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  1. In the books he said he even missed sansa who always refeered to him as her half brother since she learned what a bastard is. I don't know if those are the exact words but they are what was said. There are others I can't remember.
  2. Oh I know you are agreeing with me I didn't mean for it to sound like you weren't. And yeah I don't think she was bad for saying that just selfish and stupid. Also I will say this I don't think she trusted littlefinger but knew they needed more soldiers and figured what did she have to lose. And yeah she was talking to jon about not trusting littlefinger when they watched mel leave winterfell. Also I may be thinking of how she treated jon in the books instead of the show. Although she did apoligize to him at castle black
  3. I think stannis is dead to be honest. I don't see why he would send jon that letter since jon couldn't get to stannis anyway. I think stannis will die but severly damage the boltons forces paving the way for jon to attack them later on. Also remember that while stannis and his people have been out freezing in the snow eating their horses the bolton's and their allies have been in winterfell warm and eating a full meal every day.
  4. To be fair the boltons are the only house that pulled that crap out of all the northen houses. And nobody likes the boltons. I think the northeners are more loyal to the starks then the houses in the south are loyal to whoever is in charge of them. That said the northeners aren't perfect.
  5. Yeah I don't know how he expected balon greyjoy to work with him after he lost two sons to the starks and had a third taken hostage. He did try to make a deal with renly early on. I still don't really understand what he did with the freys. How is breaking his word with his frey more honorable then walking away from a one night stand
  6. I think that brandon commited treason and if aery's killed him but let his father live there would be anger but no rebeliion. But killing rickard stark was completly unnecesary and illegal. Ned had to rebel after that. I mean how could he go to see aery's when he couldn't trust him not to kill him. I don't think the starks commited treason
  7. Yeah and the dothraki aren't exactly disciplined if I remember right. Also the way they fight is stupid because pikeman and archers would completly shatter them. The lack of armor would destroy them as well. The sword's they use are completly useless against most types of armor they wear in westero's . Jaime lannister in armor would be worth three khal drogo's without armor and with the dothraki swords.
  8. Actually the idea of sending her to dawn was a good one. They had no idea that tywin was coming to help and that meant they would likely lose. The fault for marcella dying was cersei for that fake trial and ogren for being an idiot while fighting the mountain.
  9. Well there weren't close as kids because she was still that stuck up girl. The line she got with joffrey and arya fighting still makes me cringe Sansa-Stop it your ruining everything. That one line to arya as joffrey hurt that butchers boy and then went after arya with a sword spoke volumes as to who she was. Jon was a bastard and if I remember correctly she treated him like he wasn't one of her siblings or at least a bit more distant. That said It seemed to me like she realized it and even apoligized to jon early on. I agree though that some of the theories on the internet made me shake my want to bang my head against the wall. While screaming IT MAKE'S NO SENSE! I don't see how she could trust littlefinger in any way so she needs jon
  10. Does that mean yes or no. Also how depressing is it and did it leave it feeling like there would be another?
  11. Not yet. Just before he was getting ready to go he got that pink letter.
  12. I think people give her too much credit to be honest. I don't think she planned on having jon die but for some reason didn't trust him. I don't know the whole thing made no sense to me.
  13. yes but as for killing brandon stark it was justified which is what the thread asks. Killing brandon was completly justified but killing his father and the fathers of his companions was not and in reality what started the war. If someone had pulled that with king robert or tywin they still would have killed brandon.