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  1. I can almost hear the evil laughter
  2. I used to think I watch too much TV, but reading this thread I am now convinced I don't watch enough. 2017 has given a few things that were pretty interesting (in very rough order) Fargo Better Call Saul Inside no. 9 Episodes Norsemen American Vandal Big Little Lies American Gods The Handmaid's Tale Glow The Deuce (just 2 episodes in) Odd Mom Out
  3. Promise me Ned, you'll never, ever, ever say "on fleek"
  4. a 1926 Bentley is a vintage classic that will forever be cool. Skinny scarves and long hair or waistcoats, less so. I was just hoping for an updated version, and not something off the set of Dr. Who.
  5. @rocksniffer They have hemp in Westeros, so the prospects are good.
  6. the remainder of the Good Omens Cast has been released I managed to get zero correct out of my list of predictions I have to say that I am mildly disheartened by the photos of Crowley and Aziraphale. I was really hoping for something modern and slick, set in today's London. These dudes have been on earth forever, they should be a bit more fashion forward, me thinks.
  7. Promise me Ned, you'll teach him that a giant wall is not the most effective way to keep out bad hombres.
  8. A few, but some that I was pretty confident on turned up incorrect. I think it's time for a spreadsheet!
  9. covfefe
  10. I have been staring at the clues and I still feel lost.
  11. umm, suffering over here. Does this get easier?
  12. I took a browse through old games and I don't quite know if I am equipped for this. I'm not sure I even understood when I saw the answers Edit: This is hard. I have some regrets.
  13. shart
  14. Promise me Ned, you'll teach him to shamalama before he ding dongs.
  15. bumfuzzle