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  1. I think Marvel Studios could also learn from this film that if you can't do good villains make sure the conflict is something the team is invested in. I just watched "the magnificent seven" and it's night and day how both films have the same number of characters and Chris Pratt and one was souless while the other had characters I cared about across the board. Odd as Mag seven had far better actors to utilise but I'd take a wrestler playing Drax over D'onoforio playing a crazy cowboy.
  2. I watched the first film prior to seeing the new one and I'd say it's a better film in every respect except for the fact it isn't as fresh given it's still using all the tricks established in the first film. The villain works well and may be one of the first Marvel films with a final act that works in a satisfying way (winter soldier is the only other one I can think of). Key to this is that the conflict is character-based despite their being large stakes at play and when the Guardians start punching/shooting the villain it matters more. And it's funny. For me, Drax steals the film as everything he says gets a smile or laugh from me. Bautista is so good at deadpan/manchild. Baby Groot is cute but still provides some almost silent movie comedy and the others all get some good lines - there's a great Mary Poppins pop reference. In terms of pop references for those clued in they'll love the gags that pop up throughout - others may find it a but insular when they don't pick up on the reference though. Michael Rooker easily earns the increased role in this film and shines throughout and really helps land the final act in a satisfying way . Rocket is a bit more subdued in this film and it's never really explained why or fully resolved but he gets a cool rambo moment. Speaking of Rambo - unless they plan to use Sly's character in sequels or infinity I feel his role is seriously overhyped. It's the most unique of the Marvel films and I really hope their involvement in Avengers Infinity doesn't damage the characters. For me this is the big screen version of "Farscape" and oddly it's the sensibilities of TV shows like "Farscape" and "Buffy" that make this film such a joy because there is a humour and the characters feel like they have episodic adventures and we just get to sit in on the "finales".
  3. I'll have to put the answer in big spoiler warnings for this one - read at your own risk.
  4. just watched the 2016 " The Magnifcent Seven". What a waste of time. I get frustrated when a good concept (that has been shown to work at least twice), excellent cast (pretty much all of them shone), and diversification of the seven should have allowed them to keep things fresh and interesting. And instead we wind up with a snooze fest. There's a good shout-out halfway through and an overly long one at the end and in a similar fashion to "Rogue One" makes the mistake of not getting us to invest in the core cast and simply relies on archetypes/actors to sell it. Bit of a problem when the final act kind of needs you to care about them. At least Rogue One's plot moved along nicely but this was a chore. Such a waste of talent. At least I watched it on Netflix. I wonder if Marvel fans would claim the film would have worked better with several lead in films?
  5. sounds like they are all a bit busy. Shame we don't get a season next year but I'd rather wait longer and get a season where everyone is focused. After 12 seasons the show may benefit from a recharge too.
  6. the CW shows based on DC properties and Supernatural all do a decent version of the "buffy" format. At least when i was watching them last year. Guess it highlights how shows need to be good first and foremost but i do think star trek would benefit from good 1-2 parters with a narrative arc. Especially with a name like "discovery". If it had been in a space-station or planet I'd be more accepting of a 10 hour movie season.
  7. Cool. If it's good that slight delay might actually start to bug us!
  8. I've been on holiday so only just seen the last two episodes.
  9. I'm cool as long as it's on before I go to work the day after. Not that long a wait if it airs sunday night in the US which is the day after anyhow in the UK. Although Starz does tend to stream their episodes in which case it could be a genuine 24hr wait. I survived it with Black Sails though.
  10. Makes you wonder how much Thanos will be in it (or how motion captured Brolin is). I guess they can film all his material independently if need be. The fun part is going to be Deadpool referencing Thanos (maybe even throw in a Jonah Hex reference for good luck). With the superman parody, they are clearly more comfortable mentioning heroes from other franchises. Although they mentioned Green LAntern quite a lot in the first one as is.
  11. Guy's a perfectionist. I'd almost let them off, if they acknowledged Lexcorp owned their Logos and marketing division.
  12. A surprise but I'm ok with that casting. Brolin can do funny/straight guy as demonstrated in MiB3. Shame the Avatar didn't get in purely on appearance similarity and i was warming to Russel Crowe. Brolin is a safe bet and probably cheaper than Crowe. He probably also doesn't mind signing a multi-contract deal as I imagine Cable will be a franchise regular as long as Deadpool 2 doesn't suck. Not sure it means much in terms of Marvel and Fox. If anything, it means they consider themselves as separate entities but I guess they aren't in pissing contests of saying an actor can't be in either franchise at least. Although if Marvel casts actors as different characters within their universe (from film to Tv) it probably wasn't a great issue anyhow. Plus he's a CGI character in Marvel
  13. Which it sort of did unless they got greedy and expected even more money. Superman vs Batman managed to overcome all the shittiness and still make money. How much more would it have cost to make a great film using this concept and how much more could they have made? The thing is they had 3 fucking hours to tell a story. They could have easily established more clearly why Batman felt Superman was a threat. Better yet have Batman confront Superman with a "warning" and give a reasonable excuse for why Superman won't concede to all of Batman's demands. Have Lex manipulate the situation more. Off the top of my head and excuse could have been "Superman wants to protect those close to him" (trying to remember whether the World's greatest detective figured out Superman's identity - i think he did) or "Superman refuses to let Luthor develop the doomsday creature and Batman is on the fence". Instead we get needless Justice league set up which was so lazy it was Batman watching youtube clips about the members. I sincerely hope that BvS doesn't justify everything having lead-in movies. Cap vs Iron Man arguably did need the set up but Batman and Superman are arguably the two most recognised heroes on the planet.
  14. I was initially worried when they said this was going to be a funny one but the director has restored my confidence because his films are genuinely funny. I'm guessing the opening of the film might be quite serious if "ragnarok" happens and the trailer has plenty of things exploding and armies destroying stuff which I suspect isn't merely for the Lolz. But that fits with all the Marvel films - often serious themes but with plenty of jokes. The Indiana Jones formula in a way. DC seems to be the place to look if you want superheroes to avoid jokes and fun. I don't really see Marvel breaking from the formula when it works so well for them. Part of me wishes Dr Strange hadn't tried to make Strange "funny" he was far better when he was just being an arrogant prick. Although i did enjoy the cloak elements.
  15. I think she's the first top-billed villain for a marvel film? Ultron (he identifies male?), Winter Soldier, Baron Zemo/Iron Man, Loki, Ant man villain, Whiplash, Ecclestone elf, Mandarin, Abomination,Malekeith/ Dr Strange Demon. They are all male. Or at least never identified as female due to being robot or demon but in those cases a male voive actor is attached. Nebula is the only real contender (besides Scarlet Witch) but GOTG is strange in that it doesn't really have a main antagonist although it's supposed to be Ronan the Accuser. Yondu probably fits the bill as well. It does appear that Hela is the main villain in this film so I'm prepared to go with Cate Blanchett's statement.