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  1. Seemed shocked and unprepared, thought he'd be pardoned.
  2. This is quite a good comparison. Winner will have to find an apprentice though, or face an extinction.
  3. 1. Double standards are not awesome. Pardon Catelyn? Pardon Lord Karstark. 2. Keep Theon by your side. His father is out of question after his sons were killed and Theon taken hostage. Come on, this is 101 knowledge, forget politics, forget war. 3. Shouldn't have crossed the Freys. While they are hated by everyone now, seemed like they respected their part of the deal until Robb broke his promise. I guess nothing new. While he could've tried to make deals with Renly, Stannis, etc, 1+1 does not equal 2 in war and politics. It wasn't only him in question, but also his own vassals and people, and other Kings' vassals and men. Since he was sabotaged by Roose from the very beginning, I think also more intel among the Bolton's men before the war would do him a solid. He is scared by him, but trusted him at the same time. If you ask me, Roose was Robb's huge problem when he called the banners, and should've kept him close, like he should've done with Theon. But this is also such a long shot! Man, poor Robb had defeat written all over him when you see all of his circumstances. He is a character made to be sorry about, GRRM did this with him very much on purpose.
  4. I think it's a tradition. Kings can change it if they want to. However, some of the next Kings in power can think of a better law unification, it'd be a big deal and a great challenge.
  5. Don't know. If there is some codified law, the Master of Laws should have access to it, so that he can enforce it in practice. We can agree however, many highborn didn't answer for their crimes under any law, and oftenly it went as normal stuff, "hey of course they can do it, they are these people with two names". Law, existed or not, doesn't apply for them, unless it's in interest of other highborn in a higher position to do so.
  6. I've been wondering on the same matter. It seems to me that the King decides who will answer for his crimes and who doesn't, while the laws stay more or less the same. I didn't notice nothing even close to a "fair trial", even though this phrase is used oftenly by many. Haven't seen a professional prosecutor, defender or a judge, while maesters, the city watch, kingsguard, etc., resemble scientists, police and bodyguards in modern time. While this is a fantasy, we can say that lawyers and trials existed in many societies we are aware of. But if someone who read all the books is familiar with something different, I'd be happy to stand corrected.
  7. Yes peace needs burning people alive for no reason from time to time. Even today some individuals do this aren't they? "Killing the bethroted wasn't a good enough reason". Peace=burned people. Rebellion against the nutcase burning people=disturbing the peace. "A peaceful land-a burning people."
  8. It's a physically impossible theory. Why? Because Eddard Stark was very much alive when they found the wolf puppies. Basically two creatures-a man and a wolf cannot be the same thing. P.S. Don't know why but this theory kinda reminds me when scum Freys attached Grey Wind's head to Robb's body so they mocked their connection. I see it as a theory made to mock poor Ned's fate and his failure to protect his family.
  9. Her.
  10. Roose grabbed power when he saw an opportunity. His house was under Stark rule for thousands of years so he felt it's "now or never", as it really was. Every dog has its day, this was the logic behind his actions. Take over the North, and try to keep it later. Plus, surrounded by traitors and fighting a lost cause, his life was at stake too, wasn't it? Robb was already compromised and when the king (or leader) loses reputation, everything falls apart. So Roose felt this and acted. He isn't a good guy, obviously. "A peaceful land, a quiet people" is open for many interpretations. By now, it's clear what does this mean. In summary, he is a total cunt. You can tell it even when he stabs his king, says "Jaime Lannister sends his regards". Doesn't have the nerve to back up his treason with selfish reasoning, but tries to distant himself, at the same time revealing that he is someone who hides behind "bigger guys" that protect him. Great character developing by GRRM.
  11. This story is built too seriously to give Roose or Walder some heroic role, or any kind of redemption for that matter.
  12. Looking from northmen perspective it's clear the reason why the "White Wolf"-Ghost is a white direwolf and Jon is his master. From story perspective, since wolves signify something more than just wolves, Jon's direwolf is choosen to be white to hint Jon's Targaryen ancestry (they all are known to have pale, white hair), and the red eyes signify fire. Pretty basic stuff but that's why it's meant to be symbolic. Basically Ghost fulfills Jon's Stark-Targ symbiosis perfectly.
  13. Baelish can be (and has no problem stating it) to Jon what Roose was to Robb. I think the point of this story is character developing, so Snow won't let this proven backstabber do to him what he does the best. As for his Targ blood, I don't see why the Northmen would have a problem with this, it's proven because he is already accepted as a bastard. People start to worry about what a man is, and not who he is.
  14. Yeah when he looked like bored to death listening to people.
  15. Bran reminds me of Maester Luwin in that first picture.