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  1. Ok, here's my take, and it has nothing to do with historical accuracy. In ASOIAF sex is a tool used to control others. In other words it is a weapon, and is used by or on just about every character to persuade, control, or hurt. Sex and secrets are the primary social weapons used in the story, just as swords are the primary physical ones. Given that inter- and intra- family dynamics is a main plot arena of ASOIAF, it makes perfect sense that the plots most prevalant social weapon would be brought to bear. Sex in ASOIAF is a means to an end, and the end is almost always more power. When the person (or people) you want to have power over are your family, sex is still the weapon you use because it's the weapon you have
  2. Every liege would have general idea how many and of what type of troops a vassal could/should be able to bring when called. It wouldn't be down to he man or but probably within a 100 or so. It would therefore be fairly easy to say if a Lord was holding back. The real quesiton is what, if anything a liege would do about it, and I think it would depend on several circumstances. How important was the call, was the liege ultimately successful and at what cost, etc. The most important factor, however, would be WHO the liege lord is. Tywin Lannister would probably start slitting throats if a lord held back, or cut a vassal off and let another take over. Another Lord might take a castle, village, or manor away and assign it to someone else, increase the taxes, go and visit for a month with a full household and thereby bankrupt the vassal, etc.
  3. I would also dispute that weirwoods have NO importance to people outside the north. While the worship of the old gods has largely fallen away in favor of the seven among, I imagine there are still some houses that trace their ancestry back to the first men that would still respect their weirwoods even if they no longer particularly worship them. In the same way that the Royce's still wear their runed bronze armor, there would be houses vestigial old god references throughout the 7 kingdoms. It is a fair bet that the further down the social ladder the more pronounced the old ways could go in certain pockets. For example, Jenny of Oldstones and her woods witch hint that there were still strong pockets of old god centered folkways in various places. Finally, it is entirely plausible that Melisandre was aware that greenseers could use/were using weirwoods to see what was going on south of the wall and wanted to blind them.
  4. If Varys knows, I have to think he would have dropped some hints to Ned prior to his execution. On the other hand....what if Varys is the one who made sure Ned learned about the tower of joy? It also fits the larger Aegon story line and ties up 2 loose ends....Rheagar is marching off to the Trident, and figures he stands a fair chance of loosing. He tells Varys to keep his children safe...ALL of them.
  5. Brienne ...or Jamie and possibly Brienne will die killing whatever The Mountain is now.
  6. My take on Tywin's statement is that he doesn't know because it's a topic no one pays any attention too, though I'm somewhat surprised that Tywin didn't have her killed. Having said that, if she's alive she could be anywhere.
  7. Fair enough....Assuming Brandon didn't find some other way to die, Brandon and Catelyn's daughter, then. Substitute other equivalent Stark son, for Rob, too.
  8. Each other. Or.... Viserys + Rhaenys, Arianne Martell, Margaery Tyrell, Sansa Stark, Daenerys and Aegon, Renly Baratheon, Loras Tyrell, Rob Stark, or Joffery whateverhislastnamewouldbe