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  1. I remain unconvinced. But you guys do you. But I hope we do get some explanation for why Lyanna was where she was, at some point. Because, yeah, I'm thinking pre-planned 'elopement', not abduction.
  2. Sometimes, it is the scale, the sheer audacity. Beyond normal belief. Sometimes, so many other people are invested or implicated, everyone looks the other way for as long as possible.
  3. I think Hoster banished Petyr for the duel, embarrassing him in front of the Starks. Lysa was an unpleasant surprise. (The drinking and quasi-rape was just before the duel, and I think Petyr issued the challenge *because* he thought it was Cat. Being disabused of that would be shattering. And a bloke with a near mortal injury and drugged out of his mind isn't entirely consenting, either. But. Different thread.) Even if Petyr encountered Lyanna/Rhaegar, they have no reason to let him hold a message, surely? Lyanna might know of him, distantly, but Rhaegar would have no idea who this scrawny lad is. Really, the logistics of this world are insane. The distances for effective communication, even with <strike> magical postowls <strike> ravens, are ludicrous. And transport is erratic, dependent on weather, terrain, the fitness of horses and riders...
  4. Rhaegar would probably travel with a clarsach, the small lap harp seen on Irish flags? The Celtic harp. The big pillar harps tended to be reasonably stationary, because heavy. ....oops, crosspost with @Prof. Cecily The thread is hiemal's 'Sisters White, Blue and Grey', I can't put a link on this thing.
  5. The timings do not work. Petyr was banished from Riverrun a bare fortnight after the duel. (It's doubtful whether Hoster knew about him and Lysa, and Lysa can't even have known she was pregnant at this point.) He's in a litter, so with a couple of Tully men to dump him back where he came from? He's also very badly injured, and probably not in a fit mental state to be doing much but hurting. Brandon was heading *back* from Winterfell when he heard the news. That is more than a fortnight's journey to get to Winterfell from Riverrun, even to be turning around immediately. Harrenhall is the wrong side of the King's Road, and too far south, for anyone there to cross paths with someone heading Valewards. I know everyone wants Petyr to be the Devil, and responsible for every evil, but I just don't think he was geographically in a position to do this one.
  6. It is easy to make yourself essential if you are the only one who knows how things work. I think KL was grinding along as a cesspit of corruption, nepotism, bribery and backstabbing before any of our players entered the scene. Petyr is the consummate opportunist, he worked out how to engineer things so he wound up at the top. How long he thought he could stay there before it crashed down may not enter into it, if 'the climb is all' it might all be about the next step, the next score, without a goal. He's used the fundamental disdain of the nobility/aristocracy for the nuts and bolts of government, the actual business of it - he has their distaste for the mercantile class, but the sense to see their usefulness and ability. I don't think he's a psychopath, but he does remind me of people I worked with in the City. (London) Not quite reckless, but a certain arrogance that came from handling such large amounts of money, that everything was almost a game, numbers on a screen that weren't real. Jon Arryn appointed him, from a position where he'd been very successful. And that's interesting, too. He was still extremely young to be in charge of things in the fifth biggest city, what did he do before? (I'm going with probably organised crime.) Despite it being Lysa's urging, I doubt he'd have done so if there wasn't competence, and he certainly wouldn't have then brought him to KL. So, I don't think he thought initially he had cause to examine his own appointee. If he did have doubts, by the time investigations started, all sorts if other schemes were moving. (Sweetrobin - Lysa was with JA in KL, Petyr was in Gulltown, he didn't come to KL until after SR was born, by timings. And I think JA would watch his wayward wife, in his need for an heir.)
  7. The Starks were collateral damage, getting shot of the Lannisters was the aim. I think Petyr was getting in tight with the Tyrells well before this, he was very chummy with Renly. Sansa is so young in the books, I can't help feeling she is truly a daughter substitute. Mostly. (The ages weird me out generally, though. I can never get used to being older than the parental generation in a book.)
  8. Fun fact - small chairs made from wooden tree stumps were used by volva/spaekona in their rituals of prophecy. Little silver representations of same have been found in grave goods. Thought to represent Hlidskjalf, Odin's throne. Re the Seastone chair- Yeah, no, let's not sit on the eldritch furniture. I don't think even some fetching throw pillows would help there.
  9. Because Stannis and Arryn were making common cause - and Arryn was seeking to put Sweetrobin out of the line of fire with Stannis, indicating he thought things were going to kick off. Lysa is going batshit. The last thing Petyr wants is King Stannis with Jon Arryn as Hand. The Starks weren't relevant until Robert went North to get Ned. I think Petyr was aiming to be Hand when the Lannisters had been ousted. ...sorry, posted too quickly. I honestly think Lysa told the truth about the letter she sent. The idea was to keep the Starks away from KL, so Ned didn't blunder through all the intricate plots. Which he did.
  10. Sorry, the message ate my ironic smiley. I was implying that I think JA was side-tracked deliberately. If Petyr was playing silly buggers with the financials, do you suspect malice or incompetence? Or does he really have the worst gambling problem in Westeros? I cannot think how he hoped/hopes to get away with all of his scheming, unless he has a very secret escape plan.
  11. Hmm...'can' and 'be willing to' are very different. How do you deal with several thousand nomadic nutcases who don't want to change, and are now loose in your lands? You've invited them in, so any opposition isn't going to ally with you. And your populace will be too busy fleeing into neighbouring territory to farm, trade or grovel appropriately to you. (I really think bringing Dothraki over is a Bad Idea, anyway.)
  12. The Dothraki are kind of a one-use 'point and shoot'. What do you with them once they've happened to a locality? Their entire way of life is inimical to Westeros.
  13. You think Petyr got promoted too high, too fast? And went a bit power-crazy? Maybe Jon A was getting a bit suspicious. What a sad thing that he got diverted by Stannis and suspicions of the Lannisters, or he might have discovered something...
  14. Why would he look for issues? Petyr was an outstanding customs master in Gulltown. He understands finance, which it seems very few nobles do. They regard that and administration as grubby, common jobs. As long as Robert had his money for tourneys, and trade kept turning over, nobody was looking for the financial shortfall. I'm not even sure Petyr *was* stealing, he seemed to be trying to apply meritocracy and logic to a feudal system that runs on bribes and nepotism. Just because he understands how it all works, doesn't mean the people under him do. Of course, he could also have a nice retirement fund stashed in Braavos...
  15. I'm prepared to be contradicted by people who have read more and in depth, but just looking at the map, I don't see how paths would cross. I mean, I can believe Petyr would dearly have loved to mess with Brandon, but at this point, I think he was a broken, traumatised mess in the arse end of beyond. I'm intrigued by the theory that something was kicking off in the North, regardless. Arryn, Tully and Stark getting nervous about Aerys, but perhaps considering independence rather than Rhaegar. Once the Targaryens no longer had Weapons of Mass Immolation, there was always going to be unrest. Three hundred years of unification versus a few thousand of Independence...hmm. The Rhaegar/Lyanna situation just touched off something about to explode.