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  1. Great question. Will GRRM trick us again with "You know it very well" as he did on world of ice and fire? I think not. He will give some information but not too much material that we are supposed to see in last Dunk and Egg story.
  2. Jaehaerys I
  3. Hizdahr is Dany's husband. Lyanna is Rhaegar's lover. There is a difference. If Dany ordered Grey Worm, Daario Naharis and Strong Belwas to guard Hizdahr what would Barristan think of it? We are talking about three members of Kingsguard, not one.
  4. It is weird that Jaime and Barristan knows nothing about Lyanna's pregnancy. Did Jaime and Barristan question why three members of Kingsguard were sent to Dorne during Robert's Rebellion? Especially Barristan felt guilty for Aerys' murder. He should try to find out why Lyanna was more important for Kingsguard than Aerys. But we didn't get any clues in his POVs.
  5. Craster's mother gave only her girls to Others. It is known.
  6. Maybe he finished epilogue with Euron Grejoy as POV. Euron knows something about Valyria.
  7. Rhaegar is alive
  8. I have two questions about this quote: Could we see Pycelle as part of Summerhall tragedy in Dunk and Egg stories? Did Pycelle betray Rhaegar specifically and Varys killed him because of this betrayal?
  9. Stannis: I am also Targ. Could I ride a dragon? (Pause) Mace Tyrell sieged Storm's End but he couldn't take it. I defeated Victorian Greyjoy. Did I tell you before how I took Dragonstone?
  10. What about new gods? Old Nan, Mikken and this man could be crone, smith and stranger respectively. But I didn't find anything about Hodor.
  11. Syrio and Jagen are the same person. It is known.
  12. Sorry. I am reading book in Turkish. It is wrongly translated as "her gittiğinde" which means "every time he visited" and "böğürtlenler" which means "blackberries".
  13. I liked it. Also he could be assassin who wanted to kill Bran.
  14. Man in glass gardens doesn't mean that he is gardener. I also made the same mistake.
  15. Probably you aren't reading the text. Text says that Man gave blackberry for every visit of Bran. This event happened many times.