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  1. Jesuschrist the logic leaps people make here to believe Arya is right, she's getting played by LF like a piano you fools. She's good at killing people, not at playing the game. Sansa's actually the one who realizes there's something going on and probably related to LF, hence her not following his advice. Sansa could literally say it in the last EP, tell she learned LF betrayed Ned through All-Seeing-Bran and order Arya to execute LF and Arya fans would still say Sansa is dumb.
  2. I hadnt given much thought to this until today's ep. I hadnt noticed they have the same facial structure.
  3. Aegon was split into many characters for the show Dorne+Reach alliance after Margaery's death went to Dany Stuff-to-come-from-the-leaks + being the main opposing force against Dany went to Cersei (Cersei will still be the last Queen before the endgame ruler comes, whether is Dany, Jon, Tyrion or a dissolution of the IT) And being Aegon Targaryen went to Jon
  4. neither are plot holes, just stupid ideas
  5. I think that they might join Aegon after Margeary dies
  6. Thinking Sansa will die is so...20 yrs ago
  7. I think its the later. Remember bookCersei has gender issues This
  8. Personally I think Natalie Dormer was perfect, but who else could picture or pictured for the role? The only one who springs to my mind is Emma Watson tbh
  9. It's quite interesting to see this thread having read the spoilers. My input will simply be i love her S7 look so far.
  10. Ellaria and Tyene Knitting during an undead war, not during winter
  11. Yes, and it took 14 years of Chavez government + 4 years of Maduro governement to get to this point. If she's keeping the military paid and fed she'll be fine enough for a while. I remember reading Cersei will blame Tommen on the Sept attack but idk if it was confirmed.
  12. As someone who lives in a 3rd world dictatorship (Venezuela), i aren't bothered at all about Cersei remaining queen. It's actually realistic.
  13. Replace "plan" with "think" then.
  14. I'd cringe irl, but in-setting it fits. I don't think it is nonsensical, it's simply an overly ornate way of saying "plan ahead considering all the possible outcomes" imo. What i dont see is how the fuck does that relate to Sansa but i guess we'll find out soon enough.