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  1. I don't think this is one of them, since George said we wouldn't be seeing Aegon IV, but I would love a series that begins with the death of Aegon III and carries on through Daeron, Baelor, Viserys, Aegon, and ending with Daeron II. There are so many interesting characters involved here (the aforementioned kings, Aemon the Dragonknight, Daena the Defiant, Aegon's many mistresses, Daemon Blackfyre, etc.) and it would have a lot of the elements that made GOT successful: drama, political intrigue, war, untimely deaths. I'm guessing that both Aegon's Conquest and the Dance of the Dragons are being considered, but I'm not sure how even HBO could afford to make either show, unless they're a miniseries.
  2. If people ship JonxDany, that's fine. I'm not saying this to discourage any shipping. But I personally don't see it happening in the books. It's probably going to take Dany all of TWOW to get to Westeros, and Jon's going to be in a dead/undead/betrayed/confused state for the majority of the book as well. The relationships we've had in the books thus far have all taken a while to come to fruition: Jon/Ygritte: met in ACOK, became lovers in ASOS Dany/Daario: met in ASOS, became lovers in ADWD Sam/Gilly: met in ACOK, became lovers in AFFC Arianne/Arys: likely met in ACOK, became lovers in sometime in ASOS Jaime/Brienne, Sansa/Sandor, Tyrion/Penny, Jon/Val: all met in earlier books, potential love still unconsummated There's always the possibility of a political marriage, of course, but that would only make sense if Jon was King in the North, which I doubt will happen in TWOW. GRRM may very well write an eighth book, which leaves more room for development, and I do think the two will meet at some point in ADOS, but when the timeline as it stands now is taken into consideration, I simply can't see how a genuine romance could come about between Jon and Dany in the books.
  3. I was actually a little disappointed by the Hodor reveal. It was really well done, but up until then I had really liked the theory that Hodor was the name of the Great Other. And I know this sounds funny, but while I'm a big fan of fantasy, I'm not a big fan of sci-fi, so the strong sci-fi element of Hodor wasn't something I cared for.
  4. Hmm I guess you could say Aegon III had a similar disadvantage. His mother was "Maegor with teats" and his father was reviled by half of the realm. His council kept him on the throne, but they tried to control him as well. In the end, his brother Viserys was his saving grace. There were times that Dany was actually a bit like Aegon the Unlikely, which I guess comes from both of their exposures to the poor growing up. Unfortunately, the Aegon V inside of her is getting pushed aside in favor of the Conqueror and the other dragonriders. She seems to think of herself more as Rhaegar's heir than Aerys' though, which will become an issue when Aegon "takes the place" of Rhaegar's true heir in the next book.
  5. Well, if we're going under the assumption that the leaks are true, then boatsex would happen at the same time that Sam/Bran reveals that Jon is a Targaryen. I can't help but think that that's being done intentionally. In the books, I expect Jon to have an identity crisis, but I don't think the show will spend much time on it. The effects of Jon's resurrection were given very little screen time last year in order to focus more on the fight against Ramsay, and I think we'll see the same next year with most everything focused on the war against the White Walkers. I will confess: I'm not a fan of the Azor Ahai prophecy. It's too literal for me, and I think it would be more interesting if the prophecy didn't come true. I don't care for the idea that one of Aerys and Rhaella's descendants is confirmed as the savior of the world; it takes a lot of the fun out of wondering which characters could come to the forefront and help put an end to the Others if we know that Jon and Dany are the ones destined for that role before we even get there. You make a good point about the fallout of Jon possibly killing Dany, although I do think the third twist will still probably fall somewhere under "one well-liked main character will kill another well-liked main character." That's just my guess, though.
  6. It's true that GOT probably isn't too concerned with awards anymore, especially since I think D&D just want to be done with it at this point. Lena has kind of become the Leonardo di Caprio of the Emmys at this point though, so I'm sure they're at least hoping she'll get another nomination. I personally think that Iain Glen and Carice Van Houten have also given consistently excellent performances, but they always get passed over during awards season.
  7. Dany probably is the most popular GOT character (at the very least, she's the one that sells the most merchandise) although I think at this point, every main character has a pretty strong following, just on different platforms. Sansa, for instance, gets a lot of hate on reddit, but she has a ton of fans on Facebook and tumblr. To add on to that, the show kind of leads the audience into thinking that JorahxDany is a possibility. She breaks up with Daario, and admits afterwards to being "impatient to get on with it" but can't let Jorah go even after she banished him twice. Plus, Jorah and Dany have been a team since season one, and people like slow-burn relationships, which is part of the reason why JaimexBrienne is popular. I'm not really sure where the show's going to go with JonxDany after this season. I think they're probably going to try to go the Oedipus Rex route, with the two of them being horrified at learning that they're related, but with D&D you never really know. Ever since we've learned of the "three big twists," I've been inclined to think that Danny will get Nissa-Nissa'd by Jon eventually. (I'm just hoping they don't copy X-Men: "I love you" *stab*)
  8. It's funny, because while book-fans are pissed off that Jaime is still with Cersei, a lot of show-fans appear to view it more as a sign of his loyalty and devotion. I have a few reasons for why I don't think JonxDany will happen in the books, but I'm a bit hesitant to post them. I'm still pretty new here, so I don't know how intense the shippers are. . .
  9. The door seems to definitely have been left open on JorahxDany in the show. I'm inclined to think that boatsex exists to be "shocking" (very few show-only fans see it as possible now that it's been revealed that the two are related) and to give viewers who watch solely for the carnality a scene of two attractive people getting on. I'm not sure if it's going to really go anywhere in season eight or not (it's not like D&D have never dropped plot lines before). That's not to say I think JorahxDany is going to happen (it strikes me as much more likely that he'll sacrifice himself for her and they'll have some sort of teary goodbye as he dies in her arms, like as not) but I'm sure many show fans will still be hoping for it after season seven.
  10. I really like the idea that Dany may be the one committing the treasons. It's a fresh take on the prophecy, and there's a lot of irony to it since Dany spends so much time agonizing over who's going to betray her. Unfortunately, we won't really know for sure until after the series is completed, and even then fans will probably still debate over them.
  11. I'm just grateful that we didn't have to listen to another Daenerys speech this time around.
  12. I wonder how show-only fans are going to take Jaime vs. Dany. Judging by the youtube comments, they're both extremely popular. A lot of show-fans also appear to ship Dany and Jorah.
  13. One of the things I really love about the books is how each family has their own unique "flavor." I think the Lannisters tend to be more conniving and ambitious than cruel (although Tywin, Joffrey, and Cersei all fit the bill). Out of the three Lannister children, I think Jaime is surprisingly the least "Lannister-like." I do wonder if he takes more after his mother, but we know so little about Joanna at this point that it's hard to tell.
  14. GOT still qualifies for the Emmys, just not for 2017. Season 7 will be up for consideration in 2018, as will other shows that air in the summer. I'm not really sure what you're getting at about being "in denial." Because I said it would be funny if boatsex didn't happen? That's a far cry from claiming that it definitely won't. And if you look at my other replies in this thread, you'll see that I never denied that the leakers were legitimate, only that different details came from different leakers.
  15. Hmm that's a good point. I always assumed he had worked as a prostitute, but then again Glendon Ball was raised in a brothel and there's no indication that he practiced the trade.