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  1. 3rd moment is Cersei burning the shit out of fAegon (and mayhaps Arianne) with wildfire.
  2. My interpretation is that either she didnt fully trust LF anyway or he instructed her to keep it shut and just wait for him to arrive. She might have expected him to come sooner but once the battle is on, she literally can't do anything except wait, since Jon was literally in the front lines. Problem was it was never explained and it probably wont be. I don't think the "I wanna be LoW lets take out Jon" theory holds water at least until after they retake Winterfell and Jon gets crowned/all the glory.
  3. As i said, bad writing made it come out messily but (if) the general plot is supposed to be "Sansa, with Jon help, wants to reclaim Winterfell. However after Littlefinger seeds doubts about Jon's intentions and her realization that they won't rally sufficient forces for the battle (among other things such as getting excluded from the war council) Sansa starts distrusting Jon. Looking at their predicament, the night before the battle she gives him the only advice she can (as she isnt an strategist or a warrior): Ramsey is a smart sadist who is good at hitting people where it hurts the most so they weaken themselves, so he probably has something prepared, do not fall for it" As i said before if that's what it was supposed to be then i don't think what it was supposed to be was illogical, but it was written it in a bad way.
  4. She WAS safe, it' was Cersei's own actions in KL what lead to Myrcella's death
  5. Oh you mean the scene that ends with Sansa doubting Jon and leads to her lying to him later on that episode? You're the one missing my point. She knows Ramsay will trigger Jon and that if he takes the bait he may die but that doesnt mean she is CERTAIN like you say. Why? She wants Jon to lead? He already had an "army", he's a good warrior and he is recognized as a good commander.
  6. Well Sherlock Holmes does always fight every battle in his mind before kicking ass
  7. It is moronic but how is she supposed to know that? She doesn't know his involvement in Ned's death yet, her pre-escape offer knowledgment of him is that he was her mother's friend, he "protected" her for years already and so far apparently kept his promises to her. The only outright points against him in her view were being ruthless, kinda creepy, selling her to the Boltons (and for the later he basically claimed "I didn't know he was crazy") and Brienne's word. If show's Jon and Sansa relationship while growing up is anything like the books, they weren't that close and Sansa kinda shared her mother's view towards him, so he's only raking up points since S6 She's certain Ramsay will know how to "trigger" Jon and that may cause him to die like a bitch so she tells him not to take the bait (which is all she could do) for his sake. Why persuade Jon to fight Ramsey? Because Winterfell is her home and Ramsey is the one holding it? Saying it was poorly done is accurate but it's neither point is illogical really
  8. He looks lovely here
  9. It'd be cool if the last big battle of GoT was the Battle for KL. I agree Cersei will blow that shit up
  10. She still trusts LF more than Jon in S7 and that's after the actual battle despite stating that he sold her before. But to be fair, LF is a sweet-talker, he saved her more than once and he did come with the KOTV. Regarding your second point, I think it's less "knowing how to read Jon" and more "knowing Ramsey knows how to read people" Now that being said, i didnt state anywhere it was well written, hence the word SUPPOSED in caps. If those were supposed to be the ideas, then in broad strokes i don't think they were bad, but they were sloppily done.
  11. I think that the reason Sansa didnt tell Jon was SUPPOSED to be LF instructions + she knew he'd fall into Ramsey's trap.
  12. I'd rather have Cersei over fAegon, truth to be said
  13. Reveal Euron raped little Yara and Theon, with flashback included. Worst part is it'd be in character
  14. That's why i didn't elaborate further haha. We might continue this discussion eventually.
  15. The way i interpreted the leaks gives me a different perception of her than yours, truth to be said.