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  1. I think this is the most plausible, nothing wrong with peacefully leaving with her children What about a parallel with Naerys and Elia?
  2. I think we have differing opinions on what strength is. If we look at Elia’s situation, there was no love between the marriage, but they did have a fondness for each other and communicated well. However, whether she believed it or not, her husband was convinced of a prophecy and needed a third child, which she could not bare. She seemed to have dearly loved her children, and if Rhaegar had told her about Lyanna and his intentions then she would be left with several options. If she agrees with a polygamous relationship, then she has Lyanna’s children that could threaten her own children and may put them in danger. If she disagrees, it may start another war, or he would have bastards that still could threaten her children. Or she could step down and leave to Dorne with her children and kept them safe. I think she probably would have agreed to step down and go to Dorne. Her children would have no problems in Dorne, and royalty blood and kingship does not seem to be a huge factor in Dorne. Sometimes there is strength in leaving a situation instead of being angry and fighting against someone.
  3. That can work too, I don’t see how Varys can’t lie about Aegon being a Blackfyre too. There are clues that Aegon is not who he is, but him being a Blackfyre also doesn’t to me fit perfectly. Also, targs are not the only ones that have their own coloring in the book, many families are not related to targs still have their coloring.
  4. From what I remember, she doesn’t strike me as a plotter. She is described as duitiful, having a sweet wit, and loving towards children. I suspect Rheagar may have told her about prophecies and she encouraged them because he was her husband. I doubt, she would want any potential enemies for her children, (such as rival children from Lyanna) so if I had to assume if she knew Rhaegar wanted to be with Lyanna, then she would have made a deal with him that afterwards she will take her children back to Dorne and live separately. One thing I found interesting, is that during Harrenhall, Rhaegar crowned Lyanna while Elia was pregnant and this is before being told if she had another child that she would die. Dorne seemed angry about this and we have no reaction from Elia. Assuming Rhaegar still wanted to have his third child with Elia, why would he publicly proclaim for Lyanna. Also their relationship was described as complicated. I think there may have been some conflict between them before Lyanna even showed up.
  5. I am pretty sure Aegon is not a targ but I have doubts in him being a Blackfyre too. The clothed dragon, if it was meant to be Aegon, then a clothed dragon is actually not a dragon at all, and Blackfyres are dragons. The rusted dragon is a black dragon that turns into a red dragon, but it’s still a dragon. I don’t know, I get a feeling that Aegon being a Blackfyre is just a red herring.
  6. That’s interesting, that you compare Aemon’s capture to what may have happened to Arthur, I didn’t think of that parallel before. Also, Rhaegar did believe in prophecy, could he have shared the prophecy information with Arthur? It’s a lot of speculation on my part, or do you think being the Sword of the Morning would have certain responsibilities during the Long Night? I believe he was trying to overthrow Aerys, he was said to have a sad smile in both Ned’s and Jaime’s dream, often associated that with some kind of guilt he felt. Yea, that’s what bothers me with that theory too. Although, I think some individuals say they glamoured themselves, but I still find it unlikely There could be a Dayne/Stark connection, especially the North. Jon saw the Sword of the Morning constellation in the North, and Dawn looks like an Other’s sword...maybe the Daynes and Starks have a historic connection and they have a part in the Long Night
  7. Oberyn and Lyanna is interesting and although Lyanna is considered fiery, I don’t know if that’s what Oberyn really liked. From what I remember Ellaria was kind hearted and gentle, and rather sexually adventurous or Elia who was also kind, they both don’t seem very fiery to me. Whereas Lyanna might not have been so adventurous, but did have a much more wild personality
  8. There was a thread about it but I can’t find the same one again. But its based off the character Camaris from Memory, Sorrow,and Thorn. Spoiler to Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Sure why not Do you mean an actual net or Howland Reed has some sort of warging ability still holding him? Well that’s a new one lol
  9. Just for fun, I’d like to see what theories you guys like best about Arthur Dayne? A.) He is alive and living in the Neck/Starfall/High Hermitage..etc... B.) Something akin to Camaris from Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. C.) He’s Mance or Qurin Halfhand D.) He was having an affair with Elia and Aegon/Rhaenys or Gerold Dayne are his children E.) He died an honorable knight (not really a theory...) F.) Your own theory? I think most likely he’s dead and died honorably but I always find B and D very interesting
  10. Thank you for that information! Yea, I’m having a hard time thinking of anyone else too
  11. I don’t know where to ask this...but I’m looking into women who had difficult pregnancies and were sickly. Is it just Naerys and Elia? Would Lysa also be a part of this category?
  12. I think I would rather have him dead too, but I find it unlikely. Westeros would be in the hands of Stannis, Euron, Aegon/JonCon, Cersei, and Doran, wonder what would happen.
  13. Jaime is Azor Ahai Arthur and Elia - Aegon
  14. I would feel so cheated lol but for some reason I kind of like the idea of Jon and Dany being non factors after all. It does feel like he’s losing steam...I’m surprised so many people are still talking about the books after so long
  15. How would you feel if it turns out that Jon is just dead and Dany just stays in Essos and never comes to Westeros? Would this be a twist that you would never expect?