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  1. And a release date! The next 4 weeks should be fun with this and Stranger Things. I've a feeling this should make a nice palette cleanser after Defenders. A marvel show that just focuses on the character and not expanding it with some ninja crossover. Hopefully. Although I'd happily take another Kingpin cameo.
  2. One of my favourites from last year. I felt the length was intentional as it wore you down in much the way the characters in the film were. Garfield still comes off as very samey in his roles but much like Tom Hanks, he has a great earnest likeability surrounding him which suited him so well in the films you mentioned. I think it's a strength he brought to Spider-man too although he did suffer from being a little annoying at times in the spidey films. I've just watched a great BBC documentary called "Chris Packham: asperger's and me". People from the UK will know him as a celebrity nature doc presenter who always seemed quirky but has made this documentary as a "coming out" story. It's absolutely fascinating and it's commendable how brutally honest he is throughout the film. He admits he loves his dogs more than people because they are less complicated and when they are happy he's happy. Lots of other great moments too and it's interesting to see how he used his form of autism to be successful and live a rewarding life - even if it just provides him with enough money to live on his own (with his dogs) in the middle of a forest.
  3. Well, it's not that far removed from what's been established in DS9 and Enterprise just with some added bullshit about the Enterprise ones still being "humanised" klingons even when there were even more "humanised" ones around? But yeah, it's still BS. It's weak but they are never really going to come up with a good reason other than "our egos insisted we mess with the design". All the while forgetting that, yes, better budgets were the reason we got different klingons in the movies/next gen but it at least was set in the future and didn't really screw with continuity. Tbh it would never have been an issue with next gen until DS9 decided to do the tribble episode.
  4. So far they are lacking in the character department. Weird fin alien is mainly interesting for his appearance and the fact they probably use "Gandalf and the hobbit" effects to highlight but that isn't character. Isaacs character needs to be either full on psycho or more convincing that he thinks this is the greater good or the war is so desperate. To be honest the war as we've seen it doesn't seem desperate and my view is it's the klingons who are losing. The new episode missed a chance by avoiding letting us see what the captain's stance would have been on torturing sentient lifeforms (would have mirrored his situation nicely). They do at least have "Nebula" from GOTG in the show. I just use those two films to inform me on how the character wound up in starfleet. I guess she lives a lot longer than humans.
  5. That's some good detective work and actually would have been a decent twist on an obvious set up. EDIT: Or maybe it's a double bluff and they are payign homage to the multiple roles eg Jeffrey Combs but that's probably wishful thinking. I guess this means
  6. It took me a while to get into it but "Deathless" proved a great dark fantasy with a lot of russian elements in the end. Using World War 2's Leningrad is always welcome when trying to convey desperate too. Currently reading Hurley's "mirror empire". It's quite dense with characters and ideas at the moment but I'm finding it interesting. I can't help but think it's similar to Bakker's fantasy in terms of scope and callousness which is sort of odd given their gender politics are so polarised.
  7. I agree with Wert about The mirror universe hint was fun though and I agree with others that the potty mouth was off for star trek. Firstly it came off like a child discovering a naughty word rather than being natural. The other issue is that with Trek I always happily reconciled their manners with the fact some words had just fallen out of the english language. Not as annoying as episode 4 but a bit traditonal besides the animal torture.
  8. I'd be curious to see what Alonso could do with a semi-competitive car. I suspect he'd be pretty galvanised after the last several seasons. With a weekend off for indy 500 of course.
  9. I was away over the weekend and I knew the result before getting the chance to watch the highlights. There doesn't seem much point now. I'm a bit disappointed. We should have been witnessing a genuine fight between two worldclass drivers and teams battling to win the championship. Instead we've had reliability problems and a crash (which I'd at least say was part of the battle - Vettel maybe wouldn't have risked the accident if not under pressure) which has given Hamilton an almost insurmountable advantage. The only way for it to get back to a nailbiting finish would require Hamilton to have reliability problems. Even if that were the case, we're still being robbed of a man-to-man championship fight. While I'm sure Hamilton will take the wins happily, I'm sure he's also partly missing out on winning a straight fight. Because if it had been that way, the winner could rightly claim to be the best driver. Me too. I'm hoping we can throw McLaren into the mix as well. That would make for an electifying season where Hamilton, Vettel, Verstappen and Ricciardo are battling for points (let's face it, Bottas and Kimi are just there to mop up points). If Alonso and Vandoorne (who could easily be a Verstappen just stuck in a Honda car at the moment) are in there too - I wouldn't want to put my money on anyone. Although Vettel should in theory have the best chance given Ferarri's clear number one driver policy. Fingers crossed there aren't any drastic changes in rules next season to upset things.
  10. Episode 4 was a bit weak for me. I really enjoyed the replicator making Burnham's uniform but that was about it. The amount of stupid things is starting to grate on me now and this episode reminding me of a few things I let slip in episode 3. Mainly the spore thing is utterly riduclous. They may as well have said "there's a network of unicorns connected butt to horn, across the entire Galaxy - therefore instantaneous travel is possible as long as it's via a strand of unicorns". I was going to let it slide but then they had to double down on it by claiming a mutated/alien that acts as a supercomputer for planning spore-based intergalactic travel. They didn't even bother telling us why the tardigrade would do this or what use it would be to it to do so? But then there was the whole scenario of the unguarded dilithium crystal mine that had a third of starfleets fuel reserves. Surely this would be better guarded if it was of such strategic importance? I don't blame the Klingons for trying to grab it - it makes perfect strategic sense. This in turn reminded me of the ridiculous "breath ID" security system. I don't have a problem with "breath ID" - I do have a problem with there only been one level of security though. I work in a hospital environment and I need a pass card AND a keycode. I'd have thought black ops starfleet weapons would require "breath ID" and at least a pin code to get in. Then there was the split narrative with the klingons and already I couldn't care less. Albino Klingon is a bit pathetic - if he can't get his acolytes to stick with him it's probably because they were utterly sick of starving to death for a few months on a crippled ship. I know he's supposed to be some kind of apostle/prophet character but usually these types of persona have a lot of charisma. So far this klingon appears to be clueless, naive and generally a bit pathetic. The female klingon shows more promise with her open plan of using him as a smokescreen for her own machinations. There hasn't been anything too bad in the show yet but if the accumulation of iffy story decisions are anything to go by this is going to be much more in the style of "dumb entertainment" than clever SF. Which is fine, it just means I lower my expectations considerably. EDIT: Oh and I completely forgot about the utterly stupid death of a character in the episode. It was kind of hilarious in its own way. Hopefully it will be a tongue in cheek gag about redshirts where they actually develop them a little before killing them off. Thank god there was no saving that character though after those idiotic choices!
  11. That's a good point. The show isn't as readily merchandise friendly as many other genre shows are. Other than the the sense8 logo there isn't much to go off. Dress up like one of the cast members? They don't even wear the same clothes. Unless you have a diverse set of friends, it's going to be tricky to dress up as a memeber of the sensate cast and be recognised. Whispers is probably the best bet. But there should have been some posters at least. Anyway it is probably another reason why the show isn't profitable - GOT, trek, Marvel etc all have huge amounts of additional revenue from merchandise. This site tries and i quite like the icon tetrahedron T-shirt and the 8 made out of location names but I don't think it's official
  12. what would be even funnier would be if the crew of the discovery get to the mirrorverse and make it "evil". Although I heard "enterprise" had mirror universe episodes so probably not.It's maybe hunky dory until the discovery crew finds a way there. Plus no-one has a goatee here
  13. I haven't read many of the culture books yet but the premise behind them does feel like a better realised federation. I recall in consider phlebas that the protagonists would essentially mirror that of the Klingons in this show. It would make a great TV show which, if faithful to the books, would have to be an anthology series with a different cast per book/season. That's probably what puts people off trying to adapt although we are getting more anthology season shows - the question is how successful they are. Sometimes they feel like an obvious niche in the market. In between a TV show and a film in terms of storytelling. A brave network would give it a shot before Star Wars does it. The interesting and exciting thing for me is that the technology they are playing with does allow them to fully embrace the exploration element of Trek and hopefully the intention behind the new show is to play around with all the ingredients that have made up Trek over the years. So the tribble was just one of many weapons they are developing?
  14. it was far from my favourite episode. The godlike Rick fighting felt a bit of a re-run after the momentous Pickle-Rick. It was still decent though. And what was with the potty mouth. There were more fucks in this episode than the series as a whole so far! It's like the US TV censors have just given up and the creators are going wild.
  15. I got that vibe from him with his conversation with his friend so not surprised the character will be gay. Well, the shit section 31 is supposed to be developing and their status in next gen suggests things don't work out well. Space spores must have something dangerous about them or open this patch of the galaxy to a threat that's not worth the speed. Maybe Salamander Janeway will turn up and Disovery is all "that's it, we're out"?