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  1. Beyond the Wall. No bending and no kneeling.
  2. So I'm mistaken. OK.
  3. If this was the case Tywin would've already sent these terms. But, despite him not being satisfied with how Joffrey turned out to be, didn't even consider to sacrifice him in order to get Robb's good will. Cersei also wouldn't allow Joffrey to be sent to the wall, like never. Myrcella liked Robb, and maybe vice versa, but would Robb marry the sister of his father's killer? He can marry just any northern/riverlands girl after the war. Therefore, I agree, he wouldn't have to marry Roslin, but he may have the choice to do so. Still think Tywin's and Robb's armies wouldn't trust each other after that many battles and bllodshed. And to think how some of the POWs (can't say their threatment while being held captives was splendid), would fight alongside the same people that captured them, maybe tortured them, just yesterday. And of course, Riverlanders' Lords' smallfolk killed, raped, and tortured and villages sucked and burned. And the other way around. This is the people and lands these Lords actually are rulling. Not a guarantee the same would work now. I still think Cersei/Edmure wouldn't work, for reasons from previous reply. It was a fluke, yet it happened anyways. Plus, Robb wouldn't care for Lannisters' well beings after he has his peace agreement. That means he has Sansa already back as part of the hostages exchange. He'd had no interest in the Blackwater Bay battle.
  4. How so?
  5. Well I guess I tried to soften the image of Lord Tywin a bit unintentionally.
  6. If Beric is right, then I guess, The Night King will remain the last.
  7. My guess is that Lannister soldiers Arya met have him now. That'd be most accurate, if writers even haven't forgot about Edmure.
  8. I always thought if Robb went instead of Cat to negotiate with Renly, he'd 100% take Margaery to bed.
  9. When Arya and Jaqen release the Northmen from the dungeons and Vargo hands over Harrenhal to Roose. Beautifully written chapter. "The bear is all in black. Like Yoren" - Arya.
  10. A peace agreement could work, but not an alliance. -The first point is reasonable. -Cersei would never let Joffrey take the black. Also Tywin will not allow himself the Lannisters look that weak by sending one of their own to the Wall. -If we're talking about changing turn of events, Robb may want to marry Roslin after the war and cold-headed. Remember at the time there's no Jeyne Westerling. Plus, with the peace agreement signed the Freys have no back up from Lannisters to overthrow Tullys and Boltons don't have the back up to overthrow Starks. No reason why Harrenhal would be given to Freys. -Fourth point is reasonable. -Since circumstances are exceptional, Robb wouldn't risk bending to Joffrey in King's Landing (OK, or Tommen), but would recognize him as the rightful King with an official statement, and renounce his title as a King and become a Warden of the North. This would please both sides, Robb keeps his head for sure and Lannisters can count the North as a part of the Seven Kingdoms. -Marriages won't fly after Ned's beheading. "Remember when your brother ordered the beheading of my father?" This would be the reason why not. -Jaime is exchanged with Sansa, presumably Arya is found to be taken back to WF instead for a hostage, maybe both sides participate in searching for her. Also, every prisoner on both sides is exchanged. Cersei/Edmure wouldn't work if you ask me. She was the reason his nephew was pushed from a tower and this is now a common knowledge (if I'm not mistaken). -North and Riverlands can't fight along with their yesterday's enemies. Both armies won't build mutual trust overnight, after many battles already took place and too much blood already fell. This is where Lannisters pay the real price for starting the war. Can't count on those troops, only not having them as enemies. With the Baratheon brothers' events turning the way they turned, Lannisters would defeat Stannis along with Tyrells anyways, since Robb didn't participate in the Battle of Blackwater bay. So this would stay the same.
  11. Tormund has become a Westerosi citizen.
  12. I think it's an old thing, after what happened with Rhaego.
  13. Of course, I agree. I presume that they weren't a historically villain house, but this generation is for sure. By the way, Tywin does nothing when Gregor commits atrocities, because he orders him to do so. So I guess he is a tyrant - dictator who orders someone else to do the dirty work for him. And Starks are partially hated because they try to keep their vassals in check and abolish old traditions - just look how Roose hides his practices and cuts a man's tongue in order to keep his peaceful land and a quiet people. What bothers me in this story is that Starks are borderline, if not plainly stupid as a family, I mean come on...Eddard, Catelyn, Robb, Sansa, Rickard, Brandon...A house thousands of years old must have some knowledge passing from a generation to generation, and yet some of the above acted beyond retarded in crucial moments.
  14. I guess it's a generation thing. The Lannister regime is established in the era of the story we follow. And it produced psychopaths and war criminals like Joffrey, Tywin, Cercei, the Mountain (although he is their vassal, not one of them).