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  1. Very cool! Just keep practicing. Def one of the more creative fan videos
  2. My Redbubble profile has my fan art and collages of popular fan art on every material item they offer. After looking everywhere for the perfect GoT merch I couldn't find what I wanted. No one offered the designs I like. So I decided to put my own thing together that I would actually want to buy! Check it out here https://www.redbubble.com/people/Raeslewolhn
  3. She thought she could control them, keep the upper hand. She wanted them to take out her enemies for her in a (not really) veiled way. She was wrong.
  4. Def. And fire wight and ice wight are different things. That wouldn't work anyway. The effects of his resurrection seem to be more about validating his specialness and/or showing how magic works, depends on what happens later. Also, I just rewatched s3e9 where whatshisfaceWildling wargs into his raven when Jon kills him. The only missing piece to that wargs preservation thing working for Jon would be no indication in the show that he can warg into Ghost. Either way though, there's no indication he's not REALLY him, maybe changed by the experience of it though. I agree. Also, on a similar note, he was burned by fire in S2 or S3 at CB. He seems to have no magic....
  5. Personally, based on the show Canon, I speculate the wall was physically raised by magic, a spell was used to put it up and not labor. I don't know if there's secretly dragonglass in it, but Valyrian steel came way later so def not that, I agree. Dragonglass would be cool, but magic is enough. cotF spells specifically.
  6. You definitely say it clearly. I'm agreeing with most posts here, including yours, I just made a succinct post chiming in. IMHO I don't think they'll go that far down the rabbit hole. I think, bc Beric said that, it's clear it's just a little change each time.
  7. Also Valyrian steel and dragonglass aren't the same thing. Both may be useful weapons against the WW but they are different substances. We don't even know the role of VS in the show yet exactly either.
  8. Their plan is to get 5 going, make some pilots and narrow it down. They're hoping 1 is good enough I go ahead with...I think the interview is posted in watchers on the wall
  9. But isn't that quote about the books? In the show, Beric is alive maybe different psychologically slightly but not bc of the magic. And in the books, bc Jon wargs Ghost, someone said he might be preserved in a different way. So I'm both cases Jon isn't necessarily a fire wight even if Beric is.
  10. Jon, for sure. Everyone loves an underdog Bran definitely carries the Ice half of the entire show, in terms of world-building. I don't think I would watch GoT without that. The fantasy aspect is vital for me, its also something to look into in other media between eps. Bran scenes are the best and I was always hoping for more Bran and sad he was gone for a season, but he's probably back regularly now. And there's only so much material that won't spoil other plots. He's a wonderful person, the character, but not as outstanding as Jon, Dany, Arya or Tyrion, in terms of dialogue, character building, plot, etc. (He changes reasonably, he matures like any person.)
  11. I feel like Arya, Bran and Jon got a strong Stark underdog, deviant start, which Robb and Sansa didn't fit, but they're all always honorable about it. Jon and Arya are both really fierce, uncorrupt and unwavering , like his mom. I love Bran stories, the fantasy, and maybe that could never fill a whole series but it wouldnt be GoT. Jon is always fighting some righteous battle, like Dany usually is but not always. But on the front lines. He's def the action hero of the show and he stuck out from the start, first scene bk to the white wolf thing.
  12. I think you accidentally prophesized. WW bring devastation but a few humans survive to kill them all with dragons. The North is empty.... except for one wolf. Ghost, King in the North.
  13. Well, maybe if he really really learned his lesson after Rickon and the BotB, that's the rebirth. We'll certainly see him develop further emotionally with this new recognition that was never his dream of recognition.
  14. I like this. What if... The young claimant Dany marries is Gendry! Whaaat? .... I jest.