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  1. any of the ones where Rhaella and Aerys aren't Daenerys parents. oh and the "the poison was in the pie to kill Tyrion" theory
  2. Rhaenys getting over-killed for crying too much and Aegon being smashed by the Mountain (a Lannister bannermen)
  3. Jonerys + their child are the 3 heads of the dragon There will be a Green Wedding Cersei will be the last ruler of KL before Dany comes
  4. Queen in the North at best
  5. Not really. Bob told him to get Sansa a dog and that was it She didn't. It took her until ASOS to finally get a grip on reality There isn't REASON to believe Ned talked with her since we didnt see it. Innocent until guilty
  6. dude, i'm just making a show reference. That being said i'm like 99% youngOlenna behaved like Margaery
  7. Ned went on to kill Lady and in Sansa eyes, Jaime LANNISTER didn't attack Ned, it was THE KINGSLAYER. Even then, if we take your point and say she's more stupid than the average pre-teen girl, that Ned having a PROPER talk with her like he did with Arya was even more needed.
  8. Olenna probably would have said she looks like an angry boy, had she met her
  9. Most parents would have the common sense of telling both of their daughters "HEY, THE LION GUYS WANT TO KILL US" too though. She didn't even know Cersei was their enemy until much later
  10. I imagine purple-eyed Penelope Cruz with lighter skin, since Dorne = Spainélope-Cruz-Long-Straight-Hairstyle.jpg
  11. the 3 head dragon will be Jonerys + their child
  12. No, she's loyal to Azor Ahai. When she realizes Stannis isn't him, she'll drop him like a hot potato
  13. clip contains show spoilers, but yeah, that song should be the Stark girls theme song
  14. As much as i'd be interested in a trade agreement with Westeros, i doubt Sansa will end up as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. She might however, end up Warden of The North/Queen in the North/Representative of the North, depending of how does Westeros government end up in the finale.
  15. It's funny, Sansa and Catelyn are two of the most hated characters, but they're also the most similar to the average asofai reader out of all the POV characters