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  1. Please continue. I'm of the opinion that if there was ANY way Hyperspace jumps could be weaponized it makes no sense whatsoever that the Rebels did not exploit this in the OT. The only reasonable explanation is that opening a jump near a massive object just fails.
  2. Continue. Reposting my last post in the previous thread, slightly modified: If nothing else, the end of the game probably saved Brandon Morrow's psyche. Sure, LA still lost, but he becomes one of a crowd of pitchers on both teams that just couldn't hold a lead in this game. That having been said, Roberts should have known better than to use him in the first place.
  3. The thing that drives me nuts is the poor, poor victim me mode that Patriots fans seem to believe is their lot. They make me want to hate them. And that just feeds their belief they are victims. I've rooted for the Padres for 48 years, the Chargers for about 44 (and not to be 45 any time soon), the Cal Golden Bears Football 35 years and the Cal Basketball for about 32. I've seen zero Super Bowl wins, zero World Series Wins, zero Rose Bowls and zero Final Fours. But I still believe that if and when that day comes, I'll never whine like a Patriots fan.
  4. Wrap arms to tackle. Football 101.
  5. Careful. Some spoilers are too potent for even the spoiler thread.
  6. My mother loved Upstairs, Downstairs back in the day. But she readily agrees that Downton Abbey is a vastly superior execution of a similar concept. The only TV to horrify her these days is the news and the acts of the GOP. It saddens her to see us fighting things we HOPED we'd overcome 50 years ago.
  7. As I've done all year, I'm going to bet maximum points on the Patriots to win and hope I lose. If you want to catch me, that may be a chance to make up some points. Sadly, I don't think there's much risk of that this week.
  8. I want to go on record as having stated she is literally an angel on Earth and the finest of humans. Really, I do. On record. For self-preservation reasons if nothing else.
  9. After three plus decades of dithering, I got around to James Clavell's Shogun. I'd watched the miniseries, both when it came out and a couple more times over the years, but never picked up the novel. Clavell does some nice things inside the heads of the Japanese characters and switches POVs frequently. It's not quite as formal as ASOIAF's POV structure, but you definitely get inside the heads of the Japanese characters in a way the TV show did not. In her own head, Mariko-san is MUCH more sarcastic and a more satisfying character, IMO.
  10. Maybe somebody in Houston figured this out. The current report is "no deal".
  11. Can we add both Boiled Leather AND Manhole Eunuchsbane and skip the Pony who is lobbying despite the fact she is already in? Just asking.
  12. Rotoworld attributed his 2017 troubles to a problem with fly balls. Minute Maid Park does NOT seem to be a good destination if that is so.
  13. All I care about is RESPONDING to trade offers. Rejecting them is a response. I think it is generally a good idea to include a sentence or two in a rejection but even that isn't essential. An active owner doesn't have to have transactions either. Just lineup moves when a player is injured or on bye.
  14. I'm beginning to come around to this point of view, even to the point of believing that there should be no absolute guarantee feeder leagues. The human and/or 'whatever the f*** Jace is' factor adds value, even if it also muddles simplicity.
  15. Thank goodness for punctuation...
  16. It's Las Vegas. Nobody will care as long as the flash is there. And Gruden IS flashy. This was as much a PR move as a football move.
  17. Games start tomorrow and I only see six teams with picks...
  18. A snifter of brandy and a Cuban cigar are also acceptable, IIRC.
  19. The point of the process should be the quality of owners who end up in Experts. That's far more important than perceptions of fairness, IMO. We don't want owners who screw it up for everyone by autodrafting in auction leagues. We don't want owners who fail to keep up with their lineups. We don't want owners who make idiot-f**k trades because "I need to shake things up". We don't want owners who never respond to trade offers. And the most likely way to ensure this is to go with the owners we know. It doesn't take that long to establish a reputation here. But our worst experiences over the decades has been with owners who come in, win one feeder league then their interest in the boards and the league fades. One of the BEST things about Westeros A is that it has a relatively stable membership with owners who for the most part can be relied on to take the league seriously. That it is downgraded as a feeder league because of these things is particularly irksome to me.
  20. Solid and set do NOT equate to legitimate. Gerrymandering is solid and set. The results it produces will NEVER be legitimate.
  21. If I want cartoons, I'll watch Daffy Duck.
  22. It needed a Thrawn-like character. Named Thrawn. Who was Thrawn.
  23. I think BR and/or groz should be invited back if WJ steps away, as he has said he might.
  24. Discussing the reasons for bans is a bannable offense. And I don't know.
  25. And while I do HATE factoring this in, it is more challenging in Manhole's case in that he is currently banned from the board and can't really check in. He's said that if he gets invites via Yahoo, he'll happily join leagues next year.