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  1. And how is this gonna be revelead in the books to the readers if it is actually true? It is a POV written series. How and most importantly WHO is gonna come up with this conclusion? This is a scienctific conclusion that no one in Westeros can achieve, due to the lack of scientific knowledge in Westeros. Chances are the same that someone comes up with the discovery of subatomic particles. How is this even possible for someone in Westeros to discover, even if true?
  2. The Pokemon did not even read what I wrote . Pikachu just ignored everything.
  3. Why would that make more sense? If he just needed someone to fullfill the prophecy, Danny is perfect. Also: you do the same thing again, again and again. You don't read the whole post where I tried to state the problem of him remaining a bastard. You just pick up one line and argue all over again. What is your solution to the Jon staying bastard problem?
  4. OK, fair point. But why would the author make Jon Rhaegars son (If that is true in the books), if he would remain a bastard? He could have leave him as Ned's Bastard, and it would be everything that you say. He would still become LC, died, got resurected, fight against darkness and would learn to accept his bastard identity and making a name out of himself. But obviously GRRM did not go that way, if Jon is not Ned's son. The story of him accepting his identity is not existent anymore, when the author decided that he has another identity. Let's assume that he is Rhaegars bastard: If his story is going the direction that you are implying (Jon overcomming his identity crisis), then it will result at the end on something that the bastard status no longer matters. That he still may become King, no matter his birth issues. Otherwise this story leads philosophically and literary to nowhere. On the other hand again, if that is the story that GRRM wants to tell, that the birth circumstances do not matter, what is the point of changing his parents? As I said, Jon could be all that by staying Ned's bastard. Obviously there is more to that. Changing Jon's parents only makes sense, if after changing It, he won't be a bastard anymore. Because if it was a story of him being a bastard and remaining a bastard and proving that a bastard can achieve everything that others can achieve , then GRRM would not change his parents, because by changing it, the author implies that blood and heritage does matter, which contradicts the whole point that he may presumably try to make.
  5. I understand where you are coming from and it may be. But I doubt it. I also have no proof of any claims I am making . I just think that we actually don't know the prophecy at it fullest. We don't know what Rhaegar has read in that one book and we also don't know the Song of Ice and Fire that Rhaegar mentions in the HotU. I think we will all be suprised, once we can actually read it. FYI: you don't have to like the show, but even George has said just in August that the books and the show will still have the same storyline and conclusion, just the way to it may change. Of course you are free to contradict GRRM.
  6. What? Which prophecy is that? The prophecy of tptwp does certainly not include a Visenya, nor does it say that he has to have two sisters, nor that the tptwp has to be named Aegon. Rhaegar just choosed that name because he thought "what better name for king". You are completely mixing up stuff.
  7. I see you have read the whole post of mine . I already explained why I think it could have happend. Just out of curiosity: how do you know Rhaegar wanted from Lyanna a little girl?
  8. Would it be possible to annull the marriage, if Elia would have agreed or initiated it? If both of them agreed? Is there any known case regarding that? I am just curious. I think she might be more important to the case of Rhaegar and Lyanna that we might think. She knew about the prophecy. What if she believed it too, like Rhaegar did? What if she also believed that there must be another head of the dragon? We know not much about the marriage between Rhaegar and Elia. What if Elia had become a Selyse Stannis kind of person, ready to give up everything for the prophecy to be fullfilled. We allways assume, that Rhaegar betrayd her. But it may be, that she was OK with it, or even initiated it. She knew she can not bear any other child. If she also believed the prophecy, she may have agreed to it.
  9. Thank you Captain Obvious. Thank you for your wisdom. But how do I, mortal being, decifer this piece of information? That is not the point I tried to make. I meant by that that rules can be changed and are not writen on stone. Who the hell knows what will happen after the aftermath with the Others? So having silver hair is a proof that he is a Targaryen? Boy, if only the Lyseni would knew.
  10. Of course R+L=J is not proven. Why else would would it be discussed in the first place? The Order of the Greenhand and Preston Jacobs were, the last time I checked, not GRRM. Neither where they involved in the writing of the book series. Also, they are the worst channels in the fandom, since they don't examine the series neutral and logically by proving their arguments with the written material. Whenever one of their theories don't match with the timeline, they claim GRRM has made a mistake in the timeline. You can not get more ridiculous than this. "The author must be wrong, because otherwise my tinfoil bullshit won't add up". That's why this whole point of you does not make any sense. First stating something obvious, then backing up your argument with (bad) Youtubers. Aegon I had two wifes. The septons did not liked it either. But anyway, what does his bastard status matter, if Jon is the hero that saves the realm from the Others and gets his support by the whole Kingdom? And how do you exactly know, which other possibilities of annulment exist in Westeros. So far, we have like zero information on that matter. Aerys the mad King, who was overthrown by a rebellion you mean? Jeez, I wonder when exactly he put Robert Baratheon in the line of succession, because I could have sworn that Robert was the King after Aerys. His words must have mean a lot to Westeros I guess. Surely the people of Westeros will consider his last will when discussing who to rule. Except that no one from the Night's Watch ever died and got resurected. The vow of the Night's Watch ends with death, which Jon fullfilled. What is after that, is completely uncovered by the law of the Night's Watch, since it is not something that was thought to ever be needed. Resurrections are not that comon. At this point you make your whole argument completely irrelevant. If you think Jon stays dead, what is the point of this discussion? If he stays dead, obviously he won't rule as a King. You literally killed your whole post with this. LOOL. Really?? He does not look like a Targaryen??? What does that change please? Is he the only Targaryen with no silver hairs? Oh the irony! The series begun with a King who had a golden haired son. That son, even not being his real son, was crowned King. Sorry to say it, but all your arguments make zero sense.
  11. Wow...we have reached a new level of tinfoil territory, that was thought to be impossible to reach.
  12. But you can not compare a minor series like "Gomorrah" with an HBO show, especially a "Giant" like GoT or his sequel. The number of audience, the budget and the expectations for both shows could not be more different. HBO puts millions of dollars in the sequel of GoT and wants to reach just as many viewers as GoT did, otherwise they would have an economical and reputational desaster with many people loosing their jobs, including some of the CEO's. This is why some indipendent movies dare to risk and go different paths regarding the story, while Blockbusters can't. At the end of the day, what matters is the average viewer and the number of viewers. Keep in mind, that most viewers won't apreciate a show with only antagonists and no heroes or good guys. GoT had a lot of bad guys, and sure the audience loved them also. But it were the heroes, with whom the audience cheered for, like all the Starks, Danny and Tyrion, to name a few. And theese where all main characters. If you want to compare an american TV show with "Gomorrah", a better pick would be "The Sopranos", also a huge success. But Sopranos was a success, because of the history of the US, the imigration history and problems with minorities within the US. It is part of america, and therefore it finds his audience. But a fantasy show, in a fantasy world, with only grey and evil characters? It might only work for the hardcore fantasy fan, which will not be enough to top the break-even point. I don't think that HBO will risk this. That being said, I don't think that DOTD is out of table. They will just make it work for TV, by changing and adding more to the characters and making them more compelling for the audience. And I already see some guys here, bashing the showrunners, the writers and HBO for changing the plot .
  13. Rhaegar: "Fucking the whole Kingdom and my family, to fuck a chick from the north...totally worth it".
  14. One point that GRRM is trying to make with the Iron Bank I think is, that the bank allways gets their money, on this way or another. If the Boltons win, then they will support someone else, since the economical wheel will continue to turn, no matter who wins. There will come the time when Kings Landing will need new Gold to pay for their spendings. Guess whom will lend them some? And guess who will make the rules of the deal then? For a Bank, what matters are the interest rates. They define the profit of a Bank. A Bank does not want to have the debt to be paid back, the contrary is the case. The higher the debt, the higher the interest rates.
  15. If Ned would have fled from Kings Landing before he was beheaded, and had not had the conversation with Cersey, who would rule the north?