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  1. I think it has been an issue to many fans, but not all of them. Personally, I am in the camp that he should take as much time as he needs to create something that is memorable and stimulating to read, not something ham fisted together to satiate the fans. I am also not one who truly connects the books with the show, at least after season 1. The show is one "reality" and the books are another. Just like the JJ Verse Star Trek is not the Classic Star Trek universe.
  2. I expected this would happen. After all, this is a huge money maker. Might as well prostitute the mythos for some more GoT stories!
  3. I agree KBTW. It was a mistake I fear, leaving out Dorne. However, they would have had to have twice as many episodes per season - which I am sure no one would be disappointed in.
  4. The funny thing is, I have been listening to these audio books back and forth on the way to work over the last few months, and I agree, the first three were better. It is sometimes difficult to listen to, but not intolerable. He does a good job with the voice he is given.
  5. Actually, that was a good point. Thanks for the info.
  6. I must admit, out of everything, I was very, very dissatisfied with the whole Dorne subplot. I appreciate the show had to limit where they went with only a handful of episodes a season, but that was disappointing. All of the other events I would have changed was relatively minor.
  7. Wait...the Frey's have fans? LOL!
  8. Too bad I'm too late for this. Keep me in mind for next year! T
  9. Fascinating topic. The only thing I could think of is that the KG at the Tower of Joy did not believe their true King was dead, and that Robert was not their King. Perhaps they did believe the possible son of Lianna was now their King? Perhaps under orders from Rhaegar? Strange, since he was not the King...unless they had received an earlier message that the King was dead, killed by the Kingslayer, and that the former Prince was then King. Rhaegar then ordered them, as the new King, (and now as Rhaegar's KG), that Lianna was now carrying his son...and when Rhaegar had also been killed at the Trident, the KG found out and now knew that the baby was, potentially, the new King? That is a lot of leaps...I know.
  10. Hey there! I know things are pretty quiet on the boards, but I know how active the actual mush is so I thought I would post a little happy message. I submitted Edmure! I am sure there will be changes, additions, deletions, etc, but I thought it would be cool to drop that here. "Family. Duty. Honor."