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  1. This not certain. Allyria is Edic Dayne's aunt - we do not know whether maternal or paternal.
  2. The "bitter old woman" is like 30 years old?
  3. He is a second son and inherits one sweet nothing. Marrying Ashara to a Heir is more beneficial for the Dayne's than to a 2nd son. They get a direct tie with the next Lord of something, and Ashara's son, as next Lord is cousin to the next Lord Dayne. Her child with Ned the 2nd son is a nobody really ...
  4. The problems with the Genna match were many ... but the main was that Emmon was no.4 or no.5 in line for The Twins. And likely to move down the line as those up the chain had children. Had Emmon been the Heir (or Heir's Heir) than the match would not had been controversial. It gave an alliance to one of the more powerful Houses in a neighbouring realm. As to Eddard and Ashara - IMO her value on the marriage market was higher than his. The groom - and their children - gets an alliance with Starfall. Once Brandon breeds Ned is surplus to requeriments. A waste of a god marriage from the Dayne's viewpoint. Ashara should marry a local boy (a heir, naturaly).
  5. Arguing with Lord Varys is futile. He wears you down with his lengthy posts, the drivel consisting mostly of half-truths and fabrication., Personally I put him on "ignore" my second week here and I've been enjoying the experience ever since.
  6. 1 - never bedded one 2 - not interested 3 - I'm fine with period sex
  7. Eww. "Bloody sword" makes me worried that I had hurt the girl. Maybe it was a good thing that Brandon the Bloody Sword ended up fragged by Aerys. We do not know much of Brandon's and Ashara's movements between the Tournament and Robert's Rebellion. GRRM said somewhere that Ashara was not nailed to floor at Dragonstone so she could had been darting to the Riverlands and/or Reach for flings with the Brother Stark of her choice.
  8. I do not say that Jon was beget on Ashara by Brandon during the Tournament. I am saying that he impregnated her in 282, around the time of Lyanna's kidnapping. Taking travel times into account it is possible that four - max five - months passed between that event and Ned's marriage to Catelyn. For N+A=J you can shave off a month.
  9. Ned is fucked up and does a lot of inexplicable things, this being just one of many. Sparing Catelyn's feelings about Brandon's infidelity and tormenting her with his own - typical Ned. Secrecy - had he been legitimate Jon Snow would be ahead of Ned in the line of succession to Winterfell. There is the danger that somebody, someday, could try to use him to usurp Robb. So, an unusually wise decisions by Ned, pass of his nephew as his own bastard AND as younger tha Robb. Even a broken clock is right two times a day ... Timing is OK - Brandon and Ashara were doing the bump and grind at the time of Lyanna's kidnapping, making Jon 3-4 months older than Robb. Claiming that the two boys are of same age when Rob is almost 1 and Jon was not much over 1 year of age is absolutely possible. Children are delivered in various sizes and then grow and pass various milestones at different speeds.
  10. Was the Wall and the NW a purely Northern concern in the Waring Kingdoms period? Did the Kingdoms south of the Neck care about the NW? I know that Nymeria sent defeated Dornish reguli to the Wall - but apart from that, did the South support the NW?
  11. Jaime is a bimbo. So yes, he thought that: - Tyrion will live happily ever after somewhere in Essos - Tywin will not punish his Golden Boy
  12. Even if Jon is Rheagar''s he is a bastard. End of story. Not to mention that he is dead ... ? Line of succession: Viserys->Daenerys->Joff if accepted as Barateon/Stannis if not
  13. Yup. And she takes him on the Old Fashioned Way - nekkid! Armour is for wimps ...
  14. I see the Iron Bank as having exclusive rights to sell "NW certified" chunks of the Wall as souvenirs.