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  1. No. It was joke abot Quentyn's pointless journey to Essos.
  2. İ forgot Varamyr Sixskins.What he did his brother is brutal.
  3. Robb Stark had to fail. I don't hate Walder Frey and I think Roose Bolton is very interesting character. I have no any feeling for Randyl Tarly (I love Samwell). Before hating Gregor Clegane you have to hate his father, Tywin and Robert Baratheon. They never punished him. Characters I hate: Mizzi Maz Daur (although she had reasons) and Joffrey.
  4. Tyrells have Tarly, Hightower, Rowan and Redwyne. I think Lannisters deserved at least one.
  5. After Tywin's death Cersei cannot find a loyal Hand of the King. Could she find one if Tarbecks survived? Tarbecks didn't marry dragons. They didn't become Hand of the King before. There are no member of Kingsguard from this family. What we know about them is their rebellion. Could they change story if Tywin didn't kill them?
  6. Did I write Bloodraven?
  7. The easiest one is this: Weather is extreme in my kingdom. My ancestors burnt their fleet. I am prince. My first name rhymes with "rhyme". My sibling was killed brutally. I sent away my crazy brother. I am plotting with dragon. I like watching and seeing. I can't walk.
  8. Maegor and Aegon II also seized the throne. But they died without legacy.
  9. The difference between Stannis and Aegon is that we have no suspicion about Stannis' parentage. The similarity is that both are included to lies that Daenerys should break (House of Undying). And I believe that this lie is Aegon's true parentage.
  10. I think that you misunderstood me. I don't say that Targ=POV. But Targaryen is main house in this story, Dunk and Egg tales, World of Ice and Fire, Fire and Blood. if Targaryen character who was thought to be dead from the beginning is revealed he deserves being POV. Aegon is not same with Robb, Renly, Joffrey, Viserys and all other characters died in ASOS.
  11. Who will break guest right?
  12. GRRM used Aemon's parentage as shocking moment for Jon in AGOT. So he couldn't make him POV. Varys and Littlefinger cannot be POV. They know too much. If I remember correctly Bran won't be POV in TWOW. Maybe Bloodraven will be POV character. But what is the reason for Aegon Targaryen, trueborn son of last dragon? Does he have the knowledge of Aemon, Varys and Bloodraven combined?
  13. Daenerys and all characters who are likely to be Targaryen are POV: Jon, Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime. Viserys was exception because GRRM wanted to kill him from the beginning. There can be two reasons why Aegon is not POV character: Aegon is going to die like Robb Stark and Viserys Targaryen. Aegon knows more than Jon Connington who participated in Robert's Rebellion and GRRM doesn't want to reveal it. If the second reason is true is it possible that Aegon knows his true parentage?
  14. I understand. But Orell's eagle could attack only Jon to show it. Why did he attack Ghost too?
  15. Orell's eagle attacked Jon and Ghost. Did it add something to overall story?