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  1. 300 bucks for a pen. Yikes. They're nice but not that nice.
  2. Yeah, not much of a teaser. Didn't contain a lick of information that we didn't already know. Jon's lines were previously unheard but his message has been discussed a few times already...
  3. I think the show continues to get better with each season.
  4. Well it is HBO. There's probably a nudity quota they have to fill. Most of their shows have it simply because they can... That said, I think GOT handles it better than most.
  5. sat a turtle
  6. C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!
  7. Hey, I'm Mo. New to the site but long time GOT fan. Show first, then books. I enjoy discussing the show and theorizing what's coming next. I made a GOT chat room if anyone's interested. Not sure if I'm allowed to post links here so I won't but if you wanna check it out its in my profile. Cheers!