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  1. Trying to watch this from the start. I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes. The problem for me (and it's something that Lynch is good at) is that it scare the shit out of me. Not the murders or weird talking dwarves but very specifically the guy who appears behind of furniture and the effect that has on Laura Palmer's mother. That shit really scares me to the point I get paranoid walking around my flat after dark. Overactive imagination I guess. I presume that kind of thing occurs throughout? In which case I'll have to watch this during daylight or try and recruit someone to watch it with me. It reminded me of the scene in Mulholland drive where the person behind the dumpster appeared. Credit to Lynch for being able to scare me though. Frustrating as I like all the other aspects - especially the characters and soundtrack.
  2. Strong praise. I think I'll try and race through this as enjoyed bingeing the second season. Might be my after dark viewing as I'm currently watching Twin Peaks from the start and it scares the shit out of me.
  3. A show doesn't need to be 100% positive to be positive. If anything it's the positivity shining through the dark aspects of intolerance (which covers virtually all of the darker aspects) highlights the positivity. It's also hard to shake the very basic concept of this is a show that involves nations across the world with characters that have been deliberately chosen to highlight common/current problems with identity and responses to it eg transgender, homosexuality and religion. Although the religion via Kala has been shied away from - especially in season 2. It might be a case of the creators not feeling they could handle it well the LGBT aspects are something the creators are knowledgable about. I think that could round things off really well if they added some religion into the mix. Although imagine the controversy of Jesus and the apostles being a (surprisingly) local cluster? It would make the spreading of the word a lot easier after Jesus' death and would help with the speaking of different languages. I agree that Kala's relationship with her husband is a complicated one but I'd tend to slide with her cheating in terms of SF. It's not that she dreams these things or is taking part in sharing a sensate orgy. She's choosing to have virtually sex with one of them. It's not like a dream as Wolfgang is an active participant. But that doesn't derail the positivity of the show, it just shows people are real and flawed. But it's nice to see that people appear to be inherently good as opposed to inherently weak. This show does seem to generate the longest posts!
  4. That does sound pretty interesting. It would definitely allow them to alter the tone a little. Sounds like some films of the Borg extermination would be good too. Although I hope the federation wrung their hands over exterminating a species or sought some peaceful resolution? I'm trying to remember if Voyager ever came up with a virus or something that altered the Borg?
  5. or if they invent faster than warp beaming technology and don't realise it. Actually the JJ verse would get around that problem of making technological leaps as they fail to realise they have. I'd consider voting for whichever party used that line in regards to guiding the country through brexit.
  6. how dated the concept of a federal europe with england as part of it
  7. I can imagine French viewers may have been disappointed with a captain called Jean -Luc Picard being played by one of the most english actors around Although I guess the dub could have fixed that. You do raise a good point though that TV - especially via streaming is now a worldwide audience. I imagine France gets a lot more US tv now than back in the 90s. Even the UK has more of it now.
  8. Another flaw with setting it in a time period hardcore fans can tell everyone else what can and can't happen. The best compromise I read here was that it would actually cover a threat the romulans were dealing with on the other edge of their empire and therefore something that maybe never directly impacted on federation space. But unless the new klingons are said threat it seems that's out the window. I actually wonder how much of Fuller's original plan is still in place? Although American gods has me a bit releived he's not on the show anymore - I think he'd change Trek too much with his current style. Was the anthology format ever confirmed or denied? I think it's not on the cards but it would be a potential out if this season doesn't catch on. I'd be all for a Star wars rebels approach to the books. I haven't read the books but there's also a danger of being chained by the books in a similar way to doing prequels. But cherry picking concepts and developments as a spring board is cool. It'd also allow them to use any of the next gen actors willing to guest star. Interesting about new viewers to enterprise. Did enterprise ever tempt them to watch the other shows? I guess we'll only know for sure if it isn't the Abrams verse when something occurs that doesn't fit. I suspect it'll be coy and neither confirm or deny if that's possible. I'm sure someone here can explain whether it's possible for the show to be either/both universes. I can't remember if the time travel in JJ-trek caused changes that would derail the Discovery timeline if it's in the prime one?
  9. Hey, Rip, the tone here may seem like I'm angry at you. I'm not, i'm just irked with the show's choice to set it where they have. Set it in the future and new and old fans can be entertained though. None of those arguments give a reason for why it isn't set post Voyager. We wouldn't have a clue what happens to any of the characters if it was set in the "present"/future. Instead I'm going to be biting my nails wondering if spock ever masters the vulcan language or manages to succeed as a hybrid growing up amongst vulcans. If Sarek ever gets in trouble - the suspense of whether he makes it out alive will kill me. Maybe new viewers who've managed to avoid Star Trek their entire lives and only now decided to try it will get to benefit in the wonder and speculation of these scenarios. But both parties could have been left open to surprise if it wasn't set in the past meaning all the characters are at risk. Did new viewers turn up in droves to watch Enterprise? If they did then it must have been at the expense of existing fans but I suspect it was more a case of existing fans sticking with the franchise. If we give the the benefit of the doubt and say the new films have brought a new audience and that's what they are chasing after (which they seem to be). Why not just set in the Abrams verse and do a next gen version or simply follow another crew in that timeframe? Besides the post Episode I-III obsession with prequels and the fact the creators seem to like doing them there isn't really any compelling reason why it works better at drawing in an audience. The techno bubble bursting might be an issue but only if they continued using it at the rate voyager was. Even that goes two ways though because if the Discovery crew ever do anything different to solve a problem Voyager etc may have encountered the question will be "why the hell didn't they log this and use the experience technology as a standard protocol in the future"
  10. I'm still not sure how setting something in the past adds tension when you know the outcome? Unless you're going for dramatic tension eg you know something is going to happen but you don't know how. As for trek not suiting modern TV - I'd tend to agree. However I think a common reason people cite for enyoying "sense8" is that it's so refrishingly positive. Maybe there is an audience out there for optimism? In which case now might be the best time to have a Trek show embracing the wonder of exploration and bringing cultures together.
  11. Nostalgia? I often get the impression with most prequel that they are just as bogged down with call-outs to the future and shackled by continuity. If Discovery wants to include a new race then said race either has to become extinct or somehow erase everyone's recollection of their existence. It's easier to do new when setting it ahead and so much easier to surprise us. I agree there's an issue with current creators being obsessed with the past. I suspect studios think there's less risk in a prequel than a sequel as well. Which is odd for Star Trek given that the show that failed the most in terms of longevity was Enterprise - the only prequel show the franchise had tried. Which makes it seem odd that they are doubling down on it.
  12. I felt it was sensationalist too. I'm maybe just more sensitive about animal cruelty but I didn't really need that level of detail. Although having just finished I get the feeling there's a little bit too much detail in everything at the moment. That section felt overly long for me. Good point about that scene showing not everyone can be bought though
  13. A lot of reviews single him out as a highlight surprisingly. Managed to hold of from seeing the film for a week so far. Glad I have as no one I know who has seen it has had anything better to say about it than "it's about the same as Prometheus" - even if they liked Prometheus that's enough for me to wait/not bother.
  14. Like sehaha said it's a shame they can't just play it cool anymore but this is impossible with social media. Both the examples he mentions in TOS and DS9 would have been praised and criticised (by those who didn't like and those who didn't go far enough) months before the episodes aired and then that scene becomes the sole focus. I think on average that's a reasonable assumption. At the same time I also think it's more likely to have people whose intentions are well founded derailing even good intentions on the show. eg if there isn't an LGBT character in the show, or there isn't enough or even more derailing the actor portraying said LGBT character won't exactly match the profile. Irrespective of Sonequa Martin playing the first black female lead in a trek show if she plays a trans character there will probably be a lot of vocal complaing about the fact they didn't cast a black female trans actor. I kind of get their point but it would be really sad if a decent show striving to be diverse is panned for that. And I'm currently bathing in the irony of pointing it out as it means I'm part of the social media distraction. Even worse I'm discussing it before it's even a thing. I still hope they are going to explore gender, race an religion in the show as these are things trek have addressed. I'd like a mix of doing so directly with human characters but also via the prism of alien cultures and physiology.
  15. Bizarrely, I'd never really considered this (or just grown so used to it I forgot). Probably because watching reruns as a kid, race isn't really an issue (which is why it's probably a good idea for shows to make the effort). Sulu, Uhura, Scottie and chekov. Spock could be a stand in for mixed race and arguably mental conditions like autism. Funny how the obvious can pass you by so that the focus was on the first inter-racial kiss.
  16. very strange they are burning through the series in the space of a weekend yet are still doing a season 4. I wonder if it's connected with their netflix deal? They can give netflix the show in binge format sooner that way. Maybe Syfy has noticed their shows do well internationally via them?
  17. I'm either getting soft in my old age or this book is bordering on torture porn in some places. . So credit to Lawrence for being able to make things so visceral and i wonder if the training school trope is being used to shock us out of a "this isn't a YA" book? For instance while Bakker's books have similar torture training it doesn't shock as much because everything in the second apocalypse books is harsh. Another plus I should give Lawrence is how (and I'm sure he's sick of hearing this) he felt like he was tapping into the approach of Abercrombie in terms of style. I think it's something in the Bristol/Bath air rather than deliberate. I wouldn't say this book feels anything like Abercrombie's work - not even the YA aspects. If I was to make any comparison I'd say it was with Hobb's assassin series but that's largely because of the "ninja" training school and humans with supernatural skills. Anyway, I like that Lawrence can mix things up even if I'm not in love with the book yet.
  18. seems bizarre that they wouldn't set it in the arrowverse at this stage - especially when it's on CW (the only reason Supergirl wasn't directly attached at first). Love it or loathe it the CWDC banner gets recognition these days like a diet Marvel effect eg "hey this show will be stupid and fun"
  19. I always get reboots, remakes and relaunches mixed up. I don't really have an issue with whichever one means "a continuation from the old show" while I'm usually more hesitant over "complete do over and pretending the original never happened". There seems to be so much programming around these days that there's probably room for all these shows too. As long as they are on streaming services they aren't fighting over airtime. They might be fighting over money but that doesn't seem to be an issue yet for Amazon and netflix. It's more of a concern when it happens on regular channels that only have an allotted amount of time in a week to air programs. I can remember when reality tv was at its height and scripted dramas had hardly anywhere to screen. It's an issue I think CW needs to be careful with in the sense it's almost the DC comics channel - they probably air more SFF than the syfy channel these days (if you include superheroes which you should). In general I get the impression reboots aren't a guaranteed hit. 24 and prison break haven't really caught on. Heroes failed miserably. Comedies appear to be a safer bet in general. Wonder when Friends comes back for 12 episodes with the cast getting several million per episode? The world would lose its shit over that. Every episode of Roseanne he's in is a quarter of a film we could have seen him being mindblowing in.
  20. I feel like they are becoming more reptilian from JJ to here. Makes me wonder what the showrunners are trying to achieve - did they seriously think "fans will love this totally different take on Klingons". I'm sort of hoping they are still going for "fan rage" publicity and that there is an organic story for why they look like this. That way we can get the ones we like if it turns out those new klingons are a reason people are tuning out. Yet again though, if the show had been set in the future they'd at least have an opportunity to change their appearance. If they just wanted to be at war with Klingons then looking at our own history, peace treaties don't last forever.
  21. I'd say Netflix on average performs better than any other network at the moment. Starz do well but it feels like they only ever have two big dramas airing. FX are super consistent but don't tend to splash out explaining their avoidance of SF. AMC are well known for being stingy. HBO has the cash but I wouldn't say they had the brand they had from the Sopranos to Wire (Boardwalk empire possibly gets in). I don't automatically check out a HBO show anymore. I don't automatically check out a Netflix show but that's largely because they have so much to choose from - a lot of which is great. Basically I wouldn't write off a show because it's on Netflix - it's not like they have an in-house style anyhow.
  22. That's us placing current development on the trekverse. To be honest, even pre-TOS is going to be "caveman-like" to what we should be capable of in the future (barring "dark ages"). The world of trek from Enterprise to Voyager is probably more static than our world has been over the last 50 years and if you can warp space/time and beam people around the world would be unrecognisable from what we currently have. Trek was always about looking at how we would look from today's world in one that was idealised and conveniently had technology that allowed us to connect to alien worlds/civilizations. The way I look at sci-fi is, in essence, like fantasy where civilizations and technology largely stay the same. Although I do love when either genre manages a convincing sense of change. Original series I could see the argument but "Next gen" on I find that hard to believe. I certainly hope it wasn't a shout-loud group that caused this to occur. I always equated Klingons as Klingons - not a stand in for a race (although if i were to draw parallels with a race I'd have thought Mongols of the Khan era because they were a kick ass military race without peer) It's like changing Daleks because they portray people who can't use their legs in a negative way. Pretty sure they change is more to a) put their stamp on the show b ) keep it JJ movie friendly and c) hopefully continue playing with the virus notion they had to explain TOS - film changes.
  23. At least it doesn't feature the Borg - leave that until season 2 if ratings are struggling. I want this to work as it maybe increases the chance of a "after voyager" show at some point. Although I'd happily see this show die if it was standing in the way of such a show.
  24. he was a singer with a very distinct voice which was apparent with Audioslave where he transformed what was essentially rage against the machine into an entirely different thing.
  25. that's a great cast. Tend to think of falling skies when TNT is mentioned