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  1. I read one quote from gimple and it seemed intentionally open to interpretation. Said something about Carl's bite changing everything. I certainly wouldn't rule out Carl being immune to death by bite. After all, that isn't a cure for zombification just a cure from dying of their bite .
  2. It depends what the criteria for binging is. Is it within 48 hours or a week? The way the marvel shows are paced doesn't encourage bingeing as they rarely have a mystery element or cliffhangers that make you want to watch the next episode. I'm currently enjoying punisher but the pacing is such that the next episode is take it or leave it in terms of immediately watching. Which I see as a good thing in that the show is managing to give me an episodic nature on average eg punisher has a task at start of episode and completes it within the episode. Something that has been lacking in previous shows. Dark is the only show I've truly binged on Netflix this year. Discovery is the only one where I've watched every episode in the day if release.
  3. protomolecule? Surprised apple and amazon aren't the ones looking at it.
  4. That'd be a pretty epic rewatch. I'll have a look to see if there's a streamlined "great/arc episodes to watch" guide? A bit like there is for next gen. I guess Atlantis and Universe are sadly a lot easier to do full rewatches of. As I've said earlier i hope the new show is successful enough to bring faith back to the franchise but it'd be a damn shame if all we get is a prequel show. Hopefully this is just a way of generating funding for TV movies and if the model works we'll see a variety of short films - some hopefully set in the present or featuring some of the original 3 shows.
  5. That and the amount of people that would want him dead would probably cause the society to fall apart in outrage if they didn't execute him. Spin-off show. Qwarrll has delayed reaction to bite (because he's the chosen one) but he and Neagan have to set off on a quest for the golden zombie to gain a full cure.
  6. Most comic writers are fans of comics (which is both good and problematic) so I think you'll always find them being drawn to the big two's A-list characters. Plus Bendis had been sidelined from the Movie side of things when Feige wrestled sole control of the cinematic universe. So he probably knows his future isn't as bright as having the entireity of Marvel Disney to play with. Although I think he was still involved in TV and cartoons. There was a news story that Bendis nearly died last week from a MRSA infection that left him temporarily blinded. He seems to be recovering now but I can imagine that knocks a person back for a while. Yeah - time to move on to greener pastures. I'm hoping this means an end to the self imposed exile of the franchise in the comics. If the deal goes through then I'm hoping they'll take the books seriously again and get some big hitters on the books. Although they'll need to bring some big hitters back to Marvel to do that - something they are lacking in these days.
  7. That's not how they transform began in the comics. It's never about whether Rick is a better person morally, it's about who can run the most effective post apocalyptic society. Negan thought his way was the best but was proven wrong. Now he realises ricks way is more effective and do supports that. But he is still very much an utter bastard just with a better direction eg upholding Rick's rule. But I agree it makes no sense other than plot armour that he was never summarily executed.
  8. Really glad I put the book on pause to read the last two novellas. Both provide insight into duarte and his planet - especially "strange dogs" which I can't see how it can't come into play. Vital abyss was a great look inside the mind of a sociopath/someone lacking emotions and was just a great tightly written novella. Was nice to see things from first person in a case where the authors clearly thought and realised it was the most effective way of telling the story. Back onto Persepolis rising now.
  9. Everyone has their breaking point with these types of thing. For me as long as the entertainment outweighs the stupidity I'm fine with it. We all have different guages with regards to those two things. Prison break and the flash are examples of shows where the ratio went out the window for me and I gave up. GOT had a ton of stupidity and fake outs this season but just managing to win out in entertainment value for me. Mr robot (season 2) is almost the inverse for me. Excellent on the details but wavering on the entertainment. Luckily I've heard season 3 is back on form so will binge it when done. I still think you should give up on season 2 though as it continues with all the flaws you are listing and adds more.
  10. The Whisperer material was the best the comic has been in a long while. Still not sure such a culture could arise within a few years but I guess apocalypse's can create sudden changes. The problem is that the whisperer story has been put on the back-burner/fizzled out - at least from what I can gather from the last two graphic novels. Given the way this show can make a "day's worth" of time in show last 6 episodes Carl could remain on the show for a couple of seasons. Look how long they dragged out Glenn's "death" a few seasons ago. Next episode could be following another storyline/side character. Then another, then drop in on Carl who's looking a bit grey. Followed by 3 episodes about what was happening during that time from the POV of Morgan's stick, henchman number 6 etc. They could easily string out his death until the end of the season. And then there's still the possibility it's all a fake out.
  11. I think it was only today that I realised I was done with this show. I tried watching the first 3 episodes and it just fell off my "to watch list". Not in a "this is so shit I can't face it" just a "I'm no longer invested in the show". That was cemented when I found myself happily reading spoilers for the traditional "mid/season finale death" and I didn't care when the show's second longest serving character appears to be dead. And it's pretty much for some of the reasons mentioned here, it's lazy to do deaths as events every 7 episodes as a way of justifying not much happening in between. But far worse is the fact that many of us don't even trust death in the show anymore - thanks to all the fake-outs they've used before this. I'm not sure what the show can do when we have so little faith in their storytelling tricks. While I can't rule out it all being BS it seems from the interview with Chandler Riggs that the guy wants to study a degree. So while they may make it out to be "brave" storytelling it could be like what happens with many of the other character deaths in the show - an actor gets a gig elsewhere and so they kill them off.
  12. I guess if I was watching Sense8 just for the quality of the hacking then I'd be disappointed. The weird thing with Jonarryn's comments is that I can sort of see why they'd feel that way if they weren't digging the show and it's sensate mechanics. It is very cheesy and the characters can feel straight out of a cliched soap opera at times. But for me, it just works and the feel-good heart of the show is what makes me like it so much. It's weird because I usually do prefer the shades of grey to black and white but again, it works for me in this show. And it's not that all the sensates are perfect. Funnily enough Kala is the character i find the most morally dubious with the entering into a marriage she doesn't want and still cheating on him with Wolfgang. All while seeming confused and innocent. Even Riley, who i find quite dull has a pretty good reason for being the way she is. I can't see any good reason why someone who disliked season 1 as much as jonarryn appears to would even consider sitting through another season though. It's more of the same - do yourself a favour, Jonarryn, and find a better use of 12 hours.
  13. we hope...
  14. with regards to the "obvious" twists, I really don't mind a) because we're a group of well versed SF geeks, b ) because the show doesn't string such things out and isn't desperately trying to pull the wool over our eyes and c) As for the Mads/Mads Mikkelsen thing - I spent a lot of the show think Ulrich reminded me a lot of Mads Mikkelsen.
  15. If the shows are doing well I guess there's always the possibility that Disney outright buys them off netflix. While Netflix would probably want a high price I'm sure there's a number they'd be willing to release them for. It's not like they are lacking in other content that they own. I just don't see much of a rosy future between the two companies when Disney is clearly wanting to becone Netflix.
  16. That's interesting that the games team are involved in the show. I guess it suggests a potential inclination towards the plots there. Given the success of the games I guess the books are such that they translate well into open storytelling/gaming. Which gives the show developers more leeway. I think it's wise to have a clear protagonist and stick with them though unless the show sets out with several leads, i which case there's more flexibility.
  17. The game approach makes more sense. It's not usually wise to abandon your main character in a show - unless you have a Kevin Spacey incident or the actor doesn't work in the part. I tend to get the impression the wider appeal is via the games so would think that's the template over the books but I'm just making stabs in the dark.
  18. That's bittersweet. Good they have Wolfgang featuring so prominently - guess they know that was a big part of the upset with the cancellation.
  19. That is better. I always felt the best hook about the book was the "man hires a PI to solve his own murder". That sums up a lot.
  20. Good news is that something is happening and this means the show is a step closer. Bad news is the showrunner doesn't necessarily scream "yay" more a "huh" but Ran's right in that maybe she's ideal for this project and maybe when running a show she'll shine. It's not like The Witcher and Marvel netflix shows have a lot in common. And it's not Scott Buck so there's a plus.
  21. I've a feeling Disney's online channel will ruin things between Jessica and Luke before the netflix shows do. Unless Netflix has a deal where they can keep making the shows until they stop making them (which I doubt Disney would have done after the whole X-men issue) then I suspect we only have a couple of years of Marvel Netflix left. This might explain why we are getting 3-4 shows next year - make the most of the license while they can. Best case scenario is that Disney simply moves the shows over to their channel but I fear it's more likely they'd be rebooted
  22. I'm pausing the new book to read the previous two novellas as they seem pretty useful background for this book
  23. Muslim Magneto would require them to tread very carefully though as he is thought of as a villain/terrorist moreso than a hero. I do like the idea of an African Magneto. It's certainly a case where it's more important to keep the spirit of the character's past intact than his ethnicity
  24. That angle works with "outed" superheroes but it's still a bit iffy with Spider-man. Do people take his word that he's an enhanced human instead of a mutant. Same with Daredevil and all the other masked vigilantes with powers. I agree it works well with Iron Man and captain america, etc. One of the better elements of "uncanny Avengers" were the mutants pointing out how Iron Man and Cap never really made much of a stand to help mutants. Of course that's when mutants were feared and hated. Now the mutants go around being accused of committing Inhuman genocide and it's the poor Inhumans who are hated and feared by EVERYONE.
  25. They could make him a Tutsi from Rwanda and I guess that would still give him the "never again will I let a similar fate befall my kind" angle. Or if they insist on him being european he could be a Bosnian muslim from the Yugoslavian war. Both scenarios would allow him to be in his 30s-40s. I think it would be an interesting direction to go with the cinematic version of the character. Or they just make out he accidentally messed with space/time when he freaked out with his powers in Nazi Germany and wound up in 2000. He doesn't know how he did it (he was super stressed out/angry in that camp). That would provide a long-term fix as they can just have his "origin" as World War 2 and have him time-travel to 2020, 2050 etc whenever they need to alter the time. It also keeps the Xavier rivalry alive as he can meet him after the time travel. That's the "keep things familiar" solution.