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  1. The first time Bran was there he actually didn't listen to what his aunt said
  2. where the fuck is that in the script lol
  3. "the person who said sold" cackle You can spin it anyway you but but she was sold. LF didnt marry her off because it was good for her, he did it to advance his plots lol. Just because he talked her into doing it doesnt mean she was any less sold. The mental gymnastics of your post amaze me. "OMG SHE HAD OPPORTUNITY TO SUICIDE" seriously? "LITTLEFINGER WAS TRYING TO PROTECT HER" so he didnt even bother checking who was her future husband (not like it would have been hard, given former-Theon-now-Reek was in Winterfell too) "SHE DIDNT KILL LITTLEFINGER HERSELF" you missed the point of the scene then "THE NORTH IS FOLLOWING HER BECAUSE OF HER NAME" the north is following because she earned it, up to the point where they wanted her to take Jon's title "BRIENNE ALMOST DIED FOR HER" How the fuck she was supposed to know Brienne was an honest person when the last time she saw her was bowing for Joffrey? Sansa's is our endgame ruler of the North, Littlefinger was a walking toxic wasteland. Deal with it
  4. Reyne Rebellion.
  5. Ramsay could have be a saint, but she still was sold. That being said, Sansa's still right to blame Littlefinger for her predicaments during her time with Ramsay, considering that her if her so-called protector truly loved her and wanted to protect her, he should have done a background check on the groom.
  6. hopefully something with a young Olenna.
  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but i like thinking of her as the most beautiful. Makes her a bit more special. My head image of her is something like this
  8. Well, the first one is from the books and the second one probably works on the same logic of the first
  9. As someone who lives under a dictatorship, i can understand Cersei's reign not ending in 3 days. We'll probably see actual unrest against her next season since winter came to KL
  10. Queen Consort Cersei and Queen Cersei First of Her Name aren't quite the same person.
  11. Can't we assume that the Lords saw enough proof of Bran's powers through the time they've been there.
  12. I can see it. But yeah i join the Charlize Theron crowd
  13. Cersei is mad, her last conversation with Jaime makes it EXTRA obvious. She simply isnt mad in the OMG WHY AM I SCREAMING EVERYTHING way
  14. its Dany. Marg (and in restrospective, Sansa) are the red herrings.
  15. I hadnt given much thought to this until today's ep. I hadnt noticed they have the same facial structure.