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  1. How did this go from R+L=J to if the Battle of Trident happened? Of course it happened. There are survivors (Barriston, for example) In my scenario it doesn't matter if Lyanna had prior knowledge to the betrothal or not. The sad song still would've put her in an awkward situation. LOL...vomit inducing. Did you puke while reading every Jamie and Cersei chapter? Give me a break. It's a book. And we have all been making stuff up with theories because the books aren't finished yet. R+L=J isn't in the books either so I choose to ignore it.
  2. But it doesn't make perfect sense. What sense does it make for the heir of the throne, who is already on his fathers/kings shit list, to steal some northern girl and piss off an entire region who already dispises southerners and encite a rebellion? It makes LESS sense than your comment about B+L=J because we have already seen incestuous relationships in the literature. As far as I am concerned Brandon+Lyanna=Jon is just as good of a theory as R+L=J. Maybe even more so. What if Lyanna was crying at the tourney of Harrenhall because she just found out her one true love, her brother Brandon, was now betrothed to Cat? I would say it makes more sense that LITTLEFINGER had more to do with Lyanna's disapperance than did Rhaegar. What better way to piss off the dude that pounded your ass in the dirt for the woman you loved than to steal the woman that Brandon loved. Think about it...
  3. Jamie Lannister at the end of Robert's Rebellion.
  4. Yes. Mirri is explaining her medical history to Dany after Dany seeks her out to help Drogo. Mirri explains that she learned anatomy from a maester from the Sunset Lands and outs him by name. "Marwyn, he named himself..." Jorah reassures Dany that her story checks out.
  5. HBO has to make a Dawn Age/Long Night/Age of Heroes/Andal invasion series. Would be nice to see how the Wall, Storms End, the Hightower & the Eyrie were built.
  6. I kind of love it actually. This actually leaves the door open Dany to reunite with him. And it also makes me wonder about Quaithe and some of her messages to Dany... "Remember who you are, Daenerys, ... The dragons know. Do you?" This mysterious sentence could be reinterpreted if you drop Daenerys and add Rheago. Rheago, if taken by a Dothraki hoard, would have NO CLUE who he really is. They would never tell him about his crazy ass mother.
  7. It's ok. They still don't know who Dad is. Mwwuaaaahahahahaha
  8. The Great Other is my brother from another mother. It is known.
  9. The Cleganes so I could stand behind the Mountain in every battle. Come get me bro...
  10. I laughed out loud every time Olenna Tyrell put Cersei in her place.
  11. Yup. I believe that the known sorcerors, or shamans, are using entheogens to somehow control their subjects. There is just too much evidence throughout the series to dismiss it. The Warlocks almost got Dany, Euron is pouring SotE down people's throats, and Bloodraven is making Bran gulp some questionable weirwood juice. How the wights and Beric/Stoneheart function is still a mystery to me. My guess is it has something to do with the trapped souls in the weirwood net. Something like a possession or seizure of anothers body. We know from Varymyr that souls just float around after death until they find a new home. Patchface is also probably one of those possessed wights, possibly taken over from a soul trapped in a waterlogged undersea weirwood (Drowned God, anyone)
  12. And he would've been there sooner but his ride was out to sea. The Cinnamon Wind left Qaarth for Braavos then Braavos to Oldtown. Marwyn was on his way to board the ship at the end of aFFC. AND Marwyn will also be traveling with Aemon Targaryen....pickled in rum. Let's not forget that Marwyn was messing with Aemons head with his glass candle before he passed. He could also be influencing Dany with it.
  13. Exactly. She knew she would be there. I think the entire situation was a set up. Battle and all. Drogo's infection was probably a poisoning. Something similar to what Oberyn used against the Mountain. And MMD had the knowledge from Marwyn that this dumb little Westerosi girl in the middle of nowhere would seek advice from the only "medical professional" around. Basically Marwyn was out to pull off his own Summerhall and he had the perfect ingredients. Add one blood mage, a khal, three eggs and a Targaryen girl.
  14. I believe MMD was an agent for Marwyn. Marwyn has a glass candle and knows full well that the Others are coming and that dragons are a necessity. Varys and Illyrio are more than likely puppets of Marwyn and arranged the entire ordeal. Dany has been lied to by everyone her entire life. I also believe that Viserys wasn't her real brother. More than likely he was her uncle.
  15. They are perfect candidates for future Night's Watch members (assuming there will even be a need for a Night's Watch).