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  1. Totally agree. He even puts himself on a leeching therapy-he gets rid of the bad blood. Who else does that voluntarily?
  2. Stannis & Randyll Tarly. These are alive.
  3. The R'hllorists are very exclusive and intolerant towards other religions. That being said, why are there so many knights in Stannis' court? We know that knighthood is a Faith thing. I'm not saying that I'm expecting Stannis to dismiss these people, but I expect that Melisandre would persuade him to de-knight them and give them some other R'hllorist name for warriors, or at least only dispose of the false Faith's knighthood title.
  4. The North was very lightly defended and its main fighting force went South. So yes, Balon's plan had merit. 1) Attacking with a big chance for success. 2) Minimal casualties. 3) Can be "cashed out" with the main strenght and go home or somewhere else. 4) Northmen don't have ships at the time. They can't go on the Islands like in the first rebellion when the Iron Throne came to Balon's living room. How are they going to respond to Ironborn's attack if they rebel against the IT? 5) The Ironborn's lifestyle is honored and they're happy.
  5. Even if he knew, Varys is adaptable. The moment Jon took the black Varys would've gave up on any eventual plan he had with him. That being said, I don't think so.
  6. Hey there @Lucius Lovejoy. Great analysis. And a good read also.
  7. Well, I can't help but think that atrocities done there do not look like honorable deeds. We can always agree to disagree.
  8. Exactly, the book did more than well enough even with the main characters excluded.
  9. OK then, the Starks were harassing the Three Sisters for centuries for a no good reason. Things which were supposedly done there surely are not actions Ned would commit or approve.
  10. Didn't miss Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion in Feast at all.
  11. Well good job. Reading Patchface I assume that the author implemented the occultist saying "As above, So below" through him.
  12. The Starks and Boltons were harassing the Three Sisters and the Vale for like hundreds of years. Where's the honor in that? There were different times for every House.
  13. He tried to do the right thing. That being said, he had to lie too much to do so. Lying is not that honourable I guess, but sometimes it's the pragmatic thing to do.
  14. She barely paid any heed to Barristan's stories even though she asked him to tell her. It was almost as if she wants to hear "stories" as some little child who's bored, not to learn something useful.
  15. Clegane's puppies.