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  1. There is no Night King in the books. You are mixing it up with the show. There was a legendary figure named the Nights King in the books (supossely the 13th LC), but he is defeated long time ago and according to GRRM unlikely to have survived.
  2. This is the stupidest post I have ever read, since I signed up here. This may sound rude, and I apologize hereby, but I am just being honest. Disliking Jon is one thing, but calling him evil? Absolute ridiculous.
  3. Two more books should be enough, if the two upcoming books are gonna be with the same pace and focus like ASoS. But it won't matter actually wheather he needs two, three or fourtyfive hypothetical books, because..well I don't really have to say it, do I?
  4. Comic bookish over the top supervillains: - Euron - Ramsay - Joffrey - Cersei Supervillains within the Framework of ASOIAF: - Roose - Victarion - Littlefinger - Tywin - Walder Frey - Maybe Varys - Lady Stoneheart "Regular" villains - Khal Drogo - The warlocks and the undyings of Qarth - Xaro Xhoan Daxos - the sons of the harpye Redeeming villains - Jamie - Maybe Theon
  5. This could be said about everything regarding future episodes and future seasons. Obviously we can not know it for sure, unless we are D&D. So this arguement is completely redundant. If we would know, we would not speculate.
  6. I am not so sure, they will act differently if Aegon was real, and they would know or he could prove it. I think the Lords of Westeros are pretty happy that they don't have to deal with lunatics like Maegor, Aegon IV and Aerys II anymore. The "Targaryen random game of madness", is not something that the Lords of Westeros are happily looking forward to. The random folk on the other hand...well that is a different story.
  7. If I want to read something purely about politics and feudal systems (which I do), I would read something different then ASOIAF. There are dozens, if not hundred, of authors who write better in this particular genre. ASOIAF is an epic fantasy book, and as a such, it needs magic.
  8. Whats up with this grey character posts lately? Is it some kind of a grey week?. This is the forth posts asking wheather a particular character is grey. Even an animal. Next week on westeros.org: Anorexia in Westeros - A problem among the high ladys of Westeros examined on the example of the changing hips of Jeyne Westerling. Hurry up GRRM, we are finally loosing it!
  9. How so you come to that conclusion? BR is clearly talking about his Greenseer abilities. First a Greenseer needs to use the trees eyes, then, if he becomes powerfull enough, he does not need them anymore. Hence he can see the past, the present and possibly the future without them. He does not speak about animals or warging. There is no evidence for that. That is very clearly pointed out.
  10. True. But as I said, their morals or their non existing morals (If that is possible when you are intelligent) are not relevant when we define someone as evil. It is our morals who define someone as evil.
  11. Well, but they are intelligent. This is obvious from the Prolog in AGOT. So they don't act like animals. If we define something as evil, we define it from our moral standards, not by theirs. From the perspective of us, they are evil. They would not consider themselves as such of course, but that is true for every evil character. But the missconception or the whole missing of a moral compass, does not stop us from calling them evil. An absolute definition of Evilness does not exist. You base it on your moral standards. Allways.
  12. It is not my fucking Analogy for god's sake It is George RR Martins Analogy from his Interviews. I said it from the beginning that I disagree with him. Hence I think the Others are the evil. Ramsay is evil. Yes Hitler was Evil. Having a tiny little peace of humanity in you does not neutralise all the bad stuff you do as a person. That is why I told you to read my posts again. Here is my orginal response again: "As to the black and white discussion, I think people overinterpret it a little bit. George RR Martin has said several times that he does not believe a person can be solely good or bad. He has even said that even the figures we hold for completely bad, had their moments of the good inside them. He took Adolf Hitler as an example, because it is said that he loved dogs. So if someone says that even Hitler was a very gray character in his opinion, you should not overanalyse this White and Grey stuff. I am not blaming GRRM of course, it is just that his definition of bad does not exist in our world that way. Most of us would identify Hitler as a bad guy if he was a character in the novels. It is just a definition matter. You can not derive anything out of that."
  13. Oh no, maybe I did not make my point clear: the Targaryen are just as "rightful" as any other family in Westeros. If everyone is, no one is. Rightful does not hold up if you define rightful with Conquest, force and number of allies and acceptance. I was criticizing the use of the word rightful.
  14. You misunderstood completely what I have said and I won't repeat it. Again. Read my posts again. I don't know how good your knowledge about art, colours and metaphors in literature are but here some brief overview: If you have black colour, and you add the slitliest amount of white, no matter how little, this colour is called grey. Grey comes in different shades. Black is physically the absorbtion of light. Since white is the complete reflection of light, black is therefore the complete absence of white. Your personality comes from your brain. All your memories and feelings are, regarding to the state of the art of brain science, connected to each other. There is no brain part excluded where you have a part of your personality that could be good, and the rest of the brain only bad. Therefore your metaphor with the black board and a tiny little white point does not hold up as a metaphor for personality. Speaking of metaphors: In literature the grey is used to describe exactly these effects. A person who has good and bad qualities of personality. One can of course argue that since the amount of bad things Ramsay does, is way to big so that you could call this extremely dark grey and therefore call him black. That you could do. But I did not deny that.
  15. Exactly. This is why a "rightful" King is kind of an oxymoron. There can not be a "rightful" King, since every dynasty becomes a dynasty by breaking a Law.