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  1. It is an interview with George...nothing from HBO EDIT: I deleated the question . Now no Spoilers from the show. I apologize.
  2. I say he finished writing. He is gonna announce it before he travels to Helsinki. But until then, he has to do little surgery ala Paragraphs, format and so on. He will deliver the manuscript this month to the publisher.
  3. GRRM Theater has put a very interesting Poster to promote Season 7: https://i.redd.it/hohrbl3b2v9z.jpg At the first look, it looks like it is proving a major spoiler regarding season 7 to be true. However, on a second look, the Poster that the Theater uses, is fanmade: https://buddybits.com/2016/11/game-of-thrones-season-7-fanmade-posters/amp/ The question here, is why? Why using a fanmade and not an official Poster? The easiest and most probable answer may be, that the guy who runs the website, did not know that it is fanmade, and just googled "GoT Season 7" and choosed the picture that he find it to be the coolest. Since it has the HBO logo, he may have considered it being real. Well it is not. Obviously. The other, more unrealistic answer is that GRRM ordered it. But again, why? Either way, George will most probably have huge legal problems with HBO.
  4. For god's sake. If one reads through the comments, one could think that some people here have never seen a TV Show or a movie for that matter. Some leaks are not enough information to conclude how good or bad the season will be. You just get some (big) plot points. But that is not what Television is about. It does not tell you anything about pace, dialogues, picture, directing, acting, effects. Describing is not the same as showing you Picasso. Every movie sounds lame if I just tell you, in short, the plot ploints. There is this story about this Italian guy who is the son of a Mafia guy, who at first is again the family business, but after his father dies, he decides to continue his business. In his way to power he even kills his brother. That does not sound very exciting or like a masterpiece of art. But, here you have the whole plot of Godfather Part 1 and Part 2, one, if not the best movies of all time. Movies and TV shows are art. They have to be valued in context. Just counting down major plotpoints is not enough. So wait until the season beginns and ends, to make your opinion.
  5. It is actually a pretty simple answer to that question, if you consider the production of GoT. The first season was written and shot before Dance came out. At that point D&D did not knew what will happen in the books to come, including Varys arch. In the first season they stayed pretty close to the source material, so they included the assasination attempt on Daenerys. Of course later Dance came out, where it is revealed that Varys supported Aegon all the time. But since D&D decided to cut off Aegon, this path was done. Daenerys show arch will include partly the arch of Aegon, hence Varys has to suddenly suport her in the show. In hindsight, in the light of those reveals and decisions, it does not make any sense that Varys was part of the assasination attempt. And this plothole can not really be healed. The showrunners tried that in season 5 in the conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys. It did not really work (for me). But it was an inevitable plothole once they stayed loyal to book one and excluded Aegon later. If Dance had been out back then, this would have not happened.
  6. Welcome to the forum. It is your first post, so I am trying not to be too harsh. You have just put a lot of thoughts together, with no strickt line to follow and barely conected. So you are way away from a theory and clearly nothing worth to share on youtube. I am sorry, but I am just being honest. Most of the stuff you said are illogical (the stag, the rose, the dragons) and some have already been discussed. You just put some simbolism that is already stated in the books (the pride lion, the loyal wolf) and...well that's actually all. The sigils are of course important, since they kind of categorize the houses and their members. But it is just a superficial categorization, since the members of the houses are way more complex. Tywin Lannister was not just pride and strong. He was also very smart. Robb Stark was not that loyal, when he broke the word to marry a Frey. P.S. What also irritates me is the use of "Lols", "Lmaos", etc. which you use in every paragraph. That leads me to believe, that you did not meant the argument serious. But that is only my problem I guess. Anyway, Welcome to the forum.
  7. Since: B + A = J, R + L = J, R + L = D, N + A = J Hence R+L=J and R+L=D J=D Therefore B+A=J and N+A=J Hence B+A=N+A, therefore B=N Holy shit, Ned is Benjen!!! Holy holy shit: Jon is Danny!!!!
  8. She is a killer on a path of revenge, killing all who she thinks have done her and her family wrong. But she is not a mass murderer in the sense of killing everyone. Lady Crane is an inoccent in her eyes, so she has no reason to kill her. Watch some movies or shows with revenge as a theme, so you can understand. For example Kill Bill or the Blacklist. The problem with the path of revenge is of course that at some point you forget what is right and wrong, if those are the right terms I can use anyway. But do not misunderstand revenge with mass murderer.
  9. Eddard Varys Targaryen. You were named after the two biggest of Westeros. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew. Oh..wrong book...nevermind.
  10. Arya is a merciless killer (no pun intended) by now. She is not a moral institution whatsoever. She is a killer on her bloody path of revenge. Killing all the Freys is her sad road but the only satisfying path for her and the only language she understands by now. Taking her as a moral compass is utterly stupid.
  11. This is answered by the master himself on his notablog: GRRM: "The Dothraki were actually fashioned as an amalgam of a number of steppe and plains cultures... Mongols and Huns, certainly, but also Alans, Sioux, Cheyenne, and various other Amerindian tribes... seasoned with a dash of pure fantasy. So any resemblance to Arabs or Turks is coincidental. Well, except to the extent that the Turks were also originally horsemen of the steppes, not unlike the Alans, Huns, and the rest.There do exist many other cultures and civilizations in my world, to be sure. The peoples of Yi Ti have been mentioned, as have the Jogos Nhai. I am not sure to what extent those peoples will ever enter this present story, however... their lands are very far away.(I also have peoples and tribes that are pure fantasy constructs, like the Qartheen and the brindled men of Sothoryos).In general, though, while I do draw inspiration from history, I try to avoid direct one-for-one transplants, whether of individuals or of entire cultures. Just as it not correct to say that Robert was Henry VIII or Edward IV, it would not be correct to say that the Dothraki are Mongols." So, basically slightly inspired by mongols, huns and native americans.
  12. I find it pretty interesting, that it is accepted as a fact among the fan comunity, that the pink letter is a lie. That Stannis is alive at the point when the letter is written. I am not saying, that it is neccesary true, only that I am fascinated by the fact, that it is considered as a fact. What if it is true? It can definitely be true, since book 4 and 5 are written non-linear. We have no idea how nuch time has passed between the fight for winterfell and the arriving of the pink letter.
  13. What do you mean when you say "rightfully"? He broke his vow, which by law means death. BUT that does not mean that it was right. Laws are not necessary moraly right. Slavery was allowed by law during a very long period of time in the history of mankind. Slaves were properties and you could treat them as such, even torturing, abusing or killing. Whatever you wanted. And it was all rightfully by law. The N├╝rnberg Law declared the Jews as citizens of second class without rights even leading to the holocaust, all by law. So you see, laws don't mean a shit when you don't moraly weight them. Jon was killed by law. But it was moraly wrong.
  14. It all depends how he continues to write. If he gets back to the roots, like in the first three novels, then I don't see any problem why he could not conclude his story in the remaining two books. But if he continues to write like he wrote book four and five, then six more books won't be enough.