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  1. I guess so I remember that chapter was a bit much tbh. After reading it though my main question was what didn't Theon have.
  2. Anyway i don't think Sansa knew of her Jeynes fate , shes alone , confused and naive. Shes probably genuinely wondering why Boros himself can't take Jeyne to her father.
  3. Ofcourse , sorry Sea Dragon completely flew out my mind , think it might be time for a re-read lol
  4. Are you sure the training wasn't so she would seem more believable to Roose and Ramsay?
  5. Did she gets forced into prostitution? I thought she was just hidden a way for awhile and trained to become (f)Arya
  6. I'd like to see a story set about 100 years after the events which will take place in a dream of spring. It would be just one characters POV such as Dunk and Egg , and we would get the odd reference to previous events. Ofcourse we the readers would be like "omg i remember that" or "wait a sec... that didn't happen like that!"
  7. I believe it is Victarion in the prophecy but i don't think he will get Dany with child. I think the vision is of those who play a major role in her story going forward , it doesnt matter that Hizadr isn't a part of it because he is just a distraction keeping her in Mereen. Drogo ,Victarion and Jon Snow are the characters who will and have played a major role in her life , for example: Drogo = Dead Viserys & Dragons Victarion = Transport to Westeros Jon Snow = Nephew
  8. I meant figures out Jons special
  9. Just thought my Dark theory and Less Dark theory could be happening at the same time lol
  10. I also believe he may just be wounded and Val is nursing him back to health but the odds don't look to good for him. Cutting the story short: Dark Theory 1.Mel knows Jons Special 2.Val already doesn't like Shireen 3. Shireen has Kingsblood (I just don't see her living through the book) 4. They burn Shireen 5. Ghost Howls , Jon wakes up. Less Dark Theory 1. Jon is in a fever dream. 2. He is having visions of the past possibly brought on by Bloodraven or/and Bran. 3. He finally goes down into Winterfells Crypt and learns a secret. 4. Ghost Howls , Jon wakes up
  11. Cersei did allow Taena to get close to her and Taena did confide herself in Cersei , she also made quite the effort to get close to Cersei. It could turn out that Taena truly saw Cersei as a friend and/or she saw her as a way to enhance her familys status , or she could possibly have been a spy. I just thought the whole Myrish Swamp scene was Cersei's curiosity wanting to understand/experience what Robert felt , but it just didn't work for her.
  12. Interesting find King Ragnar , its possible this "Hemlock Water Dropwort" might have influenced GRRM when creating poisons. I'm a believer in that Tywins bowel trouble was caused by poison , but i never questioned Tywins smile and put it down to decay. But it does make sense that Oberyn would use a poison which would have this effect , further humiliating Tywin at his own funeral.
  13. "If it comes, that attack will be no more than a diversion. I saw towers by the sea, submerged beneath a black and bloody tide. That is where the heaviest blow will fall." Is it possible this could be (f)Aegons assault on Storms End? "Black and Bloody" = Black and Red These are the colours of houses Targaryen and Blackfyre.
  14. - According to stories they are cannibals , when WoW comes out its possible we will find out that they are not cannibals , and that the Skagosi have just been villainised all this time. - The laws of inheritance in Dorne make genders equal in the succession , so Arrianne was always meant to inherit and grown up knowing she will inherit Dorne. Sansa has grown up believing she'll never inherit and will be married of to a Lord/King. - He calls himself that because he is the Lord of the Vale , and he would have to die for Harry the heir to inherit , and there is always a chance although he is weak and sickly that he will live. - He controls the Vale through SweetRobin , and through Sansa we get insights into Littlefingers schemes.
  15. - Are they really cannibals though or have they just been demonised? I think theres gonna be more to the Skagosi than mindless man eating savages who gobble up everyone they see. - We am on about Sansa she is a gullible teenager who misses her family , and i think she would be very happy to put Rickon in Winterfell. - Harry the Heir is not lord of the Vale yet. - And why would the Lannisters and Tyrells do that invade the Vale just for Sansa? - It doesn't make her irrelevant , her POV shows us the politics of the Vale and Littlefingers scheming.