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  1. Can anyone recall a passage in the books where Lady Walda tried to help F-Arya in Winterfell? Does Walda know the truth about fake Arya?
  2. Robb could turn around and take his army home. Just forget the war and garrison Moat Cailin. That would leave Edmure Tully to fend for himself against the Lannisters but it's only Edmure left anyway. There is an advantage to choosing your own battle ground and Moat Cailin is a good place to defend the north from. Let the Freys negotiate their own terms with the Lannisters.
  3. How would Ser Alliser react to Jon's intent to attack Winterfell?
  4. He could burn Craster's boy and Shireen to create blood magic that will bring down the walls of Winterfell.
  5. Did he throw gasoline on that fire? He fuels a lot of fires. Maybe they don't turn into anything important or maybe they do.
  6. I don't see many options for Roose. Robb will find out sooner or later that he let Jaime escape in Harrenhall and he won't get the same leniency that Catelyn got. His head would leave his body when Robb learns of his betrayal. Roose sensed the Karstarks and the Freys dissatisfaction with Robb. He knew they would turn on the Starks and just sided with them for his own safety.
  7. I don't expect the author to give us a definite answer. Real life is full of uncertainties. Paternity and parentage could not be determined accurately until DNA testing. That kind of science is out of place in the medieval world of our story. We will clues that support he's a Targaryen as well as clues that support he's the son of Tywin. Martin will leave it up to the reader to make up her mind on Tyrion.
  8. S Good team work. Mel can see the future. Mel has magic. W Lack of food and supplies. Cold winter climate. O Potential alliance with Asha Greyjoy. Use Theon to bargain with the iron born. Use Craster's son for blood magic. T Bolton army. Frey army. The cold. Mance Rayder.
  9. Rhaegar would have to wait until he's king before he can dump Elia. Which means he was waiting to marry Lyanna, but at the time of their deaths, they were unmarried. They never got the chance to marry.
  10. The story of the Rat Cook. Roose had to think before the plans for the red wedding were finalized. He knew guest rights would be broken but the story was not enough to stop him.
  11. I don't see how you can dislike the Targaryen family. The current family representative is at Slaver's Bay and she's fighting to bring freedom to millions of the enslaved. Viserys was a dick but he never killed anybody. Whatever sins Viserys is guilty of, it is far less than Jaime's, Bronn's, and Theon's. For a family that had complete power when they had dragons, the Targaryens were pretty generous and very reasonable in general. Can you imagine what the hungry wolf (Theon Stark) would do if he had a dragon? How much of his enemies' blood would flow is beyond comprehension. And the Night's King who was a Stark? Don't forget about him. Brandon Stark and his hothead would have been a monster if he had a dragon. Little Bran is already abusing his power. I can only imagine the atrocities that boy would cause if he had control of a dragon. And Arya? She would kill all of her father Ned's enemies and level their castles to the ground if she had a dragon. When you do a fair comparison of the Targaryens against their subjects like the Starks, Lannisters, Greyjoys, and Baratheon's they look like a very nice family.
  12. George is partial to cripples like Willas. Maybe Mace dies and Willas becomes head of the family. He will remember the debt they owe to the Targaryens and side with Daenerys.