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  1. Such a great show. If the movie ever actually happens we all need to do a communal rewatch here. I guess Milch has had 10 years to work on a meaner script so maybe his initial refusal to fit it in 6 hours has changed. To be honest I think it'd be hard for the original story (whatever it was) to be what the new film is about. While several of the actors don't actually look much older (the lucky sods) it's not the case for many of them (and some have sadly passed away). Surely the next story has to be set a couple of years down the line rather than be a direct continuation of the the last episode? While the actorsare praising the script we should maybe have a little bit of caution. I can imagine many of the actors get caught up in the beauty of the dialogue and may not be judging the story as such (I'm sometimes query how good actors are at judging the story over their specific role). Although it's still a good sign even if that the dialogue is still spectacular.
  2. Ah right, I thought Isaacs was playing the captain that would die but it sounds like Michelle Yeoh is the sacrificial lamb. I've heard very little about Isaac's character but he usually does good work.
  3. It was ok. The production values were really good and felt a bit like a hybrid between "Man in the high castle" and "Blade Runner" (which is fine as they are PKD works too). I mention this as while the stories are set in the future they are much more in the sense of what the future would have looked like from a 60s perspective which is where the Man in the high castle comparison comes in. The main problem for me is that it was a little rushed at the end. They take their time establishing the world quite well but then it feels like 20 mins has been cut to make it fit into a 1 hour slot. Which is a real shame as it could have made a great feature length TV show. Black mirror does a much better job of making 60 mins work well. The other thing people who aren't familiar with Dick's work may tripover is mistakenly thinking the show is derivative. There's a lot in here people will recognise from films like "Blade Runner" and " Minority Report". I guess Dick did explore similar themes quite a lot to be fair so it's sort of a legitimate complaint. I'll definitely check the others out but the first one to me looked great, with decent performances but didn't quite fulfill the promise. Maybe the amazon version has a longer run time? Channel 4 I guess is restricted to the one hour slot? 10-20 minutes more time could have made a real difference to the episode for me.
  4. It does indeed feel like their attempts to appeal to new and old audiences tends to repel the other group rather than endear them to the group they are aiming for. The review embargo is very worrying. I guess we can hope it's just because they have a surprise reveal/twist in the opener rather than it being shit. Although if they are just hiding the fact Jason Isaacs dies in the first episode they'd be saving us more from a surprise if he doesn't. The third timeline and talk of a mirror universe episode has me wondering if it's sort of talking about the same thing? What if this show is set in the mirror universe of either existing timelines? It'd give them some scope for mixing things up and having more "conflict" within the show. I can't rememember how far back we've seen the mirror universe but maybe this would allow them to indulge in continuity light nonsense?
  5. Well, when they shorten it for long episodes it'll just sound like TOS I guess? I'd add ego to it as well in the sense they want to put their mark on the franchise.
  6. I think the problem with last season was that the season-long didn't really sustain the show. I can see why they tried it again as it did work well the first time they tried it. I think they've got a little too caught up in the themes of social media, trolling, safe space etc. They are important things to cover but South Park works better when they are jumping around parodying multiple things.
  7. I thought it would be a bit crazy for Renault to supply engines to two constructors who are, better equipped to outperform the actual Renault team. Given the behaviour of Red Bull with Renault in the past, it was clear they'd be the ones cut loose though. Hope Renault makes the most of Carlos Sainz next year as he's only on loan to them. He'll be dragged back to Red Bull as there's no way in hell Red Bull senior management will allow renault to keep him post engine supply. I suspect Verstappen and Ricciardo will be going to Mercedes and Ferarri, replacing Bottas and Raikonnen - not sure who will go where though, so Sainz will finally get his dream of driving for Red Bull. Shame it'll be with a shitty engine barring an amazing recovery from Honda That said, given Alonso's luck I can imagine the Honda suddenly becoming the second worst engine next year and he'll be stuck with the worst. As for engine suppliers. Looking at the disaster that Honda's return has been I can understand why other suppliers are reluctant to join. It's probably the most expensive form of racing from an engine point of view and if your engine is shit I think "No such thing as bad publicity" goes out the window. Honda paid Mclaren $100 million dollars a year for the partnership with Mclaren and that's before the development costs. Does anyone think after "I'll buy a Honda" because of F1? The other issue is that a lot of the other engine suppliers do absolutely fine in other forms of motorsport. Unless they are confident they can achieve a lot in F1 why risk diluting the brand by underperforming in the highly visible F1? Really hope Ricciardo gets pole today. This seems to be his "race" (most drivers tend to have a track they truly excel in) and it'd be great to see him dominate a race. For me, Ricciardo has been the star of the season (although Max has been let down by reliability) and is clearly outdriving that car and always getting whatever points he can.
  8. I don't hate the show but I have to admit I wouldn't lose sleep over its cancellation. It's far too meandering and has gone to great efforts to make the cast dislikable. Herr Starr showed promise but he appeared to be turning into a spineless lackey/manager (even if it's a pretense). Everyone else was pretty unlikeable in a "I don't care what happens to them" kind of way. I was also utterly sick of the "We'll cast this character with a permanent actor once we get a third season" hide and seek they kept playing on us. The grandmother constantly in the shadow, the uncle who twists Jesse's arm and, finally God. It felt like the direction wasn't trying to be mysterious but just hiding the fact the roles hadn't been cast. Garth Ennis has clearly decided to take the money and treat the show as an elaborate and expensive advert for the comics which is actually a brilliant move on his part. I'm sure book sales have increased even if the show hasn't been warmly received.
  9. I'm ok with Abrams doing part IX. A bit like when he was anounced for VII - we know he's safe (assuming you liked VII). We still don't know what Rian Johnson's version will be like so again, it's probably safer to take JJ for now. I'm amazed it took them so long to announce the December push-back. I was under the impression that's the slot they want the SW films to be in. I guess they can't admit they were wrong and so they wait until they have a legitimate reason to move the date.
  10. 'member when South Park was fun? Haven't seen it yet but couldn't resist.
  11. Can a show get cancelled before it airs? At this point it surely can't bode well for the actual ratings when it airs on TV. Unless they are desperately hoping everyone's just saving their money and watching it at home
  12. Ha! I just finished it, I thought it was fine as a TV-Avengers show. They did a good job of following through on plot points from all the shows but not in such a way that people would have been pissed off if they'd only watched one of the individual shows. I thought the "fingers" of the "hand" were a great idea but they didn't really use them to much affect. I thought Sigourney Weaver was great and her death was almost as big a mis-step as they made with Cottonmouth in "luke Cage". It's a bit tired at this point too as Cottonmouth, crazy Iron fist villain and Weaver all died in similar ways mid season (Iron Fist dude at least came back). In a weird way the show did remind me of how good Jessica Jones and Daredevil were as characters and while this was a step down for them did make me eager to see their second seasons. I also really like Luke Cage although in his case I think he works better outside his own show but that's more because of the storytelling decisions made in his show. And, yes, the Punisher teaser after the end credits seems very promising. But I do think Defenders sets all the other shows up well. Iron Fist with his helping of Misty will hopefully turn into a mini-team show with him, Colleen and Misty fighting for NYC. Maybe just have Danny see a therapist between seasons (he can afford a good one) and maybe make him become a fun, youthful crime-fighter rather than a childish, petulant one.
  13. I think that's a fair point. I'd also say in most cases if the comics struggle, the films struggle. Historically the Inhumans has been a tough sell. Guardians of the Galaxy and Blade are the rare examples of the concept working better in film. Although Iron Man while always having a comic has never been as big as the RDJR version. I agree that Feige is probably releived it's not a film on his watch. If this is the concept that was going to originally be a film I can understand why Feige caused the split between film and TV divisions as a way of getting rid of Inhumans. Although the TV folk still got some revenge by getting Inhumans on screen.
  14. I heard there's more footage with the TV release so we'll get the first 2 episodes. Maybe, by some miracle, it will be the missing ingredients? If they let Scott Buck make any more Marvel shows I'll have no pity for them. At least inhumans doesn't contaminate the netflix shows. Whereas netflix are still stuck with Iron Fist. Watching Defenders the weakness of the character is actually highlighted. If he was just a character in Defenders it'd be fine - he's the petulant guy suffering from PTSD by being tortured/brainwashed into some kind of messiah. As the lead in a show it's a really odd choice to go for. At least Rand is consistent while it sounds like the Inhumans characters are all over the place.
  15. so no-one has braved wasting money on the cinema screening?