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  1. (No, I got that wrong. I guess Robert added it after becoming king.) Edit: wrong again, checked iy wrong. Yes they did. Durrandons had it already. They were kings for thousands of years. The rampant part isn't really mentioned though.
  2. Except it has no crown and the Baratheon deer is rampant, the sign is leaping. But yes, some peoples noticed this. A quick google search gives a couple of memes.
  3. Just if the extended family stays alive and well, if Maekar doesn't stay at Summerhall, where else? Would he go to Starfall? This creates a line that isn't happy about anything (They weren't helpfull to start with)... better keep em close.
  4. Why? I support it if you would make a case for him having contact with and some influence on the Harpy but I never really suspected him. He always seemed to me like more of a patsy of the people with real influence in Mereen than really powerful himself Anyways, I also like the idea that the Harpy is no person, more of an idea.
  5. Of course he has some to win by supporting Daenerys, why would he put someone else before himself. Not many people seem to do that. Her leaving Mereen would probably mean that he would get lynched by the other families (just look at what happened to collabarteurs after WW2) which would make him more loyal to her.
  6. The cultures she encounters in her story also have few redeemable qualities. While I like to hear a bit about something like Qarth as a worldbuilding devise a whole book about a "young girl" helpless in this strange city full of crying slavers and traders which has no implications so far on any other character in the books is just boring. I like the commercial analogy of @The Sunland Lord, I feel the same
  7. Yes but being sidelined isn't the same as being stripped, Mooton sided with his liege Lord same as Bracken and Blackwood and they got invided back into the king's peace, why wouldn't Lord Mooton be?
  8. Yes Dickon, thanks. Nobody knows when they will die but don't you think it's interesting what will happen if there aren't two heirs? Not much in the story shows what happens in this scenario, much of Europe's feudal history is fuelled by these kind of events and GRRM seems to want to skip this kind of difficulties but when he puts situations like Dickon and lady Maidenpool in the story a solution has to have crossed his mind I guess...
  9. He doesn't claim they die soon... that both Rickon and lady Mooton will die eventually is a given. What happens after that is interesting. I have thought about this kind of situation before and the books don't really give answers. Westeros doesn't seem to really like combining land so dividing it seems te most logical to me, first born son will get Horn Hill because of the surname and second will get Maidenpool. But what if there is only one heir?
  10. The searchoficeandfire doesn't work on mobile for me but so far as I recollect this is never said in either book or show Search for yourself to be sure:
  11. My guess is that Bronn knows how to deal with sellswords somehow.
  12. I know but thanks anyway, I just ment; That's what we know, that's what OP gets... The rest is anyones guess
  13. Those are all the houses per region. It is not always clear if a house listed as being in say the Westerlands is directly sworn to the Lannisters or sworn to a Lannister vassal. But indirectly all Westerland houses are. The same for the other regions. As you see there are more than 7 or 10 per region. Although I don't really understand what Japanese lucky numbers have to do with anything in asoiaf.
  14. Well, in the beginning of the post he checks off precisely those two things for the kingsguard. I understand the check for the maesters but not for the KG
  15. I didn't read the whole thing but how does the kingsguard "protect the realms of men"? They protect the King and family, couldn't be bothered with other people. And how do they bring/are they "the light in the darkness"?