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  1. Drafting Barkley also helps them put keisters in seats during the Tyrod Taylor period, which would help them not rush the QB. Cleveland needs to think about this.
  2. Not going to bother quoting it, but I agree 100% with Tywin's analysis. Though if I were Cleveland I'd still take Barkley first overall and then whichever QB drops to 4th in that slot. I don't think any one of Rosen, Darnold or Allen is enough of a sure thing to fret too much about losing out.
  3. Continue. Reposting my last post in the previous thread, slightly modified: If nothing else, the end of the game probably saved Brandon Morrow's psyche. Sure, LA still lost, but he becomes one of a crowd of pitchers on both teams that just couldn't hold a lead in this game. That having been said, Roberts should have known better than to use him in the first place.
  4. The number of SP slots should be sufficient to reach the total innings required without swapping them in and out. Best to err on the side of too many slots rather than too few. Owners aren't obligated to fill the slots either in the draft or in the actual play. As to the number of P vs. RP vs. SP slots, there should only be 30 (or fewer) possible slots in which one could put a closer when all league members are factored in.
  5. There are children who haven't yet been born who will sit in the student section at Virginia Tech and chant UMBC UMBC UMBC when UVA comes to town.
  6. If we don't dawdle too long, I can change to this weekend.
  7. Forgivable if you didn't see Anthony Muñoz play. But no doubt in my mind Muñoz is #1 by a good margin.
  8. The Browns can NOT afford to skip drafting a QB somewhere in the first round. Their fans would revolt. They've got to try after missing on Watson last year. That having been said, if the reports are true and the Browns will sign Hyde today to a three-year deal, that does not suggest that Barkley is in their plans.
  9. Kicking Jaxom out of leagues is one of the great things that binds all Westeros fantasy sports players together. We've all done it at some point, it seems.
  10. Gotta say, if that is the deal Cousins wanted, it's hard to see why Washington couldn't give it.
  11. You are really swimming against the tide here, and against all logic. Taylor is an above average backup QB and had he hit the Free Agent market, there very easily could have been a bidding war that let him dictate the terms of the contract. The 65th pick is a small price to pay for that. If it turns out their rookie QB is ready earlier than expected, a team that suffers an injury is very likely to give them that much down the road. This is also about marketing themselves to free agents - nobody wants to sign with a train wreck and a train wreck was what they had last year. The Shelton deal makes sense if you don't think he'd play for you - and he played less than half time last year. And it seems now that the original report was not correct - the pick is a 3rd in 2019 for Shelton and a 5th this year. They got a pretty good pick AND made room for Ogunjobi, whom they like a lot more. Cleveland has a plan. Whether it is a good one will have to wait for the next two seasons. But I like the moves. PS: New England does find diamonds in the rough. But they also make bad trades just like anyone else. Part of their success is that they cut bait on their mistakes quickly. We'll see if Shelton in one of them. Edited to add: The Browns will draft Barkley first and take a QB at #4. You read it here first (unless you read it the last time I said it). Barkley seems to be head and shoulders ahead of the other options, whereas an argument can be made for 4 or 5 of the quarterbacks.
  12. I like the moves Cleveland is making. Seems to make a lot of sense. And yes, the signs all point toward Barkley #1 overall at this point. Of course, this is all contingent on learning WHICH picks they traded for Landry, who is barely worth a handful of beans at this point. ETA it looks like a 4th this year and a 7th next. Seems about right.
  13. Rhom - keep an ear out for hoofbeats on Monday.
  14. I think they should lose draft picks over it, this year. The CBA expressly prohibits questions of this sort.
  15. Okay.
  16. The Second Amendment has failed. Guns were confiscated, it seems.
  17. The guns have gone silent. Ed Hochuli retired today as an NFL ref. Sad. So sad. Life is empty and full of pain.
  18. I was very glad they took Charles in a totally different direction than Frank Burns. But at that point M*A*S*H had gotten pretty sappy. Ogden Stiers did a great job with that character. I wish they'd given him just a bit more rage about being stuck in Korea, but that wasn't where the writers were at that point. The thing that strikes me most is that Larry Linville was perhaps the most popular man in the cast to his colleagues. I'd love to sit and hear those who are still alive tell Larry Linville stories. Sadly, Gary Burghoff - who played the adorable Radar - was apparently as big a jerk as you could find. Sometime in the summer of 1975, Charles Nelson Reilly took an extended leave from the CBS hit game show Match Game. The network got Gary Burghoff to sit in his slot. Holy crap, what a sh** storm that was. If you see it in reruns today, you can see how the cast can BARELY stand the obnoxious twit and if you can pay attention to how much time he seems to try to hog attention during other performer's turns, you can start to guess why.
  19. I have a long ass draft on Sunday the 25th and a trivia championship to attend Saturday night the 24th.
  20. My bare minimum suggestion is that 'stretching the ball toward the goal line' be counted as a 'football move'.
  21. I'll do Dynasty or Keeper. And Roto as previously mentioned. I think I prefer auctions, so Dynasty a little ahead of Keeper. Though one snake draft wouldn't be the worst thing.
  22. This has not been true of Drew historically. Whether he made the change because it was working or because he had to is much harder to determine, but my eyeball test says that it is at least 50% the latter, if not more. I would not invest in him beyond the 2018 season.
  23. The passing numbers for Drew Brees in 2017 were drastically inflated by RB YAC. Kamara and Ingram combined for over 1200. The decline is further along than this thread suggests.
  24. Heal Ratatouille Hurt Wall-E