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  1. according to the world of fire & ice; they bred with dragons and they did in inbreed.
  2. Robb King Of The North!
  3. Ygritte is amazing.
  4. Meera and Osha are cool.
  5. Not really.
  6. I know that. He was with the Starks. :-)
  7. That's were the Lannisters were. From Joffrey to Jaime. And why wouldn't he not want to kill the king?
  8. so … do u think jonsa will happen?
  9. Nope. My favourite colour is pink.
  10. So far, Jorah. I really like him. But then again. I do ship him with Daenerys. So there's him. Brienne is cool, so is Ygritte. Gendry (I like him a lot because his actor was in show with actress who plays Gilly). Gilly (even though she hasn't been in a chapter yet).
  11. Why do people hate Sansa Stark?
  12. He married for love.
  13. How long will I be a freerider?

  14. Rhaego was a stillborn.
  15. Did Robert Know That Was Barley Related To The Targs?
  16. Just a note. She`s my favourite character. :-)
  17. Also Jon will marry Sansa. :-)
  18. As we know Aegon married both his sisters, and later became the first targ king. But were his sisters both the queen?
  19. But she miscarries. :-(
  20. Burger and mashed potatoes. YUM! YUM!
  21. I think Dany, should stay in Essos. Remember the stories are different in the show and the books, and plus I feel like ether she might go mad or die. I'm betting on going mad. Due the targs incest.
  22. Dany is barren, according to a dance of dragons.
  23. How did they know Rhaego was The Stallion Who Mounts The World?
  24. do u think villians & heroes exist in this series? Based on a meta i wrote; The Meta I Wrote
  25. Hi, I'm Maria. :-)