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  1. How would story change?
  2. Somehow tapestry is central theme in the story.
  3. Jaime run from capital.
  4. Mace Tyrell was pardoned by Robert because what he did was to stay loyal to his king. Stannis wouldn't be pardoned by Rhaegar because he supported rebellion.
  5. What is your opinion?
  6. Ned thinks that Mountain should be punished for what he did in Riverlands. Mountain comes to court and demands a trial by combat. Loras wants to be champion. How would Ned react?
  7. But there is always a reason for failure.
  8. How could Daemon win Second Blackfyre Rebellion?
  9. Arstan is Barristan.
  10. Abel is Mance. Rhaegar is Mance.
  11. This phrase could be used for Baratheon bastards and Robert Arryn. Also it is related to Targaryen incest of Jaime and Cersei if their father is Mad king. Any other explanations?
  12. Then it is not about show successors and fake history. We can only see Howland in sixth book and new season of show. Since show will be aired in 2019 we have only one possibility.
  13. Does anyone know what GRRM mean with his latest post?
  14. I meant that Stannis's acts really affected RR while Benjen didn't. Benjen didn't take part in rebellion, Beside it Benjen is Lyanna's brother. If Rhaegar wants to be king he could propose all possible marriages between Targaryen princes/princesses and the people whose words will matter in Great Council. What if Edmure is ruling instead of Hoster?
  15. Jaime sworned to protect Aerys. Ned rebelled against Aerys.