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  1. Well they where one of the may reason of the dance of dragons and the subsequence loss of dragons all that because they wanted Aegon II on the thrones wich would certainly gave more power to his grandfather. So uninterrested by power no , they just tried and failed and seem like they dont want to take any more chances.
  2. Just like the Riverlands wich are also controlled by a house with no history of kingship. The Reach and the Riverlands are always more divided than the rest when it comes to the big civil wars and it makes sense when most of the bannermen have a better claim than the ovelord (brackens, blackwood, Vance even Mooton for the Riverland and Rowan, Florent, Hightower, Oakheart and a few others for the Reach.)
  3. I thougth it was the fact that the 3 dragons were there that Thorren bent the knee more so than the army that was theyre since they could just go bach to Moat Callin and make a stand there. Even if the army would certainlly count some survivor from the field of fire but i dout theyre where that many.