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  1. It could possibly be fore shadowing that house Stark will be two different houses that only can claim descent from house Stark through the female line. If Rickon dies and Jeyne Westerling isn't pregnant or has a girl or has a still birth, or has a miscarriage or the child dies in infancy or dies before it can continue on the line house Stark would be essentially gone.
  2. What do you think would've happened if Daryn Hornwood didn't die at the Battle of Whispering Wood. I wouldn't bring this up unless the stuff that would've changed was very significant.
  3. I can see Robb likely looking to make a few hostage exchanges. After this though Ned eventually comes North and tells Robb the secret and at this point Stannis would have sent his letters and so Ned tells Robb to declare for Stannis. However it seems as though Littlefinger was the one who convinced Joffrey to kill Ned and this is confirmed by the fact that their is no mention of Littlefinger protesting (I don't know it has been a long time since I read that part of A Game of Thrones), and one of Littlefinger's agents held down Ned and the man who beheaded him is of uncertain loyalties. Ned very well could've send a raven to Stannis when they stop at a castle and Ned could sign Stannis's letter as well and explain his treason. And Stannis would have the North and the Riverlands and a few Florents, the Celtigars, the Bar Emmons and the Velaryons. Stannis would never go to Storm's End and hewould have all the necessary men to take out King's Landing.
  4. Arys Oakenheart wouldn't be in King's Landing when Renly attacks because he would be with Myrcella. Balon Swann I could see being pardoned as he is a Swann who are vassals to house Baratheon (and one of the more powerful ones to). Davos would already be dead, it's his two youngest sons that I would really be wondering about. Renly likely wouldn't kill Shireen because killing an innocent girl who is less than ten who also happens to be your niece will make you really hated.
  5. I would name Belwar my castallean, as his loyalties seem the most certain and it doesn't mean that I have to leave too many men behind. I would take my half-brother with because.
  6. I would take Lord Reyne's daughter as my wife. Use my gold for fixing the gold mine, and take the offer to create a trading route from Oldtown to Lannisport to pay for the other two big problems.
  7. I would marry my heir to the Frey daughter to help ensure my son's safety, and to spread my house and get the second most powerful house under my control. Also the Twins make a lot of money as another reason why. My daughter I would wed to Lord Mallister. I would let my second son squire for Lord Vance's son and have him betrothed to lord Vance's daughter. With Benjy I would let the small folk say that the gods already punished him by taking away his wits. After all that is the way people thought in medieval times.
  8. I would take in the girl who is pregnant with my child but not marry her. I would marry the daughter of lord Blackwood, and have my sister marry lord Mallister's heir. If my uncle hasn't married have him wed one of Lord Frey's daughters. I wouldn't send anyone off to war because honestly I couldn't care less about it and I know that in the end we will end up with a mission unsuccessful.
  9. I would take the Hornwood, Umber and Mormont offers to spread my influence in the North. Also I would foster my fourth son with the Flints (which one though there are three house Flints in the North) and take their son as a ward. This means that The Flint boy will grow to be friends with my children (probably) and my fourth son would become a friend with the Flints. I get an heir to Umber and Mormont lands and heir will have a wife who can mother children. I only have to hope that no one sees this as ambitious when in truth that is exactly what I'm being here so oh well. I would tell Edwyn that their is no need to bother and tell him he should sent a few hundred bowmen Moat Cailin and not lose any sleep over it. I would be more concerned about the Iron Born, Mallisters and any other fleets that their may be. Telling King Edwyn to make sure that Barrowton and White Harbor are well defended as well basically eliminates any threat to the North. Now of course the wild card here is the Boltons as we don't know what they will do. I would make sure to tell other Northern Lords in secret to keep their defenses up. Keeping everyone on guard likely means the Boltons won't try anything and without every south at Moat Cailin, taking the North would be a lot harder.
  10. I personally believe that Jeyne Westerling is pregnant and with the Blackfish. Here's my evidence: The hip size and physical description Jaime and Cat give do not match, even if we accept the hip size as a mistake, Cat thinks that Jeyne is pretty and Jaime thinks Jeyne was not a girl to risk a kingdom for. And so one might say well Jaime only has eyes for Cersei, and while this was true at the beginning of the books, at one point he has an erection in the bath scene in Harrenhal, while looking at Briene. Also Jeyne is around 17 when Jaime "meets her" and yet he thinks her to be no older than 15 or 16. The fact that Sybell Spicer's grandma is Maggy the Frog, who Cersei very likely had killed. The Blackfish wasn't willing to trade in 2 girls, a woman, and a boy, for his nephew, and yes he didn't trust the Freys or Jaime, but he could give them one and then make them give over Edmure and then give up the rest of the hostages. Also Blackfish then just leaves her their then when they surrender the castle. If this isn't the case and Rickon dies, house Stark becomes extinguished through the male line. Bran is paralyzed from the waste and below, Sansa and Arya are female, and Jon is a Targaryen. Also one of the big themes that we have had is people taking on other's identities. Arya, Sansa, Mance, Mance again at Winterfell, Jeyne Poole, Ramsay as Reek, Barristan as Arstan, Tyrion as Hugor Hill, Jon Con as Griff, Aegon as Young Griff, potentially Myrcella and her hand maid switched identities, The Mountain as Robert Strong, The Hound as the Grave Digger, Catelyn as Lady Stoneheart, whoever is actually the hooded man, Jared, Rhaegar and Symond as pies, etc;. Also people lie in Westeros, a lot. Jeyne's mom could've been lying about lying to Robb telling him that he was giving his wife fertility herbs. Also for what its worth Greywind didn't show much distrust towards Sybell, and we do know that he knows who can and can't be trust, remember how he freaked out when they got to the Twins. In odd number prologues the POV is north of the Wall, and in even number prolouges the two POVs we have gotten where a Maester and a studying at the Citadel to become a Maester. So I think that the prologue POV for TWOW will be a Maester traveling with the Blackfish and Jeyne Westerling, because it seems like a Maester would be helpful because he would help as a healer and I'm not sure the Blackfish knows how to deliver a baby. This would also parallel another escape from a castle held by people responsible for The Red Wedding, yes you know exactly what I'm talking about. Also Jeyne Westerling was likely the person Bran saw in the Godswood somewhere praying for a son to avenge her. Of course their may be another Westerling that they run into, who supposedly died at the Red Wedding, but then again they couldn't identify the corpses that where found in the riber because after a few days they all look alike. Another thing that makes this fun is it makes the Northern Politics even more messy, with now five different teams, Team Jon (notable members likely include: Galbart Glover, Maege Mormont, Howland Reed? we do know several witnesses of Robb's will are in the Neck, the Greatjon, Jason Mallister and lord knows which team Edmure will be on), Team Rickon (notable members including: Wyman Manderly the Umber Castalleans, Barbery Dustin and Robett Glover), Team Stannis the Mannis (notable members include: Davos, Melisandre and not too many others), Team Jeyne Westerling's baby (notable members include: Blackfish, Raynald Westerling?, Edmure?), and team Roose (notable members including Walder Frey and the Crown). Also what kind of a mother poisons their own child? (oh wait, sorry Martin I didn't mean to say that).