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  1. thats something i have picked up on as well. he spends most of his effort on the political side of things, rather than the relevant military aspects of a feudal society.
  2. and his childhood heroes were aemon the dragonknight, and the dareon the young dragon. did i spell that right?
  3. but if robert had lived, then ned would have had the opportunity to reveal to him cersie's betrayal. begin trotting out bobby boy's bastards as proof. given robert's renown temper, i wouldnt put it past him to actually kill cersie with his own hands if she didnt manage to escape the capital. maybe ned could restrain him from killing the children, but cersie and jaime would have prices on their heads. tywin would still go to war, but now the stormlands and north, riverlands, and maybe the vale, are firmly allied against him. maybe robert keeps stannis as his heir, maybe he legitimizes one of his bastards, like gendry, and sends gendry to foster with one his uncles and learn lording.
  4. i think, in the book at least, the dagger likely belonged in robert's armory, and joff took it out and gave it to a cutpurse to go and kill brandon. yes its a tupid move, but joffrey isnt exactly the brightest crayon in the box. in the show, i think it was littlefingers. and he planted it in the hopes of then bliming on the lannisters, by playing off his old relationship with cat. whether or not bran died didnt matter to him. that ned's child, not his, and bran is male and doesnt loojk much like cat, as well as not being as important as robb politically.
  5. yet we never hear robert froth over aerys calling for his execution. he only seems to remember rhaegar taking lyanna. he focused almost exclusively on rhaegar, then the other targaryens became more like an after thought, a loose end to be tied up, then sort of became the surrogate rhaegar for him to hate, since they were still alive. cause he never got lyanna back from rhaegr, so in his mind, rhaegar won. robert may have killed him, but rhaegar got lyanna, so rhaegar won.
  6. but would many in essos know jon is the bastard of winterfell? sure, many in the free cities, might, might, recognize that the surname snow meant he was a bastard of the north, but how many would know that much about eddard? and sure, he would naive as a maid in essos, but maybe ned sends him with someone, like a manderly, who might know their way around braavos or pentos, and might have contacts that might be of use. it not like ned would just send him off with no support what so ever. and sending jon to squire for some lord or knight that eddard trusts, yeah, that could have definitely happen. i even read a scenario where it did. very well done it was too. he even got married to a hornwood girl after he got knighted. i dont see a future as a maester. jon just doesnt strike me as one to be overly inclined to the scholarly arts. the citadel is as much a calling as the NW is a punishment.
  7. i started this thread cause i was wondering how thing would change for jon if he had gone to essos. in essos, the stigma against bastards doesnt exist. no unless brought by other westerosi. maybe he spends some time as a merchants guard, or joins a sellsword company for a few years and earn himself a comfortable amount of gold. maybe even find himself some pretty young thing and start a family. maybe he hears about the targaryens, i think they would have been on their way to vaes dothrak at that point, maybe about as far as quohor? and he decides to go have a look at the last remnants of a house that have become something of a myth or legend for his generation. or does he head south into the disputed lands and come across the golden company, the most famed and successful of the mercenaries of essos.
  8. then tywin would pull that stick out of his ass.
  9. what if jon had been sent to essos to live a little, instead of going and committing himself to a life of celibacy and unpleasant company on the wall?
  10. not the purpose of this thread, lets try and keep on topic.
  11. so if she went into exile with jon, would she have tried to be involved with the raising of viserys and daenerys as well as jon? and might ned have tried to send some sort of support to his sister? maybe smuggle funds to her or something?
  12. i think we can safely assume that where rhaegar met up with lyanna was on the riverroad, which runs through that radius.
  13. well, for all we know, in an westeros not suffering from the debt accrued by littlefinger's book cooking, and robert's extravagances, there might actually be money in the treasury to pay for it. joff wanted to build a royal army, but cerise pointed out the fact that most of the people he would using to make that force would be more loyal to the lords of the lands they came from, not to the king who might be sending them to kill that lord. so maybe the money is there, but the issue was more in the subject of soldier loyalties being in question.
  14. what if lyanna had survived giving birth to jon? what might she have done? would she have taken jon and gone into hiding, like the supposed aegon? would she had just into exile like dany and viserys? would she have married robert? if so, why? to insure jon's safety? or maybe she just takes jon and goes home to winterfell?
  15. not the smallest, that honor goes to the iron isles, but yeah, they dont the wealth or population to be in the same league as the reach or westerlands. its not that ned was loyal to stannis, but that he was trying to uphold the law of the realm, which meant that stannis was robert's legal heir as joffrey and his siblings were not roberts children. i dont think stannis and eddard were ever that close, but ned always tried to do the right thing, which meant declaring stannis as the true heir.