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  1. The odd thing for me is that I was really sceptical about Avengers. This new one has me thinking Marvel films are usually solid and it's by the team that brought Winter Soldier and Civil war (and not the team that gave us Age of Ultron). But yeah - I'm not as excited about post TFA star wars. That was probably hard to replicate. I think it was even more exciting than Episode I because a) it had the original cast back and b ) I so desperately wanted the film not to suck after the prequels.
  2. It's about time someone listened to the forum's constant "why don't they adapt the culture novels". Having the creator of utopia and funding from Amazon can only be a good thing. Plenty of other books to adapt if successful. A season per book would make for an impressve anthology series with an overall continuity rather than completely reinventing itself. There seems to be some serious money going into SFF of late - shame they are all a couple of years down the line. It's good to see that the streaming networks aren't going for obvious "what's like GOT" but more "what other genre SFF have great sales and franchise potential". It's more risky upfront but the rewards if they take off are much stronger. I suspect there's only so much room for GOT style shows like LOTR, conan and Witcher.
  3. I agree that the stand-out moments were mainly character based ones eg all of the action scenes were competent and sometimes imaginative (although the online clip comparing spider-man 3 fight with Black Panther vs Killmonger Panther is damning) but never jaw-dropping. Allthough overall I'd say the visuals were stand-out too. I liked how for this film at least it was more important to be true to the character than to be true to the MCU franchise. In many ways this approach was similar to what Fox have been doing with Logan and Deadpool - finding what makes those characters tick and making a film around that. I suspect Michael B Jordan has just made himself very much in demand off the back of this film. I read he was really hesitant about playing a villain in the run up to this. I think we'll be seeing a lot of these actors appear in higher profile films now - which is a definite plus from a very successful film that mostly features black actors and good female roles. We'll get to see them pop up in more high profile films. Michonne will probably be "it was always planned" killed off next season and Danai Gurira got to show off more skill in 2 hours than several seasons of Walking Dead.
  4. Besides some weird moments in season 5 this show is otherwise flawless and easily the best crafted show I've seen. It never treats viewers like an idiot and showed up a lot of TV storytelling techniques to be shortcuts. I'm thinking how shows info-dump or have people walking down corridors to make a conversation interesting (instead of just having an interesting conversation), the use of "natural" music, etc, etc. I probably still prefer other shows in terms of sheer entertainment but it still feels like Simon and Co threw down a piece of art that people will watch generations from now and appreciate the craft. Although the thread title did have me think I'd love it if Simon revisited this in 2028 with a next, next generation vibe where the kids were adults - the adults were grumpier, more powerful/more screwed up and another generation were present. It's not a show that needs another chapter but if Simon ever felt the need to revisit and have something to say (and if he could get the key actors back) it could be something special.
  5. It looks as though they are making the boycott easy for you More scary is him passing on this "wisdom" to his good friend Trump. It's bad enough seeing how he runs comics/TV/film - now he has the ear of the President.
  6. I think we're easily going to see three films after this weekend's box office. And it wouldn't feel forced with the characters and world they've set up. Hopefully they don't mess wakanda up too much in Avengers. With T'challa and Peter Parker I think the MCU can consider/absorb any of the phse one actors/heroes disappearing after Avengers. Hopefully they do as well with Carol Danvers.
  7. Those are all valid points but it's still the case that T'Challa is at his best when taking a drug and using tech. Iron Man 3 was essentially about proving that Tony Stark was up to scratch without the armour. Thor spent most of a film without Mjolnir just to highlight he's not just his hammer (although he's still super strong so less of a challenge). The fact Killmonger also has the herb and tech in the final showdown doesn't alter things that much for me. So while it actually made for strong characterisation (of T'Challa and Killmonger) the way they did it I just thought it was an odd note for a superhero. It might just be because I'm watching the winter olympics that I'm unusually sensitive about performance enhancing drugs . And it wasn't even a "bad" aspect - just something I found odd from a Disney storytelling point.
  8. I'm also cool with the idea that Killmonger was a better fighter (and wanted to win more) - it's just odd for a Disney film to even imply a hero is only at the top of his game on performance enhancing drugs. A more "wholesome" solution would have been revealing Killmonger had the same heart herb - there was even a point where it seemed as if Forrest Whittaker was going to get Killmonger to take the nullifying drink. I need to check the recent run of Black Panther. I actually liked his portrayal in Hickman's Avengers as well although the comic version feels like he's 10 years ahead of movie T'challa in terms of strategy and statecraft. The odd thing about the social structure of Wakanda was how it reminded me of Jenkins "inhumans" run. In the sense that's exactly the kind of note the Inhumans show/film should have gone for.
  9. Good - a spoiler thread. I think it's probably the most polished Marvel film we've had in a long time and definitely the most impressive debut. The cast and characters were flawless - they all felt like living breathing people with their own motivations and not just pieces of a plot. The general guy siding with Killmonger made sense because we knew how he felt about standing by and his frustration regarding Klaw. The villains were easily the best since Loki (who's probably the only strong villain the MCU has) and the fact they had several villains who shone was almost like a boast. Michael B Jordan had me lamenting the fact he was utterly wasted in Fant4stic and his impact on the film was great - he arguably "won" in the sense T'Challa did bring Wakanda out into the world to make a change. I think Killmonger had to die and the fact it was on his terms made him all the stronger. Klaw is different - I feel Serkis brought so much insane delight to that role that they really should have kept him around as a mid-level pest. I can see why they killed him for the plot but I was sort of hoping he'd pop up and cause michief (as we never saw him shot). Given the rarity of strong Marvel villains it seemed a shame to kill two thirds of them off. It also reminded me of how poor Age of Ultron was as Klaw/Serkis was not that good there. As I mentioned in the general marvel thread I was releived that the film directly addressed the elephant in the room of "why would an african super-power standby and watch all these things happen to their continent and the treatment of african-americans". That they made this the central driving point of the film's villain was all the better. I still feel like T'Challa only beating Killmonger once he had the drugs and battle-armour a mis-step and weird "message". Someone did make the good argument of how Killmonger wanted the throne more at that point but it just didn't sit well with me as the easy interpreation was "T'challa needs the drugs and tech to win". Agree with those commenting on how Wakanda is still a monarchy so despite it being all wonderful it appears that the only people who have a say on the next King (I'm assuming Queens are possible too?) are tribal leaders whos key attribute is being able to fight. The film didn't have time to waste on such details but I'd have preferred the "king" role being a role specifically for being the Black Panter whose job was to physically protect the kingdom and have a large say in international decisions. But it seems in SF there's an abundance of benevolent dictators who always have the little man at heart. I don't know where I'd put it in my Marvel ranking but it gets a lot of points for having its own identity and being self-contained. It's easily their best franchise debut since GOTG. While there wasn't enough to make it an excellent film for me there was so much solid world-building that the sequels are spoiled for options. As others mentioned, there's enough there to support a multi season TV show. How will Wakanda entering the world stage change things? Will the mountain tribe ever cause trouble (their tribal leader was excellent), how may sleeper agents are out there? Could we have a James Bond style film with Black Panther and his sister providing the gadgets? Or a GOT style film with the tribes splintering and fighting for dominance? Winter Soldier is probably my favourite MCU film and it was a sequel to an average origin film. I can't help but think Black Panther 2 has the potential to be a truly excellent film as it has a much stronger foundation than Winter Soldier had. Marvel would be insane not to keep Ryan Coogler on board but I think he's safe as Marvel tend to keep the directors that work well for them eg James Gunn and the MArkus/Mcfeely combo.
  10. thanks for pointing me to the spoiler thread
  11. I enjoyed it. I loved the costumes and design and unlike the majority of Marvel films I think the villains often stole the show, Serkis, Jordan and the leader of the fifth tribe were all good. I was also really pleased that the film spent a lot of time asking "why didn't wakanda do anything throughout colonialism and slavery" and how it drove a lot of the story. I weirdly enjoyed the James Bond elements and that the film may have been stronger if that had been the focus throughout. Some spoiler comments
  12. While very Trekish it just seemed to further undermine Saru who basically loses his shit and didn't redeem himself but was rescued from trying to kill Ash and Michael (as I recall?). After his indecisive attempt at being captain it just felt like they were going out of their way to make him a liability. Fortunately, he improved throughout the rest of the season and actually seemed pretty capable as interim captain in the end.
  13. I think it's going to be Pike as well. I think the best single episode was the groundhog day style one. That said i thought the weakest was probably the angry saru on that crystal planet. I much preferred Saru's treatment in the last few episodes. He went from being a liability in pretty much everything (moreso the higher his authority) to being pretty damn functional.
  14. that's a shame. You'd have thought the least they could have done was cater to the hardcore fans willing to shell out that amount of money. Really they need to get the core sg tv writers Brad Wright and Rob Cooper, Joe mallozzi and PAul Mullie back on board. I can't remember which were the most important to the franchise but they were integral to it. It also looks like most of them are available with their current shows being cancelled.
  15. There was probably a decent mix of that in her thought process too. Season 2's arc will be Burnham going cold turkey on Kelpian flesh and her ongoing battle not to eat Saru. Caligula makes some good points about the shows flaws but for me it was a noble attempt at merging episodic with the current obsession for arcs. Granted the second half was essentially 2 arcs over several episodes but it was enough to keep me watching week in, week out. I'd say it's taken up that place of junk tv that the arrowverse used to have. Hopefully it can sustain my interest for more seasons than the arrowverse managed though.
  16. Far better than when he's stuck with all the klingon make-up on. I know we never saw Voq gambling but he always came off as a bit square. Whatever they did to Voq I think improved him. I did like how the emperor was "ah, fuck it - I'll take my freedom. Been there done that destroying kronos anyhow"
  17. That or she wanted to try and turn him back to Voq? She seemed to be genuinely in love with him so maybe she felt like she had what she needed? I think someone else mentioned how L'Rell was one of the few klingons who could emote through the make-up. I guess we haven't seen the last of her. Not entirely sure how threatening to blow up the klingon homeworld (while on it?) will last as a long-term power play but maybe by then she'll have won their respect.
  18. I think it would be more weird if they did nothing with it - especially after leaving it as a season cliffhanger. I expect there to be at least Pike and Spock in the episode. I guess they could toy with us and have spock as a hostage on a mission gone wrong and just Pike and not Kirk crew in the ep. But you don't set your main character up as Spock's adopted sister and then have his ship in an episode and the two never meeting. If you do you're probably an ex walking dead writer wanting to troll a new audience. I'd probably need to see the first couple episodes again as I'm not sure whether I just grew used to the characterisation or it was toned down a lot. She seemed a lot more "odd" in her first appearance. There's still far too many characters in the show who get loads of screentime and no characterisation at all. It must be really frustrating for those actors (unless they are just crew members). How many times did we see the robot eye woman raise an eye brow? Or the "GOTG nebula" character stand around in the background? I know it's the first season and they had to focus on some of the characters, and they did a good job, but it'd be nice for the characterisation not be so "all or nothing"
  19. Finally finished Gaiman's "Norse mythology" and it was fun. I liked the crude humour of the mythology and the almost panto feel in places. Started "the wake". Initially I wanted it to give up straight away with the "olde" english but it's actually quite fun figuring it out (think my basic german helps). Definitely a book where the reading/deciphering is part of the experience. Also listening to "the mad ship". It's been a year since I read the last one but I've slipped back into the groove fairly easily.
  20. I thought spock was the only one of the TOS who was also in the pilot. Another Tyler? Best keep an eye on him. Probably a Borg.
  21. Other than having Sarek in the show and a needless connection to Spock thrown in I agree with you that there's nothing in the show that couldn't have just been set in a post Voyager setting. I did enjoy the season though and it's one of the few shows I watch on a weekly basis on the day of release so it has that going for it. I was thinking we'd get a stunt captain for next season eg someone connection to TOS but the cliffhanger suggests that isn't the case. I'm really curious as to how they'll handle the casting of the enterprise (I can't recall how many of Pike's crew were also Kirk's crew). Spock was definitely there. Will they use the new movie cast though? In theory it'd make most sense to do just that - besides Khan there's no reason (not that there was a reason for cumberkhan) why the enterprise crew wouldn't look exactly like the movie ones. It's in the same time frame - just another universe. Or would that confuse the viewer? Or would it be more confusing to have another set of actors? I'd like to see Zach Quinto turn up nevertheless. And hopefully we get an interesting choice for Pike.
  22. I listened to his review last night and he's usually very critical of "marvel endings" and I respect his reviews, so would be more inclined to beleive him. I guess the fact it's 20 years since another black superhero received a film also warrants some form of celebration/commentary in itself. I'm not sure whether Catwoman and Spawn count (pretty sure Catwoman was used as an excuse not to have non white non male leads for a decade)
  23. Yeah, I doubt it's a 10 or a 1 in all honesty. Extremes are probably connected with agendas and fanboys (Marvel and DC). One review I read (think it was the Guardian) said it's the best looking and sounding Marvel film to date yet it still makes the same old mistake in the third act of degenerating into a CGI fight-fest at the end. They do at least say it's pretty self contained besides maybe requiring the viewer having seen Civil War (and Age of Ultron for Ulysees Klaw). I'll be seeing it at the weekend. While it's great the film's getting a lot of coverage for it being a black superhero film - I kind of feel sorry for Wesley Snipes with what arguably got the whole superhero franchise off the ground in "Blade". Did people not care back then or was I just too young (and without the internet) to notice? Obviously this film has the benefit of the having a black director and fully embracing a psuedo-african culture whereas "Blade" just had Blade in it. I vaguely recall Snipes wanting to make a Black Panther film but I think his jail-time got in the way of that?
  24. Agreed. It feels like the spin-offs are filling in blanks no-one really needs to see filled. With the exception of "why the death start had such a weak point" the rest of the film was pretty easy to predict because the first few lines in episode IV told me everything i needed to know. Han Solo seems even more redundant unless they add something new that I never knew needed adding. Then again, I'm someone who generally really dislikes prequels and TV/Film's obsession about it. It just feels like nostalgia and I can never really understand why creators would limit themselves so much by doing a prequel (although maybe producers favour prequels for this very reason - as it constrains the creative talent from being too outlandish). I'm enjoying Star Trek Discovery but in all honesty I don't understand why they couldn't have just had the same type of story in a post DS9 setting - that way I wouldn't be wringing my hands over continuity issues and would have the suspense of not knowing how things have to eventually play out. I do think Rian Johnson could make an excellent trilogy as he's not afraid to break new ground - which is exactly what Star Wars needs if they want to expand it into a 1+ movie a year franchise. Hopefully D&D will achieve something similar.