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  1. Why do book readers h8 R+L+J?
  2. do you think craster forces his daughters to call him daddy in bed?

  3. Today. :-)
  4. Do they call it basic like they do in Star Wars or what?
  5. How did they know Rhaego was The Stallion Who Mounts The World?
  6. True. :-)
  7. I've been watching The White Queen A Showtime Mini Series About The War Of The Roses. Now, it does have historical fiction but it is very good. Now, who is who in the war of the roses. We know Sansa is Elizabeth Of York (Mixed with Catherine Howard) Jon is Henry 7 Ned is Jasper Tudor Daenerys is the conquering part of Henry's life Little Finger is Richard 3
  8. Does anyone know what chapter Stannis insults Gilly to Jon's face. 'Cause I didn't highlight it on my kindle app. :-(
  9. Basically, why aren't there any other titles besides Lady & Lord in Game Of Thrones?
  10. George based the books off the war of roses and there were a lot of people involved. And I was watching The White Queen and I saw all characters counterparts. Like Robb is Edward York and Theon is Anne Neville.
  11. Arya is boring. She really is. But why is that? Maybe it`s because you can only do so much with her.
  12. I'm sorry what???
  13. Just some people hate it. I just saw a few people hate on it.
  14. Then again, I'm a huge Jonsa shipper, and I want Jon to be something more than a run of the mill anti-hero.
  15. Why didn't Tywin marry Tyrion and Cersei?
  16. Why do people hate Sansa Stark?
  17. so … do u think jonsa will happen?
  18. Jon is not in love with Arya. Remember how many times Jon mentions Sansa and this Of Sansa, brushing out Lady's coat and singing to herself. You know nothing, Jon Snow. And then he thinks of Arya.
  19. Who killed Joffrey?
  20. “I will not abandon Meereen to the fate of Astapor. It grieves me to say so, but Westeros must wait.” - Daenerys III Must wait? And we know she won't be in Winds Of Winter. But we don't know if she'll be in A Dream Of Spring. So let's talk.
  21. The World of Ice & Fire (appendix) A Game of Thrones (POV) A Clash of Kings (POV) A Storm of Swords (POV) A Feast for Crows (mentioned) A Dance with Dragons (POV) The Winds of Winter (mentioned)
  22. i know you're thinking he hates Cersei. But he would want the crown. I mean he wanted to be Warden Of The North.
  23. do you think craster forces his daughters to call him daddy in bed?

  24. Why does Craster marry his daughters?
  25. But drogo loved Dany. :-)