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  1. yeah, the leaks seem to indicate it. IMO that'd be a disappointment. I mean, him catching Tyrion, a main character, and Dany's hand, or a f****ing dragon...that'd be amazing, put us invested in the story for its greatness, and put Euron in a high villain/fear pedestal. Catching the sandsnakes wouldn't have that much impact to the viewers...in my case, my immediate thought was that I could live without a conflict between sandsnakes and a villain whom hasn't given any reason for us to care about him thus far.
  2. Ok, that does makes sense. But there are still three problems: 1- possibly there can be a technically in which since the bolton's seat shifted from the dreadfort to winterfell when they married, then technically she loses the right to the dreadfort 2- even if it is sansa's, there can still be some remnants, like some cousins or friends garrisoned there. 3- even if it's hers and there's nothing in her way, obviously Sansa doesn't want to go to the dreadfort, ever. she will be at winterfell. so, with the urgency of garrisoning every stronghold, the problem still exists (and wasn't addressed in the series)
  3. Another one that just occurred to me: IRON BANK OF BRAAVOS. What I mean is, in a previous episode, Tywin said the Lannister's gold reserves are empty... Also, the Iron Bank of Braavos, who funded the Iron Throne, stopped their funding... Cersei said they were out of allies, aside from Euron...but not only his allegiance is being negotiated, but also I don't think the Iron Islands have enough riches to even help supporting the throne. So...how does Cersei handle this? Are we ignoring a financial crisis, with all of its consequences (famine, riots, abandoning troops due to lack of funding, etc)? Are we ignoring the Iron Bank going after their money? (probably yes, but it seems to me like it's a major plot hole)
  4. Yeah, now that you mention it, I guess Yara and Theon did something about it, and have their followers, so, I can cross that one off the list. But as for the indifference regarding Cersei blowing up all those people, it's also on my personal list, and it still bugs me
  5. What about Dreadfort? The Boltons are dead (don't know if there are cousins or so), and I've had the impression that it's the 2nd biggest fortification in the north, next to Winterfell (I might be wrong). So, after the battle of the bastards, Jon is keen on manning the castles...what about the Dreadfort? So...Arya kills the waif...and now she's free to go? The show did only show us the Waif and Jaqen as members of the HoB&W, but I'm not a least bit convinced that they're the only members. Either way, isn't Jaqen coming for her? How about the warlock assassins back in season 3, who tried to kill Dany with a 'scorpion'? The Sept of Baelor blew up. With every important person for the viewer, but Cersei there...Wouldn't there be more investigation? There should be some followers of the faith, some members of the "parliament", justice, police...Who would've have access to WildFire in the first place? In regards of the "noblewoman of volantis is killed and no one does nothing"...So...what about Euron killing a warden of one of the kingdoms (apparently even the queen knows it for a fact)? No one does anything? This one is probably explained by the lack of info we have on the WW (in fact, I think they should us a lot lot more of the WW than they should've already), but, weren't they already at the fist of the first men, between S2 and S3? Why are they going back there, and where did they go meanwhile? Are they spiraling their way south? This is in regard of the previous season, and I know I shouldn't pick on the Dorn plot by this point (or else, we'd be better off if it had its own thread), but...WHAT WAS ELLARIA DOING THERE??? WHY IS SHE IN THE COURTROOM? WHY IS SHE IN THE FAREWELL TO MYRCELLA? WHO INVITED HER?
  6. It was meant as a taunt to Jaime, Cersei's (not so)secret lover, who has only one hand. He was proposing to marry her, showing off he's better/more useful than Jaime.
  7. Something just occurred to me: They are discussing the repopulation of every fortification in the North, right? What about the Dreadfort? Wasn't it, like, the 2nd biggest castle in the north, and stuff?
  8. I don't think he wants to marry Dany, since she's in cahoots with Yara and Theon and the whole point of the focus on the naval fleet is for them to have an "armada-off". He's meant to be the villain, after Joffrey and Ramsay, and to get some credibility to Cersei's strength, otherwise, it would be too easy for Dany (it should be, anyway, but, as they say, the show must go on). As for the gift itself...Tyrion is the first choice, since it's an old arc of Cersei's, and also since they went on about brother killing. On the other hand...does Euron know of Cersei's visceral hate for his little brother? With that in mind, a dragon would be a much simpler explanation. Especially for a book reader, who knows that in the book version, Euron is bent on drogonbinding. A much simpler gift would have been something on the likes of "well, I will sink Dany's fleet, before they get to Westeros" (thus, before they can take shelter and plan an attack), or "i will fortify or ambush Dragonstone".
  9. I have some rants and grievances, but I already went through the effort of putting them into an animated format, so I figured I might as well just put'em here, instead of laying them out in text.
  10. want to specify the plot holes and inconsistencies?
  11. Hello, there I do video reviews in animated format. I intend to do weekly video recaps of this next GoT season, that starts today (so stay tuned ). So I decided to do a quick 4 minute recap of the first 6 seasons. Hope you like it!