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  1. "Why did tywin like jamie so much" Hmm idk? Maybe because he was his first born son and heir? He doesn't see tyrion as a successor or an heir. He tried to get jamie to leave the kingsguard so he can be his heir by law. Jamie is everything a man would want in a son. His skill, looks, etc. This question is a little stupid but whatever. Tywin sees jamie as the future of house lannister. That's pretty damn obvious.
  2. I wonder how the low income trump supporters are gonna feel when that obama care replacement rolls in. Millions will lose their healthcare. People with pre-existing conditions will be royally fucked up the arse. Kellyanne Conway said no one would be losing their health insurance, but that's obviously a lie. I can't imagine how it's gonna feel to know the guy who you rallied for is the one screwing you over. I just don't know where to start and end with this guy.
  3. So let's say they weren't in love.. So what? Was she actually abducted and raped? Why did she make ned promise to protect jon and keep him a secret? Who would want to protect the child of someone who abducted and raped her? I find it hard to believe a wild she wolf like lyanna would come to love her raper and abducter over time. I'm sure Lyannas lineage did play some part in her and Rhaegar going off together but whos to say that means they didn't love eachother? You're almost making it sound like it has to be one or the other. They could have been in love AND he could have chosen her based on her lineage. And let's assume he did put his obsession with the prophecy first resulting in the cost of thousands of lives.. how is that madness? He was also risking his own life, along with the lives of his family. If Jon is the prince that was promised, Rhaegar is a savior.
  4. I'm tired of these sigil teases with quotes from earlier seasons. What exactly is the tease? They did the same thing last season. I mean it looks cool and all... but it's a little disappointing. I'm looking forward to a proper trailer.