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  1. Ned is far cry from Theon the Hungry Wolf or Brandon Ice Eyes ... I'm going by memory so it could be Brandon the Hungry Wolf and Theon Ice Eyes :D. For me one of the things I'd like to see GRRM expound on more is the impact of having Vale-raised Ned (with Southron and Sevener wife to boot) as Lord of the North. If this even makes a difference, thus telling us whether there is - or not - some sort of cultural divide at the Neck.
  2. The North went soft
  3. Yes and no ... I would like to know - for my own convenience, whether a "non-Lord" is like a Tallhart or Connington (post Rebellion), or a Clegane or Cassel. Not a "must have", but a "nice to have" ....
  4. Northern independence? Meh! The North is like Scotland - constantly whining about "Sassenach opporession" but actually leeching off English taxpayer largess. Defends the Seven Kingdoms from the Wildlings (Others)? Yeah - a country with 3M-5M people fails to maintain the Night's Watch. Even at the lower end of the usual population guesstimates - 3M, i.e. about 1,5M males, sending ONE man in a THOUSAND (0,1%) means 1500 (saying - fifteen hundred) men. Under Ned The Incompetent Wolf the Watch is down to 1200 men -and that's with men from the Lower Six. The three hundred years of Westertos unity has turned the North into a bunch of handout seekers. If the North breaks off then - unless it is blessed with a competent Ruler (preferably several in a row) - the Wildlings (Others) will have the North for breakfast. And a new Wall will be built below the Neck to keep the Savages out.
  5. But dey soooo cute!
  6. I pity your bones ... My bones feel that Jon will sooner cut it off than stick it in a woman he considers to be his sister.
  7. Low end, high end - regardless of level an additional tier would be helpful My country had an absolutely flat - in legal terms - structure
  8. LOL! Excellent quote - much speculation here is of that level
  9. ewww
  10. "Sidiciede 1 - I see them more as loyal to Rheagar than Aerys. Just a gut feeling ... 2 - I see - "suicide by Stark" 3 - IMO not true - they could had scooted over the mountains to Starfell. Or some other south Dornish or Reacher port. BTW - if there was a baby at ToJ, then Ned, Howland, with said "baby" and some sort of "milk provider" crossed 350 miles (as the crow flies) of mountains to get from ToJ to SF ...
  11. So, Barristan and Jaime were little shits? Had a different set of values? Had more than two grey cells to rub together? But you could be on the money with the "silver prince" thingy - they could be a bunch of catamites and were upset over their lover being killed.
  12. To eliminate the 1 - IIRC GRRM eliminated the mess caused by "I am YOUR vassal for Fief A but YOU are my vassal with Fief B" by rulling out the accumulation of lands/titles. Example - if Edmure Tully gets himself killed before he begets a (true)born child, then Catelyn's children are first in line for Riverrun. However Robb, as he already is the Lord of the North/King in the North does not get it, but it moves down to Bran or Rickon. Or to the girls by seniority. Or maybe a better example (if the system works as I believe it does): Imagine thart Sandor Clegane marries Lollys Stokeworth and they have children. With their elder siblings not leaving issue, Sandor and Lollys' children inherit both Clegane Keep and Stokeworth. The former is "Landed Knight" fief and the latter is a "Lordship". In OTL their heir would inherit both, being both a landed knight - either sworn to some Lord who in turn would be sworn to Casterly Rock, or directly to Casterly Rock), and at the same time a Lord of the Crownlands, with greater legal powers and sworn to the Iron Throne. But if the Westerosi system works as as I believe it does, then one child inherits the Stokeworth lands and another Clegane Keep. Much, much simpler ... 2 - I do miss an intermediate level between "Lord" and "Landed Knight/Master". Houses like Glover, Tallhart or Connington are not "lords" yet are a stratosphere higher than Poole, Cassel or Clegane. 3 - I also would like more clarity on "knight" - sometimes it is "landed noble" sometimes it is "heavy cavalryman". I know that that there is overlap, but still ... I'd be happy with Junker or Vidame or some other obscure historical term for Landed Knights/Master.
  13. The KG fought to the death as they knew that once Lyanna had a chance to talk with Ned they were dead. Lyanna would tell her brother how they held her down while Rheagar raped her. And - once she had been impregnated - how they had sport with her.
  14. Dragonstone - the NUMBER ONE destination for a family vacation!
  15. I'd love to see Stannis become a dragonrider - he is 1/4th Targ ...