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  1. Possible last Reynes(SPOILERS ALL)

    Not sure if Targy or Blackfyre supporter. I think he's just trying to survive and stick it to the Lannisters every way he can(hence joining BHWB and joining Jaime).
  2. New Ghis Lands

    How much land does New Ghis hold? On any map its shown as a teeny tiny island sheltered on three out of four sides by a larger island the size of the arbor. Is that all the land they have? In some maps and Crusader Kings 2 A Game of Thrones(the GREATEST asoiaf/game of thrones game on the face of the earth) gives them massive land holdings, the entire northern third of the Ghiscar Peninsula. Do they own all that land? What do you think? There is little and less about them in the World of Ice and Fire and The Principle Books.
  3. Anyone would be creeped out being betrothed to a sickly toddler whose chance of survival into the double digits are lower than that of Stannis and Tywin laughing at a joke at a brothel....while agreeing to marry Tyrion to Shireen.
  4. Possible last Reynes(SPOILERS ALL)

    Mance Rayder seems to have a bit too much tinfoil for my liking. Tom of Seven Streams however: YES YES YES YES! I think you just might be right!
  5. Possible last Reynes(SPOILERS ALL)

    No clue how to put a spoiler flag so be warned now SPOILERS ALL. House Reyne is iconic in the book series and beyond as being the example and symbol of Lannister Ruthlessness(mayhaps only by Tywin but still). How rich would it be if, after the Reynes of Castamere had been played so many times that one is actually alive, further besmirching Tywin's and House Lannister's credibility and namesake? There are some possible options. Silent Sisters - either Reyne or Tarbeck or both or mixed IDK but the point is Tywin forced some of them women to become silent sisters. They might still be alive and subtly harming Lannisters. Supporting Evidence: 1. The horrible stench from Tywin's body- the Silent Sisters are the ones incharge of caring for the dead. Maybe the sisters in charge were the Reynes banished and they unpurpously neglected Tywin. 2. We know there are silent sisters who are Reynes and Tarbecks. The High Septon - very mysterious character with no back story(no, he is not Howland Reed, GRRM said we haven't seen him yet). On the one hand, he could be as he appears, a peasant man who rose through the ranks of the begging brothers through his piety and charisma and truly is trying to reinvigorate and root out corruption of the Faith. However, it is also possible that this could the the 3 year old Reyne (name forgotten, but he's there) who disappeared during/before the sack of Castamere. He could have been saved by wandering begging brothers or other holy men/women (as an example IRL the catholic church, the real life version of the faith of the 7, helped smuggle Jewish children out to safety during Holocaust). He grew up being told the history and end of his house, and this little Reyne may have decided that it was greed that lead to the fall of house Reyne and renounced all of it(a distorted Buddha if you would). He uses the caring for the smallfolk as a sham to gain power while in reality furthering his own agenda(a frequent papal scheme). This explains his very unusual reaction to torturing a confessor(Oszy Kettleback) and imprisoning Cersei. A member of the Golden Company - The Reynes were major supporters of the Blackfyres. Likely one of them followed Aegor Rivers into exile and his descendants carry the blood. Tom Seven Strings As Good Guy Garlan put it: "There's this about the Last Lord Tarbeck: Although the boy was probably thrown down a well by Ser Amory Lorch, one of Tywin's knights, some stories claim the boy was smuggled to Essos and became a bard popular for his sad ballads. I think this rumor gave Varys the idea to pass a fake kid as Aegon, but if it's true, that Tarbeck boy would be around 40 years old by now. So, a mature bard with sad songs and an anti-Lannister agenda..." Also, these quotes straight from the book via the wiki are very interesting... “ Sometimes a man knows more than he says.[2] ” - Tom to Gendry “ Tom: I know better songs than 'The Rains of Castamere.' I could have played you ... oh, all sorts o' things. Jaime: Some other time. Do you have a name? Tom: Tom of Sevenstreams, if it please my lord. Most call me Tom o' Sevens, though. Jaime: Sing sweetly, Tom o' Sevens.[13] ” - Tom and Jaime Lannister “ Fifty if he's a day, thought Jaime, a hedge harp, and hard used by life.[8] ” - thoughts of Jaime Lannister Any other ideas? I really think the Reynes survived in some form and the belaboring of the song just serves as more fuel to explode when we realize that the Rains above Castamere shall move to Casterly Rock.
  6. Free Cities and Westeros

    Braavos politically(no slavery, well encouraged capitalism) Pentos culturally (Valyrian and westerosi influence due to trade) Norvos.....Gyant said that best. So that's my piece of the pie.
  7. Braavos conquest

    1. They care more about trade than war and only resort to the later as a result of trade disputes(or slavery). 2. Volantis learned the hard way what happens when one Free City tries to invade others. 3. Braavos is founded upon freedom. They don't do subjugation. They fight it (IE Volantis Crushing/Pentos Emancipation)
  8. Seriously, why isn't Pentos the most powerful free city? It is located farther away from any free cities than any other free city. It has Thousands of miles of flatlands and gentle hills, stretching from Andalos to a branch of the Rhoyne to a giant peninsula the size of Cape Wrath. Don't get me wrong, I understand the Braavosi likely won their wars with the Pentoshi because they blockaded Pentos, but still, why couldn't pentos have mustered a larger fleet? Everything works in their favor, even their personalities. As the Pentoshi Magisters are called Cheese Mongers, I would think that they gain a large amount of their wealth from cows and other produce. This is understandable given their enormous flatlands. I basically imagine a city full of Ambros Butterwells(which is hillarioius when you think about it "hullo, good day to you milord. Why, of course I didn't try to overthrow your whole house!" A bunch of fat, greedy bastards who care more about power through trade than military. But still, JUST LOOK AT THE LOCATION! Pentos is located at the back of a natural harbor rivaling Braavos. The city is hundreds of miles closer to Kings Landing(the largest city in Westeros), located almost directly across the bay. Why aren't they the major transcontinental trading hub instead of Braavos? When Tommen sailed to Dorne he stopped at Braavos. It would be so much more convenient for him to stop at Pentos! And Pentos certainly had time to develope, as it is older than every other free city(hold Lorath) predating the Valyrian expansion. T hey are very close to the giant forests of the Kingswood and Cape Wrath and are down stream, not up(like Braavos) from the forest of Qohor. The Pentoshi have the greed of Tyrosh, the wealth of Volantis, and the resources of Braavos. Basically, they have the money, the location, the land, and the resources at their disposal to have the mightiest fleet east of the Narrow Sea. SO WHY DON'T THEY?
  9. Add this to Cersei's ever-growing list of mistakes

    Well, I checked the wiki,'re right WSmith. In that case I agree with those who say this is a stupid mistake by Cersei. Aurane is a claimant to Driftmark and Tommen would gladly legitimize him, he does love using that royal seal.
  10. Do Unsullied always train ?

    Yes. I even think they consider it a leisure activity. They don't have much else to do, and it's all they know.
  11. Add this to Cersei's ever-growing list of mistakes

    I'll go through each point: A) Monterys is a vassal to the Iron throne, and driftmark would be a good base to besiege/attack Dragonstone from regardless of who is in charge. Heck, I'm pretty sure the Redwyns dock their ships there already. B: Cersei is actually pulling a Tywin by not revoking Monterys' title. Tywin didn't believe in punishing the underlings, only the leader of the revolt. If she tried, Monterys might revolt once again. Labling someone a traitor doesn't immediately sap all their power. Monterys is still on his island fortress with whatever remains of his army. C) If giving a bastard a seat on the small council which rules the realm wouldn't secure his loyalty, I doubt much will. Then again, Aurane thirsts for land. So he might not have sailed down to the stepstones and become a pirate king if he had other options. So I'll give this one to you, but refer to B. D) Again, Monterys is a vassal to the Iron Throne now and is likely supplementing the Redwyn fleet itself or had all/most of its own ships destroyed at the Battle of the Blackwater, thus making it useless. I think its smart she didn't give it too him. And we all know Cersei doesn't like bastards. If it wasn't for Aurane looking like Rhaegar, Cersei might have given him to Qyburn upon his request. Good thought though. I love it when people think outside the box. Don't stop posting.
  12. Could Bloodraven be working on behalf of the Blackfyres

    I concur with the crowd on this one. The last person in the books to be a blackfyre agent would be Bloodraven. Moonboy would more likely be working for the that's a theory...for another time. Bloodraven is personally responsible for the death of the Original Blackfyre, Daemon Tagaryen, his eldest twin sons, the imprisonment of the third (Daemon II) and broke guests right to kill Aenys(I forget which one he was). If anything, Bloodraven is supporting the Targaryens. I am convinced that he is warging Jeor's raven to help Jon Snow (Burn burn, burn burn.)
  13. Lord of Light doesn't believe his believers

    Red Preists make different interpretations out of the same tendrils in the fire. Similar to ink blots. Mellisandre has a proven history of seeing what she wants to see, being blind to that which does not concern her. Such as when Davos slipped Bastard Baratheon from under her nose. Moqorro seems damn good at what he does, and has the specifics down to a fine razor edge, but we don't know his full agenda as of yet. And who knows? Just like Melisandre, Moqorro is right on the small things but wrong on the big ones. I think he is literally going to go down in flames. The religion of the red priesthood has a structure similar to that of Islam. There are many figures of religious authority but there is no real hierarchy and every one of them can have their own different interpretations(imams) and still be canon. Note: I AM NOT TRYING TO START A RELIGIOUS POST WAR. This is about the structure of the religion of the Lord of Light, not the beliefs, which I believe are taken from a number of other religions. Who knows whose right? Mellisandre does see some good stuff, like the man with a wooden face(Bloodraven) and the boy with the wolf's head next to him (Bran). It'll be fun to see Rh'lor's pawns stumble around in the darkness of light. Mayhaps they'll have their own little dance of dragons, minus the dragons.
  14. If Joffrey tried to arrest Tywin Lannister, what would happen?

    In this case I'd pity the nights watch. Joffrey would last a moon turn at the watch before being beheaded by his brothers or widlings(just imagine Joffrey running away to either side of wall and shouting at everyone that he is their king and should be obeyed. The smallfolk will laugh, beat him for killing Ned Stark, then behead them, and the Free Folk will laugh harder while maiming him with warged animals, then give him a crown of twigs when he's dead.). BUT you are missing one teeny, tiny, little detail my friend. Wildfire. Being the Mad King he is, Joff would load all the wildfire into catapults and launch them at the incoming Lannister army. And we all know that Joffrey + Wildfire = SO MUCH DEATH. Joff and the royal family would burn to death alongside the Lannister force and half of king's landing. The North wins independence immediately as the head of the snake had been cut off, and Dorne and Faegon can swoop in...and all get killed by Little Finger who will rule over Kings Landing as King of the Ashes. However I personally think this last bit with Little Finger might just happen, at least metaphorically, but that, my friends, is for another thread.
  15. If Joffrey tried to arrest Tywin Lannister, what would happen?

    I'd say the following - Varys would feign surprise. - Pycelle would loosen his bowels - Little Finger would also feign surprise, but with a smirk. - The Lannister Palace Guard takes interest in the decoration of the floor boards. - The kingsguard would become deaf. - Cersei would say "Now Joffrey, is that really such a good idea?" and get shouted at to stay out of it by Joffrey. - Tyrion would spit wine out through his nasal holes while laughing uncontrollably. - All servants or handmaidens would remember they left a privy overflowing at the other side of the Red Keep. - The Gold Cloaks would take up Podrick's interest in the details of their shoes. - Tywin would keep his frown, say he was going back into the field to win the war for his ungrateful spoiled brat Grace, and leave. - Joffrey would shout and curse and stomp his feet at his Grandpa until he left and then at Tyrion for his insolence of laughing, until he cuts himself on the throne and is approached by Pycelle in his newly redecorated yellow and brown robes, and offer him poppy wine for the pain, and give him 3x the dosage to make him so drunk and sleepy as to think its his idea to leave to his room and get some badly needed rest.