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  1. For starters, the BloodStone Emperor's picture on the wiki: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Bloodstone_Emperor The "Sister." quote gets me everytime. The art and quote makes him seem of a teenage edgelord rather than the psychotic badass that he was. There are other artworks that are cringy too.
  2. So why did Tyanna betray Maegor?
  3. If he does then it's because his character has been forced too. 1) It was very stupid and dangerous of gendry to hide in KL, right under Cersei's nose 2) There was no reason to pick gendry for the expedition beyond the wall.
  4. No. Watch the scene in the house of the undying again. In the end it shows her going beyond the wall and joining Khal Drogo and Rhaego in a tent which implies she will die.
  5. Favourites: Cersei NK Tyrion Least Favourite: Lyanna Mormont Dany Arya
  6. Gendry was brought back in season 7 for fan service reasons
  7. There is no Azor Ahai. Azor Ahai is a red herring. Also Dany will die
  8. I don't think they taught them...but they actually ruled over them with their remaining dragons.
  9. As a magister in Pentos
  10. Hey your name seems familiar...there was a poster called Dorian Martell. Are you him?
  11. Dragon poop = Dragon glass. It is known.
  12. If the slaves did in fact rape the woman, for that crime I would put them in prison at least. I won't let them go free
  13. 10/10 shitpost
  14. So you're okay with rape if it happens during a guerilla resistance, got it.
  15. There will be 2 more tbh, TWOW, ADOS and one more. I don't think this huge series will finish in merely two books. There's so much stuff to cover.