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  1. you are Stannis and you have just received a letter from Eddard stark that said that Robert kids are incest bastards what your strategy to become the rightful king?
  2. you are Robb stark just arriving at moat cailin with almost 20000 troops whats your next step?
  3. its been done before but I'm asking if you could format the ideal small council who would you chose for each position from anyone in Westeros who ever lived? The Hand of the King The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard The master of coin: head of the treasury and finances of the kingdom. The master of laws: overseer of the law and justice for the kingdom. The master of whisperers: the spymaster and the head of intelligence. The master of ships: overseer of the royal navy. Grand Maester: the head adviser on matters of lore and wisdom.
  4. what steps could the hand of the king Arryn or stark take to limit lanister influence in kings landing and in Westeros?
  5. how did nobody notice there were no casualties in Bolton forces and casualties other forces?
  6. no, I meant it as which of the tactics in the links would have help Robb stark end war faster?
  7. which of this strategies/tactics could stark Robb had used to win the war of the five kings fast instead of long conflict starting from the calling of the banners in each level of war?
  8. what if Renly was a clone of Louis xiv/share point of view about absolute monarchy and politic as lord paramount of stormlands in playing the game of thrones and plot to become king in the future.instead of homosexual and inept/ disinterested playing of the game of thrones. they shared many characteristics: both rule lands that were controlled by powerful nobles/aristocrats and were always fighting/ skirmishing with each other. both were almost captured/killed in a civil war that changes their views of ruling. both were ambitious, vain,, loved shows/parties, charismatic, BBC The Real Versailles
  9. how different would Robert rule be if Louis xiv after he died after was inserted into Robert barenthon after the battle of the trident? would he try to build a copy of Versailles? how would he change court? would he marry Cersei? who would be on his council? how would he weaken rivals? how would his relationship with his siblings be?
  10. what would you have demanded as mace tyrrel from lanisters to support them against stanis or Robb after the assassination of renly? I would demand some of the crownland house become part of the reach, a minimum of a million dragons and marriage of Joffrey to Margaery or threaten to support stark or stanis and split the westernland with reach take half and Riverlands take another half of westernlands after lanisters lose the war .
  11. what if Elia and kids fleed kings landing after learning of rhagnear kidnaping of lyana would dorne support rhagnear, stay neutral or support rebellion?
  12. What if robb refuses to be ruler of riverlands after ned is executed and renly killed and chooses to move army back north since he realizes he out of supporters(no vale support and stanis won't let him keep north independence )so he fortifies moat callin and gives Jaime to edmure and tell him to make peace with lanisters since he will not be king of the riverlands or support riverlands in a losing war.
  13. what the full strength of northern houses before the war of five kings because Robb only had part of the northern strength. ex:Dustin only provided minimum strength to Robb, Bolton still had 600 men in north
  14. what if Robert died before he could become king would stanis be king or a great council has the options of stanis,viserys, maybe Jon.other.?
  15. what were the numbers of the Riverland and northern houses troops/levies in total and how much did each house provide in the war of five kings? each house only provided what levies/men at arms it could provide quickly to Robb, not full numbers some houses barely sent any levy/troops(Dustin)or keep levy back like bolton he had 600 men at arms in the battle of Winterfell