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  1. Greatest Soldiers in general

    Well the north beat tywin lannister all over the place and you have to assume that while alot of that was good strategy. it had to be the north was just really good fighters as well.
  2. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    hah I never though to make that connection. And both were treated worse afterwards.
  3. Why did Tywin liked Jaime so much?

    He refused to sleep with sansa? He stands up for her consistently. And yes he is far from perfect but in truth he helps alot of people. Jaime on the other hand doesn't care about anyone but cersei and sometimes tyrion for the first three books. He treats everyone like is he a caring individual. And I am not a tyrion apologists I will say flat out he has done bad things and does alot to help himself.
  4. If Joffrey tried to arrest Tywin Lannister, what would happen?

    I think tywin would glare at the first person who tried and they would stand down. Seriously though I think noone would have done anything. but a very uncomfortable silence would descend upon the room. Maybe tywin would have taken joffrey out of the room and "educated" him.
  5. Why did Tywin liked Jaime so much?

    Wait how is jaime more caring then tyrion. I agree lately tyrion is a bit bitter but he is still better then jaime. And I think he killed aery's more because he wanted to burn the city down because he was losing it more then bring his fathers head to him. Also tywin was so cruel to tyrion he made it impossible for tyrion to love him
  6. well not all the gay characters in game of thrones are cool. That powerful merchant guy form qarth (Not sure if I spelled it right) the one who wanted to marry dany was gay. Remember dany saying he was paying attention to the same dancers she was.
  7. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    Wait that wouldn't make any sense. If jaime and cersei were aery's kids then the whole idea that ned stark and the others who suspected that all of cersei's kids were from jaime not robert because of the blond hair and such. Also the targeryans weren't the only one to do incest just the only ones that it was not frowned upon. Also isn't tywin and joanne lanister cousins?
  8. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    I always took it to mean tyrion had more of his father's traits then jaime and cersei. Tyrion is extremly intelligent,clever,ambitious,and can be ruthless if he has to be (Though not at tywins level or as extreme). I heard somewhere that tyrion was suupossed to be aery's son. I mean one of the fan theories
  9. ellaria was bisexual not experimenting. the women who cersei slept with was lesbian or bisexual.
  10. Your Hero: Top 3

    dany jon snow-He stands up for what he believes in no matter what. He has an extremly strong sense of honor. ghost-Just because he is so cool!
  11. Northern lord taking a Wildling wife

    Also I am curious as to how the karstarks will take to having the thenn's leader be their lord. I think he will actually end up being okay.
  12. Northern lord taking a Wildling wife

    I think it would depend. If she was a beutiful women and well behaved they would likely be grudgingly accepting of it. But that had better be a well loved lord. I think people are wrong about Val she may be gorgeous and well spoken but she is a wildling to the bone. She only knelt to stannis's queen because she had to and jon asked her too. She would never be able to do that all the time.
  13. Why did Tywin liked Jaime so much?

    Because he is the first born son. He is good looking,charasmatic,and a great fighter. But in truth he seems to be a great pain in the a$$ to tywin. And I think it is more that he sees jaime as his only real heir. I thought that aftertyrion was sentenced to death tywin slept with shea because he needs another heir and was gonna look for a wife
  14. Just how important is Mance?

    wait king of winter? you mean king of the north right. And what does NK and NQ stand for
  15. What 'needed to be done'?

    I think people need to realize that robert's decision to kill dany was more about him wanting to wipe out her bloodline because he hates them. So he doesn't get the benefit of the (it's for peace) argument.