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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtsMi4dtl1o Arya and Gendry We were destined to each other by a card fortunetelling, she was the beautiful queen of hearts, me being the jack of clubs.. That thursday by midnight I've met her by chance over the bridge, I told her not to cry, but she kept on crying so far as she stepped down the banisters. Is your hair soaking wet or the life is itself wet? Does the wind always carry along rain within for you? Are you gazing at the space or are you bored of the questions I've asked: Does this autumn never ever leave your eyes behind? Let you be a snowflake to perch on the tip of my tongue, Be a snowflake to melt in my mouth... She was dripping wet, she got undressed, touched my body she found my living cells in my little coarse skin... I was happy as she fell asleep I clasped her on my arms, as she wandered in her sleep all those unknown names laying down all naked... I was proud in my dream, " I've known it from the beginning" I murmured, the card fortunes are surrprisingly meant to be something to believe in... Then I woke up and froze imn wonder staring at the writing left on my misty glass by almost a ghost finger: "Good-bye"...
  2. Val - the first female and widling LC in the history of Westeros
  3. What happened to Oberyn, Quentyn and Arys is a proof. Doran isn't a man to be trusted.
  4. Do we know that Joff said assassin to wait until a week? Lysa's letter was not coincidence but dagger was coincidence. I think that LF could find a way to blame Lannisters even if dagger wasn't his dagger.
  5. Yes Littlefinger could use pillow. Sending assassin with fancy danger is Joff's stupid plan.
  6. Ned Stark is quiet wolf
  7. Joffrey makes more sense than Robert.
  8. Yes he gave up it in death bed. But if he regretted assassinating Bran he could say it to Ned or someone else in death bed. Bran was his bride's nephew. Daenerys was his enemy's sister.
  9. The man who said these words didn't kill Daenerys but we suspect that he killed his childhood friend's son. If you are not pleased with Joffrey then try Bloodraven. Maybe he warged Catspaw just as Rhaenys's cat.
  10. I need this app.
  11. Walys's mother is from Hightowers which have Targaryen blood.
  12. Aenys, Jaehaerys, Viserys, Aerys, Walys. Walys is from family with Targaryen blood and he wanted to overthrow Aerys. As Targaryen bastard of Winterfell he sworned to Citadel while another Targaryen bastard of Winterfell sworned to Night's Watch. His family caused dance of dragons. He caused Robert's rebellion. He didn't have any plan for Hightower—Stark marriage alliance. But Robert`s brothers could marry Hightower girl instead of Florents and Tyrells. Olenna Tyrell and Rickard Stark knew each other possibly via Walys. But southron ambitions didn't include Tyrells. Possibly Maester Walys hated Aerys who loved pyromancers. We don't know anything about his death. So he could be Hooded man of Winterfell or the man who gave blackberries to Bran in glass gardens (purple is Targaryen eye colour and glass gardens represent glass candles of Oldtown) Anything else we could guess about him?
  13. There are plenty of hints that R + L = J is true and N+A=J is true. GRRM wants to keep us in confusion. Ramsay Bolton Mad King Until you die. Stannis fought against Boltons and Freys who broke guest right and Lannisters who lied to all Westerosi people in the matter of incest. That's why we have Baelor Targaryen (son of Daeron II) and weirwood tree. This is fantasy.
  14. Will he declare that I am not bastard anymore? When he joined Night's Watch he lost nobility. When he run from Night's Watch he lost his head. When he became three-eyed raven he lost humanity.
  15. I read from wiki that his predecessor married to dragon gueen. What about Brienne of Tarth?