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  1. Sigh. I think you're probably right. So I say yes, she will honour the guest right; but sadly they seem doomed. Some of them anyway. Okay, did anyone else feel it was sinister when that scene included a innocent remark about the importance of being kind to a stranger? My hair stood up at that. Everything was going so well until that red flag. It was subtle, that easy comment. It might have been a perfectly natural soldier's saying that after all the fighting, it's a relief to be hospitable to a random person who offers no threat. It's what we would say. It's how we might put it. It's a classic theme in fairy tales. But, to me, it seemed that he'd made an accidental reference to the Westerosi seventh god, the one they never talk about. The Stranger = Death. I believe that won't end well. Did anybody else hear that as a coded warning? (By the way, I want to be wrong about that, I really do.)
  2. Interesting that there are two such thrones, and it makes sense that Daenerys would take her seat on her ancestor's throne first.
  3. Sorry about that. Accidentally duplicated post. I've edited it out.
  4. I'm guessing it's Daenerys. Mind you, Bran could become a dragon-rider. Warging doesn't require him to be on the dragon's back. Stunning trailer, so much to see. I can't decide whether Arya has gone Beyond the Wall or whether it's just winter where she is. (I'm hoping she's passing through the woods around Harrenhal and about to reunite with her direwolf.) Wouldn't it be odd if Cersei hadn't recalled Littlefinger to be her royal treasurer? My money, if I had any, would be on the Iron Bank of Braavos sponsoring any opposition to her rule. Are we seeing Casterly Rock here in the trailer? Is Jamie based there now?
  5. Well if we assume that the Night's Watch vows are for life, he's kept them for life. If he's dead, and is revived, that's a fresh start. It's in the Catelyn V chapter where she and Robb are at Oldstones. Catelyn tries to persuade Robb not to legitimise Jon. But King Robb is determined that he can trust Jon - better to have him as Lord of Winterfell than Sansa's new husband Tyrion. He summons all the lords present to witness his decision. I don't have the book by me right now, but as I recall, he was planning to send some prisoners to the Wall to compensate the Watch for losing Jon.
  6. Good point on the vows. Although on that, I was hoping that a certain document would turn up. Robb Stark wanted him to be the heir to Winterfell (rather than Sansa and Tyrion) and most of the Northern lords witnessed this in writing - it might yet turn up. I also hope he won't turn evil. Here's why I think it's unlikely. It might depend on who revives him. That would be either Thoros or Melisandre. I don't think anyone else can manage that feat? Melisandre has years of experience. Every time Lord Beric is brought back by Thoros, he loses some ability to care, and seems fairly fed up with the process by now. But he's still set on doing the right thing. And Catelyn's all right - as Lady Stoneheart, she's working on bringing the Red Wedding killers to justice. Also, she had a very strong personality to begin with. So I think Jon Snow would be all right. Also, he had a lot to work through originally. He was treated like a misfit, what with being bastard-born, and a warg, so it could be that he gets revived and is less bothered by what others think of him. Maybe he'll become less conflicted, and more focused on whatever needs to be done?
  7. Actually I can see her doing just that; Sweet Robin has the potential to become a monster, resuming where Joffrey left off. If he ordered the death of a Stark, I believe she would stand by while Baelish fed SR too much calming medicine, despite the maester's warning. It is, after all, exactly how SR's father, Arryn died. It only needs an accomplice to distract the resident maester. (Yes, possibly I've been reading too many murder mysteries while we await TWOW.) That would also give Sansa a hold over Baelish, as if she ever told the Lords of the Vale what he had done, they would execute him for it. She might even betray Baelish thus, and proceed to marry Harry the Heir afterwards... Jon could have Winterfell and Sansa the Vale.
  8. Lucius Lovejoy suggests: "My thought is that Westeros will be rebuilt with a new political/social order, and that unmarried, childless Sansa is part of that." Yes, that rings true. Her original fate mirrored that of a medieval lady - however she's been through quite enough and none of us really want her to suffer the all-too-likely death in childbirth for the sake of leaving an heir. One possibility; Both Sansa and Lady Stoneheart have witnessed the plight of many orphans during the chaos of the last few years. I believe that they will found an orphanage in a vacant keep. Brightwater? Or the Baratheon domain is vacant, so who knows? Yet I'm also with NewStar on this. "her running off with Sandor to live in obscurity somewhere... " In fact she could be childless through a survivable disease, and still marry. I think she wants to be safe. What if it came to a duel between some enemy and Sandor? Sandor would win, Sansa falls in conscious love with him, and so the match is made. So where could they live? Either Gregor is finally killed and Sandor inherits the Clegane estate, or he receives the estate of his defeated enemy. Alternatively I can easily picture some turn of events whereby the Crown donates Storm's End or Dragonstone, or Rosby, to a childless couple - Sansa and Sandor - to raise the orphans of the war. All fun theories.
  9. Thanks for the link; that was fascinating, and what a strange life she must have led. I did wonder why Viserys hadn't formed some alliance with Dorne, or even snuck back there, but I guess Prince Doran was too shrewd to allow him refuge. Varys would have known where he was, and it might have given Robert an excuse to invade Dorne. Also, I suppose that Viserys would have also married Daenerys eventually?
  10. I already loved anything to do with Tolkien's LOTR, murder mysteries and history. Several people recommended the author to me at SF cons in Ireland, but I was studying then, no money or time to read. I finally got around to buying the first book in November a few years ago. I figured that if I liked the first one, the series might be a good winter read. (Obviously I didn't know it would be like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia.) Game of Thrones turned out to be brilliant, one of those rare writers that really draws you in. I rushed out and bought the others in the series as soon as I could and I'm pretty obsessed now - but knew nobody to talk about the books with. Luckily one friend got hooked on the HBO series, and started asking me for background and backstories. So we regularly ring & email each other with our theories. At the moment we're just waiting... sipping coffee from the GOT mugs my friend gave me for Christmas. I'm currently dying for the Winds of Winter to come out, and painting a door-sized map of Westeros to curb my impatience. This helps us to follow the plots, and ask 'what if?' And rereading book 1. I hope you all had an enjoyable St Patrick's Day.