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  1. Retching Rodric as master of the ships I presume?
  2. So, I'm a young girl and know little of such matters but I can still piss further than anybody else. Others might be equipped better for the task, but I'm blood of dragon.
  3. He will end up as lord of Storm's End and the most loyal bannerman to hie liege and elder brother, first of his name, king Gendry. I wouldn't mind watching their sweet sister, princess Mya as the lady of Vale. The riverlords for most part a bunch of opportunistic bitches who sell themselves to best price. It's only fitting for them to be ruled by a whore (Bella). Even nicer if her sphere of influence extends to west to. Imagine Tywin face watching a woman a bastard and a whore sitting on ancestral seat of house Lannister. Well, still not quite as lively as Cersie or Jon C if they live to see the Drunken Oaf aka Usurper's seed spreading in the realm in such a fasion. Ned was a most loyal friend, so it's not right to rob them of North. Better still if they provide queen of the realm through Arya, thus fulfiling the wish of the late king. As for Dragonstone, who better than the daughter of it's former lord, princess Shireen. Stan wasn't quite content with that bleak island so I'd sweeten the deal by adding Iron Islands to her domain. As for Reach or Dorne, I don't have a clear idea, but there is quite a way from 8 to 16 and with two books remaining we might just hope.
  4. Trebuchet Well, banging your queen and fathering 3 bastards, knowing that it may end up tearing realm into the pieces certainly is right thing to do. Failing to keep your part into your pants in the single most hostile house in the whole westeros is very convincing reason. And what about stalking the whole Trident so he may kill Arya before Ned's men find her. Was she a threat to Cersie's children identity too? Point is Jeime didn't throw Bran to his death for love as he shamelessly claims. He did it because of his hatred and unhealthy obession toward Ned. And what about those who show a certain disdain for Blackfish because he is a bit harsh and judgemental in his confrontation with Jaime. The very moment Jaime threw Bran from the tower, many of us wished a lightning strike that pretentious fool who throw a seven year old kid to die because he can't keep his parts in his pants right there turning him to ash. But that was too easy punishment. George had a much more satisfying way to punish him. Look what happened to him in the series. He lost battle to a teen boy who was fighting with wooden swords perior to that battle. He lost his sword had and his statue of a great warrior. His whole love affair proved to be a mummer farce. He released a man who killed his father. He lost trust and love of his brother, a man who kind of worshipped him. And he is going to be betrayed by perhaps the only person whom he wholeheartedly trusts. It's much more satisfactory than a mere lightning.
  5. @YOVMO A huge land like Westeros being divided to 7 different kingdoms doesn't strike me as lack of absolute sovereign power. There was absolute power of Starks over the North with little to threaten it from either north or south. Arryns had absolute power over Eyrie, just like Gardeners in Reach. Even Ironborns had secured their authority over Riverlands. And interestingly enough, divisions and petty rivalries served Western Europe much better than what unity did to for example China.
  6. Well, one thing is evident: Harrenhall wasn't meant to rule over Riverlands alone. A typical excuse by expansionists to justify their aggression. "Oh we do it for their own sake, they can't solve their problems, their smallfolks are suffering ...".
  7. Pycelle landed the final blow and he was Lannister creature.
  8. @devilish I'm agree with your point. Robert is a a horrible administrator, but a better diplomat than Ned and Stan combined. But I don't put too much fault on him for Cersei affair, since I don't see any one in entire realm capable of contenting her. Sooner or later she would find an excuse to hate her husband whomever he might have been. Even her own brother and proclaimed lover fell to her deceptions.
  9. 1- King Bob 2- King Rob 3- Arya 4- Ed Tollet 5- Davos 6- Cool Mya Stone 7- Brynden the Blackfish 8- Alayne Stone 9- Petyr the Littlefinger 10- the Vile Imp
  10. No he didn't, but that wasn't my point. By the way I do abhor Valyrians almost as much as I abhor typing with mobile which ufortunately I'm stuck with right now.
  11. Well, I hope you've read these books better than me, so you can correct me if I'm wrong since I don't remember any Targaryens attempt to rebuild what has been damaged (restablishing Valyria). But I do remember that Volantenes tried just that and Aegon stood against them. I said it's a bloody business, didn't I? The First Men and the Andals migrated to take the land and make a new home. You can compare it with the Saxon invasion of Britain in migration period. They didn't do it to win some thrones, they went to take the land and make it their own. Of course the local settlers didn't like this foreigners taking their land and many of them put a ressistance and there was many large scale wars and lots of bloodshed. As for Aegon's conquest; you can compare it with Norman conquest. William the Conqueror didn't risk his neck so his men could've better farmlands when he landed in England five centuries later. He marched to win a throne he had a claim on. I'm not not arguing whether this is better or that; I'm merely implying that they are different matters.
  12. And how is that going to change anything? Being more civilized make them more human, give them more right or what? If an alien race lands on earth with a superrior weapon and technology does it give them right to rule and enslave us?
  13. They are different concepts. The First Men and the Andals migrated to Westeros. Mass migration is a bloody business but a natural one and there are countless of this example in the real world. The change of climate, growth of population and the push of other tribes forced nomads to seek for new lands. It's rather different from the push of a foreign elite minority with supperior weaponary to rule over a vast majority.
  14. Lady Stonheart sending Jaime back to Riverrun via TREBUCHET. That's going to be hilarious. Wishful thinking aside Catelyn tearing her face to bloody ribbons for Rob was brutally intriguing.
  15. If Sansa is not supposed to be queen, then who will be the Snowwhite who overthrows evil queen(s)? Who will build snow castles? ... Brienne?