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  1. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to come up with material for a superhero who is a PI. Off the top of my head she could privately investigate things. Veronica Mars meets Wonder Woman seems an easy formula.
  2. I sort of liked season 1 and 2. 2 had a surprising ending but felt like the end. I've yet to watch the rest but feel I should probably finish the rest of "turn" if I'm going to finish FX shows from that era first. Started watching "Troy-Fall of a city". I've yet to finish all of episode one but it's "ok". Seems to have strong production values and I was surprised to see them involving gods (the tendency seems to play these types of show straight of late). I'm just not convinced on them using Paris as the main protagonist. I guess I'm just jaded from my reading of the Iliad in that I felt it was all largely his fault and that he was a bit of a prick. It's taking some effort to be more sympathetic towards him. What's proving even harder to forgive is how they appear to be portraying Hector as some thuggish brute. He's my favourite character from the Iliad (always felt the most "modern"/human in his behaviour) and the one I empathised with the most. Hopefully they don't treat him as merely the brawn to Paris' brains or I won't last long with the show. I do like their design of Troy - it felt very authentic and clearly played off the archaelogical "Troy" site (even if it may have been later incarnations of the city). Anyway I'm hoping it'll pick up as it could be "The last kingdom"ish with a few more episodes. It seems it's bombing in the UK though audience wise.
  3. To the point that HBO execs pay tribute to this notion??? Weird.
  4. Ha - I was wondering whether this was the same poster who asks "what's the next [insert genre] big thing?" etc fairly frequently. But I couldn't resist replying to Zorral's quote.
  5. what a bunch of shit from the exec - even disregarding the awful choice of words. No one is making HBO make either show and I very much doubt they'd make anything for a loss. Boo Hoo that making a spin off of the most successful show on TV will cost a lot - I'm sure there's a queue of other networks who'd gladly fund a spin-off. Same with Big Little Lies - unless that show magically costs more to make than it earns then don't make it. They have Westworld. I think they are developing "foundation" and I'm sure at one point they were interested in "Hyperion". The other big factor is all the shows in question are in development and not yet proven hits (obviously star wars will be a hit - at least for a season). Star Trek: Discovery has done well but it's probably only outdone by Star Wars in terms of brand recognition. It also had the TFA style factor of being the first Trek show in over a decade to air. So HBO are maybe being sensibly cautious to see whether there's a market for Space-based shows. I hope there is and I'd take notice of anything HBO would take a stab at. The other factor around the sudden explosion could be down to entertainment cycle. In the late 90s early 2000s there were a lot of space shows airing. It's been a while since their popularity waned and it's simply time for their return. Add to the fact that there's probably a lot of people now working in the entertainment industry who were probably film/writing students back in the era these space shows were on and now they get a chance at bringing them back. I'm all for it - I've been waiting over a decade for these shows to come back.
  6. Yeah - the channel no-one watches unless they have sold their soul to BT. I swore never to use them again after my call was passed around a call centre office and could hear them laughing before telling me they were closing and had to call back the next day. That was in 2007 so doing pretty well - although recounting the tale has stirred up that seething anger I have at that company. Luckily they don't appear to be anywhere near approaching Netflix/Amazon/Iplayer in terms of shows I want to watch. Hopefully they never get a foothold and Disney stream will make it hard for it to exist.
  7. In that case I certainly won't give up on the series just yet
  8. I should probably check it out now there's several issues. The first issue felt like it'd read better as trades and Ellis and his artists tend to run late. I really liked his stormwatch back in the day and it's good to see him revamping the line. Is the new series in it's own universe (it seemed so)? If they are does this mean that the Authority, etc no longer exist in the DCU? I know Midnighter was part of DCU until recently.
  9. I'm actually more curious about the SF book. It sounds very different from his other works and sometimes the big shake-ups can produce the better works. I think part 2 of the red sister books will have to wait for me - maybe for a promotional sale. I haven't been blown away by his books since the end of Thorns. Red Sister was better than his last few for me but I've been luke-warm to it. That said, Pat's review is saying a lot of things I wanted to hear - especially regarding the additional POVs.
  10. The guy's consistent in his backtracking anyhow. Maybe he's working on the next trilogy so that when he finishes this one he can claim it is already done?
  11. Netflix really should have checked the comparative success of his non-marvel work. This is like giving stan lee a shed load of money for his non-marvel works. I guess it was other creative teams that made Deadpool and (sort of) Cable into successes. Maybe they are hoping with the correct people working on an adaptation the same will happen again? Otherwise it feels like buying the IP of things just so others can't make shows out of them. At this point I have to assume that the Wildstorm (Wildcats/stormwatch/authority) rights are completely tied up with DC/WB now? That could make a great TV/film franhise.
  12. I remember thinking they were evil Mekano sets Atlantis is a bit of both. They manage to get going a lot quicker but there was a point half-way through season 2 where they'd set up loads of material and antagonists to keep them going for much longer than they actually did.
  13. I think with Star wars it's more a removal of childish elements than addition of more adult themes in order to make it more "grown up". The films have featured patricide, borderline accidental incest, good guys turning bad and vice versa, death and betrayal. Rogue One was pretty low on the childish elements and for now is as "mature" as I'd like my star wars. But I'm in agreement that riding around on CGI animals on racetracks or when fighting androids on motorbikes and bad jokes more suited to Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor Ragnarok is something that could be removed in a more mature star wars film. I think there's always a danger in viewers wanting a franchise to grow up with them (I'm guilty of it) but it can be hard for the franchise to go back. I'm glad Dark Knight happened but it sort of took Batman away from kids in terms of the comics as it ratcheted up the age that the stories were targeted towards. Deadpool and Logan work as it fits with the characters and, very importantly are isolated from the MCU. I'm still curious to see whether Disney will have these characters mix with their films - they've insulated the netflix shows pretty effectively. A star wars film in that vein would need to be deliberately separate from main franchise. Maybe they could do this with the TV show as tv-film seems to be an effective barrier in this sense. Although with Favreau onboard I suspect it'll be very wide audience friendly. Raimi's spider-man 2 has a great Evil Dead homage in the doc ock tentacle cam. That and Bruce Campbell in the trilogy.
  14. Will it be adult themed though? I really don't see Disney going that route for a long time with the star wars franchise. Beyond the sex and violence I think star wars already has the heroes falling from grace and political backstabbing covered. I see D&Ds involvement as being something like Sam Raimi doing spider-man or Jackson doing LOTR. They take their craft to the project rather than the adult themes of their earlier work. I'd also be more than happy if this star wars project fares as well as the two examples just given
  15. Yeah, sometimes it's best to say nothing if the alternative is mentioning something underwhelming. I'll check the show out for two reasons 1) nostalgia for the original show and the 90s film and 2) Toby Stephens- he was phenomenal in "black sails" and just curious to see what he could do elsewhere. A bit like how I'll watch anything with Ian mcshane in.