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  1. the wights or the white walkers. The white walkers we don't know much about them so maybe but I meant he stayed outside the water and raised his arms bringing it back to life. I don't see the wights having a problem with it since we have seen them in water at hardhome and been fine. They might sink but that wasn't a big body of water so you could probably crawl up the side.
  2. Yeah I was sitting there going "four gigantic chains really" Couldn't the night king just turned the dragon while it was under water and have it climb out of the water. would have been an awesome scene having him raise his arms like he did before at hard home and then have the dragons break through the ice and crawl out of the water. Would have been awesome and avoided the ridiculousness.
  3. true but even in his emotionless state it seems he could say something
  4. They were dressed pretty thick and you could just use berics sword to melt enough snow to drink. As for food perhaps they carried some on them. That said I don't think they would have lasted much longer.
  5. There are two things that we don't know. How far they really went and we don't know haw fast dragons could fly. I imagine they go far faster then birds. And While I agree a raven would not have reached them in time it is possible that they spent a few days on that island thing. That might help a bit. I do agree that it was a bit much.
  6. I agree with you about it being a TV show but westero's is actually bigger then we think. The land beyond the wall is actually the size of canada according to G.R.R.M and if you look at a map of westeros the land beyond the wall is far smaller then most of the other kingdoms.
  7. Exactly why not have bran tell them!
  8. they did have her say that sorceress say that in season one but after that it is never mentioned where as in the books it is
  9. the whole point of game of thrones is that no matter what happens stuff goes to s*** eventually. Also you think that stuff couldn't make a comeback. Who is there to enforce these things in the free cities when it comes to slavery and religion isn't going anywhere and in terms of feminism we don't even really know if the women characters will be alive?
  10. well that sucks
  11. jon.will likely be the one.
  12. Actually by the end rickon had caught at least three arrows. Still jon got stabbed like six times and one was in the heart so anythings possible
  13. she usually listens and this season that has come back to bite her. The whole reason they lost yara,dorne,and the reach is because they followed tyrions plan. She didn't attack kings landing because jon advised her not to. Yes she went after the lannister army with her dragons but that wasn't burning down a city which is what jon advised against. Ironically most of the time she takes her councils advice it comes back to bite her. And I said most not all
  14. well in the show magic is absent so jon might think that the wall is just a wall and has no magic in it or something. But it's also about "well it's the worst thing that can happen so it will probably happen with our luck". Plus it never hurts to be ready for it.
  15. She wanted to spare him but he made it hard given he took her offer and threw it in her face. Tarly was an ass who if he had ordered his son to bend his knees or took the black so his son wouldn't die dickon would still be alive. As for dany I think that when she was with drogon she was just in shock that it happened and then when she gave him the googly eyes it was because he was going to fight north of the wall and she was worried. Cersei torturing the sand snakes and then running to jaime to have sex with him because the torture turned her on. That was the aery's parrarel.