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  1. Daenerys IV, Game 36 Where they will become "one blood, one khalasar, one herd." (Daenerys IV, Game 36) And Daenerys’s babe will be the stallion that mounts the world... Daenerys V, Game 46 (emphasis in the original) Of course, Rhaego would go on to die in the womb, another wee Targaryen dragonbaby, the child that Daenerys unwittingly sacrificed to Wake The Dragon. But Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons, and she refers to her dragonlets as her children. Daenerys will return to Vaes Dothrak, "beneath the shadow of the Mother of the Mountains"... Daenerys III, Clash 40 (emphasis added) Daenerys VI, Game 54 (emphasis added) In Clash, the Undying Ones told Daenerys that she must light three fires, " . . . one for life and one for death and one to love." The first was quite obviously Drogo’s pyre, which gave life to the dragons. The second fire will cause the death of the assembled Dothraki khals beneath the Mother of the Mountains, but this will allow her to assume comand of the assembled Dothraki khalassars. When Daenerys returns to Vaes Dothrak and unites the Dothraki, it will be with the aid of her child Drogon. And how will Drogon do that? Dragons are fire made flesh, and fire is power. I guess.
  2. Daenerys, Jon and Sansa, Reek *Theon*.
  3. "To go north, you must journey south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward you must go back, and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow." what did Quaithe mean???
  4. Will Jon come back to life?
  5. do you think craster forces his daughters to call him daddy in bed?

  6. Today. :-)
  7. True. :-)
  8. George based the books off the war of roses and there were a lot of people involved. And I was watching The White Queen and I saw all characters counterparts. Like Robb is Edward York and Theon is Anne Neville.
  9. Basically, why aren't there any other titles besides Lady & Lord in Game Of Thrones?
  10. I've been watching The White Queen A Showtime Mini Series About The War Of The Roses. Now, it does have historical fiction but it is very good. Now, who is who in the war of the roses. We know Sansa is Elizabeth Of York (Mixed with Catherine Howard) Jon is Henry 7 Ned is Jasper Tudor Daenerys is the conquering part of Henry's life Little Finger is Richard 3
  11. I'm sorry what???
  12. Just some people hate it. I just saw a few people hate on it.
  13. Then again, I'm a huge Jonsa shipper, and I want Jon to be something more than a run of the mill anti-hero.
  14. Why do book readers h8 R+L+J?