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  1. I will go with someone unimportant. Probably a Frey killed by Arya.
  2. 1. Who are you exactly that I should loose my time to explain why the show is this or that? I don't care if you love, hate or whatsoever. Which brings me to point Nr. 2. 2. What people like you consitently don't seem to understand, or are imun to it, is the fact that most people are not anoyed at people who hate the show, since there are no shows or programe in the world who are loved by everybody, except maybe north korea. It is the fact, that you implicitly keep putting your personal hate against the show on every f*** god damn thread ever made. Everywhere. No one can make any thread where you don't find someone putting his opinion about how the show sucks. And up goes the discussion, no matter which content (just like now). That is what make a lot of us angry. Make a thread about how the show sucks, and no one bats an eye. But please let people discuss on THE SHOW PART OF THE FORUM also about topics that are not related to your personal opinion about the show. You people are like those vegans who claim that other people don't like them because they are vegans. No, it is pecause they are smuggy about themselfes. The joke goes: How do you know someone is a vegan? He is gonna tell you. This is very much like those "Show haters". And by writing something like "but prove ME that blabla" is just the very definition of it. We don't have to prove you anything. But we ask you kindly but firmly to let us discuss the actual topic. I won't respond to anything you have to add, for the respect of the OP.
  3. I actually shared your opinion in the first part and thought to be very reasonable. Until I read your second part, where you made clear that you are just playing random Bullshit-Bingo: D&D, ridiculous show, show lovers. BINGOOO. I never said (but it will probably not bother you at all) it is not the case that Benjen is not Coldhands. I just said something very obvious: we don't know it. Which is a fact. We are also pretty sure that R+L=J, but we don't know it yet. All we know, is that Jon is a bastard, his mother yet unknown. If you don't understand the english term "to know", google is your friend. Except you are GRRM, then I apologize, since then you clearly "know".
  4. How do you know that? Until now, we have no clue who Coldhands is and where Benjen is. We basically know nothing about Coldhands or Benjen. Everything you may have read about those two, and everything you may think to know, are some fan theories on fan forums. Most of those theories take this infamous note from GRRM to his editor, where he put this big "NO" on the question of the editor wheather Benjen was Coldhands. But this "NO" could mean anything: It could mean that Codhands is not Benjen. But it could also mean that Coldhands was Benjen, but no longer is and has no memory of his earlier life. Or GRRM has simply lied to his editor, because he did not want to reveal this secrez. Be as it may. What I am trying to say is, that we don't know who Coldhands is and we certainly don't know if Bejen is Coldhands.
  5. The worst: Season 5 The best: Season 6 and 1.
  6. The Night's King was the 13th lord comander. In the first book "A Game of thrones" Old Nan tells the story to Bran. Also in the WOIAF book. GRRM stated that this legendary figure is very unlinely to be alive anymore. The show version is called the night king. A different character. A different story.
  7. Their names are: Gordon, Barry, Stewie, Walter, Frank, Larry, Carl, Paul, Steven, Jack, Roger and Bob. They have remarkable backstories to be revealed in season 7 and 8. Each episode one story to be revealed. And the final episode the conclusion .
  8. They were just a homage on the 13th lord comander, who was the original night's king in the books. D&D could have picked any random number, but they choosed to make them 12 because of the reason above. That's it. Not everything is a twist. They won't have an important identity.
  9. Except that nobody will ever see such a thing as an ending of ASOIAF. Evereything you want to know about the continuation of the story, you will need to see it on television. If HBO does not go that way, you will never know.
  10. There are thousands of articles who analyses what makes GoT so successful. And all of them come to the same conclusion: it is a combination of story, charcters and visuals. It has so much to offer, to a variety of viewers, from different ages and different sex. Nearly everyone finds something he loves, because it is not bounded to a specific genre. Not in the classical way. It has fantasy elements, classical drama elements, family dynasty elements, war elements, horror movie elements, gender equality elements, pornographic elements. It also has a vast variety of different kind of characters from different geographical places. And it is, compared to everything else seen on television, not predictable (for the main viewers, not book fans who can name all the Targaryen Kings while sleeping). Also people love the idea that everyone can die. Even main characters. That is something unique on television, because usually on other tv shows, when the main character dies, it means that the actor did not want to continue, and soon after the show gets cancelled due to low ratings. So there is not just one particular element to explain the success of GoT. It is the combination. And now ask yourself: will the upcoming spinn-off be able to offer this amount to the avarage viewer?
  11. Exactly. In the TWOIAF she is a mix of Cercei and Lysa. And please have in mind: she is the main character of the Dance. Television tends to simplifiy and exagerate characters, to make them more rememberable for the mass and more entertaining. So expect 100% this: she is gonna be exactly like Cercei in the show. The main problem with Dance is the following: All the infos we have are from TWOIAF and some very few from ASOIAF in retrospectiv tales. But TWOIAF is not a novel. We do not have dialogues let alone POV's. It is a fake history book. The story is told very fast. A family fights against each other. Nearly all die at the end. That's it. Ok. You might add, that a lot of stories are basically the same. For example Hamlet. That is true, but Hanlet would never work as an ongoing TV show. GoT on the other hand, is based on a gigantic novel that consists of (at least) seven books. There are a lot of characters with multidimensional stories thar are deeply conected to each other. Also the characters of GoT are written and developed over decades, while the characters of Dance have to be developed by HBO. The story in GoT grew out of the characters, while the characters of the spinn-off will have to fit the story. If you look up at the story of dance, you have to admitt that there are barely interesting characters. The ones that are, are quite similar to the characters of GoT. While they work out for a fake history book who just delivers bonus material for the "nerd" in us, they won't work out for a tv show made for millions of people with zero conections to the books. The main viewers will just call Rhaenyra "Cersei vol. 2" since they have no idea who Lysa Tully was. If you want to know how these kind of spinn-offs work, just look at the movie "the hobbit". Peter Jackson took one children book, and in the lack of filmable material, he blow the story with fake stories and characters that were not in the books at all (e.g. Legolas). And how was the response to this movie: catastrophic. It actually ruined the franchise. Now imagine, if this was a tv show. How many seasons will it have last? So I said it once, and I say it again: this whole spinn-off will flop.
  12. When you talk about television, there are some very important issues that you have to consider. 1. Ratings are EVERYTHING. Even if a show does not gain big profits at the beginning or in worst case make losses, it does not matter for a certain period as long as the ratings are high. High ratings for a pay tv as HBO mean that you sell more abonements to private households, thus reaching a bigger part of the peer-group. Even if the costs for a series (e.g. Dance of the dragons) are high, it does not matter as long as the ratings are high. Even if they don't make profit with the show, they gain a bigger group of consumers for their other programs. They just substitute their gains to other programs. Some shows are just a cliff-hanger to get people to buy the HBO abonement. 2. The peer-group: To gain big ratings, it is important to reach a huge part of people, from all across the world. If you produce a big show, it is not enough to reach the hardcore fans, since they will probably watch it anyway. They do not matter in terms of strategic aspects. They are a constant in their planings. Also they are way to small, to be concerned. GoT is not successfull because of people like me. It is successfull because of people like my parents, grandparents, brother, friends and colleagues. They do not read fantasy, they barely watched fantasy before. None of them has ever read ASOIAF. Some of them don't even know who GRRM is. But they have one thing in common: they surpass me by numbers in a huge amount. It is not profitable for HBO to concentrate on me or loose time and affort on me. Point here is: WE (the book readers) DO NOT MATTER. 3. The story must be made for non book readers. It must be a story that reaches the mass. GoT did not reached the mass because of its fantasy elements, but because the drama, characters and politics. Oh and Sex. HBO will use the same formula for the new show. As they always do. Not because they are stupid and uninspired. But because they specifically know very well how television works. Minimize the risk, maximize the ratings. Considering the arguements obove, some shows that some book readers wish are just wishes. Dunk and Egg??? If you try to sell this story to producers, and you have not made a name in television, they will call the security and you will be baned for life from the building. Even with the success of GoT, there is no way that this show will reach masses and be successfull. Just imagine the "Everyday Joe" switching to this show and hoping he will get something similar to GoT. This show would not even pass the pilot episode. And please take into consideration that I am not talking about myself and my wishes. I am just trying to explain how the business of television works (trust me, I am speaking out of experience). The only possibility for a Dunk and Egg would be if GRRM would sign a contract where he is the producer and take all the costs and risks and sells it to HBO, while HBO is allowed to put it in their programe at whatever time they want and quit it whenever they want. No sane human in the world would sign such a contract. I strongly believe, that HBO right now is overestimating the success of GoT in respect to his successor-show. I do not believe that the spinn-offs will be successfull, whichever spinn-off they choose. The mass has one big flaw: they are fed up pretty fast.
  13. Preston Jacobs is my guess . Imagine the feedback...
  14. Actually I felt quite different. What I read was, that he broke his word when he stated that he won't be involved in any other project until winds is done. So bye, bye winds....
  15. Here are some small "updates" regarding winds from his notablog. http://grrm.livejournal.com/536859.html He states that he is still working. What I found interesting, is that he broke his word, when he stated back in that infamous blog statement, that he won't be involved in any other project before winds is done.