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  1. I think it is more of a guide line type thing. Like a way to put rules around something or make it tabboo. Or it could be that guys "code" some people have their own like a man always keeping his word would be part of some people's
  2. yes. many times. But sam doesn't really say how he feels about jon now.
  3. yes but she didn't intend for that to happen. The "most evil acts in the series) kind of have to be ones that were done on purpose. The freys,boltons,and lannisters who planned the red wedding for example knew exactly what would happen. Dany put a council in place not cleon who took power. She was naive in that scenario but she had planned on making things right.
  4. That was the one I was thinking of. She came in crying and such and cersei essentially gives her to qyburn to be tortured (though for some purpose).
  5. I agree the massive killing was bad but I was saying the part about breaking her word wasn't anything special. Honestly it was just a large business deal to them. Kind of like buying a sword then killing the guy who sold it to you with that sword. The red wedding was a wedding and was all about an alliance. the treachery is another level. I think dany saying (kill everyone over 12 ) was too much. Also many of the people who "serve her in the same role" were trained to do that. Many of them were specifically trained for that role their whole lives. The difference is they are paid for it and free to leave as well as a number of other things. Dany specifically mentions this with the bed slaves. They are doing what they always did what they know how to do. I mean can you imagine the unsullied doing anything besides being warriors.
  6. there are so many horrible acts. The riverlands will basically have their population cut down to 25% of what it was prior to the war because due to the destruction of the farms,food supplies,shelter, and other stuff like this the famine that comes will be massive. I mean if the winter lasts a year so many will starve it will be ridiculous. Not to mention all of tywins monsters that killed and raped the riverlands to an insane degree. The red wedding was horrible not just because the starks were killed but that thousands more were as well though it is put into the backround. The iron isles is full of it. Stannis and the red women burning people alive. Cersei giving people to qyburn Vargo hoat is a special type of evil. Joffrey Varymr six skins half the stuff tywin does is pure evil. The list just goes on and on.
  7. killing so many was bad I won't argue that. But going back on her word wasn't a big deal in the GOT world. and she didn't take the slaves as servants but freed them and let them do what they wanted. The red wedding far outdoes this act that she did.
  8. wow wait a minute? who is lanna?
  9. well the greyjoys invading the north when they had an opportunity was spot on for them actually. Or at least raiding the heck out of it. Rob should have seen that coming. I think that tywin got saved by rob being king of the north instead of joining with stannis. If he had joined stannis then tywin would have been f**ked. Also if rob had gone back north rather then try to hold the riverlands as well he would have probably held it.the north is a pain in the a** to invade.
  10. I think cersei will blow it up somehow. Whether it will be in defense against the others or against dany is another story. Personally I think it will go like this. The others are defeated first then dany and friends go south to defeat cersei. I think that you need to remember that in game of thrones (especially the books) winter is considered death in many ways. So snow falling might mean death.
  11. I would agree with this but if the whole "church" goes against him it would be very hard to rule. I think that while he is willing to toss all the queens men aside I think mel is a different story. He has grown close to her (well as much as stannis can) so him throwing her to the side would be hard. If he was willing to renounce the "red god" I think that it wouldn't be a big deal.
  12. in the show yeah they seem to basically depend on their magic and such. And I forgot about him killing the second one.
  13. well he would have to get rid of a bunch of his loyal soldiers that he already has then. Also the seven and the old gods have been able to coexist so well because they are for the most part seperate. The north is the only place that really believes in the old gods in any real number and the manderlys owe their existence to the starks and while they worship the seven I think they don't bring it up alot. As for the riverlands well I think you have to remember the situation which was that rob saved riverrun and fought for them when noone else did. And remember he was at war the whole time with the lannisters so he never really ruled. Once things setteled down and the fighting stopped their might have been problems from the septons eventually. And consider this the old gods have been in the seven kingdoms before the seven were so they have had time to work it out so to speak. Plus the followers of the old gods aren't really the type to go around forcing others to convert. It's more of a "don't bother me and I won't bother you" thing. Now the red god is essentially "every other religion is worshipping demons and must be destroyed" so it isn't really made to coexist with other things. Look at most of the "queens men" they are fanatics and they are stannis's most loyal supporters. And I don't think he would abandon mel after she helps him win the throne. So he would have a red priestess with him all the time which would cause a f*ck ton of problems.
  14. jon is supposed to be one of the best living swordsman from what I see. I do think that him killing that WW is not as big of an accomplishment as people think. The WW he killed was even more shocked then him when he blocked the blow with longclaw and then jon was just able to recover faster then the WW.
  15. Losing your home base is a big blow. And the original plan was to use the armies of dorne and the reach to lay siege to KL. They would have attacked casterly rock and thus deal with a bunch of the lannister forces and taken the lannisters home. The unsullied had already been sent to casterly rock if I remember right before they lost dorne and the reach. And I don't think that tyrion knew that the mines were empty even olenna was suprised by it. Yes vary's should have known but that is a plot hole