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  1. They'll send no one.
  2. Do you guys and girls think there's a possibility that Roose wrote, or at least sent the Pink Letter? He clearly has interest to remove Jon Snow. A supporter of Stannis, and Ned Stark's son (as far as he knows)? I'd bet he has informants on the Wall, it's the smart way to play. Most likely Marsh is one of his pets. The latter is a well-known "I am there where power resides" man, confirmed by his plotting to put Slynt as a Lord Commander after Tywin advised him it's in his best interest to do so. What if Roose was cahooting with Marsh to kill Jon Snow, and the Pink Letter is there just to provoke Jon to react the way he did and for Marsh to have a pretext to kill Jon? Everything was so fast in there. It seemed well planned. And, Roose is known to plan such events. Ramsay is not. Ghost was disturbed by Marsh's presence even before Jon received the PL. Exactly the way Grey Wind was disturbed by the Freys before the Red Wedding. And Jon caged Ghost, exactly the way Grey Wind was caged before Robb was murdered. We know that Direwolves sense betrayal and are distrustful of certain kind of people. So, Marsh was cooking betrayal. He didn't react spontaneously, he wasn't at all surprised when Jon read the letter aloud, he just ran away to prepare for his deed. Do you think he'd act that way on his own? The man has support, or he thinks he does. Another clue that the PL and Jon's murder were planned and coordinated events rather than accidental and disconnected from each other is Melisandre's previous warnings to Jon. If something was not cooking against Jon already, why would she see it in the flames? She is good at predictions, but not THAT good (like Moqorro) to see that Jon's murder would've happen so quickly and out of the blue. Anyhow, while there are people claiming that actually Ramsay wrote it (obvious choice), Stannis (I personally don't think so), and Mance (there's a strong case for him, the vocabulary resembles Mance's), no one seems to point his finger at Roose so far.
  3. Ramsay and Roose are usurpers. They are not at home. Therefore, they can't host any guests beneath the roof of Winterfell, since it's not theirs. Bran, Rickon, Sansa and Arya have bigger claim than the Boltons. The Boltons are wrong peoples, on a wrong place in a wrong time.
  4. Who really knows what Daenerys saw there.
  5. Thank you.
  6. So is House Lannister of First Men or Andal heritage? I always thought it was known they were Andals, but the Asoiaf Wiki lists them as a First Men house. Blond, tall people, isn't that a typical Andal appearance.
  7. What if people inside Winterfell plot to kill Roose and his army on sleep? He doesn't have only his men inside. Everyone but the Dreadfort people wants him dead. He is too cautious and probably knows this, of course. But, people would probably rather try to just kill him or die in the process than fight for the man who had a hand in murdering at least one member of their family/army at the Red Wedding.
  8. Me too. Especially Victarion, and also Aeron. Aren't they so laughably nuts? Black humour at 11 there.
  9. Noez. You just spoke of the Great Other, the Abomination whose name can't be spoken. And no, it's not Joffrey nor the actor.
  10. Maybe some of the direwolves (alive or undead) will literally eat the sun and moon during the Long Night, like Fenrir's sons did during Ragnarok.
  11. 1. Daenerys has a messiah complex. She thinks she is this great leader and liberator. But she handled things poorly. She didn't get rid of the slavers entirely, didn't entirely free the slaves. She achieved nothing. Many people died instead. 2. Her delusion of grandeur over being a Targaryen, interestingly enough (probably some psychiatrist would think it is) is based on her birthright to the Iron Throne. She constantly says and thinks that it belongs to her. What does she do to take it back? Yes, that's right, she does nothing. 3. She sits voluntarily in this foreign land because her children (another delusion, they are not her children) need her. They need their freedom, not her. She came there to free them. They don't care for her delusions and dragon blood. I hope she learns this. She was never able to get this through her head. A decent and humble leader knows this. Doesn't learn it after thousands of people die for his own amusement, revenge and lack of realpolitik skills, or lack of focus on the reality itself.
  12. She couldn't cheat on his father if in fact, his father was this man who Walder's mother cheated on her husband with.
  13. It's a tough call. Probably Roose and Stannis will die, and Ramsay will remain alive running the North. It will be crazy in there.
  14. If Tyrion and Daenerys are to be boring like in ADWD, I pray they get zero.
  15. Well Jon has the genes of traditional sisterfuckers, what's wrong with thinking of it here and there?