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  1. same here. For one thing the prequels actually bothered to be individual films with a beginning, middle and end. Those last two hobbits were a mess - no one involved in making them gave a shit where one film started and the other ended. I have little interest in ever watching those last two hobbit films again. I'd easily choose the star wars prequels over Hobbit if held at gunpoint. I guess Fast and Furious is/was original content? It's not a remake of anything. If that counts for something. We've yet to be told there's going to be a fast and furious prequel TV show exploring what happened between the first two films. I'm not ruling it out. Maybe a steam-pink prequel set before cars called "fast and fume-ious" The danger with the streaming channels is that they are channeling their cash into big shows. Netflix started it with the Marvel deal, now we have star wars and LOTR entering the fray. As others say there'll be a Potterverse TV show in the next ten years. But it's still the case that new shows run the risk of failing to find an audience. Netflix had several flops before getting stranger things. the appeal of remakes is you start big and have a buffer to build a show before the audience dwindles. I still think they should take a gamble as networks can make a lot of money when it works and I'm sure some like netflix must operate on a "we know 4 of these shows will fail but the breakout success of the 5th show covers that cost"
  2. They could have just said he preferred his Farrel disguise. He'd certainly stand out less in the real world. It's just unfortunate everyone got sick of Depp's repetitive performances and heard about his private life after they cast him. Although some last minute recasting could have at least meant we weren't stuck with Depp.
  3. One positive if Disney buys the X-men back from Fox would be an end to the bizarre antics at the comics division. Credit to Alonso when he was X-men editor he oversaw the messiah complex arcs. It was only when he became EIC they seemed to go rapidly downhill. I anyone following the DC Doomsday storyline? I've only heard snippets of it - I'm not even sure whether it's out yet or not. Metal or heavy (whatever the Snyder event is currently being published) hasn't interested me at all. From what I can gather it just seems to be an excuse to have lots of different Batmen running around. There's nothing other than that to draw me in. Does anyone have a better spin on it? I'm missing "Clean room"
  4. There's no way Marvel would keep the X-men separate from the rest of the MCU. The temptation would be too great - even if it might be sensible to keep them separate over the long run. In the comics it's never really made much sense how the public loves non-mutants yet fears and hates mutants when there's very little way of knowing whether the heroes are mutant or magic/god, radiation based. I really appreciate how Fox is thinking outside the box with the X-men franchise. Obviously emboldened by Logan and Deadpool (and the backlash against Apocalypse) they seem to be doing things a little different and not playing it safe by doing X-force and other teams of mutants (even New Mutants seems very different from what many of us thought would be "X-men high school"). Madrox could make a really interesting film. I'm not entirely convinced whether James Franco is the best choice for the film - they need the male equivalent of Tatiana Maslany who can do multiple iterations of a similar character (Madrox usually makes exact duplicates but some are subtly/drastically different). I could mention some candidates but often it's a spoiler mentioning this in a film role and secondly I can't imagine an actor would want to do it twice. Franco has some good roles to his name but I'm not totally convinced. Then again this may be his chance to shine. Anyway the above is something that would cease if marvel had the mutants back. Pretty sure the first thing they'd do is allow films to wrap then reboot the whole thing. A bit like how all the good marvel cartoons that weren't Disney were killed off irrespective of whether they were good or not eg Spectacular Spider-man and Wovlerine and the X-men. Arguably Disney axed Clone Wars so they could start on their own cartoon (even if Rebels was still a continuation)
  5. I wonder how much clout Quesada has in the comics now? I hope Marvel gets its shit together as it's bad for the industry when they aren't. The comic store from where i grew up is only clinging on and it's because Marvel have gone from generating 60% of sales to 15%. Part of that could be Marvel's audience being digital although I'd like to see what sells digitally - I usually suspect it's their smaller titles - not the A-listers. I still think they need to fundamentally change their approach. My impression with Marvel now is that they continue to bleed dry the ever dwindling older audience at the expense of maintaining more casual readers and attracting new ones. I'm not sure DC does much to bring in new readers but it seems to be better at keeping the ones they had. There was an interview with Jeff Lemire on his x-men work and it just seemed like editorial was a nightmare.
  6. That's what they did with captain america Wonder Woman. Fox seems to be the best bet for decent superhero films that don't follow the Marvel formula. That's only for 2 of their last 3 efforts because Apocalypse snuck in between Deadpool and Logan. Not sure wtf New Mutants is going to be about but it at least seems to suggest Fox are now thinking outside the box with their x-men spin offs. Maybe Aquaman will surprise us as I guess they can do that Marvel style from scratch. It seems the problem with Justice League was the core of the fim was still BvS style. For those who've seen it are the sfx as bad as they appear in all the teaser footage? I saw a piece with aquaman being hit by a wave in a sewer that was terrible. I think Kermode's "how did that person get up there" comments are going to distract me now.
  7. Just watched the first episode. The opening is good then the rest of it is really dull/bad until the last 5 minutes which has some explosive and violent action and has me thinking "oh well, I'll give the next episode a try". I'll spoiler the following. It appeared to be a done-in-one episode at least and I'm hoping, despite reviews suggesting otherwise, it'll try and do this more often than not. A major flaw with marvel netflix is not having enough story for the episodes they have. self-contained episodes would help get around this. I just hope they haven't ruined the show by diluting its essence with characters nobody really wants to spend time with and that includes the actors playing them and the writers handling their dialogue because this first episode has Frank Castle feeling like the only "real" person in the enitre show which really shouldn't be the case.
  8. I think he sometimes gets caught up in the inventiveness/artistry of a film. I watched his film review which covered similar stuff to the youtube link. I think he's frustrated at how bad these films are - probably because he knows they are a staple of hollywood. Must make him fearful of the future when Blade runner 2049 (which he loved) is going to be less successful than Justice League which sounds a mess. I'm guessing the character he wondered whether it was a CGI character with no human playing the part was cyborg?
  9. Axel Alonso is stepping down as EIC at Marvel. To be replaced by CB Cebulski. Marvel desperately needs a change from the top down but I suspect there's a business approach flaw with marvel (overpriced and event driven) that isn't going to help the creative approach until changed.
  10. I tend to agree. If she was British, German or had grown up anywhere outside of Israel I think there'd be more of an issue. Most of us are fortunate enough to have absolutely no idea what growing up and living in that environment is like. So while I don't agree with her I don't feel like I can judge her. I tend to trust his reviews - he's not the kind of reviewer to dismiss a film just because it's a superhero. He was quite positive about "Logan" and "wonder woman". Love his "threatyedest threat in the history of threat" rant
  11. I guess it all depends on the sources that are chosen and the writer/directors POV/bias. I wonder whether the hostility is aligned with a particular mother to his kids? eg one side might prefer to sideline the other non Marston's in case there's any royalty divisions. Reading the wiki page it seems the likely problem is not with the 3 unit family but the suggestion the women were loves too. I guess that may well be innacurate and several claim they were more like sisters. I guess that would be annoying and could well be modern day sensibilities (where the idea of non-sexual relationships seens unthinkable) projecting onto the past.
  12. It's one i keep meaning to watch but I'm not sure I'm in the mood for really sad films at the moment. It's on my eventual watchlist though. I need to check damnation out. Must have slipped my radar.
  13. There's a bipoic just come out about Marston and his works. It's getting good reviews and he seemed quite a character leaving in a 3 unit relationship, inventing the lie detector (guess that's where the lassoo came in) and creating wonder woman. I think I'll watch it when it hits amazon/netflix.
  14. Don't forget Gal Gadot either. While the armour is very important especially compared to older versions she still brings a lot to the role in much the way that RDJR and Chris Evans bring a lot to Iron Man and Cap America. Given the amount of shit some people gave her when she was cast - she's had them all eating their words as I really can't think of any complaint about her as WW. I agree at this point she really should be the lynchpin of the DCEU and for all the misses the franchise has had it's probably been worth it for WW. I'm trying to remember whether the comics have ever had her in similar armour? Given the comics have such a long history, I'd have thought at some point they may have but I'm not certain. I know their version of updating her a few years ago was simply to give her lycra trousers while the armour design actually allows the keeping of many aspects of the original design but in a functional way that fits with ancient history
  15. I find it's a good cure for insomnia too. But I know how you mean about trying to do anything other than actually pay attention to what's happening on the screen. It's weird considering how they opened with actual fighting/action how it's still unwatchable. I guess story and pacing still mean something.