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  1. I would like to apologize to anyone who lost points, suffered emotional distress, or experienced grammatical anguish over my Sandor clue. And a huge thank you to whomever voted for my clue. I think I would have chosen the same clue as Julia did from the list and between us, we simply didn't consider the Sansa scene. I'm curious to know what you think would have worked better.... I fell into the same trap with Castellan's clue. I was convinced it was Mance Rayder who scaled The Wall (ably) to crash a party at Winterfell (infiltrated) and was never caught. The reasons for him taking that risk were unclear (goals uncertain), but it seemed to be inspired by "Bael the Bard" to gather intelligence as King Beyond the Wall (Royal connection). I got it wrong, but that's what led me to the theme. The other one that messed me up for a long time was @Dolorous Gabe. I had Jon Connington at first... cause, you know, greyscale. Then I had Aeron Damphair... he washed ashore and was held prisoner at Casterly Rock. Davos clicked at almost the last moment. I voted for the Illyrio clue from @rocksniffer I first, read it and looked for the inspiring king's boy, and thought it was definitely Viserys with "royally coined" referring to his crowing with melted down loot. But once I figured out the King's boy was the one being inspired, the clue made perfect sense. Very clever. Thanks for all the kind words and congrats to everyone for just making it through this round. @Julia H. your narrative has been so lovely. Thank you for all the work you put into this.
  2. My complaint is about a different clue (and it’s not just because I got it wrong). The theme helped immensely, but I am convinced that this particular clue had an alternative answer that matches the theme. In fact I had zero correct in prelims, thinking the every clue had a “better” answer. I was so sure I was walking into prelims with a full correct set and would run away with the big bonus. It did not happen. I was gutted. Despite my whinging, I thoroughly enjoyed this round.
  3. What is this strange piece of pre-historic equipment?
  4. That's not right... you forgot the eighth one that we reserve for people like Al Franken and George Takei #ettubrute
  5. Dad, so hypothetically, how bad is it to wash the dog in the washing machine? Like, on a scale of 1 to maybe you should come home now.
  6. I feel like I may have just had an "ah-ha" moment. I also feel that this feeling will only be felt for another 10 hours or so.
  7. I see a ship in the harbor I can and shall obey But if it wasn't for your misfortune, I'd be a heavenly person today
  8. every single time I go to Ikea. Congrats to Gabe and Castellan, and well done everyone. That was an extremely difficult round. and a thanks to whomever voted for my Jojen clue
  9. That's very kind and high praise indeed. However, having looked at the clues, not only this round but across all the games.... I cannot agree that I am deserving. Still, I'll have a smile on my face all day. Thank you
  10. I tried something new with my eyeliner today. Think it will catch on?
  11. Hey me too. I had Lothor based purely on sigil.... three apples eaten to the core, a line, and under that, a paw. So I got pruned apples and fetcher. I only had one correct in prelims and I was sure that was it, but i also liked my Tyrion guess. It was the very last moment that I kept Tyrion and sent Lothor packing. All the clues were exceptionally hard this round. Well done!
  12. I would delight in such chocolaty uncle bits
  13. I got 2 wrong. I knew I was getting them wrong. I feel like the authors of those 2 clues owe me cake.
  14. Ok so no way I was getting Brown Benn, but I totally had Shireen and fubbed it!
  15. Gifting