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  1. basically a thread to talk about if Aegon didn't conquer Westeros.
  2. No, this was never said in the first book. The only people who said vows were Tryion and Sansa. The Dolthraki just have a feast and then they have sex under the night sky.
  3. Basically what would've happened if Aegon Targaryen and his wives didn't come to Westeros.
  4. GRRM is messed up.
  5. Sansa, Jon and Dany. Are my favourite chapters. :-)
  6. The Shire. I'd fit in with the hobbits. I'm a human version of one. :-) and for people; Jon Snow. Enough said.
  7. Do they call it basic like they do in Star Wars or what?
  8. Yes. I forget which one thou. :-)
  9. Yeah, it was good. :-)
  10. Tagaryens and Incest what is the deal with it?