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  1. do you think craster forces his daughters to call him daddy in bed?

  2. Arya is boring. She really is. But why is that? Maybe it`s because you can only do so much with her.
  3. Does anyone know what chapter Stannis insults Gilly to Jon's face. 'Cause I didn't highlight it on my kindle app. :-(
  4. “I will not abandon Meereen to the fate of Astapor. It grieves me to say so, but Westeros must wait.” - Daenerys III Must wait? And we know she won't be in Winds Of Winter. But we don't know if she'll be in A Dream Of Spring. So let's talk.
  5. Why does Craster marry his daughters?
  6. But drogo loved Dany. :-)
  7. I've been thinking maybe Theon will have something like Stockholm Syndrome if or he leaves Ramsay?
  8. I mean I guess. *Shrugs*
  9. lol.
  10. How that stupid?
  11. Who killed Joffrey?
  12. Even though I love Jon. I can't believe he'd swap children and leave a mother/sister in grief. Gilly's been raped, married to her father and has given to birth to her brother/son. But I just really hated this.
  13. Got it. It seemed like a good idea.
  14. Why didn't Tywin marry Tyrion and Cersei?
  15. Why do people hate Sansa Stark?
  16. Yeah. true. But then Sansa would've had suffered. :-)
  17. Just nevermind.
  18. 101 percent believe it was true love. But I could be wrong. What do you think?
  19. Jon has purple eyes and has to wear glasses, Varys is a merman, Little Finger is Sansa's father.
  20. She will be queen. She's been groomed to be queen. She's the perfect choice to be queen. Not Dany. Dany is too mad to be queen. And Cersei is no longer queen. And I doubt Maragery will survive. Have you read any metas on why Sansa will be queen?
  21. I am anti-Daenerys. But I love how she is slowly going mad. I am her fangirl or not?
  22. Tyrion is a Targaryen. Gah! I h8 this theory. Jon & Daenerys are the song of ice and fire.
  23. I am a Daenerys fan? I like her madness, I just h8 her. So I am I fan of hers?
  24. Do you know how amazing Sansa Stark is? Do you? Do you know what she's been through? Do you how much she's suffered? Or endured? Sansa is not boring. It's Arya. Arya is all about murder meanwhile Sansa's life is twisted fairytale. There's my ted talk.
  25. Am I the only person who thinks Evanna Lynch would've made an amazing Daenerys?