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  1. True - Luke himself didn't unless we count touching Leia's hand (I can't remember whether his light sabre clashed with Kylo's) but they could wave that off as with force sensitives only. As for Yoda they could say it takes 30 years of ghostliness to achieve. It would have helped if they'd established Luke wanted to become a force ghost eg never show us the x-wing in the sea to establish he was stuck on that planet and had no other option than to ghost it. I'm still going for most unique and best visuals. Although a lot of my favourite music albums are ones I'm not initially in love with and I think this film is in that region.
  2. I thought it was curious how when Rey asked to see her parents she ultimately saw herself. I guess it could be a metaphor for her being a self-made woman but maybe there's dome wiggle room for force related shenanigans - even if her parents were lousy bobodies. Those were the sacred jedi texts under the blanket Finn got out from a drawer in the Millenium Falcon to cover Rose at the end, right? I liked how bad communication ruined the plan of the rebels. In essence Finn and Rose going off on their side mission, failing and being caught, ultimately led to the First Order knowing the rebels were escaping onto the planet. If only the admiral had just told Poe what her plan was... Also slightly confused how Finn and Rose could go off on a side-mission while the rebels were on the run and then presumably just find them when the mission was completed.
  3. Just got back from a screening. Took a bit longer than expected as there was a sound issue with the dialogue and it took ten minutes to fix it. Luckily they started again from the beginning. I'm still a bit overwhelmed/exhausted by the film to have a firm opinion. It was good but with some thought/time to process it may be excellent. What I enjoyed the most was how it unfolded completely differently to how i expected which is surprisingly refreshing for a Disney franchise film. I had the rug pulled out from under me on several occasions and I think that's part of why I'm hesitant to call it excellent just yet. In many ways it felt like Rian was almost deliberately undermining all of JJ Abrams mystery bait and it makes a lot of Force Awakens seem like a sleight of hand retroactively. The other slight issue I had was that it was a long film and there were at least two points in the film where I thought it was about to cut to the end score and then went on for significantly longer. It was pretty relentless (a large part of the plot was a bit like a space version of mad max fury road (or smokey and the bandit)'s chase element and it just got a bit exhausting with what felt like several third acts. Better than it being boring though. Loved the Samurai movie cinematography and I have to hand it to Johnson for making a film that was unmistakably his film visually yet still recognisably star wars. None of the other directors have really managed that IMO (JJ ABrams was clearly mimicking in Force Awakens). The cast were all great. Hamill does an excellent job of having moments where the young luke breaks through "grumpy" older luke's shell (when meeting R2 for instance). Laura Dern had a lot of presence on screen and while Benicio del Toro's character felt more like a spin-off character or character from another franchise guest starring - he himself did a good job. A lot of the humour was good - although there were a couple of them that felt a bit too "2010s earth" humour and not "a galaxy far away" humour. Actually there were several moments, usually connected with the humour, that tore me out of the film because it didn't feel star wars and it tended to involve Poe and Finn's characters. Overall I'm impressed and I've a feeling that those who accused episode VII of being a re-run will have trouble saying the same here as while there are clear homages to empire strike back, that's it.
  4. I'm sure I read that BKV was working on a TV adaptation but that was probably just a comment in the letter page of Saga a year or so ago. Oh, I found this link about it being in development at FX. Hope that continues after the Disney buy out.
  5. I think a lot of people have more of an issue with not trusting the death, or the feeling it was a "stunt death", than any real attachment to the character? I think Amazon should have checked the rest of his comics IP before doing that deal. Given Outcast and Invincible are already shows or in film development most of his existing hits are taken.Hopefully it's with his skybound comics line as that includes other creator's work too. Manifest Destiny could work really well as a tv show. I'd be chasing after Brubaker (amazon already have a deal with him), Rick Remender, Jonathan Hickman, Brian K Vaughan, Jason Aaron and Greg Rucka (someone's adapting Lazarus) over Kirkman. All those creators have a variety of different comics that could make interesting TV shows. I guess they went for proven record in TV over genuine potential and range of projects.
  6. I read one quote from gimple and it seemed intentionally open to interpretation. Said something about Carl's bite changing everything. I certainly wouldn't rule out Carl being immune to death by bite. After all, that isn't a cure for zombification just a cure from dying of their bite .
  7. It depends what the criteria for binging is. Is it within 48 hours or a week? The way the marvel shows are paced doesn't encourage bingeing as they rarely have a mystery element or cliffhangers that make you want to watch the next episode. I'm currently enjoying punisher but the pacing is such that the next episode is take it or leave it in terms of immediately watching. Which I see as a good thing in that the show is managing to give me an episodic nature on average eg punisher has a task at start of episode and completes it within the episode. Something that has been lacking in previous shows. Dark is the only show I've truly binged on Netflix this year. Discovery is the only one where I've watched every episode in the day if release.
  8. protomolecule? Surprised apple and amazon aren't the ones looking at it.
  9. That'd be a pretty epic rewatch. I'll have a look to see if there's a streamlined "great/arc episodes to watch" guide? A bit like there is for next gen. I guess Atlantis and Universe are sadly a lot easier to do full rewatches of. As I've said earlier i hope the new show is successful enough to bring faith back to the franchise but it'd be a damn shame if all we get is a prequel show. Hopefully this is just a way of generating funding for TV movies and if the model works we'll see a variety of short films - some hopefully set in the present or featuring some of the original 3 shows.
  10. That and the amount of people that would want him dead would probably cause the society to fall apart in outrage if they didn't execute him. Spin-off show. Qwarrll has delayed reaction to bite (because he's the chosen one) but he and Neagan have to set off on a quest for the golden zombie to gain a full cure.
  11. Most comic writers are fans of comics (which is both good and problematic) so I think you'll always find them being drawn to the big two's A-list characters. Plus Bendis had been sidelined from the Movie side of things when Feige wrestled sole control of the cinematic universe. So he probably knows his future isn't as bright as having the entireity of Marvel Disney to play with. Although I think he was still involved in TV and cartoons. There was a news story that Bendis nearly died last week from a MRSA infection that left him temporarily blinded. He seems to be recovering now but I can imagine that knocks a person back for a while. Yeah - time to move on to greener pastures. I'm hoping this means an end to the self imposed exile of the franchise in the comics. If the deal goes through then I'm hoping they'll take the books seriously again and get some big hitters on the books. Although they'll need to bring some big hitters back to Marvel to do that - something they are lacking in these days.
  12. That's not how they transform began in the comics. It's never about whether Rick is a better person morally, it's about who can run the most effective post apocalyptic society. Negan thought his way was the best but was proven wrong. Now he realises ricks way is more effective and do supports that. But he is still very much an utter bastard just with a better direction eg upholding Rick's rule. But I agree it makes no sense other than plot armour that he was never summarily executed.
  13. Really glad I put the book on pause to read the last two novellas. Both provide insight into duarte and his planet - especially "strange dogs" which I can't see how it can't come into play. Vital abyss was a great look inside the mind of a sociopath/someone lacking emotions and was just a great tightly written novella. Was nice to see things from first person in a case where the authors clearly thought and realised it was the most effective way of telling the story. Back onto Persepolis rising now.
  14. Everyone has their breaking point with these types of thing. For me as long as the entertainment outweighs the stupidity I'm fine with it. We all have different guages with regards to those two things. Prison break and the flash are examples of shows where the ratio went out the window for me and I gave up. GOT had a ton of stupidity and fake outs this season but just managing to win out in entertainment value for me. Mr robot (season 2) is almost the inverse for me. Excellent on the details but wavering on the entertainment. Luckily I've heard season 3 is back on form so will binge it when done. I still think you should give up on season 2 though as it continues with all the flaws you are listing and adds more.
  15. The Whisperer material was the best the comic has been in a long while. Still not sure such a culture could arise within a few years but I guess apocalypse's can create sudden changes. The problem is that the whisperer story has been put on the back-burner/fizzled out - at least from what I can gather from the last two graphic novels. Given the way this show can make a "day's worth" of time in show last 6 episodes Carl could remain on the show for a couple of seasons. Look how long they dragged out Glenn's "death" a few seasons ago. Next episode could be following another storyline/side character. Then another, then drop in on Carl who's looking a bit grey. Followed by 3 episodes about what was happening during that time from the POV of Morgan's stick, henchman number 6 etc. They could easily string out his death until the end of the season. And then there's still the possibility it's all a fake out.