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  1. Balon was a nutjob, him and his brothers. That's their thing. Why would you have another Doran in the story? Exactly.
  2. I think Jon made a mistake. After he was elected LC, he should've executed Marsh, Thorne and whoever else was in the room for treason, after he already overheard them talking about granting Tywin Lannister's wish to chose Slynt as a LC. Tywin had no business whatsoever to get to chose NW's Lord Commander. He pardoned proven traitors and it cost him his life.
  3. Except Robb, none of these kings were even crowned by their own vassals. Probably Renly would win, he has that politician's grinta that wins you elections.
  4. Well, if self-hurting is someone's thing, I guess you can put it that way too. It still has some placebo effect on your mental state, which is, I assume, somewhat "good"? A lot of things, even hobbies, exercises, etc., practiced even today, are painful. This is a more extreme form of "getting rid of the negative energy" (blood). In general, I agree with your idea that it might be a form of masochism, combined with some obsolete beliefs.
  5. You're not tripping. It's a placebo effect. If you strongly believe that something works in a way for you, it might really do. Those leeches are his dope.
  6. You won't pretend to be a prophet of the Old Gods if you've seen it in the flames. I wouldn't care for the heidens. So probably join team Stannis since Mel is there. On a serious note, if you are speaking of having knowledge of the twincest, for example, and start the game in Winterfell, you probably can't do much. Perhaps some other info would be more useful, like knowing that Littlefinger and Lysa poisoned Jon Arryn. Now that revelation might save the 7K from the bloodbath. If you reveal the twincest, you will just make sure a war will happen.
  7. Signed. How and why is it OK for some people that Marsh, Slynt, Thorne, etc. were in cahoots with the IT (read:Tywin), and not OK the fact that Jon wants to save his sister from the biggest psychopaths in Westeros is beyond me. And probably Marsh killed Jon to suck up to Ramsay anyways. He is from the sort of people who want to side with the winner no matter what and no matter the cost.
  8. At least she has the right for a revenge. I don't blame her character on that count. It feels justice when you see the Freys included in the RW (which is Brotherhood/LS work), or the Mountain's men being executed for their war crimes and atrocities.
  9. Welcomed in the North with open arms by the lovely Ramsay Snow.
  10. This is a valid argument against Stannis. Mostly, I have a mixed opinion on all the Baratheon brothers, so I decide that they are all flawed and limited, with having somewhat good intentions for the realm at the same time.
  11. But but...Stannis is a kinslayer! (While Renly was ready to kill his (what he believed them to be) nephews and his brother in the process of taking the Iron Throne).
  12. He doesn't believe it. He wants to conquer the Throne, like Robert did. Even if he believed it, he didn't mean to support Stannis.
  13. 1-Sam, convincing Cotter Pyke and Mallister to support Jon.
  14. This. It is known from ancient times.
  15. House Bolton is found in the Age of Heroes. Night's King lived during this time. Old Nan says that he was a Stark. She says a lot of accurate stuff. So what if: House Bolton is found from one of the children he had?* That makes them Stark bastards. The castle NK found was the Dreadfort. This name kind of resembles the Nightfort. * It is said that Night's King sacrificed babies to Others (like Craster did). So his children were born as humans. So no, Roose is not an immortal Other, it's just happenes that he had (has?) distant ancestors/relatives among them, like other Westerosi/Beyond The Wall people have. Night's King was defeated by a Stark King Of Winter, who joined forces with Joramun, a King Beyond The Wall. And who sides with who now? To defeat who? Jon Snow is the (possible) heir of the last King In The North, Robb Stark. So Jon Snow (presumably legitimized Stark) is the legit King In the North who sides with the King Beyond The Wall, Mance Rayder (who symbolically at least, has Joramun's horn), to defeat the Night King's descendants, Roose and Ramsay Bolton (who also happens to be an ex-Snow). History repeats itself. Only difference is that they changed names and places. The Night King's heirs took the home from the Starks, their relatives. It's not the Nightfort that will be abandoned and forgotten now. It will be the Dreadfort, with tales told about it from the future Old Nans. And the Bolton's name forbidden and forgotten... ...with a possible surviving offspring, which will survive the Winter and move more south, finding himself another castle. Something-Fort.