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  1. What? That's horrible. If I were Stannis, I'd go with Eddard Stark to help Robert get it right the second time.
  2. Not exactly true. As I said in the OP, the First Men were taught greenseeing by the children of the forest. I'm reluctant to consider that it only happened through interbreeding. There certainly sends to be some way. And I'm not saying anyone, but only priests or ardent followers, and descendants.
  3. This is the second time I've read such a comment regarding a PJ theory. Are they considered stupid? I always find them as insightful as I find them stretching it. But then, I've only watched a few.
  4. I hope so, but I think not. Sansa is someone who knows that Ned wanted Stannis on the throne, so she could be instrumental in bringing my favorite kingdom to support my favorite king. But since Petyr has announced plans for taking the KotV to the North, it probably won't happen. Instead, there is a civil war ripe to occur between the Freys, and many of the Vale houses, including House Hardying, have vested interests in seeing one side or the other win. Also, in the Alayne sample chapter, Petyr is seen talking about grain prices, and the Riverlands are on the verge of a famine. I won't be surprised if Petyr were to manipulate some Vale lord to start selling to some Riverlord, probably some Frey, to buy them up for the next war. So yeah, I think Sansa's immediate future is in the Riverlands, playing Freys and Darrys and Crackhals and Lannisters against each other. From there, she will then probably come in contact/conflict with Aegon.
  5. All questions will be answered, on google. Because all these theories will be too long to post here. Instead, let me give you a TL;DR of them: Skinchanging: Bloodraven: lives in a cave, minimum light, trains bran in warging. Arya: goes blind, wargs the cat. Conclusion: sensory deprivation makes the mind go to other senses, like skinchanging. Hypothesis: Greenseers as priests of First Men/COTF, and priests can talk to gods through praying, gods are basically a collective conscience; you might know the term weirnet. Argument: George has used this idea of collective consciousness as gods in his prior books, for ex. A song for Lya, from which the names Robb and Lyanna are also taken. The theory is that the priests of the Undying(Not exactly priests, but still use the collective consciousness to speak with Dany), and the septons, and Damphair can also talk to god, that is pray, that is why Euron is collecting priests, and why he keeps them in the dark, and basically why he is keeping Aeron alive, who is a very dangerous figure on the Iron Islands. Battle of Blood: Aeron sees scores of dead pigs. He sees far to fewer no. of ships with Euron for the upcoming battle. Theory is that Euron has stored the pig blood in the belly of a ship like Tyrion once did with Wildfire. When the Redwyn fleet descends upon him, he will break that ship apart and let the blood spill, bringing krakens and whatnots to the surface, who will then proceed tearing ships apart. The small no. of ships is to draw the Redwyns and Hightowers in, and Aeron(Skinchanger), and maybe the other priests, will be like supernatural shields against the Krakens, safeguarding Euron's ships. Bloodraven: I don't remember much of this, but it's got to do with Euron's new sigil, the eye, supported by crows. The theory is that bloodraven/3eyedcrow is helping Euron to make sure Dany actually comes to Westeros. You can find a bigger explanation on Preston Jacob's video on YouTube.
  6. I never said that Euron is a skinchanger, I said that the joining works both ways. Varamyr had Orell in his mind/or in the Eagel's mind. That same way, if Euron can get/provoke Aeron to warg him, he might get some control over Aeron. But magic in ASoIaF is not easy. They have to use a different tool for ever different tasks. If Aeron has skinchanging abilities, Euron will want to use him. Maybe that's why he is keeping this potential source of rebellion alive in the dark (Bran is in the dark. Arya warged into the cat when she was blind. Basically, the theory is that sight deprivation drives the mind onto other senses, like ability to skinchange, in Aeron's case) Varamyr could still hear Orell in the Eagel's mind, talking about how much he hated Jon Snow. So Euron could gain into Aeron's mind. Hodor doesn't fight Bran all that much, and Bran is able to take over his body. Maybe this time the warged gets the upper hand over the one who is doing the warging, because Aeron's a nut! And with Euron's obsession with dragons, and the book that is rumored to be hidden in the vaults of the citadel named the death of dragons. But I do not need this to be true for Euron to overpower Aeron in his own mind, it seems as though he is already training Aeron in skinchinging. IMO, Euron is a bad war commander, and if he harbors such a dangerous prisoner with no plans for him, his reign of terror, in spite of winning the battle of blood, will be frustratingly short.
  7. Why would Stoneheart kill her brother's baby? She also knew the girl was crying before the wedding. Catelyn knows what it is to be a father's daughter. Why would she kill Roslin? She manipulated Brienne into getting her Jaime, what do you call that, if not rational? She didn't even hang her for serving the Lannisters, but for not giving her property back when the conditions were not met. Even Jaime has no good reply when the Blackfish offers him back his old cell in Riverrun. I don't know why people think of Stoneheart as some force of evil, or a madwoman. You must mean when she killed Septon Maribald. Oh, wait... Are you sure? Catelyn wanted to kill her enemies. She killed Jinglebell when Walder didn't concede to an exchange. What else is Stoneheart doing?
  8. So, there is a possibility that Euron is teaching Aeron skinchanging by employing the method of sensory deprivation during his enslavement following the Kingsmoot. There are theories that the Bloodraven might be in cahoots with Euron. The immediate application of this ability of Aeron is thought to be in the battle of blood, where Aeron will be a supernatural shield that will stop the surfacing Krakens from attacking Silence/Ironborn Ships. But what about later? Right now Aeron is a frightened, helpless thing. What when he realizes his power? We know how much Aeron hates Euron. Euron knows how much Aeron hates Euron. It won't take a genius to figure out that one day Aeron might snap. We see this kind of behavior elsewhere by Euron, when he gives the dragonhorne to Victarion. The trick there is easy to speculate upon: The horne doesn't work, Euron wants Vic dead, and wants the Iron Fleet to bring Dany back. So, what about Aeron? Well, we know warging works both ways. If Euron manages to provoke Aeron into warg him, might he be able to warg him back, turning the tables? There is a further possibility to speculate upon. The First Men came from outside of Westeros, and then greenseers started popping in them; a faction until now limited to the Children of the Forest (I don't think giants had them). Were these just priests that got such powers, simply by worshipping the Old Gods? Or did some even get them by being taught, or via the two-way connection? Is that why Euron has a Faceless Man as a caretaker of an archmaester, so he could break into the vaults to find some ritualistic proof or further secrets like how to manipulate the wind/shatter land, in some ancient tome? (Of course, this will mean that Bloodraven isn't telling him all this, because otherwise he wouldn't have to consult a book. But I never liked the Bloodraven theory anyway). Will he get Aeron's powers after warging him? Or will he simply continue on through the Damphair's body? Maybe the Horne with Victarion works to bind the dragons as well, and Euron is just planning to warg into dragons and wresting control of them from his brother. Euron is a terrible battle commander, he is most likely going to lose the war, even if he wins the Battle of Blood. Maybe this power is what he uses to make a comeback, this time with even more supernatural forces (*cough* weights *cough**cough* Others) It's like what happened to Stannis and the Starks; brought to the brink of defeat and extinction, and now they are going to own it like nothing you've seen before.
  9. I don't get why people think that every other plot needs to stop before the threat to the Others is fought against. Just because they showed it that way in the show doesn't mean that it is true. There is no need for the wars of the Seven Kingdoms to stop to battle the Others, the Others can just be another house in this battle. Of course, it will be helpful if everybody is united against them, but that doesn't mean that it will happen. But then again, the people that Stoneheart wants to take out are the ones that are opposing the main party that right now seems to be the one who will fight the Others: Stannis and/or Jon. So maybe she will be instrumental to ending some of their enemies, like Jaime maybe, or the Freys. Well, I said that Stoneheart has the potential to ease Jon's transition to the throne of the north, and that is part of the Others vs Jon plot.
  10. Well, the dead people change after their death, and what Catelyn said: It's wrong, it is actually not folly, just her biases telling her that it is. Maybe after dying, she will come around. But I am not hedging my bets on that. Quoting myself: Stoneheart wants her daughters back. But to search for a hiding person is hard, as Brienne's travels prove. Better to set up a beacon. It might be Stannis, who's Hand most likely also has her son. True, this is just speculation, but so is the main claim I made this post to battle: Stoneheart will die at the hands of someone righteous because she will do something to deserve it. There is no evidence to support that, as far as I know. Everybody dies in ASoIaF, so no matter how you feel about her hellish life, it's gonna come to an end eventually. I would just like for Cat to get her revenge before she snuffs it. Further speculation: I mentioned that her coming north will help solidify Jon's claim, and that does not need her saying that she supports him. For the conspirators of the Grand Northern Conspiracy, the biggest obstacle will be to convince the North to not hold Jon as a deserter and hang him for and oathbreaker. There will be no smooth transition that the TV Series showed. The fandom explanation that he died and thereby fulfilled his vow will be dismissed as a lie, until they see Stoneheart, whether rooting for Stannis or Rickon or Jon himself. Her ravaged face(Why was it ravaged? Was George just preparing her to go north and convince people that not all dead who come back are wights?) will be proof that dead do come back, no matter which king she is supporting. Something that is not speculation: I believe that Jaime is scheduled to die on the Wall. You can go to read my other post Jaime and the Burning Swords for my reasoning. Who would take Jaime to the Wall? Especially when he was thinking of how to save Tommen from Cersei? I think that it is Stoneheart that will do that. If she hears that her son is in Davos's hands, she might go for a hostage exchange. Of course, these action is also wishful thinking. But as I said, I made this post to battle the seeming feeling that Stoneheart will die out of dishonorable actions. Wanting her dead just because you can't envision how she will influence the broader game of the series is not a valid argument. That will require you to start hoping for a meteor to fall on the north, wiping out all the Others, because none of us know how the Others will be defeated. If you can already envision how the Others will be defeated, there will be no more need for further novels, and we know that that isn't true.
  11. My ideal scenario: Before the epilogue, we are shown that Dany went over to the dark side, and then some hero killed her (I vote for Aegon) The epilogue will be the last flight of Drogon, and it is revealed that Dany did die, but she also warged into her three dragons(becoming the three headed dragon ) with Bran's/Jon's help to reclaim them and transform them into a deadly air force for the last battle.(We know that the warging works both ways, so maybe Bran created a bridge for her to get into the dragons.) In their last flight, Dany and Bran/Jon(I guess Jon) will think about how Westeros recovered after the Long Night. They are now probably hundreds of years old, and can think of how westeros fought off the would-be conquerors from Essos, because Westeros was very weakened after the Long Night and people wanted to take it. I like to think that Arya and Tyrion teamed up and carried out espionage that distracted the powers of Essos into squabbling with each other. They will also talk about the first winter after the long night, and amusedly remember the scare it caused. They'll confirm that the seasons are seasonal now. They know that it's their time to die, so Drogon lands and walks up to the throne, eying the throne room one last time, and lays by its feet. The King, some descendant of Bran, assures them that their kingdom of safe in his hands and that they can let go. Their last thought is that the Song of Ice and Fire has now ended.
  12. Sorry for not replying sooner. Everyone dies, people, that's the truth of ASoIaF. I just want Catelyn to get some revenge before she snuffs it. Besides, I was protesting against the prevalent - at least what seems to me as prevalent - notion of her dying at the hands of someone righteous, and us supporting that death due to her misdeeds. She hasn't given any indication for doing any misdeeds, yet. Everybody is damaged by some experience. Life changes people, so what if death does too? Will you disavow Robb because he was traumatized by hearing about his father's death? As I said, by her logical handling of Brienne's case, I think that her essential values that made her Catelyn were still there. So I'm still rooting for her. Killin Freys, Lannisters and Boltons is justice, and we don't know if she has done anything else yet. She wanted Jaime back, because, well, if you go pay for a chocolate bar, and then the store manager says that the last one ran away, wouldn't you expect your money back? And why shouldn't she have revenge? That way, Tyrion should die because he killed Tywin.
  13. From AWOIAF:- 274 AC is like eight years before the rebellion, and Aerys was off the rocker even before that. If they were really planning since before that, why wait for the weddings till Brandon was twenty? Lyanna was also sixteen, so she was a 'woman' for about three years. She could have married also till then. So how will they use Rhaegar to remove Aerys? Just ask him to? What's the guarantee that he will do it? A huge alliance is a guarantee though. Why Baratheon? Why not one of them? Why not, say Casterley Rock? That will save them a lot of trouble later on. Hoster Tully was trying to marry Lysa to Jaime. Did he think that Tywin will accept Robert as his king if his son gets a wife? There is no proof of this, just like there's no proof that it wasn't Jon Arryn or Hoster Tully. Jon Arryn wasn't offering an heir simply because he didn't have one. His actual heir was a friend of Brandon, though, so he wasn't just idle about that. I don't like Tully for the position because he waited out the rebellion until his daughters got husbands. And I don't like Rickard Stark because I don't see him, isolated in the north most of his life, being able to integrate so easily in the south. I rather see Jon Arryn guiding him, stroking his ambitions for his goals of a stable kingdom. No one's saying that it isn't. The OP said that Lyanna was in on it, and so was Robert and Ned, and that doesn't make sense.
  14. People refer to her at UnCat. But guys, most people hated Catelyn. I didn't hate her per say, but her POV's were the same to me as watching Skyler in Breaking Bad. I understood why she did what she did, and had a hard time imagining what I would have done differently had I been in her shoes! But that didn't stop me from yelling inside my head *Stop! Just Stop. The thing you're doing, just don't do it. The thing you're thinking, just Don't think it!" So, now that she's most probably not going to act in the restrained motherly way, why does the fandom procure different scenarios for her death? For myself, when first I read the description of the hatred filled revenant, I didn't see any UnCat, I just saw a Catelyn who had been unfettered. “Give me Cersei Lannister, Lord Karstark, and you would see how gentle a woman can be,” is what she says in her last AGOT chapter. Well, now she can show us, and them. All those that wronged the Starks: The Freys, The Lannisters and the Boltons. And all the Littlefingers as well. Why does she have to die, when she could actually help Arya in accepting her skills and begin to kill without commands? If you're just worried about Jaime, I don't think you need to be. I think that the chances Jaime dying right now are slim. Even though it might look like justice right now, him dying at the hand of the woman whose son he tried to kill, in my opinion, Jaime doesn't warrant a death right now. He's scheduled to die at the Wall, I think, because of his dream involving the burning sword and it's flame guttering out. But who better to take him to the north apart from Stoneheart? Blackfish is suspected to be in on the Grand Northern Conspiracy, the conspiracy to put Jon Snow on the throne of the North, and the Blackfish might realize the value of Jaime as a hostage for the newly made king whose legitimacy might be questioned. I think that the Blackfish might convince her to take her hostage north, he's the only one who can, or to let him take him north, in case she doesn't want her Frey hanging sport up. This, I think is the more probable scenario. And you know what? I want to see her negotiating with Stannis for the North!!! Considering that Jon is resurrected, and that for some reason, he marches south to take control of the kingdom left to him, Lady Stoneheart is the best thing that will convince people that Jon actually died. People here say that Jon is free of his vows because he died, but try telling that to someone like Greatjon Umber or Wyman Manderley, or the Clans. Not only will they ask how much did you get for your brian when you sold it, they will also say that Jon is simply lying. Because, who comes back from the dead? Well, Stoneheart does. I think she is going to come north, maybe to exchange the Kingslayer for her son who is in hands of Stannis's Hand. Or maybe to place Jon Snow on the throne of the North like Robb wanted, or Stannis, so that her daughters, who are in the wind, may know that there is a safe place to return, or simply to unite the North so she could show Cersei Lannister how gentle a woman can be. I don't think she will die while trying to rescue Edmure, and I don't think the BWB will be horrified at some massacre. I am simply dumbfounded at people making conjectures of her dying at hands of someone righteous who then comes into their own element. GRRM doesn't kill for massacres, he kills for wrongful vengeance, like he did Rickard Karstark, or for stupidity, like Oberyn died of. So then you will need to have Stoneheart being outwitted by her enemies. Well, that could happen, but Catelyn is pretty smart. I don't think she is going to be betrayed either. The last I read of the BWB, they didn't seem like they minded serving under her. Lem was glowing, and Gendry seemed enthusiastic as well, or at least, angry at what had happened to Arya's mother, and to Arya herself, so he seemed happy at getting revenge. True, Thoros might have doubts, but he is a priest of the Red God, whose existence was only recently confirmed to him, renewing his faith. I doubt he will betray the spirit that R'hllor sent back. Thoros says that the brotherhood is broken, but there seems to be no reason for the broken faction to come back and attack her. Mostly people put forth Brienne to be the one to kill her. But as I said, Stoneheart's death will need her to do something dishonorable. From her logical handling of Brienne's case, I think she still has the concepts of honor and rights, and even politics, seeing how she manipulated her(and I also think that she sent Tom O' Seven to Riverrun). These are the same attributes Catelyn had. So I don't think Lady Stoneheart is going to leave us anytime soon, although her part may not be as large as I might want. But why does the fandom want her dead??? Isn't this is what we've always wanted from Catelyn, her to be just a bit more reckless? Just a bit more... brutal?
  15. This is not a new theory, though it certainly makes some unnecessary assumption that I would say are wrong. The Northern Alliances between Stark-Arryn-Tully-Baratheon were most likely orchestrated by Jon Arryn and Rickard Stark, with Jon Arryn being the forefront man. Robert was a boy, there was no need to involve him. The lords that had fought in the Wars of the Ninepenny Kings became friends - Stefan Baratheon, Jon Arryn, Rickard Stark - and at least some of them made an alliance when the king began to grow unstable. Stefan was dead, so Jon Arryn took his son in for fostering, and brought the son of the Warden of the North to befriend him, and arranged a marriage with between the new stormlord and the Stark girl. Maybe Hoster Tully was part of the group as well, because not only did he betrothed his eldest to the heir to the North, but was also trying to betroth his second to the heir of Casterley Rock - Tywin had even invited Hoster to KL to discuss the dowry. Were they planning to overthrow the Targaryen dynasty? Were they just to make a powerful alliance that might be able to force the King to abdicate in favor of the crown prince? Many think that Rhaegar orchestrated the Tourney of Harrenhal to show this forming alliance that they had a worthy potential monarch in him. I doubt that they meant to overthrow the Targaryens and place Robert on the throne. Of course it was the plan to give Winterfell and Catelyn to Brandon. He was the heir. The King's Hand and father to Queens was just said in insecurity. I doubt that Ned knew of the plans. That would have been an unnecessary liability, as would have Robert. I doubt he knew much more than how beautiful Lyanna was. So no, commands to execute Robert and Ned weren't reasonable. Why would Rickard tell Lyanna of his treasons? That's crazy.