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  1. If the firestorm was hot enough then maybe the northern part of the Kingswood could catch fire. But the river/estuary is quite wide at this point. So not very likely. The Gods Eye is too far away and upstream to be affected. Firestorm or not, I do not expect there to be much (if any) destruction a few kilometers away from KL's city walls.
  2. The mods can kick this into the correct section, if necessary. I just wished to share this Lannisteresque behaviour from RL: It has Tywin written all over it! I wish GRRM could see this!
  3. I'm a "diddy" supporter - for some inexplicable reason I seem to like the Edinburgh sides and Cowdenbeath. Last year's three-way basement battle between Clyde, Edinburgh City and Cowden was fascinating! It is lovely that Rangers 2012's 2nd attempt at their first title is coming off the rails already And their 2017 European Campaign is a legend already! I googled Glenn Tamplin LOLOLOLOLOLOL! What Lannister vibes! His reaction to the reaction to having lions painted on the walls of the dressing room: Full on soap opera with ASOIAF vibes! This merits a link:
  4. I do not watch football any more as in my dotage I have a short attention span. I manage five minutes at most I follow Scottish football and English non-league results as a sort of never-ending soap opera E.g. "in this week's episode Tranmere has her heart broken as FGR bested her due to a sugar daddy (shamless slut sucking up to that veggy eating perv!) while having only one fifth of face-book and instagram followers Tranmere has. With FGR away to uni, and Lincoln visiting long-lost relations, will Tranmere bounce back and win the scholarship/Miss Conference National title?".
  5. Thank you for the pointer, Raja, but I do not think that the thread you mentioned is useful. It is about the 2017/18 season of the rarified heights of the EPL Chelsea winning the title while burning the billions of a Russian gangster and competing with teams funded by Arab or some other Asian slavers does not interest me. Neither do teams funded by Polish crooks interest me. Frankly, I find professional football to be boring - always the same teams, always the field slanted towards the Big Boys. I find Lincoln battling Tranmere for the top spot of the Conference to be much more exiting. Or the Cowdenbeath vs East Kilbride play-off at the bottom of the SPFL.
  6. Nevertheless, I support the idea that seeing the blazing ruin of KL and the Red Keep some empty-headed windbag (I'm looking at you, Greatjon Umber) will start shouting "King in the North!", "King of the Hills and Rivers!" or "King in the Vale!" at Ned, Hoster or Jon.
  7. Yes, non-league. NPL, Southern and Isthmian leagues. Steps down to 7 are to be affected as well, but my interest in English non-league football has its limits
  8. The truth about Jon is yet to be revealed. In a B+A=J scenario there could be reasons - starting with the simplest "it seemed a good idea at that time" and then Ned being too prideful to admit that it had not been such a good idea after all, to the more serious "Jon is the son of the ELDEST brother Stark" - for Ned to claim Jon as his and as younger than Robb. We simply have to wait for the next book.
  9. Ned ripped Jon - her son by Brandon - from her arms. That's why she killed herself.
  10. Step 3 is to expand to four leagues and Step 4 to seven starting 2018/19. I'd expect Step 4 to reach eight leagues in a few years. League sizes are to move down from the current - at Steps 1 through 4 - 24-22-24-22/24 to 24-22-22-20 Thoughts?
  11. What if it had been like this: - the Dornish Heir gets a Targ Prince as trophy-hubby for consort - Targs drop left and right and trophy-hubby unexpectedly becomes KIng - Dornish Heir has to give up Sunspear and move to KL as hubby got a better paying job than she has
  12. Norway Wolf - yes, I meant exogamy. My language does not use the letter "x" (except for "taxi", math formulae or angles in geometry :)) so sometimes I get my spelling wrong. It is highly likely that the Ygritte quote about exogamy I alluded to had been kindly provided by The Fattest Leech LOL! I forgot about the "kissed by fire" Free Folk! And thanks for pointing out that blond Free Folk exist too. Somebody mentioned the Welsh Maximus - he features in this sweet song:
  13. A bit of a - "what came first, the dragon or the egg?" - debate
  14. I say he is a product of Varys' "little bird" breeding programme. Varys breeds them with large ears to be better eavesdroppers.
  15. Absolutely! Truer words hath not been spoke! And there is nothing to say that Rheagar and Lyanna didn't have sex at the tourney of Harrenhall in a wild foursome with Howard Reed and Cersei Lannister.