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  1. That's a fair point. We can put this on hold until we find Eugene's rotting corpse (or lack of). That would be a shitty scenarion for him to be in. Would also justify heavy blood consumption. Looks like he's fine at the moment. At first I thought the drunk guy was maybe "Brad" and that he was comic spoiler . I'm curious as to what Brad was though. Thankfully not as graphic as in the comic. I was glad they set it up with him essentially planning on doing something similar to that woman he was in the restaurant with. Without that I'd have felt more uncomfortable about using that scenario for laughs. The weird thing with TV Herr Starr is that while it wasn't what he planned, it may have been something within his dark tastes.
  2. It feels very much like an inbetween-qel to his final installment of "Death throes of the republic". It sort of felt like it could have just been called "Caesar's invasion of Gaul" to be honest. It didn't really stray that far away from his involvement. He did however make it very clear that there are many ways of pronouncing Belgay. Not his strongest but still enjoyable.
  3. I get why you think Hell commands work but I'm having trouble understanding your acceptance of how other commands simply wouldn't work. We'll probably just have to agree to disagree on the robustness of the show's rules. We can cure cancer, cancer cells die and our bodies can kill cancer cells. We might not know how to make our immune system attack cancer but I'm guessing people in the show don't have a map/manual on how to appear in Hell. Therefore telling someone to be cured of cancer, to me seems just as likely as someone appearing in Hell. Curing cancer is not impossible therefore the voice should be able to fix it in much the same way as hell is real (in the show) therefore the voice can send you there. It requires a bending of chance in the sense you really luck out and suddenly your immune system and your cancer cells result in all the cancer cells dying at once but it's not impossible. It's more possible than a person being able to fly of their own accord as well so to me would be in the realms of working. Now in absolute fairness to the show - we don't know whether "I want you to be cured of cancer" would work or not. It isn't even a question that's came about in the show so until it is covered I guess no-one knows the answer. But that still highlights how I really don't get the rules of the voice. Going back to the flying command. Why didn't Cassidy disappear and find himself in an aeroplane? Teleportation is only "reasonable" when going to hell? Because that's the way everyone goes to hell? Besides Eugene, everyone else in "hell" got there via death (I don't think Hitler disappeared - unless he did in the TV world), not via some portal into hell. So for me it's a stretch as Eugene should have at least dropped down dead before finding himself in hell as surely that's the easiest way to get there? For me, the show has not defined the power of the voice very well. At this point the only thing I can trust about it is that you have to hear it and have a soul (which is a cool addition). That seems to be consistent. In terms of what the voice can and can't do - I have no idea as to me the "hell" thing makes the voice far more powerful than I initially thought. This could be used in interesting ways and I really want to see it be tested a bit more. So it would have been nice to see what happens if he told Dennis' cancer to "go away". Not so much confusion but the rules regarding the voice are more specific and far less powerful.
  4. I need to binge this from season 2 on. I liked the setting and most of the cast in season 1, it just wasn't good enough to find the time amongst everything else to watch more. A similar thing happened with "hell on wheels".
  5. I'm reassured that Iron Fist seems a lot more likeable in these trailers. He seems to be fitting into the almost Spidey role of being the only character geeky enough to admit it's pretty cool hanging out with other superheroes.
  6. my point was more that if the voice can send people to hell then it can probably cure people too.
  7. I'd be very disappointed if the trailer has spoilers in it. What's more problematic are those "behind the scenes" features which crop up with quite a lot of scenes featured as opposed to edited clips. We only need a scene with Leia at some political meeting or 2 minutes of Luke talking to Rey and a lot of the plot/context of the film could be given away. or some shit with Luke saying he has to balance the force and then an extreme close up on Kylo Ren. It is crazy. Disney could double their profits and not even bother advertising this film. News sites will happily do it for them. Like I said with the toy ads, etc it's often not a case of them wanting to spoil the film to sell tickets but spoil the film to sell merchandising deals.
  8. Maybe if he tells Dennis to "get better" he'd somehow contrive a way to be turned into a vampire? "Make the pain stop" surely would just resolve in suicide unless the voice can make people's pain receptors stop working. If they hadn't sent Arseface to hell it would be easier to hypothesize but thanks to the voice being able to do physically impossible things who knows what would happen. Have they said being a vampire means living in constant pain? Like I mentioned, we know virtually nothing about vampires in this show which is what makes it frustrating when Cassidy who seems perfectly functional as a vampire has such grave reservations about turning people into vampires. Because if it's just "being lonely when mortals die" then creating immortal friends seems a good solution. Oddly it's an inverse in the comics. I always felt it was at its best when being semi-serious and focusing on the characters. The worst parts were the OTT storylines. So I can see why the show tries to have the same mix but it's odd how it turns out so differently.
  9. some of it's pretty hard to avoid though in terms of marketing. Yes, I can choose not to watch promo-pieces but it's hard to avoid adverts (I still remember that damn car ad that essentially revealed Rey was force sensitive). Avoiding shops that sell lego seems to be pretty important these days too.
  10. Discovered it's on Amazon prime. I shall be fixing this blatant gap in my movie knowledge. I blame my flatmate pointing out Daniel Day Lewis was impersonating Tony the Tiger putting me off at the time.
  11. I like how the guards have Kylo Ren-like visors (maybe the guard are made up of Ren Knights?) but other than being red they don't feel that much like Praetorian guards from the earlier films. I guess ninja/samurai sells though and why bother buying more old school praetorian guard figures? Cynical insight but if Marvel apparently didn't take any ticket sales from "Spider-man homecoming" because the merch sales make up for it - then Star Wars/Disney really have to take such things seriously. Not that this is news to anyone but I suspect most decisions surrounding star wars always has someone in the meeting saying "would this make new merchandise?" The silly thing is they could just make these guards something else and people would still buy. I like that they use the term Praetorian guards. It's just a shame that in the films they don't take more inspiration from the roman group and have evolve from guards to "kingmakers" and quite powerful in of themselves. Given the time that's elapsed a similar thing could have happened in start wars. Maybe the change in appearance will be indicative of that.
  12. I wondered the same thing about Black Widow. Out of the Avengers team, I'd say her and Hawkeye are the most "worthy" in terms of Norse notions. If Thor gets his hammer back, I suspect it will be via some other character handing it over to him. Especially if it's in Avengers.
  13. I really need tp track down there will be blood. One of those films that escaped me at the time and never seems to be on tv.
  14. just watched "swiss army man" what a surreal and different film. It's hard to categorise but in a good way. Parts are funny while some parts are incredibly sad. The leads were great and I admire Radcliffe for using his fame and fortune as Harry Potter as an opportunity to take on roles that are different and not guaranteed successes. I haven't seen Paul Dano in as many things, although it turns out he's a bit of a chameleon as I didn't remember he had quite big roles in "Prisoners" and "12 years a slave"
  15. makes me wonder how much stuff we've missed out on. I think in some cases it mutates into a different show eg I think he said his "death throes of the republic" was initially meant to be a short episode on Cleopatra but he found himself getting stuck down a spiral of explaining the background. Maybe at some point he'll do something with the almost finished podcasts he abandoned as I get the feeling they'd be ok. Although i respect him for having a high personal level of quality control - it's probably why he has such a good track record.