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  1. I think so. Aren't the new hosts essentially human clones (3d printed) but with their brains replaced? I suspect many are custom built in terms of appearance but in terms of replicating a person they just grow that person in a vat and replace the essential parts? Didn't the kid keep talking with a double voice anyhow? I wasn't sure whether that was happening or just for the benefit of the viewer but I took it as meaning that was older Ford talking via child Ford?
  2. Good effort. It will be interesting to see how she finds S2 without the wait in between. I imagine it makes it far easier to compare the two.
  3. Finale lands on June 8th. I will try and encourage friends to try the show prior to this in the hope widespread buzz may yet save the show. This finale is going to be bittersweet but at least we'll get some resolution. Maybe there's slim hope if they altered the format in a way that kept costs down? It seems that's the case for the finale as the cast all appear to be in one location. Not sure the show would work if that was the case all the time though.
  4. Pretty sure it was as there's a lot less impact in that scene if they are hosts we've yet to meet. While Teddy seems a nice guy a lot of that still feels programmed - a lot of his interaction with Delores in this episode felt very much like a real person talking to a fake one. Still it'll be a shame if even a fake nice guy like Teddy dies. Thanks for pointing out it was Floki! I spent a lot of that episode wondering who he was as I thought he must be someone well known to get what appears to be a really important role. Overall the episode wasn't as impressive as the season one opener but it did feel like it was trying to move pieces into place. Not sure if the show really needs the split timeline narrative but I guess they didn't want to bog the show down getting from A to B and instead chose to include C as well. So is Bernard going to become some sort of host vampire now? And those skinless faceless hosts were pretty creepy too. And at least 6 worlds. West World, Samurai World, Jungle book (tiger) world?. 3 more - bound to be Medieval and probably Roman world. Last one should be Lost World so we can have some dinosaurs!
  5. Vorlon for me. I really hope it gets a second season. Although it looked an expensive show which seems to make Netflix a lot more cautious when greenlighting another season. Still waiting to hear on Altered Carbon season 2.
  6. Surrely Agamemnon would have had to have ordered Achilles not to win (which could have added another reason for the rift between the two) yet still take part as I can't imagine Achilles taking part in anything if he wasn't going to win. And little things like that would have helped. In the show all they had to do was show that Agamemnon had the largest army so that while the Achilles and the myrmidons were vital they tipped the balance not dominated things. Or some hint that Aga was a strong enough leader to bind the alliance.
  7. That or they are far too keen to switch from war mode to party mode! It was a stunning contrast to the guy they beat and whipped to shreds in order to find where "A BLOODY GREEK MIGHT BE WANDERING AROUND THE PALACE" to inviting one to a party 20 minutes later. But yeah, I guess we just had to roll with it at that point.
  8. They didn't need the horse when the Trojans just take in random Greeks. Also weird how they were cool with partying with him as if they hadn't just ended a several year war with the Greeks.
  9. Finished the last two episodes in "tired from saturday night" mode. I don't think they were as bad as some felt but I guess that depends how you felt about the earlier episodes. By far the worst aspect was their decision to turn Helen into a traitor when she could have so easily avoided it all. Given the amount of shit they've endured for her and Paris - an earlier admission from her could have saved a lot of grief. So a bit crappy how they ultimately lay all the blame on her (although I guess they blamed the whole war on her too) with a peppering of stupidity and naivety from the trojans eg "this wooden horse looks cool" and "let's have the greek hostage have free run of the palace - nothing could go wrong there". It was also a shame the actor playing Achilles had a wobble in his last episode. I don't know if he was uncomortable in a chariot but he lost all his majesty with the "Where is Priam" line. He did look a bit more menacing with his killing of virtually everyone in his path though. Odysseus managed some great anguished staring off into the distance and his final act in ending Troy was pretty dark and surprised they didn't shy away from it. I think one thing the show could have done more of was establish why everyone does what Agememnon asks - even when he is being petty and generally idiotic. A reminder of how powerful he is would help explain why Odysseus and to a lesser extent, Achilles (who never really took orders) were his minions. Because his general behaviour appeared to be that of a weak person with a lot of power rather than a strong person who created his own. Given the show sets out with the premise that Menelaus is the weaker sibling and that Agememnon was the one who got things done and won duels - I never felt that Agememnon was a physical threat to anyone besides those who couldn't defend themselves. Maybe I missed something and Agememnon was supposed to be way passed his prime - a bit like King Robert in GOT. The show was ok with occasional hints it could have been a lot better but the pacing was a bit chaotic (too long in lots of parts and far too quick in the places you wished they'd linger) and some odd choices were taken with characters and behaviour.
  10. Sam Jones IIIs arrest for possessing drugs with the intent to sell suddenly seems pale in comparison. Unless he was mixed up in it all too. Sounds like some very weird stuff was going down with the cast of smallville.
  11. One a year would be nice. The "half" series was a bit breakneck at one every 6 months and it sounds like the new books are significantly longer than those series (and have to tie in 6/7 other books worth of continuity). Also eagerly anticipitating the cover design closer to publication - the first law books have a great ID. If the other things are " not sony studios, not storyboards, and not movie related" that'd also be more than acceptable
  12. Adrian Tchaikovsky's shadows of the apt series features a surprising amount of technological, urban and cultural development throughout the ten books.
  13. I probably need to time my reread for later this year then. Be nice to get this trilogy in the space of 18 months to 3 years. Unless he's going to pull a rothfuss on us
  14. Yeah it's the fake 3d I have no time for. Animated and filmed in 3d still work. I also prefer it on my home TV as I don't have to remember to bring glasses with me or worry about seating position. No idea whether infinity was filmed in 3d or post production.
  15. Think it was age of Ultron that was last draw for me with 3D so I'd say the marvel films were bad with post production 3D. Odd how they are insisting on 3D with avengers as thor and black panther had decent 2d options. Maybe Disney are insisting on retaining a large percentage of ticket sales and pushing cinemas into the more lucrative 3d screenings? I'm guessing Disney can't demand a cut of 3d glasses sales.
  16. Yeah it's a personal taste thing and to Hobb's credit she excels at crafting them. A bit like an annoying teenager in liveships where I have to admire the intentional ability to get under my skin. Like you say it highlights the flaws in those two characters and Verity's obsession is part of this. He's not a good leader who unfortunately has like-minded advisors. I like how in liveships they think of the duchies as a barbaric backwater. It does seem they are "behind" bing town in the sense the duchies feel early medieval while bing town has more of an early renaissance Florence .
  17. But then the Demogorgon may reveal it also isn't left handed? Or challenge him to a game of wits.
  18. I remain interested in this despite never having read or played the source material. Probably because it's more of an unknown for me. I think I have the books in Kindle format below a digital mountain somewhere. Maybe I'll check one out prior to 2020
  19. Regarding the new film I'm a bit miffed my local cinemas are only showing the 2D versions in their smaller screens with "reclining chairs" which somehow allows them to charge the same as a 3D ticket. Convenient. I really don't want to watch it in 3D but at the same time I'm not a massive fan of small screens as it's really not that far from watching the damn thing in front of my TV.
  20. Bleeding cool's rumour that Grant Morrison is taking over "Green Lantern" will have me buying the book for the first time since Geoff Johns left. None of the other rumoured changes have resulted in a similar reaction yet. I was concerned Morrison was done with DC as I found it odd that he (and Quietly) didn't get to feature in action 1000. I guess All Star wasn't action comics but still. Picked up action 1000 as irrespective of the contrived way of reaching that number it's still one hell of a landmark and the fact it featured words and art from some of the main contributors over the years made it a worthwhile purchase - even if I'm not currently reading the superman books. I've heard Tomasi has done a good job. Curious that Tom King got to do a story - wonder if he's getting a superman title or JLA book anytime soon? Or does DC just realise King can craft a great story and it's worth keeping him happy? Even if his best stories are using B-characters rather than A listers. "Bendis is coming" feels more like "winter is coming" than some herald of good tidings and I've still no interest in reading his take on Superman. I can see why DC thinks it's exciting but I think the Marvel folks who liked him are probably loyal to marvel rather than Bendis. I think if he was writing a street level character or something like the Qustion, I'd be curious but I can only think of bad things with his take on superman. Although the Daily planet and the reporting side may be more interesting with him.
  21. I enjoy a lot of the other villainous characters in the series but Regal is one I almost root for because it's the protagonists who allow him to be so villainous. But that comes at the expense of the protagonists. As I said it's a general hate of the type of villain - I've been having the same issue with Lancelot in the "warlord chronicles". I know it's intentional by the authors as their characters acknowledge it's frustrating but it gets under my skin. Doesn't ruin a book though.
  22. just finished the season (didn't realise it was only ten so the finale came as a surprise). Have to say I was really impressed. The show was fun - the pacing solid and the characters enjoyable. I think all the changes from the original were useful additions - particularly regarding the Robot. Toby Stephens and Molly Parker could have sleepwalked through this show but they are professional and wrangle every bit of emotion and character they can with their parts. I'm sure with lesser actors the show would have really suffered but with those two - you bought their relationship and their connection with their family. Molly Parker was excellent - there were several times where her body language added so much (when she's in the cockpit for example) and again I suspect an average actor would just sit. She shifts uncomfortably and you know beneath the characters steely resolve she's still panicking. Great stuff. There were moments in the final two episodes where I realised Parker Posey is also really good. If anything her character just needs to be a little less crazy and I think we'd get a lot more out of the character. Thankfully there were some hints towards the end that this may be the case. I also like how this show is generally positive (something I love(d) about Sense8). Yes, there's peril and the characters aren't all good but it's generally about overcoming adversity (through hard work and intelligence) and trying to be better people/family. I enjoy a dark show with bad characters and people making bad decisions as much as the next person but it seems like that's all there is nowadays - especially in the more prestige format shows. It's refreshing to watch something that isn't trying to be edgy or shock us with human frailty. I hope we get another season as I think it's a show that could build an audience - especially as it's an al ages production. I was pleasantly surprised as I really wasn't expecting much from this show. I guess low expectations can help sometimes - I know I had really high expectations for Altered Carbon for example.
  23. Same here. Two of the solo books that manage to have an interesting world. Although I'm a bit behind on Lazarus after the hiatus and fill in mini series. Both seem very well suited to TV adaptation although I guess east of West could be expensive. But with Amazon cash behind it it's possible.
  24. I hated Regal. I get really frustrated by villains who only exist thanks to the idiocy/duty/rules everyone else abide by except for the villain. Same thing with Kyle in liveships. Basically I wind up disliking the other characters for allowing the villains to thrive. I don't blame Regal to act the way he does when he knows he can get away with it. Ateast liveships had a character who called out Kyle on his bullshit and did something. It's a shame it sounds like Hobb likes these types of character.
  25. East of West is being developed by Amazon. Could make a great show and should hopefully make it easier for Hickman to pursue creator owned. Although I'd still like to see him tackle legion, superman or give the X-Men a go. Didn't know there was a full season order for remenders deadly class either. Guess it's the most adaptable project by him. I'd like to see someone try low or black science though!