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  1. ASOIAF is full of cliches/tropes, Dany and Jon falling in love and saving the world together? Mmh.
  2. The others/ice/eternal winter vs the dragons/fire/eternal summer, but I'm sure you already know that.
  3. I don't think GRRM cares about real-world genetics. Personally, I believe Jon's real name is Aegon in the books and he's the son of ice and fire, the balance, the prince that was promised, etc. I don't think Jon's heir will be special or magical, but the baby will symbolize hope, a future for Westeros, a dream of spring, etc.
  4. Jon is the magic fire and ice baby, his son/daughter will be 75% fire and 25% ice = no balance.
  5. The NK is the final enemy but Cersei will die around the same time. Euron is a non factor.
  6. No, what makes you think that?
  7. Um, you think Dany is Lyanna's daughter, which is fine, but there is no evidence for what you're saying in the books. What exactly are you implying with this quote? This is not a parallel.
  8. It's a popular theory, but not the most accepted. "Date: April 14, this has probably been discussed before."
  9. You're the one making assumptions: unfaithful Rhaegar, asexual romantic attraction between the characters. I said: OR ex-wife, it's always been a possibility, a popular theory, I can link you to some threads if you want. You said I have a very antiquated view of love, that's a personal observation, you're obviously not referring to the books.
  10. Lyanna, not Elia. Yes, divorce exists in Westeros, GRRM has mentioned it before, it's rare but it happens. In our world? Yes, there are asexual people but most people are sexually attracted to their partners. You really think there's no difference between the love you feel for a boyfriend/girlfriend and the love you feel for a sister/brother? There is no proof of asexual romantic attraction in the books.
  11. He returned to his children, not his wife (or ex-wife) and we don't know how she felt about it, there's not enough material. Of course there are different types of loves? Romantic love is always paired with sexual attraction.
  12. I'm talking about the situation itself, not his feelings. That's romantic and familial love, ex. Jaime is her brother and her lover. Rhaegar was faithful to her, he left his wife for her, that's the difference. It's selfish, yes. Exactly.
  13. “[I’m not appearing] as far as I know. I don’t know. It’s funny because I always get asked, ‘What’s going to happen? Are you in it?’ Genuinely the truth is I don’t know. I wait for the phone to ring and then I find out, but it hasn’t rung so I don’t know. I’ll find out whether I am or not at some point, but for now I haven’t been notified so I’m yet to discover.” At least, she leaves the door open for her to return.
  14. Or if Robert had loved her, that is his fault too, on their wedding night, he whispered another woman's name. Romantic love is different from familial love but if Harry and Robert are similar, then I don't blame Lyanna for not believing in him.
  15. Jon has "masculine" symbolisms too: sun, thief, etc. "And when the Thief was in the Moonmaid, that was a propitious time for a man to steal a woman." Ygritte insisted. — A Storm of Swords, Jon III "Thief," Jon said, as the bird flapped up to the lintel above the door to devour its prize. "Thief," the raven agreed. — A Dance with Dragons, Jon VIII "You should look behind you, Lord Snow. The moon has kissed you and etched your shadow upon the ice twenty feet tall." — A Dance with Dragons, Jon VI The blue rose represents the union of his parents but he's a Targaryen, not a winter rose. Great additions! Thanks for the comments.