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  1. a 12 part maxi-series could work. They could even include the pirate story. My concern is that they'll want to turn this into 5-7 seasons. This might mean including "before Watchmen" which was pretty badly received with the exception of Darwyn Cooke's "minutemen". Obviously the showrunners could invent their own material and given the reception of the additional comics that's probably a safer option. Maybe the first season will actually be set in the early days? Although given Lindelof's "lost" connection I guess everyone is assuming a split narrative with the past and present occurring alongside each other.
  2. apparently Vettel's action has angered other teams too " The problem for the stewards was that the next level of penalty was disqualification, and they demurred from that. But two experienced senior figures from teams not involved in the incident told this reporter after the race they felt that is exactly what should have happened. " Grosjean got a one race ban back in the days where he constantly seemed to cause accidents in the first lap (although most agreed it was more ineptitude than deliberate). Although given he'd caused/been involved in 7 out of 12 first lap incidents he may just have clocked up the sufficient penalty points. The ban actually seemed to be a turn-around for him and I think most would agree he's been a decent driver since. Maybe Vettel needs something like this but who knows whether it would work on him - it certainly never changed Maldonado.
  3. I guess this season has featured far lighter penalties in general which is good in terms of race outcomes not being determined by tribunals instead of racing but I think Hamilton made a very good point (and I think he was being genuine rather than wanting to maximise Vettel's punishment) that Vettel's punishment basically says that kind of behaviour isn't intolerable. 10s penalty for potentially taking an opponent out of the race? We know there are several drivers out there (and even more from the past) who would take that.
  4. I was watching the aftershow and agree with Eddie Jordan that what Vettel did was the equivalent of a footballer head-butting another player in which case he should have been sent off. The only defense was that which Coulthard gave him in terms of we'd have to see whether Vettel steered into Hamilton. As Coulthard pointed out Vettel was busy shaking one hand at Hamilton so he maybe wasn't using the other for active steering. I still think a driver who can do that is dangerous full stop. What's to say he wouldn't do the same thing out of anger at high speed? The funny thing was Vettel constantly talking about them being "men" when he was the one acting like a child.
  5. I still have three trades of this series on my shelf. I enjoyed the first one so it's a bit odd how I've yet to get around to it. There must be a lot of extra trades by now.
  6. but he gets two points back next race as it will be 12 months since his initial run of penalty points began
  7. It was a long and epic race although some of the unpredicatbility was generated by deliberate deployment of safety cars. Did they ever explain why the safety car was apparently going slower than it should have? At least they had the sense to stop the race after a realising ever release of the safety car resulted in another set of accidents. I need to see the Vettel incident again but it does sound like he agressively swerved into Hamilton in retaliation for what he thought was Hamilton brake testing. I agree with Hamilton that that is disgusting behaviour and is downright dangerous. I'm trying to recall the punishment schumacher received for the time he almost forced another driver into a wall on a finish straight. I'm sure it was harsher than what Vettel received. The fact Vettel emerged from the race extending his lead is very unfair. The weird thing is how Vettel seems like a nice person outside the car but he's clearly a different animal when racing.
  8. but he should remember the interaction from John Hurt's Doctor and Tennant's Doctor POVs.
  9. Reading "the Fireman" by Joe Hill. Hard not to do "the Stand" comparisons (especially when some of the characters have similar names/behaviours). It started well but then . I'm struggling a bit since that point but I'm hoping there's more going on beneath what feels like a non-apocalypse. The characters are pretty strong in that some initially seem nice until challenged at which point they become darker - something that many books neglect. Or at least the ones I read. Neil Gaiman's "norse mythology" book is proving a chore. I get the impression he's trying to emulate the source material and it makes for a disjointed read that for the most part feels like an appendix to a book but with pepperings of Gaiman's usual writing style. I think I'd have preferred him doing it in his usual style and not being afraid to fill in the blanks as long as the overall stories remained true. But I can see why he chose to approach it the way he did as he's obviously very reverential to the mythology.
  10. Well, nothing ever lasts in superhero comics so I doubt Batman and Catwoman will last - assuming they ever reach the point of getting married. It'll be interesting to see how they develop it. Tom King did a great job with relationships in the Vision so we'll see. I wonder if this was his idea or a higher up editorial move though? I see we're all equally bowled over by Marvel's "industry changing" legacy rollout. Seems like they are trolling with all the call-backs to Fantastic Four covers and the use of X-men covers for the Inhuman comics is particularly funny. Marvel needs a "get back to basics" in terms of letting creators with good ideas tell their own self contained stories for a while. It doesn't matter who the characters are - just build up some trust with readers again and stop creating and cancelling titles every 5 minutes. A bit like Joe Quesada and Bill Jemas did back in the early 2000s
  11. that's less painful although I'm guessing the manga must be quite ahead at this point? Then again manga is usually very decondensed in terms of storytelling so the show could catch up quick.
  12. I've watched the first 8 dubbed episodes. It's still pretty good except for episode 8 which does the annoying anime thing of having lots of flashbacks and essentially recycled/low animated footage to pad things out. A shame. Otherwise some interesting revelations regarding the colossus and armoured titans. don't read the spoilers if you haven't seen through to season 2 episode 8.
  13. I really need to watch "the Leftovers" as I'd like to love Damon Lindelof again. The end of "lost" all of "prometheus" and the stupidity of "Into Darkness" makes it hard for me not to think he's a common factor.
  14. Some trickery in the sense Missy is actually a deranged Doctor due to some timey wimey "three timelords regenerating in close proximity" thing? If unpopular they can always claim Missy is some weird hybrid created by timey wimey. I'd be very surprised if something big doesn't happen with two Masters in an episode. It would be fun misdirection by Michelle Gomez saying she's finished with playing Missy at the end of this series.
  15. The odd thing about the film is that someone actually sat down and thought "how can we use lego as a metaphor to structure a screenplay" and then constructed a story that really works. Honestly, more thought went into this film than the vast majority of blockbusters out there an it's why it was a big success. Concepts like Transformers, the MCU/DCEU and the like would massively benefit from the same level of thought. There's only Pixar spring to mind as having films where they really make the concept work. Battleship it aint.