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  1. Attack on Titan (Anime series)

    I watched season 1 back in January and its been a long time since i flew through a show so fast. Had to then seek out the OVAs and I'm about to start the manga - although I think I'd prefer to see season 2 first. Tempted to check out the movies as well. Basically I loved it. Addictive, horrifying and just enough mystery so far as to entice but not overwhelm. Fingers crossed Netflix are streaming this with subs/dubs shortly after it airs in Japan?
  2. The new Justice League trailer

    We can only hope for a James Mangold level of redemption when Ayer gets a second stab at a DC film although "The Wolverine" was only ever anywhere near as bad as suicide squad in the old-guy-in-a-samurai-robot-suit (I refuse to accept that was silver samurai) and Mangold admitted that was insisted on by the studio. Maybe similar things happened with Ayer but on a whole other level? Hard to believe. It seems DC is pretty loyal with sticking to directors. How many critically panned films will Snyder make before they drop him? I guess they must still be making acceptable returns on the films to stick with the plan.
  3. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Good point. It could well be that Xavier hid the body away and Shadow King can't return until he knows where his body is. I can imagine Xavier wouldn't "kill" him due to moral codes. And we know from Jamaine Clement's character that the physical body can be stored while the mind/spirit is in the astral plane. That's a great synopsis of what's going on. The comic has had various iterations of the story but it usually boils down to Shadow King existing primarily as a being of psychic energy and requiring his own body or a hosts for regular stuff. Not sure why he needs a physical body really as his power is astral plane based.
  4. The new Justice League trailer

    He seems a lot more wise-cracking from the trailers so far. It's possible to make Batman funny but there wasn't any sign of it in BvS other than the forced "I thought she was with you" line. But yeah Batman has been fun in different iterations of the character usually by being the straight humourless guy or as the guy with thee dryest sense of humour.
  5. The new Justice League trailer

    If it Justice League is released a week before payday and I have a budget that month my money will be going to Thor Ragnarok. If it's good I'm probably more likely to watch Thor twice than Justice League. Again, this is pretty damning considering I like MOS and Watchmen but I really wasn't impressed with BvS. I can't even muster the enthusiasm of rewatching the extended version in the hope I was missing something the first time around. I agree that there is no issue with casting. The attempts at injecting humour, especially via Batman,feels a bit desperate given how glum he was in BvS. I'd have preferred they used the new characters as venues for humour although I guess there was room for it with Wonder Woman to some extent.
  6. Good point. I was actually thinking "he was blinded" as "he was beat" but I forgot about how he then remembered he was part of the matrix. I guess I will think of Kanan as being tougher than I give him credit - otherwise the conclusion is that Maul is a bit shit which would then make Qui-Gon a bit of a loser. I guess robo-leg/torso Maul may just be inferior to his whole version too.
  7. Chris Wooding's upcoming epic fantasy trilogy: The Ember Blade

    I failed miserably with the braided path and it was down to as silly a thing as the combined series is a bit of a phonebook and I wasn't taking it with me for commute reading. There's a kindle version but I don't want to pay a lot for content I've already bought. Really silly excuse but there it is.
  8. I enjoyed the finale. There were some cool space battles and I enjoyed the foot soldier assault on the ship. I think the rebels should have lost more in terms of their fleet and maybe even have some personnel captured. As it is I'm not entirely convinced the Emperor or Thrawn's higher ups would actually consider this a victory - given they lost a lot of important ships and failed to capture key rebels. I guess it all depends on Thrawns spin of events and whether the emperor thinks the empire can afford such losses as long as more damage is inflicted on the much smaller rebellion. I also didn't want to see any of the main crew die as that would be too dark for a kids show (and I wouldn't like it either) although they did have me wondering about Kanan for a while after that buddy moment of having taught Ezra everything. Kallous could have died but I actually think it could be interesting to incorporate him into the Ghost crew at least until Sabine returns (if she ever does). I think if the character has proven popular this season then there's a really good chance he'll appear in the rumoured second clone wars spin-off that's supposed to be set between Jedi and Awakens. He could easily be involved in a pre Snoke capacity. Although now he has a prophecy to deal with i suspect there's a good chance his fate will play out in this show. Which is fine as it means we'll get more of him. I think this season was the strongest so far and I'm starting to get the impression that the Star Wars braintrust has enough faith in Filoni at this point to let him do more ambitious things and not be chained to a kid-friendly episodic format. Season four has the potential to be even more interesting although with the removal of Maul I feel they do need to bring in a dark side user as it's good to have that part of the show in play - especially with Ezra's dabbling in it. Which reminds me of how when Kanan explained he only barely completed his training, I thought of how Maul beat Kanan relatively easily and how easily Kenobi beat Maul. Maybe Ezra really is in the minor leagues just from his training? It might be a good time to bring Ahsoka back in as the fact she was holding her own against Vader has me thinking she'd have beat Maul relatively easily. That Bandu seems so strong again reminds me of how i like the idea that those who use the force in a balanced way can actually be far stronger than the ones who go good/evil. I still think that's where Kylo Ren is going wrong. His purging of his light side actually made him weaker and his real strength comes from him having strong emotions on both sides. Although in his case they balance through conflict rather than Bandu's more collected sense of balance.
  9. F1 2016

    I watched the race and have to say I wasn't that impressed. I really have to hope that with Australia being considered a "street track" in characteristics that it's just a hard one for overtaking. Otherwise we're going to get a season of tense first corners and pit stop strategy "overtaking". It might float the strategist's boat but I want to see cars racing on track. As it was Vettel had the faster car but couldn't overtake Hamilton. When Vettel passed Hamilton via pit stop Hamilton couldn't catch Vettel and the race was over. That's exactly how Vettel won three seasons with Red Bull. Thankfully the one difference is that the Mercedes/Hamilton is still the fastest in quali-lap (which suggests tyre management is harder for mercedes with a heavy fuel load?). So while it's nice to see another team win by actually having the better car on the day I'm still concerned for the sport in terms of entertainment. Fingers crossed on track overtaking will be possible at the front of the grid in china. I did like seeing Vettel get a warm reception on the podium as I recall him being treated quite harshly by fans when he was constantly winning for Red Bull (not quite as bad as Rosberg's podium treatment - which I often think played a part in his retirement). It was also good to see the pink panthers get both cars in the points. Occon's pass at the end was probably the highlight of the race. A shame the Red Bulls aren't there yet and an unusually quiet race for Verstappen. Like others have said though I could see Red Bull catch up especially as there are fewer restrictions on development this season. Mclaren are a mess but Alonso valiantly squeezes every last drop and more out of the car. The vibration issue seems like a disaster as it's causing additional problems in the car making the engine a genuine cause of all the car's problems. It bemuses me how such an issue could arise without it being picked up earlier in development. As it is the team has somehow managed to go backwards and again I'm reminded of how we've been robbed of seeing one of the best drivers be competitive. Makes me feel like F1 should insist on him being given a drive in one of the top 3 teams next season. Although I think his bridges are burned somewhat with Ferrari and knowing Alonso's luck if he moved Mclaren would improve. At the moment I wonder if Mclaren would improve simply by having an engine other than Honda in it. I was impressed at Hamilton's behaviour post race - no sulking and accepted the situation. Part of me hopes there's a small part of him relishing the prospect of being able to race someone without the internal politics of it being his team-mate. Same with Ricciardo - if ever there was a time a driver could be forgiven for being in a pissy mood it was after his "race" but he keeps on smiling and remaining positive. One of those drivers you can't help but want to succeed.
  10. BBC Line of Duty Series 3

    Not sure it was as good an opening as previous seasons but still very strong. I like how it appears to be a fresh start as I don't know how much further they can go with the "caddy arc" although that was never fully resolved and the seasons do tend to have the uber story crop up later. Still I think the show could benefit from a season that isn't as connected assuming this is now a show with a couple more seasons left.
  11. Chris Wooding's upcoming epic fantasy trilogy: The Ember Blade

    I thought each book in that series got better until the final one which is a rare example of a series perhaps ending too soon. I guess there's worse complaints than thinking there was at least another book there and that maybe too much happened in the finale.
  12. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    There's Stand alone complex season 1 and 2 and then Solid State Society. That's one "universe" Then there's the "Arise" TV/DVD series which is in it's own continuity and unrelated. Then there are the original films Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell: Innocence although I was never fully convinced they were that connected if memory serves. I agree it's a mess although I guess it's no more confusing than all the versions of Batman we have running around on the big and small screen.
  13. The new Justice League trailer

    I used to think they were filming part one and two back to back but it does appear they've got cold feet and rescheduled the sequel for after the Batman film which is hilarious given how badly that film doesn't seem to want to be made. My main gripe with the trailer was that Cyborg's face looked like it had been digitally attached with similar finesse to one of those online "stick a photo of you on a pigeon-on-a-bike ecard animations". I can only hope that is still being worked on as I'll be dragged out of the film whenever he's on screen. the music didn't work with it - it just slowed down an already lethargic trailer. I can see why they did it as the current formula seems to be "stick an old rock/pop song over a film and people like it". Clearly there's more to the formula. I'm with those who don't buy the griping over there not being introductory films for the entire league. They have done lead in films for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. An argument could be made for the Flash but it's not essential. Cyborg and Aquaman need the exposure of this film to help them have solos not the other way around. Hawkeye only got a cameo prior to Avengers and arguably the Hulk franchise would have fared better if his solo film had came along after Avengers (although it really sounds like there's an issue with paramount over Disney solo Hulk films). I'm sure the recent Magnificent Seven film would have performed much better with individual lead in films too. It's the usual trap people fall into - a bit like the "a TV show would work better". Most times the reality is that a talented screenwriter (whose work isn't then butchered by changes from rewrites, producers and directors) could easily craft a 2- 2.5 hour movie with a large cast and big plot. I don't really want a hollywood where it takes half a dozen movies before i get an A-team or a Spock, Bones and Kirk solo film before. Imagine how tedious Star Wars would be? Although it looks like Star wars will eventually bore us with solo-film spin offs instead. For those who are upset about the lack of Martian Manhunter you can pretend he's Superman and that Supes is still in his coffin doing gravel push-ups. We should check to see how he is around flames and whether he does things other than flying and strength.
  14. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    That episode was a return to form (the last episode seems to have been a blip in pacing). His powers creating a rational him to put things together was a fun way of bringing about some revelations and the animated sequences were a visually entertaining way of doing the info dump. The permed hair guy's death was brutal and yet again demmostrated how this show is a horror show. Same for that shit-my-pants moment where the angriest boy in the world appeared again. I was a bit confused with what Jemaine Clement was doing outside his cage - was he being imprisoned in the astral plane by the Shadow King all that time and that's why he's now out or am i missing something? Nice to get confirmation on the Shadow King from the show - I was confident it was him from the yellow eyed demon in the pilot. Just a shame it stops him from being a villain on the big screen - although after X-men:Apocalypse I think we've got a far more interesting take on the character via the small screen. Aubrey Plaza has me thinking we lost out on a Harley Quinn that would have worked wonders with Ledger's Joker and I'm left wondering if there are any other comic villains she could do.
  15. F1 2016

    I'm just hoping that Ferrari still has the excellent starts and Hamilton the iffy ones. I think if Vettel can lead into the first corner we could have an interesting race. While I'd rather have Hamilton vs Alonson - I do think Vettel could cause headaches in the race. Otherwise I think Hamilton will sail off into the sunset and the we'll have to settle for a possibly interesting race between Raikonnen, Bottas and Vettel. Maybe further down the pack will provide entertainment too. I think some of the laptime was as much Hamilton laying down the law as the mercedes being dominant. Good effort by Grosjean in the Haas too. It again suggests the Ferrari engine has improved - assuming they have the next gen engine too.