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  1. I really don't think GRRM thought it through that much
  2. Might be why he's so angry all the time
  3. Because Rhaegar didn't really die, the plan was to fake his death and run away
  4. Fifty bucks and a case of Heineken
  5. Vaes Dothrak is a major trading hub (for some inexplicable reason), so it's not impossible for Illyrio to get some agents there, and everyone has a price. Shit, I forgot, we've already seen that he's able to get agents there: Jorah, Dany, the wineseller, and possible the merchant captain that Jorah visits.
  6. Good call! That's interesting, because someone had an idea that'd happen based on the sample chapter: True, although I would quibble that legitimised bastards are still frowned upon by the nobility. Excellent point, which makes you wonder why he killed Joffrey. (And maybe he didn't, or did so accidentally, but that's by the by.) I suppose he didn't expect Tywin to die and Cersei to be left in charge, nor Cersei to be quite so useless. I also suppose he has a newer, more powerful patron in the Tyrells, except that were I the Tyrells, I'd (a) figure out pretty quickly that Littlefinger's new bastard daughter was really Sansa, and (b) I'd have him killed even quicker. Why would they leave Littlefinger alive? In Westeros, first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women
  7. Interesting. I'd assumed that Illyrio somehow got the Dosh Khaleen to announce Drogo would father the Stallion if he married Dany, but perhaps it's more that Illyrio became aware of the Dothraki's efforts to "immanetize the eschaton" and produced a made-to-order Stallion-birther. (This ties into the idea that Dany isn't who she thinks she is.)
  8. Who? I think you're confusing me with someone else, friend. My name is Po'Marties. I don't know who this "Mo'Parties" person you're talking about is.
  9. I said Illyrio was Rhaegar?
  10. I don't think it needs to work. Littlefinger's M.O. seems to be... I'm tired, so this might be an insane metaphor, but it's as if he's bought up a leaky boat for dirt cheap - no-one else wants it, because it's shit - and the sellers laugh at him, assuming he's stupid and he's definitely gonna drown - but he doesn't actually sail it long enough for it to sink, he just sails it along to the next leaky boat, and he sails that one too, and jumps ship before it sinks, and etc, etc... Does that make any sense? He finaegles himself Harrenhal, a useless empty castle with a curse on it that nobody else wants; he uses it to get himself married to Lysa Arryn; he uses that to place himself in charge of the Vale and as custodian of Sweetrobin... he can't possibly expect to stay as Lord of the Vale forever - the Lords Declarant will shove him out eventually. But all he needs is to stick around long enough to do the next phase of his plan. So with his scheme with Sansa, I wonder if he really actually intends for her to marry Harry - or if he just needs her to be betrothed to him, for a while, possibly as a way of leveraging some other shit. His whole M.O. could be summed up thus: it doesn't need to work for long - just long enough.
  11. ...nope. I tried, I really did, but it's just too fucking long. [Sidebar: it's not just you, it's almost everybody who writes about ASOIAF. (Even, at times, me.) Nobody understands the tremendous value of brevity.] One question I did have, though, before I gave up: you says "...the Azor Ahai and the Bloodstone Emperor myths... depict them as actors who trigger a chain of cataclysmic events through the use of blood magic." How metaphorical is that?, i.e., is it literally that the actions of some person on earth caused the moon to explode and come crashing down?
  12. Um... I think I read some essays once about how Garth the Greenhand was an undead superhero... or was it the Last Hero? You were digging into all the Herne the Hunter/corn king/wicker man symbolism, the upshot being that the Last Hero was an undead skinchanger. And the astronomy stuff... I don't remember. There was once a second moon that fell to earth and that caused the Long Night?
  13. "Add this to Cersei's GRRM's ever-growing list of mistakes", eh? Truthfully I imagine the reason might be, if reason there is, that there's simply more to learn about the Velaryons and George doesn't want to draw our attention to them yet. They were a very big deal for hundreds of years, but we don't know shit about them. Even less than the Hightowers or Daynes. Disagree here. Small Councillors serve at the pleasure of the king, so Aurane's power and importance is entirely dependent on Cersei. Driftmark would give him power in his own right and a more secure base. I doubt he had long-term plans to steal the fleet; rather, I think Cersei's arrest presented him with a choice: go back to obscurity and relative poverty now that your patron is gone, or become king of the pirates. It's a choice we've all had to face at one point in our lives, and I think he made the right call.