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  1. Sup friends, How do you think things will turn up for Stannis in the next book? Will he suffer the same fate in the show or will he surprise us all? IMO considering the current situation he's in, I think he will end up dead at the start of the book. Would love to know your thoughts on this.. ValarMorghulis
  2. Thanks alot!
  3. Loool
  4. Hello eveyrone, hope all is well! I have a question. May sound stupid but here it goes... Why did Jon switch Dalla's kid with Gilly's? Couldn't he just give Gilly both infants? or did he imagine that no one will suspect they were switched? if yes how was Melisandre to know that the current child is not Mance's? in her flames? I got lost there and any clarification would be great. Thanks!
  5. Stannis is the heir according to the line of succession. However, Robert's Rebellion has taught us in time of war, those with the power and people's support will take the throne. Yes, we don't know what will the reaction of the Westerosi be upon Dany's arrival but considering the growing danger, Westeros might welcome the 3 dragons happily, even spread the red carpet
  6. Interesting, but how do you explain Dany's pure targaryen features? And yes the wait is almost over
  7. What if Daenerys is Rhaegar and Ashara's kid? I know this sounds like a far-fetched theory. Here are a couple of reasons that made me even consider this: 1) Dany's birth and early childhood are one of the biggest mysteries in ASoIaF. Esp the lemon tree-braavos dilemma. 2) Dany and Ashara look alike. 3) Why would Rhaella name her daughter Daenerys? What if Ashara named Dany after the Dornish Princess. 4) Why Quaithe follow Dany? Who is Quaithe? What if Quaithe is Ashara trying to direct her daughter to the true path (remember who you are bullshit :P) What truth should Dany find in Asshai? Surely one must analyze the timelines and how this might relate, but are we sure Dany is even Rhaella's child? Are we she was born at Dragonstone? What of the dreams she has of Rhaegar? I would like to hear other's opinions!