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  1. Well, the series surely toned down on the political side of Westeros since the first seasons. But, personalities/karmic alignment asides, who do you think would be the best ruler? Bear in mind that we only see them interacting with each other, but we should take in account what they have done or what they've proven they could do for the realm. Strictly speaking, I think the one who's proven a more capable king/queen, turns out to be Cersei (I'm aware that in the books she sucks, I'm talking about the series). Now, if I'm right, this could be because of two things: 1- Either they're purposely making her both a good ruler and a horrible person, to give a sweet-sour taste on our mouths, and ultimately sympathize with her when her competency is revealed (like her final speech before she dies, or people only realizing it after her defeat, or so). 2- They just got careless with the writing and didn't realize that her plot armor had the side effect of making her a good leader. Of course, I could be wrong on this, but her are the main possible contenders: Night King: Well, he'd end famine, wars, etc. On the other hand, he'd just plain kill everyone AND every animal, and would most likely severely worsen the weather forever, so he'd most likely provoke a biological cataclysm. Cersei: We've seen her being a major bitch for the last 7 years, so it's really easy to antagonize her. But, since she took charge, the things we've seen in her ruling are: - Militarily she gambited her way in order to feed and sustain the population (via the Reach's crops), even going ahead and giving away her own house's seat in the process. - Economically, she solved the financial crisis, which could help her, not only militarily, but also sustain the smallfolk - Politically, she just fooled Dany and Jon (who actively want to kill her AND her people), just so that hopefully the people can prosper without having to survive another siege, and reducing the casualties in KL. Jon: Well, while his heart seems to be in the right place, he just sold out the entire North just to get laid. He's often said to be more of a soldier/military strategist, but, even then, in the battle of the Bastards he just abandoned his own army to charge his enemies cavalries all by himself (!), and he just recently did that suicide mission that cost them a f**** dragon (and did it without resorting to Bran for warging/scouting, or not even a single horse, meaning they had to eventually outrun the army of the dead with a live wight on their back). Also, as soon as he left Winterfell, Sansa seemed to solve some basic problems (like, you know, food), which not only means he didn't, but also implies he wasn't even aware of them. Dany: On the plus side, she freed slaves. On the other hand, she never could restore peace or order. The free cities were down to chaos, and she never did any progress in solving it, even ending up leaving the people she left in anarchy, and without any economical/social stabilization in the horizon whatsoever (and, IIRC, she left a sellsword leading them!). And she left them all...to fight a foreign war for personal gain. Sansa: A Wildcard here, since she has lots of campaigning to do if she wants to even stand a chance to rule one day. As soon as she took over, she addressed that leather thing, the crops and possible starvation problem. In terms os politics, she cleverly sent brienne as an emissary, in order to maintain her ass in Winterfell and not lose the loyalty of the very volatile lords of the north, weeded out Littlefinger, and calmed down the northern lord's concerns about Jon's absence without losing any authority, without undermining Jon, and without making them look weak. The thing with Sansa is...she established herself to be a good ruler, because she learned with...Cersei. Stannis: I'm still loyal to him, and still believe he's to wisely rule the seven kingdoms, as is his right.
  2. For those of you who follow it, here's my final recap of the season. It's been fun!
  3. Legend has it that they cut out a line where Todd tells Dany all about he doesn't like Sand.
  4. It was always heavily foreshadowed, which provoked the fans hype, not the other way around. The first time the were on screen together, petyr explains "the story of the mountain and the hound" to sandra.
  5. The GC hasn't appeared on the show, so they can set up a GS plot there. What is the BF Conspiracy?
  6. The Golden Company would go really well with Jorah/Sam knowing that there is a cure for grayscale. Like the GC start getting infected, and the others, who are on Dany's side, know the cure (that was NEVER addressed, major plot hole). Could make a good side story. I'd rule that possibility out, though.
  7. what?! CLEGANEBOWL 100% CANCELED!!! LOSE HYPE!!! Seems like "what is hype may die, after all" and "not every man must necessarily hype".
  8. When, in the show, does Mirri Maz Duur tell Dany she couldn't have children?
  9. Sam - Yo, Bran, 'sup? Bran - I am the 3 eyed raven, now! Sam - What does that mean? Bran - IT MEANS I CAN SEE ALL! I KNOW EVERYTHING! why are you at winterfell? Sam - I came to help john. Bran - Why are you in my chamber, then? By the way, after a whole season of not telling anything to any of my sisters, I'll just plain blurt out for you that Jon Snow is actually...Jon Sand! He MUST know. Sam - No, he is legitimized. I know it because I transcribed it from a maester's diary. Bran - What...but not only you didn't pay attention to Gilly, but she was reading from the diary itself...does that mean you kept on transcribing the maester's diary after fleeing the citadel? Sam - .........................no... <cuts to boatsex>
  10. By the old gods, and the new, I will rush my way into making it into a light saber battle as soon as it's available.
  11. Nice one! Now that we know he's "Aegon Targaryen", it's appropriate that he has a high valyrian name, such as "Todd".
  12. They say they have like 6-8 episodes in feature length. How many battles are we supposed to see? Even if we have to get 1 epilogue episode and 3 or 4 battles and 1 episode of preparation, with this last season's pace, I figure they still have a lot of story to cover. Cleganebowl is 100% confirmed as one of the things they cover.
  13. Also: BRAN: I AM THE THREE EYED RAVEN! Sam: What's that? BRAN: THAT MEANS I CAN SEE THE PAST AND THE PRESENT! I AM ALL KNOWING...by the way, what are you doing here?
  14. 100% confirmed But I think it won't be Valyrian steel...it'll be with fire. It would be full circle.
  15. It doesn't prove anything. Anyway, which two men? I only recall Daario (and she COULD get pregnant with Jon)