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  1. let's hope the split season isn't the reason "the get down" got canned. Although it sounds like Lurmann wasn't heartbroken but probably still underlied bad reception in terms of viewers. The curse of no viewing figures for netflix - which is odd given they can get really accurate info. I suppose if the overall subsriber list is still relatively low, actual figures may serve as bad publicity even if they are good. Although at this point there must be a lot of worldwide subsrcibers
  2. they are getting better with original movies but amazon is slightly better with ex cinema releases. Although both are pretty poor as amazon usually requires a separate purchase outside prime. If it's a binge release it seems really odd that they aren't just calling it a movie. I don't know how SFX intense an adaptation would be but I'd like Netflix to have their own live action Fantasy show. Although given the games I can see how CGI might make a certain level of sense.
  3. Some of those weren't from the 80s but the nostalgia factor of wanting them back still fits the theme. In terms of subscribers I wonder whether there's a significant portion of 30-45 year olds with regards to netflix? Although that age range could also potentially be the people making and commissioning those shows which may be a bigger factor than the audience eg people are probably watching who didn't live through the 80s. If i worked in TV - I'd definitely push for a remake of Knightmare
  4. I guess there's nothing wrong with cherry picking the good parts and putting a different spin on it? Again, it seems to work well in Star Wars Rebels in that it isn't restricted by the books but can use popular characters
  5. good point - we can probably start making predictions as it's very heavily 80s culture. I guess Stranger Things greenlit a lot of these projects
  6. The UK gets it the morning after and will be showing on a weekly basis - a bit like they do for shows like !Better Call Saul" and "riverdale" but not the bloody "expanse" I'm pretty sure that's how it's being distributed everywhere except for the US (and possibly canada). Seems a bit unfair considering it's an american show but I'm also glad there isn't another streaming service being added in the UK (there's already 3 major ones in UK which cover virtually everything - i don't want more)
  7. Hopefully unlike his comics it'll be more than 6 episodes and not delayed. I do like his work though and it'll definitely benefit from binge reading as his comics do. I guess we'll want it to be good as I doubt it will launch a new trend if it's awful. Even though the animators are american it does a good job of fitting in with some anime styles. Didn't Netflix buy the rights to make shows of several video games a while ago, like altered beast? I guess they would suit an animated style. I guess if any network can convince audiences of animation outside of Disney/pixar and comedy it'll be netflix. I get the impression Death Note and Attack on Titan dubs have probably helped that. As long as it doesn't mean Netflix will drop the licensed shows once they have their own.
  8. Crazy and fairly unprofessional how actors personal lives were affecting the storytelling. I guess it's tricky when it's your lead actor making the requests. Still seems pretty childish - although I guess the storyline could change a lot from the casting pitches. Interesting how the show's drop off co-incides with Lynches deparature. I guess the new show will benefit a lot from less of this bullshit in terms of studio interference and I imagine the original cast will be more professional now they are older or they wouldn't have been brought back in. The apparent lack of Lara Flynn boyle suggests there's maybe a "if you don't like it as it is, don't return"
  9. This is useful info thanks. It seems fairly universal that the show took a nosedive. I wonder whether it was a case of the writers padding a short season into a full one? Is the film of any use?
  10. Shit, I forgot about him being tied up in a big investigation. Downside of a binge is that some info gets forgotten in the flood. I'd still be very surprised if Rajan's company isn't making the blockers - seems too good a TV trope to pass on. I sometimes think there's framework for them to do some kind of corporations as clusters storyline. It's sort of lurking there with Rajan, Sun's company and BPO.
  11. That's exactly what Zack Snyder has done as well. He quite rightly couldn't give a shit right now about how people react to the Justice League film and how he's not involved in it anymore.
  12. That's a really shitty thing for him and his family to go through. It's also shitty that he knew how people online would respond if he left without giving the genuine reason. Hopefully now there's some context people can think twice before condemning the guy. Surely at this stage most of the film is done? In that sense it'll still be Snyder's film which at this stage it should be. He's put a lot of time into the DCEU and irrespective of whether we like his take or not I think he deserves to have his film out and be judged. It'd be a shame if Whedon's involvement was marginal and people gave him all the credit. I've no idea how Whedon's segments will gel - they both strike me as directors with a clear style that doesn't really bend towards others. It does sound like they are keen to get Whedon involved in the DCEU though with this and the aforementioned Batgirl film. But yeah - I hope Snyder stays away from social media and concentrates on healing with his family.
  13. I've been impressed with how they've resisted this so far. It really annoys me in TV where an affair is made out to be ok because it turns out the one who's been cheated on is evil. Even though this wasn't the case before the cheating event. It's lazy and after the fact excusing. But they do tease us into thinking, especially in season 1, that he might be bad. While the show often has straight up cheesy moments they also toy with our expectations of a cheesy plot. His part in the drugs scandal seemed more a case of him continuing to do things the way his dad did and having a weird justification for it eg making sure "his" people got the best drugs. It's dubious behavior but he did stand up and change things when made to confront it. I still wonder what's going on with him and the guy with the gift. I assume that's who Rajan was shouting at on the phone?
  14. Riley and Will aren't cheating on anybody either. Kala is cheating on her husband just via SF. They are two conscious and willing participants and given the sensate interaction is supposed to be the same as being real - she's cheating on her husband.
  15. Trying to watch this from the start. I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes. The problem for me (and it's something that Lynch is good at) is that it scare the shit out of me. Not the murders or weird talking dwarves but very specifically the guy who appears behind of furniture and the effect that has on Laura Palmer's mother. That shit really scares me to the point I get paranoid walking around my flat after dark. Overactive imagination I guess. I presume that kind of thing occurs throughout? In which case I'll have to watch this during daylight or try and recruit someone to watch it with me. It reminded me of the scene in Mulholland drive where the person behind the dumpster appeared. Credit to Lynch for being able to scare me though. Frustrating as I like all the other aspects - especially the characters and soundtrack.