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  1. Yes. the 3rd map was the latest one where I fixed that. The newest map should be the first. Thanks. I shall change that now.
  2. Ok. I will slightly change the naming of the map. This map is based on wheter the lord of the castles and lands of each region consider their lord, and to whom they will send their banners. . For example. If you ask house Mallister who their overlord is, they will meekly say House Baelish. If Little Finger calls his banners, everything in his color is what will respond to his summons. You ask the Northern Clans who their lord is, they will say "That good ol' Stannis to beat back that bastard and the leech lord." You go to This map is based on whether the lord of the castles and lands of each region consider their lord(except for KL which is confusing as hell) and the Lords Declarant simply because its useful to see how much power they got. Thanks for the backing.
  3. Good point about Dorne. I will either make them an independent faction or include their name with Aegon V and Allies. As for the riverlands, this is a political map. The lannisters technically hold no castles, they are all owned by individual lords if you ask any of them who their leige lord is they will reply(albiet sadly, angrily, and solemnly) that it's Little Finger. They are too ravaged to fight. House Frey is very much so incharge of the riverlands but they are sworn to House Baelish, The brotherhood officially hold no castles or lands, they are kind of nomadic. I can give them a provinve or two(maybe high heart) but they are not technically a landed faction. For Stark Loyalists, those lands include the Manderlys and the surrounding houses they influence(they control the white knife for 300 miles) and also the lands of the Crannogmen, who have historically been pro stark and have shown no love towards the Boltons. I significantly decrease Ironborn Holdings in the North but I will keep Torrhen's Square a. This is not out of jerkery but for what I read on the wiki. A Dance with Dragons Dagmer holds captive the surviving Tallharts at Torrhen's Square.[10] Asha Greyjoy offers to help Stannis Baratheon recover Torrhen's Square, but he refuses and focuses on Winterfell instead.[11] - This affirms Dagmer Cleftjaw still holds Torrhen's Square I like your nitpicks. Yes, the entirety of the North is officially under Bolton Lord, but if you were to ask the Glovers of Deepwood Mott who they serve, they will say Stannis. I need to figure out how to do stripes so I can show House Manderly and Umber as both Stark and Bolton supporters. I won't change the Crannogmen however. When Roose Bolton went through the neck he had a body double stand in for him for fear of poisoned arrows from the crannogmen. That paired with the fact that there is absolutely no mention of Howland Reed or any Cranogmen at Winterfell for the woeful wedding strongly implies the Cranogmen don't see Roose as their liege lord. As for Kings Landing, Zealots largely control the city. It certainly isn't red with Cersei at the High Septon's mercy(for now...). I might make it green considering strong Tyrell influence, but, at least for now, the Lannisters and the Tyrells are allowing the High Septon to essentially run the city with his religious army.
  4. Giving credit to amalcarmaron for the map. I changed it to the current political map after the end of A Dance With Dragons. The colors on the map represent who the lords will respond to in a call to banners. Basically who they consider their liege lord. What do you think? Re-revised map(latest version) 1st draft Revised Map
  5. Fair point. But would they prefer to starve surely and slowly or fight with a full belly and have just a 1/5 chance of death?
  6. You are right about this. I am talking offensively. What if they were to gather 30k and send them to the riverlands to loot and pillage and lower the moral of the young wolf? This would free up more experienced levies to fight in battles and remove 30k mouths to feed and revolt at Kings Landing.
  7. What never made sense to me: Kings Landing is the largest city in Westeros. Before the Battle of the Black Water, the Lannisters were in need of every man they could get. They had 6,000 Gold Cloaks, but that is still a small number, and because the small number of 6,000 vs Stannis' 20k, its understandable they would run as they did. However, Kings Landing has 500,000 people! 250,000 of them are men. 100,000 are likely men able to fight. Instead of having them fight agains the king like in the Riot of King's Landing, why not get them to fight for the king(Joffrey I mean) with promise of bread? Draft 20-30k, equip them lightly, and have them all fight Stannis! Joffrey could have raised a host of 25k(1/20th of the city population) who are likely doing nothing but rotting in the streets at the moment, to travel up to the Trident and screw crap up!
  8. The original plan, as laid out in ADWD, if as follows(before sh*t hit the fan). Viserys marries Arriane and they become king and queen of the seven kingdoms. Daenerys marries Khal Drogo, brings army for fighting, and after Khal dies(which he likely will fighting 7 kingdoms at once) she's pre-betrothed to Quentyn just in case, further solidifying the alliance. Aegon(I think)- I am fairly convinced that this guy is not only fake, but is a backup plan if viserys died. He would essentially take up Visrys's role and marry Arriane(until he got too air headed.) If he is a blackfyre(or brightfire), added icing and another layer on the cake. On a side note, I'm convinced Varys will kill Mace eventually. He's an old fart who surrendered an army of 40k men after the battle of the trident, the reach needs a more martial ruler loyal to the crown(Willas/Garlan/Randyll Tarly).
  9. He wasn't so much a hostage as a "guest." He was in no danger of dying, Doran would burn Yronwood to the ground if they had harmed Quentyn. It's simply a matter of Yronwoods having influence over Quentyn later in life as payment for the loss of one of their own. A tutoring of sorts if you will. Also, Arianne is technically the heir to Dorne. It's to get influence over the youth. People often have strong fealings towards those who fostered them and kept them as wards(Robert and Ned for example).
  10. Good theory but you have a hole in your tinfoil. The reason was given as to why Quentyn was at the yronwoods. Dorans brother oberyn had problems with a yronwood. They settled it with a sword right. After giving each other a few good cuts they made amends. However, oberyns cuts healed while Yronwood's features. He eventually died from them. It is thought that Oberyn(sorry for spelling it's my phone auto correct) had laced his blade with poison. Thus, he was named the Red Viper. While oberyn fled to the free cities er the death, doran had to pay blood for blood. This, he allowed for his son, years later, to be fostered at yronwood. It's in the wiki.
  11. Well I would imagine the golden company were in the city, being a company hired by Qohor and sackesacked the city from the inside. As for them being good at segues, I think mereen will tell is, if they retreat and man the walls.
  12. Ahh...woops. thanks. Will edit.
  13. I am under the impression that House Tarly controls most if not all(excluding a bit held by Oldtown) of the Reach Dornish Marches. Before being incorporated into the kingdom of the Reach they were their own kings, ruling from Horn Hill to Nightsong. So I'd imagine their own lands aren't too diminished. We know they are very powerful, as Tarly is a renowned name. Could Tarly's lands potentially be large enough to boarder both Highgarden and perhaps the lower mander(I'm thinking the CK2 high lordships map). I'd put their strength around 6,000 men. The marches have been proven to be very populous and filled with hardy, battle hardened people. Tarly is like a Stormlord of the Reach. They are a hardy war loving peoples(minus sam). Also, given Tarly land size, they likely have as much men if not more than the entire Stormlands Marches combined.
  14. Tyrion said in ACOK that, along with betrothing Mycrella to Trystane he would give him some castles along the marches. Now, considering Highgarden would not like it very much if they had to give their marches, and Randyll Tarly is still Lord, I'm guessing this was taken from the Stormlands. The Stormlands surrendered unconditionally after the disastrous battle of the blackwater. So is the stormlands marches, nightsong and those other castles, now in(or are technically in) Dornish control? Also food for thought - The Stormlands is one of the least populous kingdoms, very diffused according to the wiki. It is relatively small and can raise roughly 35,000 men. If the dornish marches were taken, this would effectively neuter them, leaving them around 30,000(if you want to argue that the dornish marches can't field 5,000 men, look at Randyll Tarly).
  15. I understand that Qohor has garrisoned their city with unsullied since the Doom. So two questions I would like answered if you please. 1. How did the Golden Company sack Qohor? - This happens, it is what made the GC famous. They did a job for Qohor and Qohor defaulted on the payment so GC sacked the city and now nobody screws with them. - That being said, Qohor should have a garrison full of unsullied, did the Golden Company defeat all the unsullied? - Is this a grim foreshadowing of what could happen if the GC fought Dany's Unsullied in a Dance of Dragons? 2. What's going to happen to Qohor's city watch? - They only garrison their city with Unsullied - Dany Bought all the Unsullied then killed all the people who made them. Then Yunkai destroyed the city further. And its hard to make new ones. - If Qohor tried to make their own there would be revolts throughout the city. - The followers of R'hllor already rioted once, if Qohor tries to make Unsullied they will revolt in greater numbers. Please answer. Genuinely Curious.