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  1. I don't think they taught them...but they actually ruled over them with their remaining dragons.
  2. As a magister in Pentos
  3. Hey your name seems familiar...there was a poster called Dorian Martell. Are you him?
  4. Dragon poop = Dragon glass. It is known.
  5. If the slaves did in fact rape the woman, for that crime I would put them in prison at least. I won't let them go free
  6. 10/10 shitpost
  7. So you're okay with rape if it happens during a guerilla resistance, got it.
  8. There will be 2 more tbh, TWOW, ADOS and one more. I don't think this huge series will finish in merely two books. There's so much stuff to cover.
  9. So it's okay that the boy's mother was raped????
  10. Also when a boy told Dany that former slaves killed their father and raped and murdered their mother, Dany does nothing and tells the boy to gtfo. Goddamnt it
  11. Gilly is the daughter and wife of Craster. Though Gilly doesn't have any targ ancestors, craster does and when he spent his seed inside her, some of that dragonblood went into Gilly's baby
  12. GoT is a good show
  13. Craster isn't a stark. He's bloodraven's son. Therefore he has kingsblood in him, which is why the WW take his babies because kingsblood has power. That baby-swap with mance's son/gilly's son will make things worse because Mel will burn gilly's baby who has kings/Targaryen blood....and will have a very powerful output
  14. I don't think fAegon would marry into the family that murdered Rhaenys and tormented Elia. (The Mountain is in service to Cersei and he had raped Elia. Aegon will see this.
  15. This is some superb tinfoil, ser. Well done.