or nothing though.
  20. I see no problem with the concept of letting a new owner choose between taking over an existing franchise or being granted an expansion one.
  21. I hate this league.
  22. McCaffrey made it close but in the end, the Christian does not come through for Casterly Rock. Julio and Nuk are no longer down by the schoolyard. Bilal Powell is where Bilal Powell ought to be - watching from the side. We all must try to live in a world without Jay Cutler. An idle Rob Kelley might put on a pound or two. Seven teams gone, seven teams remain. You, gentlemen, are the upper echelon. You may not be winners, but at least you haven't once been the Big, Fat, Stinky, Loser. Yet. The Seven ride forth.
  23. For those that don't/couldn't recall, this had a very unique format. Up to Sixteen teams, not head to head - Rotisserie Scoring. At the end each week, the team with the lowest score that week is eliminated from the league. The commissioner locks down his/her roster and they can no longer make transactions or score points, taking his roster of players out of the game for the rest of the year. To make sure week 16 is the championship, some weeks get 'combined'. Every week thereafter, the team with the lowest score for that week is eliminated. By week 16, only two teams remain. Probably the most exciting format I've played. You don't have to be good, you just have to NEVER be the worst. The best overall team doesn't always win. One bad week and you are done. Those are the base rules. I will tweak them as required based on the number of teams we get. My general plan is that we'll use two week intervals as long as necessary then switch to single week eliminations. We'll draft Tuesday the 19th of September and start week #3 (right away). Snake Draft. 6:30PM PDT. League max = 14 teams Odd number of teams is not an issue. For example, if we had 12 teams: Weeks 3 and 4 would be combined and at the end of week 4, the lowest total is gone. (11 teams remain) Weeks 5 and 6 would be combined and at the end of week 6, the lowest total OF WEEKS 5 and 6 are eliminated. (10 teams remain) Weeks 7 and 8 would be combined and at the end of week 8, the lowest total OF WEEKS 7 and 8 are eliminated. (9 teams remain) Week 9 (lowest score FOR THAT WEEK ONLY) eliminated (8 teams remain) Week 10 (lowest score FOR THAT WEEK ONLY) eliminated (7 teams remain) Week 11 (lowest score FOR THAT WEEK ONLY) eliminated (6 teams remain) Week 12 (lowest score FOR THAT WEEK ONLY) eliminated (5 teams remain) Week 13 (lowest score FOR THAT WEEK ONLY) eliminated (4 teams remain) etc Week 16 (becomes head to head as only two teams remain - winner week 16 wins) PM me for an invite.
  24. I lead right up to the point the Dolphins made the PAT after the final TD. Lost by .95.
  25. Ah. DT does not equal Defensive Team. Got it.