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  1. Many people hate Rhaegar because he caused his family's downfall by kidnapping Lyanna. But I think that Rhaegar felt so much pressure from family. HIs family didn't expect him to get good education or do his duties properly but to save the world.
  2. Actually I didn't think the part about Tyha. My friend suggested that she could be alive. And there is no point to keep Hot Pie in the kitchen when you make a party for him to enjoy.
  3. Let's say they make a party for Hot Pie at Hardhome. Who will cook? Since they make party for Hot Pie they can't ask him for it. I don't believe Lyanna could do it and I don't have any textural evidence to suggest that Ashara and Tysa are good cookers. What will happen and how will it affect main story? Another problem is about who will participate in the party. If the others are invited Hot pie will not enjoy party. If they are not invited it will increase their hate for humanity.
  4. It is not oral tradition. It is work of GRRM who specifically created Kingsroad as work of Jaehaerys I.
  5. Garlan Tyrell took Brightwater Keep. I think Hornhill will follow it.
  6. Poor Robert
  7. But Robert thinks that mother is Wylla. So Ned won't accept Ashara since it means he will lose his friend's trust. Does Wylla know about Ashara and Ned's relationship?
  8. What would happen if Ned, Howland and Whylla are arrested and tortured separately by Qyburn to tell truth about who is Jon's mother?
  9. How could it change war of 5 kings?
  10. Gilly wanted her child to be girl. So I suspect that Craster wanted to marry his granddaughter to widlings (or gods). Thoughts?
  11. Even if it happens it will be called Drogo syndrome, not Stockholm.
  12. Does this thread have any connection with Brienne's possible ancestor Dunk and Arlan of Pennytree?
  13. The dynasty with such motto continues for 8000 years. Long Night and Sword of Morning Randyl Tarly Stannis Cersei still have Lancel. Yes
  14. It is my last theory for this year. I think that information given about Ghiscari people could be foreshadowing for Daenerys's enemies that will be defeated by Hizdahr. Duck eggs=Rolly Duckfield Octopus=Ironborn Dog=Mountain
  15. I am waiting for Magnus, son of Ragnar. Hope that his appearance in three seasons had a reason.