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  1. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I used to have nightmares about Frank Sidebottom as a kid so the angriest boy is definitely the more disturbing of the two for me. Episode 3 felt a bit more like a story to me and was easier to follow. That or I'm just getting used to the storytelling technique for the show. I'm really digging the horror aspect as that wasn't what I was expecting going into the show. I'm also coming around more to the idea that yellow eyes could be Mojo - there's definitely a "tearing through reality" vibe at play in several scenes now. I think I'd prefer Shadow king or some dark aspect of David himself though.
  2. His Dark Materials sequel trilogy: The Book of Dust

    A lesson to be learned. At least there may be a chance for "doors of stone" to win the same accolade for the 22nd Century.
  3. The Wheel of Osheim by Mark Lawrence

    I think Joe is just genuinely busy with his new series and life in general. His posts over here tend to reflect his output on his own blog and he rarely updates his own blog these days (compared to 5 years ago). I'd be more worried about his absence if we still got regular updates on his own site. Based on his last blog entry it seems he simply has less time for a lot of distractions - he even plays less video games. Probably goes hand-in-hand with having a family more than him not wanting to post here. I was always amazed at how Mark somehow found the time to join in here as much as he did. I seem to have convinced myself the new book was out at the begining of March but it's actually in april
  4. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    Most definitely. That's also a good distinction - Sansa never embarasses society in her behaviour just pushes what's actually expected of her. Malta's behaviour does at least fit with the book's theme of everything essentially going Kyle's way and that those who side with him tend to be equally misguided. Although I did enjoy how Kyle's "I can't wait to sell my daughter off to a profitable suitor" shone throughout out the scenes where he was agreeing to let her go to the ball - pretty good considering he wasn't a POV in that scene and that the actual POVs didn't pick up on it. It's definitely the aspect of Hobb's writing I'm really enjoying in this book the way the characters can shine via subtext.
  5. I vaguely recall him in that, yeah. Farirly small part but he was decent in it and played a slightly different role to Dennis - although i recall him doing the powerless in front of overwhelming odds in a way that was reminiscent of this episode. He was apparenlty in house of cards last year as well. I always find it odd how Charlie seems to get the most film work out of the whole cast. I get the impression he's slightly less involved in the show than Mac and Dennis (so has more time?) and I guess his character is one that easily translates into films as from what I've seen he essentially plays Charlie in everything.
  6. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    It does a good job of nailing why I've found myself intrigued through most of the show despite the other obvious flaws. I think it's definitely one of those shows where people will look back and point to it as one of Hardy's iconic performances. Up there with Bane (which is underated largely because of the joker/film) and his Bronson performance (where i think he picked up quite a few of Refn's ticks when it came to making Taboo).
  7. Decent episode. I think they actually managed to come close to having a moment of genuine compassion between characters (possibly a first?) when Mac gave Dennis the present. The guy who plays Dennis seems to be a genuinely good actor - almost in that sense where I wonder whether he could pull a "walter white" given the motivation/opportunity. Although I wouldn't want that if an end to Sunny was required as a catalyst
  8. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    Just read the first Molta POV chapter. I guess I have to give Hobb credit for writing a character that gets under my skin so easily. She blows Sansa out of the water in terms of naive girl wanting to be a woman madness. Although it is sort of fun how she sees things and is unaware of how others/majoirity view her actions. Although I'm noticing this is a strength of Hobb's now thrat she's writing from multiple POVs - most of the characterss view reality in a very different light to how others interpret it. Kennet is another good example with his constant misunderstanding of how others view his actions and there are elements ofit with Wintro and Althea too. It's a good reflection of real life.
  9. Alien: Covenant (update: trailer)

    I'd say both were pretty equal. The book was essentially a shameless screenplay for a movie anyhow and Ridley Scott was able to draw attention away from the writing (and the overly gushing lead character). But the book had loads of ideas and if Scott has a decent story to work off he'll make a great film. Prometheus (and several other films he's done) highlight how Scott can't tell whether a screenplay is actually any good though. I'm tempted to avoid these as the teaser material for Prometheus fooled me into thinking we were going to get a great film. Maybe it's better to go into Covenant with low expectations.
  10. To be fair the writing of the show still sets Eleanor up as more of a villain simply because she's the antagonist of Flint, Silver, Vane and the pirates who are the leads of the show. What the show does a good job of is presenting why Eleanor, Rogers and co are doing what they are doing but the viewer still tends to go for the warped reality of siding with the pirates. I think the new season has done a great job of showing us the reality which Max is perceiving - that both factions are committing atrocities. I'm not a huge fan of Eleanor's character but I admit that it's all down to the writers intentionally wanting her to act and be perceived that way. Someone mentioned upthread how this show is good at throwing out surprises yet when you think about it, it actually makes sense based on the characters involved.
  11. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    Damn, I had a fairly long post on the last two episodes but the site went down for a few hours this morning. In Summary Oona Chaplin's wide-eyed stare and the character's lack of definition (she started the show in control of the men around around her and quickly became their victim/lost any sense of power) make for a bad combo. Grimcamp is a great tag for the show. Godfrey blatantly running to Delaney's house every time there is a development is hilarious in the lack of subterfuge and MP running upstairs every few minutes to update the globe-spinning regent on the lack of torture progress was like a Python sketch. There are so many times this could actualy be a parody that was too close to the edge of being serious. The show has been a curious adventure for me - I love the visuals, mood and music but the repetitiveness and general lack of pace are frustrating. I'm done with the show after this series' conclusion. There's simply too many great shows to watch for me to waste time on an uneven one. If there's ever a period of bad TV over the next decade I at least know there's a ton of stuff I can catch up on that will be acceptable when not facing such tough competition
  12. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Rucka's new Image book was decent. Looks like it may have a highlander vibe (or someone developed Lazari further back in history). The art reminded me a lot of Eduardo Risso which is always a plus. Apparenlty Ed Brubaker seems to be moving more into TV. He wrote an episode of Westworld last year and is now the writer on a new amazon show with nicolas winding refn as director. Given the quality of his comics and how he often pursues more character driven stories he should cross over nicely. It sort of makes me want to track down Ed and Rucka's time on the batbooks and their co-effort "Gotham Central". I recall the run being quite popular but it was at a time I was mainly interested in X-men and Marvel.
  13. Good analysis and fair points but there's still the fact he's placed himself as the hostage if any of these things go wrong. Flint's been known to have suicidal tendencies so he may well be gambling hard with this move. I think the big flaw in all those listed pros is the con that the other pirates a) want a fight b ) don't particularly care too much about Flint and c) want their share of the treasure. None of those might result in anything worse than Flint's imprisonment and in a sense there will now be a race to the treasure because if they decide not to hand it over, they certainly have to change its location as Flint could send some of Eleanor's men to get it. At this stage though any deal to get Nassau seems temporary. Even if Woodes decided to cave in, the British would just send someone else. Given the ropey timeline in the show - if Flint does survive all this I'd love there to be some kind of hint that he was part of the movement for American independence. It would fit perfectly with his goal of showing the world the English were weak and give him an overall victory even if he didn't win Nassau. Realistically it would have to be a child or someone who listened to his ranting though.
  14. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    good to know the story gets even better. I managed to convert an Italian friend to the series by showing him some of the artwork at the weekend. Also started reading the Vision trade and it's as good as everyone here has claimed. I'd love it if Netflix made this into a miniseries. It's not often Marvel makes something that could be considered a classic but it's happened in one of the weirdest of places. For all the bold reimagings that appear to have faltered over the last couple years, they may have been worth it if a comic like this is one of the results of said reimaginings.
  15. I'm caught up and already feel like the remaining episodes would have to be pretty bad for this season not to be better than 3. The directing in episode 3 and 4 were great. The chase scene in ep 4 was really cinematic and the way they filmed the below deck fights was absolutely brutal. Some of these directors may well be worth keeping an eye on. The possibility that Hamilton is alive (which if i recall was always a hooded man at the hanging?) really does turn events on its head and could spell even greater trajedy for Flint. Although I find it hard to believe that someone as idealistic as Hamilton would have given up - surely he must be under house arrest in Florida? Otherwise Flint may feel betrayed by the man he's devoted a cause to. I have to admit I was confused that Rackham and co were on the war galley with Rogers but being on the sloop makes obvious sense. I agree with others that Teach and Rackham's capture did feel forced in order to give us a good scene later but Teach was probably overconfident and I guess Teach's men would have thrown Rackham overboard if he hadn't surrendered in the hope of saving their captain. Somewhat more silly for me was the "plan" of standing in front of a bunch of armed british soldiers and simply hoping you wouldn't get hit. That seemed to be Silver and Flint's plan which seemed a bit off for both of them. No idea why Flint surrendered. I'm not sure why he'd trust Guthrie at all after what happened with Vane - surely this could just be a way of buying time? I hope it doesn't mean they are finding a way of Flint being captured without being beat as it would be shit if he spends the rest of the season as a prisoner. No doubt he does have other plans and it may be this very thing that leads to Silver and him being at odds. I think I probably need to rewatch their conversations in this episode as I think that had a lot to do with Flint's choice. If he got some inkling Hamilton may be alive and that Silver will inevitably be a threat he can't overcome he may well have just thrown his lot in with Guthrie and co. That would make for a serious change.