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  1. I think it would be great to see something in the east in Asshai
  2. How would you proceed in the short term then? Probably anticipate the issues Dany had and hire all (or as many as you can) Merc companies around before others hire them against you? Take all the gold of the good masters to bring with you, because money is always good for more mercs and such?
  3. I'm just curious how would anyone here handle the Astapor situation. Imagine you're not Dany, but you're you. You don't have dragons, but you do have unsullied, and your knowledge of Planetos. You just had your unsullied take Astapor. You probably arrested the good masters instead of killing them (because you can still kill them later if you want). You have all their giant piles of gold from their coffers. How would you proceed? I imagine freeing all the slaves is a bad idea. It will instantly destabilize everything. Perhaps build some schools and start slowly educating the slaves? Fortify the city in case someone comes knocking? Send some supplies to nights watch to help them deal with upcoming winter better?