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  1. Ok. I am a new fan of the Game of Thrones television series and I just finished out season six, and I have so many questions!!!!!!! I was thinking we could have a discussion, they're not the most difficult questions but I just really want some opinions. Your answers can be as detailed or as simple as you like: 1) Now that Dany has finally set sail for Westeros (yay), do you think she will ally with the Starks and The North or not? I ask because The North is famous for wanting their independence, will she let them have it or will there be another war over it, or do you think they will support Dany and not want their independence? 2) Do you think Sansa will betray Jon, what with her buddying up with Littlefinger? Furthermore, who do you think Sansa will end up marrying? Will she stay with Tyrian? 3) Do you think Jon will fight Dany for the Iron Throne if he figures out that he has a claim as well? Personally I think he's more concerned with the White Walkers but.... 4) Jaime. He didn't seem too happy about Cersei taking her place as queen, especially after the whole wildfire thing. Do you think he'll betray her now that he is trying to better himself? I hope so. 5) Do you see a romance between Jaime and Brienne of Tarth? It would be nice, but unlikely in my opinion. 6) Do you think Bran will ever walk again? I feel like he will, I'm probably wrong though. 7) Do you think Jon will change at some point due to his resurrection? I ask because in most fantasy novels, coming back from the dead doesn't usually end well. 8) Will The Hound go after Arya for leaving him the way she did?