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  1. Reading "the Fireman" by Joe Hill. Hard not to do "the Stand" comparisons (especially when some of the characters have similar names/behaviours). It started well but then . I'm struggling a bit since that point but I'm hoping there's more going on beneath what feels like a non-apocalypse. The characters are pretty strong in that some initially seem nice until challenged at which point they become darker - something that many books neglect. Or at least the ones I read. Neil Gaiman's "norse mythology" book is proving a chore. I get the impression he's trying to emulate the source material and it makes for a disjointed read that for the most part feels like an appendix to a book but with pepperings of Gaiman's usual writing style. I think I'd have preferred him doing it in his usual style and not being afraid to fill in the blanks as long as the overall stories remained true. But I can see why he chose to approach it the way he did as he's obviously very reverential to the mythology.
  2. Well, nothing ever lasts in superhero comics so I doubt Batman and Catwoman will last - assuming they ever reach the point of getting married. It'll be interesting to see how they develop it. Tom King did a great job with relationships in the Vision so we'll see. I wonder if this was his idea or a higher up editorial move though? I see we're all equally bowled over by Marvel's "industry changing" legacy rollout. Seems like they are trolling with all the call-backs to Fantastic Four covers and the use of X-men covers for the Inhuman comics is particularly funny. Marvel needs a "get back to basics" in terms of letting creators with good ideas tell their own self contained stories for a while. It doesn't matter who the characters are - just build up some trust with readers again and stop creating and cancelling titles every 5 minutes. A bit like Joe Quesada and Bill Jemas did back in the early 2000s
  3. that's less painful although I'm guessing the manga must be quite ahead at this point? Then again manga is usually very decondensed in terms of storytelling so the show could catch up quick.
  4. I've watched the first 8 dubbed episodes. It's still pretty good except for episode 8 which does the annoying anime thing of having lots of flashbacks and essentially recycled/low animated footage to pad things out. A shame. Otherwise some interesting revelations regarding the colossus and armoured titans. don't read the spoilers if you haven't seen through to season 2 episode 8.
  5. I really need to watch "the Leftovers" as I'd like to love Damon Lindelof again. The end of "lost" all of "prometheus" and the stupidity of "Into Darkness" makes it hard for me not to think he's a common factor.
  6. Some trickery in the sense Missy is actually a deranged Doctor due to some timey wimey "three timelords regenerating in close proximity" thing? If unpopular they can always claim Missy is some weird hybrid created by timey wimey. I'd be very surprised if something big doesn't happen with two Masters in an episode. It would be fun misdirection by Michelle Gomez saying she's finished with playing Missy at the end of this series.
  7. The odd thing about the film is that someone actually sat down and thought "how can we use lego as a metaphor to structure a screenplay" and then constructed a story that really works. Honestly, more thought went into this film than the vast majority of blockbusters out there an it's why it was a big success. Concepts like Transformers, the MCU/DCEU and the like would massively benefit from the same level of thought. There's only Pixar spring to mind as having films where they really make the concept work. Battleship it aint.
  8. I guess a weekly dose of sex and violence superhero style will be their next big GOT. It's not like anyone has really done that style of superhero despite the potential fanbase. I just scratch my head a little at how they could have took advantage of the GRRM name and done wild cards which seems to have more potential as a tv show. Plus "Superheroes by the network and author that brought you GOT" seems easier to market than "based on that superhero film that wasn't that successful 10 years ago"
  9. While I tend to agree that Edgar Wright's "Ant-man" had the potential to be brilliant we actually will never know. I'm a big fan of Scott Pilgrim but would Marvel have been happy with that level of success for an MCU film? Although I'd argue the fact it was an MCU film would have got more bums on seats automatically. The other thing is that some of the scenes in Ant-man I swore would have been Wright's idea turned out not to be. I am really looking forward to Baby Driver though. With 85% of the film done I wonder if they can even claim another director is doing the film unless they reshoot a lot of footage? It would potentially be akin to WB saying Joss Whedon directed Justice League. I'm trying to remember if Han Solo was ever really going to be out in May? Given the fact they seem to like December, I'd just assumed it would be Decemeber 2018. I guess that window is still possible unless it results in them tripping over some other big film in that time-slot.
  10. I was reading some more details/"sources" on the firing and there was something about Kasdan saying "Han Solo is sarcastic and selfish not comedic" and I can easily see how the directors could have made Han Solo into a Star Lord quip factory. Also something about the directors not being slaves to the script to allow for comedy to naturally arise. I can see how these things may have become a concern if the film was seeming more comedy than SF. Still a shame as the Lego movie was really interesting. Ron Howard as a replacement seems a strange choice in that he's a well known director but not well known for sci-fi. Besides Willow which I guess sort of fits the lucasfilm star wars style
  11. I was hoping this would be fun. I think the worrying thing when these kinds of announcements are made is that movies are becoming somewhat homogenous - a bit like how it's often hard to tell who directs a given episode of a TV show (usually when you noticed it's because the director is really good). When a film franchise becomes something where no part appears indespensible it feels like a little bit of the magic is gone. Still, Ant-man worked out fine and Fant4stic was an example where the split should have occurred or no changes made. There were parts of the article that suggested some filming has already occurred. In that case does it mean we'll still see footage from them?
  12. He's one of those actors who seems to age as if he's in Narnia when off-camera. If they really want him in the show they could build a set near his home. Or just use a nearby hotel He needs to be available for deadwood. Live in hope.
  13. This is what I like most about the show although I don't why I enjoy being scared shitless walking around my own flat after watching a TV show. It seems season 2 has finally became unnerving again with episode 21 in which the appearance of the evil FBI guy unsettles me - even if it's just a case of making him look pale. Back to morning watching.
  14. If it films at different times to American Gods it should be fine. I suspect Lance Reddick (and possibly Common) will be the two actors from the films we see most often. They'll probably have McShane turning up for key episodes. Given Reeves is willing to guest star I really hope they don't recast any of the roles eg Mcshane and jusggle the story in a way it works out. I wonder which network has the option for screening the first film? That would probably encourage them to run with the show. If it wasn't for AMC being a bit stingy, I'd say this would go well with Into the Badlands in terms of badass action.
  15. Ha - still need to watch Next gen properly. Only really watched season 1 and then got back into it around the time DS9 started. Could be a case of "Simpsons' done it" but next gen
  16. hmm, that interview could actually fit with a person struggling with their identity. She could actually identify as vulcan, or she's been raised Vulcan but deep down knows she is human. Alternatively she's just struggling with being a spy from Vulcan which is actually less interesting.
  17. I'm still an episode behind but have enjoyed the season so far. I think the first episode was the only weak one for me. I wonder what the odds are that Missy kills the Master when the two meet? Meaning Jon Simm then becomes Missy and Missy becomes the next incarnation (at this point I think it's safe to assume the Master has extra regenerations just so they keep the character). Would Missy v2 maybe be a "good" renegade timelord - maybe one with a slighty more ruthless hand than the Doctor?
  18. I was thinking back on the rumour that the lead might be Spock's step-sister or something and was wondering whether it would be interesting allegory or just offensive for them to possibly play with the idea that a human identifies as another alien species? Not a hybrid, simply they feel they are more Vulcan than human. Personally, I think it would be too much of a risk and can understand viewers wanting them to have real-life identity issues portrayed in the show.
  19. It's not like Stan Lee starring in a movie suddenly means we can expect RDJR to turn up. The cartoons are as much a part of a multiverse as Amazing Spider-man and Fant4stic are. They don't Stan Lee turning up for that to be the case. Doesn't Marvel have infinite universes, in which case everything is a potential splinter franchise? But going off Stan Lee appearing there's some good/bad news - he hasn't starrted in any of these (although maybe the Watcher is disguised). Blade" (New Line Cinema 1998) "Blade II" (New Line Cinema 2002) "X2" (20th Century Fox 2003) "The Punisher" (Lions Gate Films 2004) "Blade: Trinity" (New Line Cinema 2004) "Elektra" (20th Century Fox 2005) "Ghost Rider" (Columbia Pictures 2007) "Punisher: War Zone" (Lionsgate 2008) "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (20th Century Fox2009) "X-Men: First Class" (20th Century Fox 2011) "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" (Columbia Pictures 2012) "The Wolverine" (20th Century Fox 2013) "X-men: Days of Future Past" (20th Century Fox 2014) "Fant4stic" (20th Century Fox 2015) The last one is odd though because it's about a team who creates interdimensional travel so you think they'd be the most likely to be connected to the MCU.
  20. I'll believe that date when i see it.
  21. It certainly didn't make you wait 5 episodes before you had an idea what was going on.
  22. I flew through Season 1 of Mad Men but have got stuck towards the end of season 2. I'll get back to it as many say 3 and 4 are the strongest seasons. For me the issue is the show is often more "Desperate Housewives" than "Sopranos". I need to see more evidence of backstabbing and ruthless ploys to reach the top for it to have more of a bite to it. They had this in season 1 with the annoying kid from Angel constantly trying to rise to the top. Another reason I slowed down on my watching of the show is that a lot of the novelty of life in the 60s (sexism, smoking etc) wears off after a season. It's still there but it feels more like "look at this" rather than using it for any dramatic effect. It's got 7 seasons so I guess there is ample opportunities to use these elements further. My favourite thing about the show is that it feels like this is the era that created the consumerism we're now entrenched in. Love the episodes where they are essentially find ways to sell things to people that they don't need. It's not that these advertisers had an evil masterplan other than getting well paid but the knock on effects of creating the consumer society are an indirect consequence of these people. As for what I am currently watching it's somewhat different to Mad Men. Season 2 of attack on titan. Like some crazy fast paced hybrid of lost, walking dead and Kaiju shows. Great fun.
  23. I love Feige's reaction to this as if it's the first time he's hearing it too with a hint of "me and Amy need to have a chat after this interview" Wasn't Pascal the person who suggested Spider-man might not be shared with Marvel after the initial deal? Yup. She seems a bit of a loose cannon. Anyway she can say that it's set in the MCU but Marvel doesn't have to let the spin-off spidey films feature any of their characters if they don't wish. I suspect the only hard connection will be via the appearance of Tom Holland as Spidey. I'm still intrigued as to how they do a Venom film without featuring him prominently. It's sort of hard to justify Venom's powerset without him being attached to spidey.
  24. wow, people weren't kidding about the nosedive the show takes after revealing the killer of Laura Palmer. It's went from scary to surreal soap/sitcom. The only thing of interest so far has been Duchovny's character which is fun (what is it with the FBI agents being consistently good characters in this show) and seeing some more from Don S Davis (an actor who exuded niceness and affability) I'm on episode 13 and finding it hard work. From what I can tell it doesn't even feel like anything except the major and his owls and the occasional mention of lodges are really connected to the horror/weirdness of earlier episodes. Still, I'll soldier on due to my obsessive side.
  25. I was trying to find the Deadpool thread for an update on the film but that threads full. Given there is X-men: Supernova, New Mutants and Deadpool 2 on the horizon along with X-force and Gambit in development I thought it might be useful to have a general place for the Fox superhero franchises? If not then it can function as a Deadpool 2 thread.