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  1. ah but tarly is actually honorable. And in my opinion part of that was to keep his men from running wild. Bolton let his troops do whatever they want and discpline fell apart. That said the men doing it weren't men of any means. If a noble had done it or a wealthy merchant then nothing would have been done. Basically in the game of thrones world you don't want to be poor and/or a women.
  2. the same can be said if a man killed someone. Their relatives would want vengence and if the "killer" wasn't part of a powerful tribe or family he would have no protection.
  3. that's what I was saying about the iron isles. They are still raiding now that they are part of the seven kingdoms but to a lesser extent
  4. I think that there was a "long night" but it wasn't to the extent that we heard. Remember it is passed down through story tellers and we first hear it from ol nan who tells it like a horror story. I think it was more like very short days and a very long winter but not one that lasted centuries because nothing could survive that because there would be no food. So basically some of it is an exagerattion. I think that when the white walkers move in force it somehow starts it. Well when they move in force and winter hits. My idea is that the wall is holding it back as well.
  5. When it involves wildlings it is more or less a part of their culture. A twisted part but it is expected. The people south of the wall do not follow this idea and thus the women who are kidnapped have no rights and see it as kidnapping (which it is) rather then some twisted form of marriage. This idea of abducting women to marry them is not something out of fantasy. The mongols for example did this a very long time ago (some of them not all). In fact I believe that genghis khans parents met that way. As for what happens to these "marriages" north of the wall afterwards it seems that women are taught to kill their husband if he attacks them or they are displeased with them to a great degree. Hence ygritte saying "a man can own a knife or a wife but he can't own both" or something like that. Implying that if a man abuses his wife she is more or less allowed to kill him. I may have read into this wrong but that is what I took it as. What is really weird and twisted is that after the kidnapping it seems that the women north of the wall have far more rights then the women south of the wall. For example a women south of the wall can be beaten to a pulp everyday by her husband and is not allowed to fight back or she is killed. Where as if a man north of the wall tries that then he can't sleep next to his wife or he will be killed in his sleep. Thus men north of the wall don't have the free reign that the men of the south have
  6. either the north because there isn't much there besides empty space and unlike the westerlands there is little of value. Or I would choose the iron isles just so I would have an excuse to wipe them out when they started raiding.
  7. I think robs mistake was not going after tywin AFTER he defeated jaime lannisters army. Tywin had pushed his forces to exhaustion and had already lost men in the previous battle and was on foreign soil. Robs forces could have rested for a day and then gone after tywin and had better numbers and well rested force with a high morale where as tywins forces seemed like they had the morale of a defeated army. And troop morale makes a difference. Rob could have won the war right there and yes it would have been a risk but not going in for the kill was stupid.
  8. I think the book version of jon is better because he isn't perfect. He isn't riding in and saving the day on a shiny white steed and pretty armor. He has faults and in the books he is more cold then the show. Martin made him one of the best characters in terms of being "good" but if you look at the other characters that there are how many are not extremly flawed. You have sir barristan,sir davos,and jon (I might be missing one) who are the "pure" characters. But look at most of the other characters. Tyrion in a dance of dragons rapes a women and yes she had no choice so it was rape. And in the books he does other questionable things. Then you have the characters that are horrific like cersei and victorian. (I am only mentioning characters who we have been in their POV). Then you have theon who in my opinion is one of the worst. Because unlike ramsey who is pure evil theon knew the things he did were horrible but did them anyways and could feel guilt. And jaime only became "redeemed" because he could no longer fight like he could before. If he had not lost his hand he would still be the a** hole he was. So by comparisson jon is the white knight.
  9. I love how george showed her hatred though. It was just so intense it made your skin crawl. Ceriei thoughts in feast And while you slept I ate your heirs. That line was just so horrific in how it showed her mindset towards him. Don't get me wrong he deserved it but still....
  10. See I never understood that. From what we hear about jon arryn he is supposedly a guy like ned stark. Part of me thinks there was alot more going on. Personally I think between robert not doing anything and cersei and members of the small council they allowed so much corruption to spread it drained the bank more then roberts tournaments
  11. I think part of her hated him because she was married to a pig. Robert constantly cheated on her and that was done in front of her. He taunted jaime constantly and spent the rest of the time in a drunken haze. Like I said she may have never been the loving wife but she would have played the part to a point rather then the hatred she had for him. Remember she doesn't even love jaime unless he does what she wants so you can't expect her to love anyone besides herself and her children who came from her. However alot of marriages from the old days didn't have love but most had some civility.
  12. I don't think she would have loved him but she would have played the game or at least not despised him to the point where she loved it when he died. They would have at least been able to be civil.
  13. Yes but when she speaks to ned stark when he confronts her and during the conversation he asks why she hates robert so much and she tells him it was because of him whispering lyanna into her ear on their wedding night. I think she would have given it half a shot otherwise. Even if it was only because she could manipulate him and have the power she craves.
  14. this is the truth. She loved ned. Remember her last thoughts before she died was about ned liking her hair
  15. I think even if robert had married lyanna it would have been bad. He didn't love her but he loved the idea of her. Thus it was doomed before it started because the fantasy would have been broken anyways.