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  1. Cersei, Brienne, Jorah (I think I already said him oh well!). Jeyne is cool.
  2. @TRILOGY I can tell. .
  3. Is Dany becoming like her father?
  4. Okay. I was just wondering. 'Cause she was engaged to Brandon.
  5. Was Ned Engaged to any1 before Catelyn?
  6. Robb King Of The North!
  7. Ygritte is amazing.
  8. Meera and Osha are cool.
  9. Not really.
  10. I know that. He was with the Starks. :-)
  11. That's were the Lannisters were. From Joffrey to Jaime. And why wouldn't he not want to kill the king?
  12. Nope. My favourite colour is pink.
  13. So far, Jorah. I really like him. But then again. I do ship him with Daenerys. So there's him. Brienne is cool, so is Ygritte. Gendry (I like him a lot because his actor was in show with actress who plays Gilly). Gilly (even though she hasn't been in a chapter yet).
  14. He married for love.
  15. How long will I be a freerider?