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  1. while your carrot seems very reasonable and long term profitable solution, i say stick. i really hate the ironborn culture, they giving norse raiders of the real world a bad name, so i say burn it all to the ground, salt their fields, and hand the lot of them over to the ghiscari, let them see what true slavery feels like for the other end of the chain.
  2. regardless if elia's children are alive or dead. cersie would definitely focus her hate, and joff's, on jon. he is older. if he stayed a bastard, his mere existence would be considered a threat to her and joffrey, even he was sent to winterfell. part of that is the typical andal view of bastards, and as a targaryen one, with the kind of family support eddard would give him, he would certainly been seen by cersie as a rival to joff's claim to the throne. if was he was legit, cersie would push for him to be removed, that he must be a bastard and only legit by decree, and that the throne should be joffrey's by right. lood at what she and joffrey did to all roberts bastards in cannon. sure, that might have been more to eliminate the proof that joff wasnt a baratheon, getting rid of the evidence of the baratheon appearance being passed on. but it also indicates that the lannisters saw those bastards as threats to joff's claim. i dont doubt that she woul stay with jaime, but her disdain for rhaegar would start with his aloofness, for lack of a better word. thenshe might start her plotting to prematurely put the golden shit on the throne, like she did in cannon. look
  3. lets say that aeyrs was unsuited for militray life after duskendale. that kind of experience can age someone beyond their years. and it was what brought his paranoia screaming to the surface.
  4. i dont think that it would her pride saying that lannister blood is better than targaryen blood. but i think rhaegar might grow distant with her. it comes to me from other sources that i am forbidden to mention, but i get the impression that while he would be a better king than robert, he would not be the most visibly caring husband or father. that he would distant, kind of cold, to his children. not that he wouldnt love them. but maybe hes afraid he might end emulating his father, or the burdens of the throne, which i think he would shoulder instead of handing off to his hand, would keep him aloof from his family. by the time he could interact with the kids more regularly, he was so used to that distance that he didnt know how to breach it, so he ends up loving his children from afar, and publicly is very formal and cold with them. that lack of affection would definitely sway cersie to return to her brother's arms, once she realised she wasnt the object of rhaegar's ever waking thought. her narcissism would demand nothing less. i can still see a joffrey being born, and being a golden shit, of her and jaime. but if she had a tommen and myrcella, maybe they might be rhaegar's. i can accept that. they arent the monsters that joff is. and i can still jon being hated, even if raised in KL. cersie would push for jon to removed from succession, even if rhaegar publicly proclaimed him legit, whispering in joff's ear that he is the rightful heior, even if aegon is still alive. she and joff and viserys would call jon a bastard. viserys, if he is still power hungry little ass that he is in cannon, might complain and whine about his rights and wants. i always found him to be remarkably similar to joff in that regard. would aegon and rhaenys hate jon? i leave that to you think about. maybe that hate him for elia being dead, blame him and lyanna for that crime. maybe they dont, and are only cold to him, or aegon acts the theon around jon. i see jon avoiding crowds and attention, sticking to the back ground and corners. wears a lot of black. maybe finds friends in young daenerys? they are very close in age. and he might get along better with catelyn and his kin in the north, than he ever does with those in KL.
  5. random question, but if cersie married rhaegar, would joffrey still have happened? i mean, would she still have been sleeping with her brother jaime, even though rhaegar was much more preferable to her than robert? would the golden shit still have been born?
  6. a sword, then either a mace or warhammer. both good anti-armor. but sword is faster on the swing, and if im weighed down by armor, i want a weapon that will cost less energy with each move. cause its not just other knights im fighting, but the hundreds of armed foot men between me and him.
  7. thank you. that was general reason behind fostering to begin with. so i tried to apply to why roose would send domeric to the vale.
  8. actually, most of my opinion of Rhaegar, and what he might or might not have done, is coming from the world book. it seems to describe as a man who sought to remove his own crazy father from power, i think that the rebel lords, if robert was removed, would be his best chance. i never said they would fall apart without robert, just that their beef wasnt with rhaegar, but with aerys. it was robert who had the rage hard on for rhaegar. if robert had died, and rhaegar never sued for peace, yes, the rebel lords would have still pressed the war. im just saying that with out robert, the chance of a peace being reached between rhaegar and the rebels would be a strong possibility. yes ned would demand for his sister, and i can see rheagar giving stark assurances that lyanna was safe, was well when last he saw her. he might have even told ned to go on down to dorne to retrieve her, given him a letter to hand to the kingsguard that guarded her. rhaegar had been working to gain support to remove aerys before the war started. thats why he organised harrenhal in the first place, as a cover to talk to nobles and gain the support he needed. you dont just walk into the throne room with a hand full of men and say that king is no longer king. ned tried that, see where it landed him. he would have needed an army in place to help remove those loyal to aerys, and enforce that decision until aerys could be safely locked away.
  9. actually, most of my opinion of Rhaegar, and what he might or might not have done, is coming from the world book. it seems to describe as a man who sought to remove hisown crazy father from power, i think that the rebel lords, if robert was removed, would be his best chance. i never said they would fall apart without robert, just that their beef wasnt with rhaegar, but with aerys. it was robert who had the rage hard on for rhaegar.
  10. so a large political bloc. bound by ties of marriage in most cases.
  11. you know, that whole situation with the mormont girls actaully helps to clear some of the views that first men of the north have on bastards. technically, all those mormont girls seem to be bastards. we see no mention of fathers that i can recall, no mentions of husbands. they just declare the daughters to be mormonts, and it seems no one cares.
  12. but their grievances were with aerys, not rhaegar. and i doubt either eddard or arryn would blame the son for the sins of the father. but robert was the leading figure. the one the others prompt up to head their army, the figure head they rallied to. and if rhaegar sued for peace, to gain their aid in removing his father, robert would be the one to fight that proposal the most. he hated rhaegar with a passion so intense it was almost holy, a hate that held robert in its grip even over a decade after he had killed rhaegar himself. robert would have been the primary obstacle to peace between rhaegar and the rebel lords. but with out robert, then the main hate for rhaegar himself dwindles.
  13. doesnt necessarily kill the thought. could have been one of hoster's plans to bring support to the bloc by joining the westerlands. it just seems that nearly all political power of the realm was resting with the houses of the westerlands and reach, after the royal family. of course in this culure, the political power follows the wealth, and those two regions are the wealthiest. but many of those decisions seem to have either nothing to do with the regions of this "southern ambitions" group, or very little, for the reasons i listed. would it be out of the park to see this alliance of rivers, mountains, and north as a means to make a stand for their own political authority?
  14. hey, let us have our romantic, optimistic dreams. it helps us sleep at night.
  15. and it helps to foster outside of the home region to encourage relationships outside the home territories, for everything from promoting trading favorabilities, to bringing in new blood to the family by finding a potential wife from another region, to culturing friendships and alliances in case war throws men of different house into working together. why the redforts? well the redforts are a first men family, so maybe roose wanted his son to be fostered with someone who would understand domeric's cultural upbringing and religious background.