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  1. Since Euron also did it to Balon with the help of Faceless men it is not least likely.
  2. If Harwyn's brother was killed by Faceless men what was the price he paid? Maybe he have up Iron islands, sea and all adventures waiting him in reaping lands of Essos?
  3. Cersei doesn't remember Joanna with good memories. It is odd she also doesn't like Tywin so much even if she admires him. Cersei's relationship with her parents reminds me Arianne and Doran. Arianne suffered from worsening relationship of parents and she started to love Oberyn as Cersei loved Jaime. Maybe Cersei also witnessed to something about relationship of parents. Jaime's dream about her mother shows his thinking: Joanna hates Tywin. I don't think that this dream is prophecy so Jaime's dream reflects his childhood. Is it possible that they learned something about relationship between Aerys and Joanna?
  4. Brandon is great warg. Arya will be Faceless men. Rob was king in the North. Jon was LC. Sansa could inherit the Vale with Hardying. But what about Rikon? Could be he Azor Ahai? "Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone" - Melisandre "When Theon took Winterfell from Starks, Rickon had to go into hiding beneath the crypts of Winterfell to hide from him. When Bran emerged, he found his home to be a smoldering pile of ash. He came up to the "smoke" that was coming of the burnt buildings and the "tears" of the villagers who had been mercilessly massacred.
  5. Jojen is sure about his ability to see things. Howland definitely believes Jojen's dreams. Jojen had first dream about Greyjoy invasion in Greywater. So we have two options left: 1. Jojen didn't inform his father about the dream. 2. Howland didn't understand prophecy of dream.
  6. Meera and Jojen wanted to take Bran to Three-Eyed Raven. Bran couldn't leave Winterfell because he was acting Lord of Winterfell when Robb was leading campaign in Riverlands. Only Theon's and Ramsay's acts made it possible. So my question is that: What did Reeds think when they left Greywater Watch? What was their plan? If they knew that something bad would happen and Bran could leave Winterfell why they didn't inform others? I know that they did it in Winterfell and no one believed them. But I suspect Jojen knew more before coming to Winterfell. Did he share these thoughts with his father? Is it possible that Robb's downfall means nothing to Jojen and Howland?
  7. We know that Dorne was ruled by male and sometimes female rulers. Let's say one of these female rulers go to wedding. Could she use the right of first night?
  8. Then why we don't the name of that Lannister man?
  9. There are a lot of characters with unknown birthplace in the series. Could we identify their birthplace according to their names or GRRM chooses names randomly? For example, name Pycelle reminds Myrcella. It is quite possible that he was born in Westerlands since he supported Lannisters from the beginning. Gared (ranger killed by Ned) reminds me Northern names: Rhaegar + Eddard = Gared.
  10. So far we have many conspiracy theories about Oldtown, Braavos and Rickard Stark's Southren ambitions. There are theories that Tyrells conspire against Cersei and Northerners conspire against Stannis and Boltons. Is it possible that new conspirators will be introduced in Winds of Winter and who it will be?
  11. When I first watched tv series I thought that this aims to show that how brutal this fantasy world is. But then I learned that pharaohs and Goryeo kings of Korea did it. If it is the part of history why not use it?
  12. With your logic she could get pregnant three times from Robert and abort them. Then she could have children from Jaime. Or prophecy will be fullfilled if Myrcella dies since she will be the third child Cersei lost after child from Robert and Joffrey. With the word "stop" I mean to stop sex with Jaime, not moontea. Do you think mother can't do this for her child? Let's say Cersei aborts Robert's child and has only Joffrey. Even Joffrey dies prophecy need the third child.
  13. You could be right about Sansa's part. But we get enough indication in the second and third book that Cersei thinks Tyrion will kill Joffrey.
  14. Are you glad about Joffrey?
  15. Prophecy says three children. She could stop after Joffrey and Myrcella.