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  1. In order to conceal Jon's true parentage Ned and Ashara's daughter (Val) would also have to be concealed and the best way to do this would be for her to disappear from Westeros ... why not North of the Wall? If Arthur accompanied her then they would have to go somewhere remote in order for him not to be recognised. Remember Arthur is something of a celebrity at this time, if they went to Essos they could still be recognised. Another point I've often puzzled over is why Benjen joined the Nights Watch. After the Rebellion Ned and Benjen (and baby Robb) were the only Starks left, it seems odd that Benjen should take a vow to never have a wife and children when the Starks are so few on the ground? It would make sense however if there was something else motivating his decision. Maybe Benjen joined the Nights Watch to help support and protect Ned and Ashara's daughter North of the Wall. Maybe Ned asked him to do it?
  2. Without doubt the best scene for me is the Red Wedding. I remember reading the chapter and then having to stop, my heart was racing and it took my breath away. I've never had a book do that to me before ... absolutely awesome writing. My second choice is the scene where Maester Aemon reveals his identity to Jon Snow ... wow!
  3. I came up with this theory a while back and I've not seen it pop up elsewhere but would be interested in knowing what you guys think; So Robert fought Rhaegar at the Trident ... or did he? We're told that Robert slew Rhaegar, smashing his war hammer into Rhaegar's chest plate sending the rubies encrusted on his armour into the ruby ford. Rhaegar's body was never found. What if it wasn't Rhaegar? What if it was someone else using rubies to glamour as Rhaegar? Who would do that? Well I guess it would have to be someone who; 1. Loved/Cared for Rhaegar enough to fight for him. 2. Was close enough to him to have access to his armour. 3. Was at least 'capable' in combat. 4. Maybe someone who was known to the reader as possibly having impersonated a knight previously. 5. Was known to be mortally wounded after the battle at the Trident. Well guys, my theory is that it was in fact .... LYANNA STARK! Ned found Lyanna in a bed of blood at the Tower of Joy, there was a child there so everyone assumes that the blood is from childbirth but maybe Lyanna gave birth (R+L=J) months/weeks earlier. For whatever reason Rhaegar was AWOL at this time and so Lyanna impersonated him (similarly to how she impersonated the Knight of the Laughing Tree at the Harrenhal Tourney ... and defeated x3 knights), and led the Dornish forces at the Trident. It was Lyanna who actually fought Robert and was defeated. She managed to escape the battle and returned to the Tower of Joy but later died of her wounds ... imagine the irony, Robert unwittingly kills the woman he started the whole war to protect. So what do think guys?
  4. Thanks for your comments guys I admit that the Daenarys link was a bit of a stretch and as Vaedys points out, the timeline doesn't fit. I guess I was swayed by Barristan saying Daenarys looked like Ashara ... far too obvious for GRRM lol. FYI I have seen another theory on the net about who Ashara's daughter could be (IF she survived) and that is .... Val (the Wildling Princess). In this instance however Ned is cited as the father. The description of Val in the books describes her as being very beautiful (similar to Ashara) with sharp features and grey eyes that appear to change shade (similar to Ned). Also she is well spoken compared to other buildings .... this could also tie in nicely with the Mance is Arthur Dayne theory. Thanks again for your comments, it's great to hear the views of others
  5. So to recap, Ashara Dayne (sister of Arthur Dayne) was a maid to Princess Elia Targaryen (prev Martell), she was very beautiful and had a great many admirers (inc Barristan Selmy and Ned Stark). Someone took 'liberties' with her at the Harrenhal tourney and she 'turned to Stark' (likely Ned). Later after the events at the Tower of Joy, Ned returned Arthur's sword 'Dawn' to Startfall (House Daynes Castle) after which Ashara is said to have jumped off a tower into the sea after grieving for the loss of her still born daughter and the death of her brother ... but her body was never found ... oooooo errrrr I have a theory (maybe others have already come up with this but I've not see it elsewhere), so here goes; 1. Who would possibly be crazy enough to have gotten Ashara pregnant (out of wedlock and without her consent) without fearing reprisals from her brother, Arthur Dayne, Sword of the Morning and the greatest knight in Westeros? 2. Who was at the Harrenhal Tourney? 3. Who was known to 'impose' himself on noble women? Drum roll ..... King Aerys Targaryen! Aerys was crazy and was protected from reprisals from Arthur because of Arthur's Kingsguard oath to protect the King. Aerys unexpectedly attended the Harrenhal Tourney (to stifle Rhaegar gaining support of the noble houses). Aerys was known to have 'imposed' himself on his wife and Joanna Lannister (Tywins wife) - why wouldn't he do the same with the most beautiful woman in Westeros? Aerys raped Ashara and got her pregnant, she gave birth to a Daughter who WAS NOT still born ... the daughter survived and is .... Drum roll ..... Daenarys Targaryen! What do you think guys? This is my first post so go easy on me lol