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  1. I agree about Doran one thing that could tie in to the theory from OP could be speculated that Doran and Gerold are on the same side and he is luring Swann to his death. And Doran knows that Gerold is a targ and wants to have a targ restoration with him, of course this is stretching it
  2. Yes, he can be but what I struggle with Gerold being a targ descendant is what purpose would it serve the story?
  3. I know she probably did..and that makes it so much worse lol
  4. I would think Renly would win, but can you imagine Joffrey, Stannis, and Renly openly debating with each other to an audience? I would love to read/see that
  5. Theon, Jaime, and Cersei. Always a joy to read those
  6. Ashara Dayne and Brandon/Ned/Aerys/Rhaegar/Arthur Dayne were bumping uglies
  7. Sorry, I haven’t read about genetics in a while just trying to make sense of the one posted. But I think I did say that that two individuals that have Bb (brown eyed) could produce a blue eyed offspring because the offspring could be bb. And I thought that BB means brown eyes and Bb meant brown eyes too but Bb could pass the recessive b. And I agree that real world genetics cannot be compared to Planetos
  8. I don’t think anyone would listen to me, am I going to be a lord or something? If not, then I probably can’t but I sure can make things go worse
  9. That’s what I thought too, if we use real genetic coding then incest would have to factor into it. (IMO) Because genetics is all about chance, a recessive gene can be present for a couple of generations and when in contact with another recessive could produce a child with different coloring. Sometimes two brown eyed individuals produce a green eyed child or vice versa. Most commonly though, the dominant gene (dark eyes and dark hair) will be the coloring of the children. I honestly don’t think GRRM was thinking about genetics when he made his characters, just because the characters are too convenient, such as Jon looking like a Stark (depending on R+L) and Breakspear looking dornish, although he is in line to be king so the population feels he doesn’t look targ enough to be king. I think he picks what side the character should favor genetically based on their story.
  10. Well, since its open.. It’s really hard to know exactly if real world genetics can be applied here since we don’t have a clear lineage on everyone. Such as Mariah Martell, I know that Megorova says her grandmother was Aliandra and Drazenko (even though, I can’t find anything that says they had children) but even then their children would have Bb then that child would have to marry someone but that up to interpretation because I don’t know who are Mariah’s parents. The child with Bb could have married someone from Dorne with BB and therefore Mariah could have BB. That would mean all of her children should have B along with Daeron’s should be either BB or Bb and they should have dark hair and dark eyes. Or Mariah’s parent could have inheriented Bb but it would be unlikely with someone who has BB. Also, would incest be included in the real world genetics model? Because Craster has been with his daughters for a while, and I don’t recall any of them having any type of deformities?
  11. Curious, what would you say about Craster? Wouldn’t he have deformed children?
  12. That makes sense, I did see that thread you made which is great at looking at the consistency of the targ born children. Never noticed that most of the second children and onward look targ. Is it only targ children? By these lines, then Lewyn x Elia would only make martell children, and Oberyn would also only make Martell looking children too. I would place my bets on Arthur, although never given a description of him, we can infer that Daynes have similar features to Targs. That would make sense since Rhaenys looks like a Martell and Aegon looks more like a Dayne. Do the second children have to look like a targ father exactly? Cause Aegon’s eyes are actually lighter than Rhaegar’s. I don’t know what shade of purple were Ashara’s and Edric’s eyes but it could be a hint that these are Arthur’s eyes instead. Well, thinking about it, why would GRRM make a member of the kingsguard look similar to Rhaegar and to have him be dornish, which could infer that he did not believe in chastity. I dunno, doesn’t sound like Arthur would do that but on paper it looks like if she was unfaithful, it would be with him. Plus, it would be an interesting foil, as everyone views him as a true knight, when in reality just like every other person, he hid secrets too. Edit: Well, Ashara has haunting violet eyes (thinking these are dark eyes) and dark hair, and Edric has pale blonde hair and dark blue eyes that appear purple, and Gerold has silver hair with a streak of dark hair, and dark purple eyes...
  13. Childbirth But if you want to go into the realm of possibility, I dunno maybe she’s alive, maybe she’s Quaithe? Turned into a Kraken. She’s Septa Lemore and Mance for all I know
  14. @Ralphis Baratheon @LiveFirstDieLater @purple-eyes I guess I’m wrong about it, but I just find it difficult for me to say that R and L actions was the spark when I don’t know exactly how Brandon received the information and whether the information was manipulated or not What I find weird is that Aerys was fine with Rhaegar bethroned to Elia then in 280 when married they had to move to Dragonstone, and she had Rhaenys in 280 also. So by this time, Aerys and Rhaegar already had a strained relationship right after Rhaegar married Elia. Then in 281, Elia got pregnant with Aegon and Rhaegar met Lyanna, the following year he ran off with Lyanna. That’s is an extremely short amount of time to be married to someone before he ran off. Perhaps, they were fine with Elia during bethrothal then when they got married Aerys heard rumors and tried to tell Rhaegar. After Rhaenys was born, maybe Rhaegar got suspicious and this is why their relationship was complicated. I believe there is also a quote that says Rhaegar did not like Dragonstone and didn’t go often. However, when Aegon was born, he may have thought he was his son, but may have learned that he wasn’t. I think around the time Aegon was born (early 282) that Ashara left court, it may have been that Ashara was the one who told him the truth. Again all wild speculation, but very very fun to think about and trying to figure out why was R and E’s relationship so complicated. Also, do you think Lewyn would be the father of Aegon too then? Cause Aegon had purple eyes, although they do have targ blood so I suppose it could happen. This could mean too that the Dornish do not believe in chastity that even in a position such as Kingsguard, they do not practice chasity
  15. Let me ask you, do you think the Arryns, Tullys, Baratheons or even the Starks were preparing to go to war when Lyanna got kidnapped? If it was just Lyanna was kidnapped, would anyone had gone to war? After Lyanna was kidnapped did Rickard attack the crown lands and Dragonstone? Or did they go to war because Jon Arryn’s heir died, Stark heir died and lord died, the Tully bethrothal died (event then, Ned had to marry Cat to get their allegiance), and the targs were demanding the head of the future head of House Stark and Baratheon. You say they sparked a war, no they did not. Brandon and Aerys reacted poorly and that started the war. Going by your logic, you could say Bran sparked the war by falling, instead of Cat and Tywin reacting poorly to each other Actually if you are not able to make bail, you would go to jail and await trial which can take months to years so you still get imprisonment. The point was that even now you can’t threaten authority such as police and the president, and the targs are the like the presidents in Westeros, it is ridiculous to threaten the royal crown.