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  1. No. Not even if Bran was able to perform.
  2. Because Tywin's favourite tool was named control. If he has another child at older age, he would either be occupied with raising him/her, and as a result other three might slip out of his hands. So in his mind, he might lose control over them. Second, but more likely, he won't be able to control his new son/daughter. He wasn't getting any younger, and when this child comes of age, he'd be certainly older and not mighty as he once was.
  3. Probably because they were keeping his nephew out of harm to their deaths.
  4. Jaime should've spoke up, but Eddard was a narrow man nevertheless. Of course he won't talk Kingsguard out of fighting. I don't think anyone would have tbh.
  5. Many notable people had some sort of mommy or daddy issues. This might be useful. I also see a potential in him. Shame GRRM seems to want all Stark male kids unable to continue the line. But we shall see. Don't be so sure about Roose. If he beats Stannis (a big "if"), his biggest threat will be gone. No southern army has went north of Moat Cailin, he'd wager. And winter is coming, so they won't bother with the new king in the North. Roose is not afraid of the crown.
  6. Before the parley with the Kingsguard that never happened, he probably had ill thoughts about him. He found out the truth later, presumably. So in the present, he doesn't have ill thoughts. You're right. Like someone said, he was drugged when he had that fever dream, so who knows what he intended or knew or didn't know. He might've been to Storm's end because of both, but duty is for sure his one reason: it had to be done.
  7. After they're all dead, he doesn't. But before, did he know any other truth than "Rhaegar raped Lyanna"?
  8. It should be an independent Kingdom, at least for a while, again. By the way, I say that If Stannis loses, Roose will become a king. If you ask me we need to see a tough northern king like the legendary kings, Theon Stark for example. If only Rickon survives and all his traumas make a beast of him. I'd like to see a badass Stark ruler/king, not another Ned or Robb. Tough luck for that wish, I predict.
  9. They were Kingsguard and it's logical to die for their king. Ned and his crew were rebels. And do you think a narrow man like Ned would parley with the Kingsguard? Jaime's thoughts might explain this: "The moment he saw me, he found me guilty" (or something in that manner). So Ned was there to try to save his sister from these evil servants of the rapist Rhaegar and the Kingsguard was about to stop the band of rebels who would do gods know what with the baby king and his mother.
  10. You're right, I didn't recognize that quality.
  11. Maybe we're looking too much into this, you might be right. Thank you my friend, I apprecciate your support. The thing is, I went with the flow on this matter. It just stroke me that Roose's background and childhood are misterious, we know nothing about his lord father and decided to make a thread. And when different opinions and questions are mixed up you can make something out of them. As a result you provided some good insight with this skinchanging thing-which is right there all the time, but too many explanations make you decide that actual wearing skins-Bolton thing, and skinchanging as mentally and physically entering a living being (Varamyr, Stark children, etc.) are different things, but these explanations might also stop you from seeing the obvious. Who knows.
  12. Yes thanks for your correction-warging is not exactly the same as skinchanging, but one of its forms. So the Stark kids are wargs specifically. I got them mixed up because of a thought of Bran in A Storm of Swords : "What good is it to be a skinchanger if you can't wear the skin you like"? This thought, on the other hand, taken literally, can be related to your point from the last post and if you view it that way, wearing someone's skin as cloak is the exact result you get. The old Bolton's way. While all the magic in the universe is waking up, maybe Ramsay's birth has something to do with it and represents the waking of the Red Kings' magic-whatever it was. For sure though-he is this kind of man some other old nans in a distant future would tell tales about and the little chuldren would take them just as stories. He is that much unbelieveable. His level is not lower than the Bolton's who made cloaks of the skins of a hundred Sistermen, centuries ago. In my opinion, Roose is acting differently from his younger days because of the placebo (or the real, depends) effect of his regular leechings. At the end of ACoK, while at Harrenhal, after he is leeched, his behavior seemed to me as one of a man who is drugged. Evidently, he views this as his treatment. In that kind of a supposed good mood, he tells Arya a valuable info about his future plans with Harrenhal (leaving it to Vargo) and makes her save herself and run. Politically, he is then in a 100% turncloak mode. Commands that a castle should be put to the torch and all its people executed, acting on behalf of the king. Sends thousands northmen to their certain deaths. This is him being on the meds. He now thinks clearly, and it's clear he has to switch sides completely.
  13. Yes, this is all so damn weird. And I am not even advocating the bolt-on theory. It can be tens of other things. Roose may be a kinslayer already and took his lordship by killing his own father. What he says to Theon about kinslaying (as if he's afraid of some Gods) might be a bag of lies. He is after all a proven traitor, a rapist, war criminal and what not. "A peaceful land, a quiet people." He might've put his father and his son(s) under a peaceful land for all we know. How would the story spread if his people are so quiet, without tongues, for example? I am aware of the Red Kings. But we have no idea whether Roose is truly their descendant. Again, because-who his father was/is? Your skinchanging thing is a new moment to me. I see them as two different things: Warging (or some sort of it) and an actual skin-wearing. If the six Starks kids (including Jon) are skinchangers, and the Boltons are skinchangers too-could they be more related than just being descendants of the First Men? I personally don't find a connection here because warging is not an exclusive Stark thing, plus the wearing skin as cloak is another thing entirely. On the other hand, Catelyn makes a note that Roose loves his dogs more than his son. We see Ramsay hunts people with his dogs. These are his "amusements". Warging can be done through dogs, also. It may add to the confusion and doubts, for sure.
  14. Robb Stark. He is a symbol of what not 15-years old kids should be put through. Surprisingly, managed to save his brother's life (along with Theon), become a lord by right, but crowned by the lords he ruled over. He didn't proclaim himself a king for the sake of it, unlike Renly or Balon for example. He forgives his mother for releasing the kingslayer. He praises Edmure publicly for actually commiting an empty, out of command act of bravery. And he confessed he made a mess of everything but the battles. You see this kid coming back home high on some bad drugs and admitting it caused him trouble. Unlike Daenerys, he didn't have dragons. This is his problem. He had to fight an actual war with only people as factors (yes I'm aware he is a warg and has Grey Wind). Against Tywin Lannister and Balon Greyjoy, but unfortunately, had no clue about how big of treasonous cunts Theon and Roose actually are. He treats Jon like a true brother. He is, in my eyes, a Jon without plot armor and a lot more difficult tasks to do. I guess GRRM wanted two of the same kind so that at least one of them can survive, even through resurrection. I hope Jon survives.
  15. What was his father's name? GRRM bothered to write down many family trees of others, even lesser lords, but what do we know about the father of Roose? If the writer left out his father's first name and history, I don't think it's a coincidence. The Boltons are not that small of a deal in the story. Isn't it suspicious we know next to nothing about Roose as a young heir to the Dreadfort? We know a thing or two even about Walder Frey's childhood, who is a hundred years ago. Can anyone give an answer?