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  1. Trant is an asshole, but he is a decent fighter. Blount might have been a good fighter once, but he is fat and useless now. Oakheart, Moore and Swann are all good fighters and deserve their White cloaks. The hound an excellent fighter of course, he is no knight though. It goes without saying that Jaime is a great fighter, but he would be executed.
  2. I agree with you and Stannis has many reasons to hate them. But Loras Tyrell would be/is an excellent Kingsguard.
  3. Stannis believes that he is the rightfull King of Westeros and therefore the already existing Kingsguard members would stay in the Kingsguard. They were only doing their duty. Jaime would be executed of course and the hound is not a knight, so he would probaply lose his position as well. This means that there are 2 free positions on the Kingsguard. Barristan Selmy is supporting Dany, so he won't join Stannis Kingsguard. Brynden Tully is fighting for Robb Stark, so he is also not getting a white cloak. Godry Farring and Rickard Horpe seem to be the 2 best choices. Loras Tyrell is of course also a posibillity.
  4. King Jon Snow - The bastard of Winterfell, the man who betrayed the nights watch, the man who was killed for treason, the man who would have lost the battle of the bastard, the man who usurped his sister.
  5. I think this topic has not been discussed before, why wasn't Jaime named Warden of the West after Tywin died? I understand why Kevan didn't get the title, but i think it was never explained in the books why Jaime didn't get the title. Do you have any ideas?
  6. It's also important to mention that Tywin never ordered Elias death. He just ordered the death of her children. Unlike her children, Elia did not need to die. She had no claim to the throne.
  7. I think Stannis will legitamize him and betroth him and Shireen. Stannis has no son, so this would be an intelligent move.
  8. Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark
  9. I hope he is dead and won't be resurected.
  10. Hello everybody! After i have read the a Dance of Dragons Epilogue, i was wondering who will be the people sitting on the Small Council in the Winds of Winter. I believe many people will have differen`t oppinions on this topic and i would like to hear your ideas. Lord Regent: In my opinion there are 3 possible candidates to become the new Lord Regent. Cersei Lannister, Mace Tyrell and Margaery Tyrell. I think that it is very unlikely that Cersei will regain her position as Queen Regent. She was humiliated in public and is still awaiting her Trial by Combat. Many people believe that Mace Tyrell will become the new Lord Regent and even though this very possible, i don't believe this is what will happen. I believe that Margaery Tyrell will become the new Queen Regent, like Cersei once used to be and Mace Tyrell will remain her Hand of the King/Queen. Hand of the King: I believe that Mace Tyrell will remain the Hand of the King. If Mace Tyrell becomes the new Lord Regent i believe that Randyll Tarly will become the new Hand of the King. The Master of Laws: In case Mace Tyrell will become the new Lord Regent, it is very likely that Randyll Tarly will become the new Hand of the King. If this is the case however, someone will have to replace him and become the new Master of Laws. In my opinion, this will probaply be Mathis Rowan. The Master of Coin: I think it is very unlikely that Harys Swyft will keep his postion as Master of Coin. I think the time has finally arrived for everyone's favourite lord treasurer Garth the Gross to become the new Master of Coin. The Grand Maester: I think Mace Tyrell's uncle will become the new Grand Maester of the Iron Throne. This would make the most sense. Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: I don't think that Jaime Lannister will be executed by Lady Stoneheart in the Winds of Winter, but it is definitely a possibility that this could happen. If Jaime dies, it goes without saying that Loras Tyrell will become the new Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. But there is also the possibility, that Loras Tyrell will die as well during the Winds of Winter. Who do you think would become the new Lord Commander of the Kingsguard in this case? The Master of Ships: This position in the Small Council will definitely stay unchanged. The Redwynes have the biggest fleet in Westeros and there is no reason to replace Paxter Redwyne. Advisor: This position will probaply also stay unchanged. Unless Mace Tyrell is foolish enough to fire Nymeria Sand from the council. I hope you enjoyed reading my ideas and i am looking forward to see yours!
  11. There is a simple reason why the Targaryens had so many stillbirths. The reason is incest and not some magical shenanigans. People on this forum really tend to overanalze certain things.
  12. Yes that would have been a smart plan. But Stannis would never have supported Renly. In his opinion, he was the rightful King of Westeros and Renly was a traitor.
  13. I am a Stannis the Mannis fan, but i agree that it would have been a smart idea to support Renly. Westeros would be a much more peaceful place today, if Renly was the King. This is the reason why Stannis will never be a good king. He is very much like Eddard Stark in this regard. He is an honourable man that tries to do his duty, but he is unable to make compromises and alliances with other great houses because of that. Even if Stannis would become the King of Westeros at the end of the story, his reign would not be peaceful.
  14. I think Robert and Ned were both 18 years old during the time when the war started. When the war was over, they were 20. This is also a reason why Robert was such a differen't man during this time. He was still very young and changed a lot over the years, due to his bad marriage with Cersei and his sadness because of Lyannas death. I believe that he would have been a much happier man and better ruler, if Lyanna would still be alive. He might have cheated on her, but he would not hate her as much as he hated Cersei.
  15. I agree with you, relieving Jaime of his White Cloak would probaply have been the smartest thing to do in this situation. I think Robert and Jon just never thought about it. Making Jaime the heir of the Westerlands again is not really a big punishment.