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  1. You can film in the day and make it look like night and vice versa, depends of what's being filmed.
  2. You still think Sansa will die so i dont trust your judgement
  3. Cersei looks like she was dressed by Versace
  4. Young Griff is supposed to look younger than he's supposed to be anyway so it's fine.
  5. Actually no. One of the reasons they're a thing rn is becuause they aren't using cheap-literally-who? actors (Fargo, ACS) or because they recycle them (AHS) Honestly i think Aegon's conquest is more fitting for a movie. I still think that one of the successor shows they wanna do is based on the Lannisters/Reynes (which is why we got the Rains of Castamere in S7 Stories and Lore videos)
  6. Cersei looks like Michelle Pfeiffer and Margaery like the french singer Alizee
  7. not LF, she probably found Brandon hot back then but she grew to truly love Ned
  8. Dorne has a relatively liberal sexual culture and Targaryens have polygamy background. Elia probably knew the 3 heads deal, so using Lyanna (who she knew Rhaegar fancied to some degree) might have been her own idea. While they might have prediected the war, i doubt they predicted 1- to lose the war 2- the sacking of KL 3- Lyanna bleeding out like a pig. Had things not gone wrong, we'd probably have had King Rhaegar and his two queens.
  9. Personally, i like better the theory that has Elia being complicit with the relationship. It wouldn't be out of place for a dornishwoman and it feels far more empowering than having her just be a helpless spectator
  10. I still think it's gonna be about Tywin.
  11. Given oaths in Westeros include the old gods too, i doubt it'd even be a problem. R'hllor is a whole different deal though
  12. Personally i found AGOT and the first half of ACOK quite boring having watched the show first. But that's just me
  13. any of the ones where Rhaella and Aerys aren't Daenerys parents. oh and the "the poison was in the pie to kill Tyrion" theory
  14. Rhaenys getting over-killed for crying too much and Aegon being smashed by the Mountain (a Lannister bannermen)
  15. Jonerys + their child are the 3 heads of the dragon There will be a Green Wedding Cersei will be the last ruler of KL before Dany comes