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  1. well most of the people she wants dead are already dead. She took the hound off her list so most of the people left are gonna be fighting dany and I don't see that going well for them. Gregor and cersei will be killed then and we haven't heard anything from that executioner. So who is really left on her list. And one her list is done her need for vengence is as well.
  2. Many use the argument that stannis is older and thus in line for the throne. Personally I think stannis is at fault but renly insulting him in such a way really didn't help matters. I think mel is the one responsible for this.
  3. I'm not an expert but this is my take on her. She truly loves her children because they are "hers" joffrey who was the most like her was her favorite. Toomen she likes and loves but not nearly as much. She loves jaime like someone said like a shiny toy. She seems to love him because he looks like a male version of her. She is extremly narccesitic and while she never personally tortures someone I think she is a sadist given how she loves to cause people she doesn't like to suffer. She has an extreme case of paranoia not just with tyrion but with pretty much everyone except jaime and that is because she believs she owns him. She loves power and little else.
  4. exactly. Saving mirri was essentially her just saving a slave who was about to be raped. Visery's broke the rules of a sacred city and threatened dany in front of hundreds of people. Perhaps even more then hundreds. If drogo had let that slide he would have been seen as weak and going against the dothraki ways. As soon as he put that sword to her belly there was absolutely no chance he could live. His death was his own doing and noone else's.
  5. Prior to a dance of dragons I might agree with you. But tyrion is no longer a "good" guy. He isn't joffrey evil but he is no longer our lovable dwarf.
  6. I don't see this. Even for game of thrones it would be too depressing
  7. he did constant tourneys and allowed for massive corruption. Those things tend to be bead for the treasury as well as other stupid spending
  8. They are doing ALOT of spin offs and killing off favorites is not a good idea to get people to watch them. And yes both are cheesy but I don't see them going any other way. Dany will likely rule since it has been building up to it. And the tyrells have no heirs,the lannisters are completly out of the question (with the very very small chance of tyrion being a political match),there are no baratheons except gendry and noone else knows who he is except davos,dorne as we know it from the show is only women,so unless they make up a character for her to marry I don't see any real political options
  9. In the books I think it would be very unlikely that they both survive and rule. But the show is alot more upbeat (not saying much but still) especially in the recent seasons. I think jon dying to save everyone would be way too cheesy and the same with dany. Given the fact they are making new game of thrones series They need to keep the fans happy and tv shows and books are very different in terms of what people will stomach in terms of being depressing. The whole joffrey and sansa bit in the show was alot more mild then in the books. It is harder to watch characters we are attached to on TV be hurt so much and makes people stop watching. People complain that they tone it down but if they didn't they would lose a ton of viewers. Jon and dany are two of the most loved characters on the show. (I didn't say the most loved but up there). I think they will live.
  10. How is jon undead? He was brought back. Gregor was like a zombie.
  11. If this is a real spoiler I am gonne be furious
  12. I think jon and dany will end up leading. Cersei will die this season I think since I imagine the final season will be all about the white walkers being fought. She will likely either dye by dannies hand or jaime's. There is the small chance that she pulls an aery's and actually does it rather then surrender. She has come to far to lose the throne. Bronn-Lives and finally gets a highborn wife. I like the idea that jorah mormont joins the nights watch. Jaime will likely die I think beric and the hound die fighting the walkers. -Sansa will likely live and be warden of the north Tyrion will be hand of the king. Davo's will likely live and then chill after a hard life. Maybe have a place at court. Arya will likely play a part with jon (no not like a cersei and jaime thing) I think bran will die after he see's meera die to save him. Theon dies and yara either is killed by euron or rules the iron isles. Vary's will essentially keep his current position as spy master. I think grey worm and that girl with dany die.
  13. What do you think would happen? I think if it had gone like cersei wanted and thought it would the north would have still been angry but would have backed down though I think it would have been wise for the iron throne to have them stay out of the other fights with stannis and such. Stannis would have been beaten bad and if he had killed renly already he still would have been slaughtered. But by making tywin fight rob it gave stannis a real chance. So joffrey essentially set the events that led to his death,tywin's death,ser kevans death,jaime losing his hand,and the death of tens of thousands and severly weakening the iron throne and paving the way for more after stannis and rob were defeated. (I doubt stannis has a chance now) So joffrey essentially doomed house lannister as well (I don't see them making it through the whole series). What is your thoughts on if joffrey had never killed ned.
  14. I agree she will be better because she can keep it unified because whenever someone thinks of rebelling they will remember the dragons. that said I don't see how jon snow can be blamed for westeros being a mess. He was in the nights watch and didn't contribute at all to the war except helping stannis in a small way and in truth he had no choice since pissing stannis off was out of the question. And since stannis saved the nights watch. I would say cersei,balon,joffrey,roose bolton,tywin lannister,and a few others were the ones to blame. I think dany would likely do alot better helping the common people and getting the nobles in line. She has a good heart but can be ruthless as well. Also I think she would do better in westeros then in mereen and the free cities. There she is changing hundreds of years or maybe thousands of tradition and is a complete outsider. Also she hasn't really used a dragon like she can if she rides one and actually controls it.
  15. It would be really cool if we saw how he reacted when he came back? Plus he is my favorite character and I would hate to wait so long and not see jon like in feast